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Mangrove tree planting activity by Intel employees, Traffic safety performance by students of SJK (C) Wen Khai Participants at Nottingham UltiMake Makerthon 2017

FOREWORD At Intel, innovation and technology forms the foundation of everything we do, but at the heart of it is: education. This past quarter has truly been about education of all varieties. From educating students on the Intel ® Edison board in workshops, to educating our own employees on Safety and Health in the workplace.

Uyen Ho Director Global Public Affairs Intel Malaysia & Vietnam

We have a unique opportunity, working at Intel, to share information and knowledge we’ve attained, in pursuit of improving lives all over Malaysia. It brings me joy to have seen so many Intel Malaysia employees participate in community and environmental activities in the past quarter.


Mangrove Tree Planting Activity Close to 80 Intel Volunteers spent their Earth Day Every Day 2017 at the Intel Malaysia Mangrove Tree Planting Activity in Sg. Acheh on the Penang mainland, which was co-organized with Penang Inshore Fishermen Welfare Association. Through the Tree Sponsorship Program, Intel Malaysia employees sponsored 1,000 mangrove tree saplings worth RM8,000. Almost 15,500 trees have been planted through the program since 2005.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2017 Two teams from Penang won third place for their science projects in the Physical Science category of the Intel ISEF 2017. Zhan Yi Chng and Xian Jing Koa, from SMJK Chung Ling, won the award for their project on caffeine as an effective and eco-friendly termiticide. Norman Sim and Raul Vimal Kumar, from Penang Free School, also received third prize for their innovation named SALT, a natural saponin anti-larvae treatment which functions similarly to other chemical-based larvicides, without polluting the environment

Intel Products (M) Sdn. Bhd. Receives a Special Award at the Kedah Industrial Excellence Awards 2017

Intel Malaysia in the Top 10 Companies Malaysians Aspire to Work For

This award in the ICT Excellence category was given in recognition of Intel’s cutting edge technology and innovation as well as leading ICT professionals in Kedah. Malaysia’s Government Affairs Manager Amran picked-up the award on Intel's behalf, from Kedah Chief Minister Dato’ Seri Ahmad Bashah.

This marks the second consecutive year Intel Malaysia has been recognized by JobStreet via their survey. This recognition reflects our strong Employer Branding position among college graduates and experienced talent. Among the other top 10 companies, are Google, Petronas, Shell, Sime Darby, Air Asia, Maybank, Nestle, Intel, Tenaga Nasional and Ecoworld.


Telematch at SK Seri Permai In the back-to-school spirit, 26 volunteers from the Customer Fulfilment Planning and Logistics Group organized a telematch with 40 students and 5 teachers from SK Seri Permai. The goals of the day were to build the values of inclusivity, diversity and teamwork in the students and teachers.

SJK (T) Ramakrishna Cross-country Run SJK (T) Ramakrishna, a Penang Assembly Test factory adopted school had their annual cross-country run on May 9. Intel employees volunteered their time to be judges, starters, checkpoint guides, time keepers as well as to ensure the students’ safety during the run. Overall, it was a fun experience for the volunteers throughout the event.

SJK (C) Chong Cheng Annual School Sports Day 2017 During SJK (C) Chong Cheng’s annual Sports Day at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, 13 Intel Malaysia volunteers helped guide the parents’ vehicles in the parking area, and oversaw the students’ safety. The school, and Parents and Teachers Association were very grateful for the help offered by Intel volunteers.

Corporate Services Asia New Hire Integration Volunteering Activity Public Affairs Malaysia organized a Volunteering Activity for 19 Corporate Services new hires at The Lighthouse soup kitchen. The volunteers packed gifts and served food to about 50 homeless people around Georgetown.


Intel® Edison Workshop in Monash Telemedicine 2017

Great turnout for Nottingham University UltiMake Makerthon

Intel Malaysia Maker community once again conducted an Intel® Edison workshop at the Monash Telemedicine 2017 held at Monash University Malaysia, Sunway. The workshop exposed 23 participants from various universities to the Intel® Edison board as an Internet of Things device with various medical-based and cloud-based integrations.

At the Nottingham University UltiMake Makerthon 2017, the Intel Malaysia Maker community organized an Intel® Edison 101 workshop to expose the students to the Intel® Edison board as an IoT device with various sensor integrations. The attendance rate was outstanding, with a total of 20 participants showing up to learn how to utilize their newly-acquired knowledge to drive their Makerthon ideas into fruition.

Fire Drill Activity at SMK Air Merah

University Technology Petronas Visit

16 volunteers from the Customer Planning and Logistics Group, Kulim helped facilitate a fire drill at SMK Air Merah to assess their knowledge of the Fire Evacuation Plan. The activity was to ensure teachers and students were able to respond appropriately in the event of a fire. The principal and teachers praised and thanked the Intel volunteers for carrying out the drill seriously and in a timely manner.

Public Affairs Malaysia and Internet of Things Group conducted a series of talks to a group of 35 undergraduate students from School of Physics, University Technology Petronas. The topics covered include ‘Automotive Functional Safety’ and ‘Intel Malaysia Corporate Social Responsibility Program’.

Intel Malaysia Safety & Health Campaign The 2017 Malaysia Safety & Health Campaign organized by Corporate Services, was held to increase awareness and educate about 1,000 Intel Malaysia employees on ways to reduce risk of injury and health issues. Alongside Intel, other collaborators included the Penang Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Fire and Rescue Department, Bayan Lepas Traffic Police, Kulim Police, Road Safety Department, and the Social Security Organization. Intel also extended the invite to 13 Intel Involved Matching Grant Program adopted schools, with SJK (C) Wen Khai delivering a traffic safety performance.

STORY FROM IQ BY INTEL Three Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Good For Society Artificial intelligence (AI) powers many gadgets, like smartphones, smart thermostats and voice-activated virtual assistants that bring modern conveniences to daily life. Increasingly, AI is also being used to tackle critical social challenges. There are a growing number of AI applications actively improving people’s lives and creating positive change in the world.

Diane Bryant said AI is taking off because of three key elements: cloud computing that makes computer performance and data storage easily accessible; connectivity that allows fast data transition; and Moore’s Law, which brings continuous increases in computer performance at lower cost. Read more about it here.

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