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International Business Administration Accredited double degree Dutch Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Indonesian Sarjana Ekonomi (SE)

Duration 4 years

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Explore international companies

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Higher up in the organisation

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Strategic thinking and acting

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Introduction Welcome to Stenden University Bali, your gateway to accredited double Bachelor’s degrees. Stenden University Bali is situated in the heart of Indonesia’s number one tourist destination, BALI, which is home to an ever growing hospitality & tourism industry as well as a large variety of commercial businesses. The university is part of Stenden with its main campus located in The Netherlands, an institution with more than 100 years of experience in education, which has developed into a global university with more than 11,000 students from 80 different nationalities across its campuses in Indonesia, The Netherlands, Thailand, South Africa and Qatar. Our Bachelor programme in International Business Administration generates young experts who possess professional organisational talent and strategic management skills. One of Stenden University Bali’s main strengths is creating valuable internship opportunities resulting in employment immediately after graduation. Our main objective is to develop young professionals to become authentic leaders, prepared to take part in multicultural environments and fast changing market places. The international character of our university enables students and graduates to pursue exciting opportunities worldwide. You, as a student, could spend 50% of your study outside of Indonesia, studying the 3rd compulsory year at Stenden Leeuwarden, in The Netherlands and having access to worldwide paid internship opportunities during your 4th year.



Mark de Jong, BC, M.A.Ed. General Manager




“PBL helps you to develop both your social skills and management skills because it is an intense and active way of working together in a team.” 2

Accredited double Bachelor’s degrees • At Stenden University Bali the exact same curriculum is executed as taught at our mother campus in The Netherlands, leading to a NVAO (Netherlands Flanders Accreditation Organization) accredited Dutch Bachelor of Business Administration. • The Sarjana Ekonomi is awarded through our partner university STIE (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Triatma Mulya) and accredited through the national accreditation board of higher education, the BAN-PT.


“During my education I have had many PBL and sessions and tutors, and even though each one CBL a different approach, it was still an unforgettabl had experience. I think PBL is an excellent teaching e method. It is also the best way to develop many skills, such effective listening, discussing and conducting reseas The PBL teaching method gives you the chance arch. practice and learn much more than just theory, to but even studying theory becomes easier with PBL. It is defin interesting and quite useful to hear about certain itely problems and its solutions from different sides and opinions based on cultural variety and experienc e.”


Unleashing the potential of each student - that is our mission at Stenden University Bali. At Stenden you receive personal support and a myriad of opportunities to work on your personal development and expand your horizons. We offer you a programme that stimulates inquisitive and inquiring minds. During your studies you will develop three skills in particular that help you make a difference: ›U  nderstanding tomorrow’s challenges, › Intercultural skills and the ability to operate in an international environment, › Cooperating and creating with others. PROBLEM-BASED LEARNING: THE KEY ELEMENT

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is one of the key elements of Stenden’s education and is quite different from traditional teaching. It takes a little time to get used to, but after the first few sessions, students are always enthusiastic about this way of learning. Small groups of students meet twice a week to work together. Graduates acknowledge the value of PBL during their internship and career. Apart from PBL, lectures and workshops are offered as supporting classes for students. LEARN IN PROJECTS

Each study year at Stenden consists of four periods of nine weeks. During each period or module you will work on a theme with a close link to the real world. You will be introduced to all aspects of the theme through different subjects. These subjects therefore change per module, depending on the knowledge and skills you need for a certain theme. PERSONAL COACHING


› Join one of the best ranked Business Administration and Management programmes. › Practical work experience up to management level. › Outstanding worldwide paid internship and employment opportunities after graduating. › Various specialization possibilities; International Market Orientation, Marketing Communication, E-business, Change & Innovation and International Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

At the start of the programme, you are assigned a coach who will personally guide you during the entire programme and will help you to think critically about yourself, your way of learning and your future career.


Year 1

The programme explores all facets of an international company in the first year: from discovering the broad playing field of business, the business processes and the structure, to the disciplines within a company, like marketing and HRM. The first year also focuses on developing the basic skills of becoming a good manager.


Orientation Business processes Operational


Explore international companies PLAYING FIELD OF A MANAGER The first six months of the programme introduces management in the broadest sense of the word. Business Economics, for instance, explores the playing field of a company, and subjects like HRM, Research and Marketing will provide insight into important internal business processes. In addition, students will learn to express themselves at management level.


“A real world learning system like Problem Based Learning helps enrich the understanding of the theory acquired over the course of the modules, which I can later apply in my future career.”



Introduction to Management › Marketing 1 › Business Economics 2 › Management 1 › Business English 1 › Verbal Communication 1 4


Besides developing their own professional communication skills, students will also observe the way companies communicate internally and externally. How are the identities and images of companies perceived and how can they be influenced? Corporate Communications will guide you through all of the facets and effects. In the final module you will dive into the operational processes of a company.


Management Information › HRM 1 › Business Economics 1 › Business Economics 3 › Research 1 › Written Communication



Communication › Corporate Communication › Business English 2 › Study Coaching › Verbal Communication 2 › Written Communication 2



Operational Organisation › Operations Management › Project Management › Professional Development › Product Presentation › Creative & Conceptual Thinking 1

Year 2

From the second year you will slowly climb up in the organisation, from operational in the first year to the more tactical, strategic and visionary aspects of an organisation. You also further your knowledge with interesting subjects and are introduced to the aspects of developing a long-term plan and vision for a company.


Leadership Business Simulation Tactical

Higher up in the organisation BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS It is time to broaden your horizons. Marketing and management are important ingredients, as well as economics, crisis management, business information systems and law. You will also develop your personal skills, from English and research skills to effective leadership.


BUSINESS SIMULATION Students work on PBL cases in teams during the whole programme. This is how they can put their theoretical knowledge and skills directly into practice. In some modules we go a step further, for example in the ‘Business Simulation’ module, where reality comes very close. Along with a group of students, you set up the actual management team of a fictitious company. It is up to you to make it run smoothly!


“International Business ere Administration is a course wh students get a glimpse of theat business world and know wh it is about. In Stenden, IBA is all about real world learningious where students perform var business activities and gain experience through research lly and exploration. I am persona overwhelmed to have such ath great learning experience wi I a generous atmosphere wherehts can openly express my thoug and visions.”



Marketing Management › Management 2 › Marketing 2 › Law 1 › Research 2 › Economics 1



Business Simulation Game › Management 3 › Management 4 › Incident Management › Business Economics 4 › Business English 3



Management & Leadership › Management & Leadership 1 › Management & Leadership 2 › Professional Orientation › HRM 2 › Covey



Managing Business Information › Business Information System 1 › Business Information System 2 › Business Information System 3 › Business English 4 › Study Coaching 5

Thinking and acting at a strategic level is a common thread throughout the third year. At the end of this year, students will know how to run an internal organisation. They will understand which tools to apply in order to manage and change business processes, how to get departments to work together, and how to think in concepts. In addition, minors will refine students’ research skills and broaden or deepen their knowledge. There are many options, also abroad. Explore your possibilities today.

The second module concludes with Study Career Planning (SCP), which is also followed in the first two years. However, in the second module the focus is on research. Students will carry out a research project for a client from a company and get ready for the Individual Research Project in the fourth year.


Strategic Management › Strategic Management 1&2 › Modern Foreign Language 1: Spanish › Creative & Conceptual Thinking 2 › Change Management 6

Applied Research Strategic Electives

The first module of the third year in The Netherlands focuses on strategic management. Strategy means having a vision, a longterm way of working. However, thinking and acting strategically also demand creativity and a conceptual way of thinking. In the first module, students will explore and develop all of these skills. As well as taking subjects such as Strategic and Change Management and Creative & Conceptual Thinking, they will also learn a foreign modern language.

“Our current Stenden trainee was a key figure in organising one of our training courses in Dubai. He was responsible for marketing the course to attract potential candidates, and the course was fully booked in advance. In addition, he travelled to Dubai to attend the course and ensure that the whole event ran smoothly. He was directly responsible for a significant amount of the company’s turnover.”



Strategic thinking and acting

Companies about IBA students


Year 3

ELECTIVES You will take two electives in the second half of your third year at Stenden in The Netherlands. Electives are the perfect opportunity for you to specialise, empowering you to focus and expand your knowledge on a specific subject and to truly take charge of your career by ‘customising’ your programme. Examples of electives: E-business, International Market Orientation, Marketing Communication, Change & Innovation and International Sustainable Entrepreneurship.



Research Projects › Modern Foreign Language 2 › Study Coaching






*Focus and expand knowledge on a specific subject of interest


Year 4

As you get ready to complete the programme, you will take part in an extensive internship and carry out an independent final-year project at a business or organisation, either in Indonesia or anywhere else in the world. You will be expected to provide advice on current issues, and if you and the company are a good fit, the company may end up offering you a position within their ranks.


Internship Research Project Graduation!

Final Stage ATTRACTIVE TO COMPANIES Final research at an internship company will take ten months, either in Indonesia or anywhere else in the world. This is interesting for companies because there is enough time for orientation, and they can profit from your valuable research, fresh knowledge, skills and views for almost a year. It is therefore not surprising that approximately 80% of IBA students get a job right after they graduate.


RESEARCH PROJECT The Individual Research Project is the crowning glory of your studies. Together with your employer you will be able to decide the subject of research. There are many examples of great research done by IBA students. For instance, a student researched how strategic company policies could be implemented in a production location at the dairy multinational FrieslandCampina.


“I did my internship year during the economic crisis. I deliberately chose to do my internship at a large insurance company, and found it fascinating to look behind the scenes of a large financial company. That experience really helped me with my application at ING; I now work for them as a relations manager. Communication skills are really important in this job. I have always had these skills, but actively practising them during the programme, especially with the PBL method, has been very useful to me.”

POSSIBILITIES FOR YOUR INTERNSHIP IBA students can do their internships at many different companies, in Indonesia and abroad. Examples of learning companies for IBA students are: Aruba Airport Association (Aruba), LU Biscuits (Belgium), Jet Services, FrieslandCampina, HZPC (The Netherlands), Volkswagen and Airbus (Germany).



Internship and Dissertation



Internship and Dissertation



Internship and Dissertation



Internship and Dissertation


Career What are some of our alumni doing now ?


With your professional knowledge, management skills and organisational talent, you will ensure that organisations run smoothly and that organisational objectives are achieved. You will advise management or take strategic or tactical decisions yourself and make sure employees and departments work well together, as well as effectively solving any issues you may come across. Graduates in International Business Administration have excellent career opportunities in their chosen field, finding work in the corporate sectors, consultancy firms and non-govermental organizations. Your training will provide you with the tools you need to successfully grow to a strategic management position. Careers open to you after graduating include : › › › › › › ›

Branch Manager Project Manager Relations Manager Business Owner Head of Internal Organisation Business Consultant Export Manager

Companies for internship and career prospects include : Unilever, Sinar Mas Group, HSBC Bank PLC, PT Senayan Trikarya Sempana, Procter & Gamble Co, BMW AG.





“I am very results-oriented, without losing sight of the human aspect. My practice assignment was to attract new customers for the WestCord hotel in Amsterdam. A challenging assignment, but right up my alley! It shaped my graduation.”

There are excellent job opportunities in the industry for students graduating from Stenden University Bali. However, there is a demand for postgraduates at Master’s level who have relevant business and research skills as well as strategic capability. For students who have this ambition, Stenden offers the possibility to graduate with a Master’s degree. In cooperation with the University of Derby (UK), Stenden offers two international Master’s programmes, the Master in International Leisure & Tourism Studies and the Master in International Hospitality and Service Management. Students can opt for a single Dutch Master of Arts (MA) degree or gain a dual award made up of a Dutch Master of Arts (MA) degree and a British Master of Science (MSc) degree. Both Masters are offered in a 14 month programme at Stenden Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. This is a unique way for students to distinguish themselves.

In partnership with:


Why Stenden? Stenden is a university of applied sciences for people who aim to expand their horizons and who intend to learn, but also for those who desire to come up with solutions for the questions posed by people, organisations and society. › Accredited Dutch BBA Degree (Dutch education is ranked among the best in the world), › Affordable Tuition Fee, › Safe & Affordable Quality Accommodation close to campus, › The Dutch Curriculum (taught fully in English), › Personal Coaching and Career Development, › Innovative Problem Based Learning Concept, › High Quality Practical Learning Environment, › Study 1 Year in The Netherlands, › Paid Internships (Worldwide, e.g.; USA, UAE) generally leading to immediate employment, › International Students and Staff, › 8 Stenden Campus Sites in 5 Different Countries, › Study in Bali, Indonesia’s no. 1 Tourist Destination.

HIGH QUALITY AND AFFORDABLE EDUCATION At our campus in Bali, we execute the same curriculum as taught at our mother campus in The Netherlands, leading to the NVAO (Netherlands Flanders Accreditation Organization) accredited Dutch Bachelor’s Degree (formally registered with the Centraal Register Hoger Onderwijs (CROHO)). You will receive a Bachelor of Business Administration upon completing the programme. As part of the double degree programme you will also receive the Sarjana Ekonomi, awarded through our partnering university, STIE (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Triatma Mulya) and accredited through the national accreditation board of higher education, the BAN-PT. Dutch education is ranked among the best in the world. In comparison to studying overseas, the tuition fees of Stenden University Bali are very affordable. GOOD CAREER PROSPECTS Each programme has its own Learning Company or dedicated practical component. The combination of academic and practical or managerial experience ensures that not only will students gain knowledge but also essential skills for the industry that they wish to enter. As this is exactly what employers value, Stenden graduates are assured of a strong position in the international job market. A significant number of students are employed by their internship employers and can start a career immediately after graduation.




“Looking back, I can really appreciate Stenden’s PBL system. I thought the case-oriented approach worked really well. The theory from the classes came together in these assignments. For example, we had to analyse and explain a scientific study in the HRM module. This was an informative assignment because you had to directly apply all your gained knowledge.”

Countries outside of Indonesia


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Bali, Indonesia Bali is undeniably the tourist capital of Indonesia with a fast growing hospitality industry and associated business ventures. It is a unique place with a diverse landscape, ranging from picturesque mountains and terraced rice fields to world-class surf breaks and white sandy beaches. The campus of Stenden University Bali is located in the southern region of the island, the main tourism area where the majority of hotels, restaurants and shops can be found. The campus is situated in the quiet area of Dalung, in a neighbourhood where many education institutions are located. The beaches of Seminyak and Canggu are only a 20 to 30 minutes drive from the campus. At the campus you will be welcomed in a pleasant, professional study environment with a friendly, family like atmosphere. Being based in Bali not only gives you the opportunity to study in one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world, but also offers an inspiring environment, with Bali’s stunning nature and unique Hindu religion. On top of this, Bali is considered to be one of the most welcoming places that you will experience and is a relatively safe and affordable place to live. 12

Abroad A warm welcome!

Studying at Stenden is a very exciting opportunity of a lifetime. We look forward welcoming you at Stenden University Bali. We aim to make your experience as rewarding as possible and we will support you throughout your time with us. Choosing where you will live is an important consideration when you are off to study at Stenden. We have a wide range of safe and affordable quality accommodation available, located nearby our campus in Bali. The same goes for your study period in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Your time at Stenden starts with a mandatory introduction week during which you will register for your programme, attend introductory sessions, explore the university and have the chance to socialise with your future fellow students.


Graduate International Business Administration “International Business Administration was the only programme that had a broad orientation. It deals with all aspects of an organisation. The place to be for a generalist like me.”

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

A world of opportunities

Both the largest town in Friesland province and its capital city, Leeuwarden drives the provincial economy. With a population of around 100,000, it is located in the north-western part of the Netherlands, about 90-minute drive from Amsterdam and just 30 minutes from the North Sea coast.

With campus sites in Bali (Indonesia), The Netherlands, South Africa, Thailand and Qatar, Stenden offers many international opportunities, through internships and studying in The Netherlands. This way you can travel the world, experience new cultures and study at the same time. By joining our multicultural campus in Bali, you will learn to operate international and in different cultures so you can make the difference in tomorrow’s world: an international world.

Stenden’s main campus where you will be studying for one year, is located in Leeuwarden. The selection of programmers on offer include International Hospitality Management, International Business Administration, Tourism Management and Media and Entertainment Management, among others. The campus provides access to modern facilities such as computer labs, Wi-Fi, a library, a gym, a bank, a cafeteria and employment agency. Our very own 4-star Stenden Hotel, run by students from the School of Hotel Management, is also located in Leeuwarden.


go global, go stenden! › 2009 year foundation Bali Campus, › 11.000 students study at Stenden worldwide from 90 different nationalities, › 20 different nationalities at our Bali Campus, › 8 Stenden campus sites across the globe, › 40 + electives to choose from during year 3, › Accredited double Bachelor’s Degree (Dutch BBA and Indonesian SE), › Study one compulsory year in The Netherlands, › English taught programmes, › Paid internships worldwide, › Real world learning, › Individualised career development programme, › Unique teaching concept of Problem Based Learning.


KRISTÝNA HRUSKOVÁ (right) “Solving project tasks and wor king in teams gave me a new perspective on studying.”

Visit Stenden University Bali


We invite you to visit Stenden University Bali either for an individualised tour or during one of our International Open Days. You just need to get here and we will take care of the rest! Check our website, social media pages or contact us directly to find out more.


ELIZAVE TA SUDEREVSKAYA t we were guided for “The interesting thing was tha students. It was very den the entire day by the Sten s who were talking ent stud nice to get to know the days I spent at The s. nce about their own experie I hope to go on and le, orab Stenden were really mem after my graduation!” to study at Stenden University


AYUDH BHATTARAI “I expected to have a hard time settling in, but the amazing international environment and the friendly people made it very easy.”


LARRY NKACHA “Stenden is very welcoming. It provides an environment conducive to studying.”

Summary of admission requirements To be admitted to one of the Bachelor programmes you have to meet certain admission requirements. Stenden University Bali recognizes the following general national and international qualifications: › International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) or European Baccalaureate Diploma. › High school diploma from an accredited institution. › Four GCSE/GCE ‘O’ level passes plus two ‘A’ level passes › Kejar Paket C › Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. ENGLISH LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS Stenden University Bali accepts three kinds of official language tests: IELTS, TOEFL and the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English*. › Academic IELTS 6.0 (with a minimum score of 5.0 for each skill). › TOEFL 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based) and 80 (internet-based). › Cambridge ESOL score CAE-C. (*If you do not have the appropriate level, it’s possible to enrol in our English Preparatory Language Course).

APPLICATION PROCEDURE The complete list of all the necessary documents for uploading can be found at If you have any further questions about the application procedure, please contact our Marketing Team: M +62 (0) 815 581 80808 T +62 (0) 361 412970 Email: [email protected] APPLICATION DEADLINES February intake: 25 January September intake: 25 August

TUITION FEES Detailed tuition fees and study costs are published on


Are you looking for options to finance your study at Stenden University Bali or a prestigious scholarship? Stenden proudly participates in several scholarship programmes to provide targeted financial assistance to Indonesian undergraduate students.

A complete detailed overview can be found on our website

How do you apply?

Check out our website to find out more.

Study Start Week For our new students we organize a Study Start Week. This is an introduction week to get to know your fellow students, the campus and educational methods; by joining all sort of fun team-building activities, fieldtrips and workshops. The introduction week starts one week prior to the start of the programme, so make sure you arrive in Bali on time in order not to miss this great opportunity!


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