Improving the Customer Experience

positive. Customers even liked the new marketing content, which helped them learn about new services. It was a clear sign that Aliant had achieved the...

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Telecommunications Case Study Xerox Global Services

Improving the Customer Experience Aliant re-engineers their customer bill and print production process to build loyalty, boost marketing and lower costs.

The Situation Aliant, one of North America’s leading regional providers of information and communications technology, sends monthly bills to hundreds of thousands of customers in the four maritime provinces of Atlantic Canada. A few years ago, the company realised their bills were causing problems that hurt the customer experience, cash flow, operational costs and their brand. Customers were confused by the complexity of the billing information. As a result, costly calls to the Customer Care Centre spiked after the bills went out in the mail.

Canadian telecommunications leader re-designs their bills to improve the customer experience, add new marketing capabilities and solve problems affecting their bottom line.

It was also difficult for Customer Care agents to resolve problems quickly, because the format of the electronic bills on their computer screens was different from the printed bills customers received. All of these issues contributed to an excessive number of late payments that slowed down the company’s revenue stream.

In addition, the company did not have the ability to include targeted marketing messages in their bills. And they wanted to cut the cost of print production. To help solve these problems, Aliant turned to us­— their strategic, end-to-end document services partner.

“We received feedback from our customers that our bill was confusing, not customerfriendly. We realized it was time to make a big change.” – Claudine Langan Aliant Director of Consumer Marketing

Improving customer communications. Improving the bottom line. The transition involved a massive relocation of technology, staff and sensitive customer data to facilities we managed. In fact, one new centre was more than 200 miles away from Aliant’s previous print production site. But thanks to our expertise in Lean Six Sigma, the transition was completed without any interruption in service. Aliant stopped printing customer bills late one Friday afternoon. We resumed production the following Monday morning.

The Results

Aliant’s re-engineered bill is easier to understand, enables cross-selling and enhances their brand.

The Solution A team from Aliant worked closely with us to improve their customer bill and re-engineer their company’s approach to print production. Our Communication Engineering experts led the bill re-design effort, using disciplined processes and methodologies to analyse the problems with the existing format and carefully develop, test and refine a long list of high-impact improvements. The changes were designed specifically to improve the customer experience, facilitate marketing, enhance the brand and create a single, consistent bill design for print, online and Customer Care Centre applications. We also worked with leading partners to engineer a sophisticated, cost-effective approach to document automation and production that would allow Aliant to gain year-over-year cost reductions through outsourcing.

As soon as the new bills hit the mail stream, the customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Customers even liked the new marketing content, which helped them learn about new services. It was a clear sign that Aliant had achieved their number one goal: improve the customer experience. In addition, billing inquiries to the Customer Care Centre dropped by 30%. And cash flow improved, thanks to a reduction in late payments. Customer Care agents also found it easier to resolve problems because of the consistent, cross-platform bill format. Aliant even discovered an unexpected benefit: their employees took great pride in the new bill and the company’s commitment to improving the customer experience. The flexible new outsourcing solution for print production also delivered concrete results by lowering costs, improving efficiency and providing a dynamic 21st century capability for 1:1 customer communications. This successful, multi-faceted project was the latest expansion of their long-standing strategic partnership with us, designed to improve Aliant’s enterprise-wide approach to document management and production.

Case Study Snapshot The Situation • Monthly bills confused customers, increased Customer Care Centre calls and interfered with cash flow • Inconsistent bill formats • In-house bill print production was inefficient; did not provide 1:1 marketing capabilities The Solution • Communication engineers re-designed the bill to improve the customer experience, facilitate marketing and create a consistent, cross-platform design format • Print production was optimised and improved through outsourcing • Lean Six Sigma expertise expedited a complex transition involving technology, staff and sensitive customer data The Results • Customer feedback proved that bills were dramatically improved • Billing inquiries to the Customer Care Centre declined 30% • The new design supported cross-selling • Improved production solution optimised efficiency and provided true 1:1 marketing capabilities • Outsourcing contract guaranteed year-over-year savings • Seamless transition maintained print production and cash flow

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