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International Journal of Research & Development in Technology and Management Science –Kailash Volume - 22| Issue 4 | 2016 | ISBN - 1-63102-462-0 Europ...

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International Journal of Research & Development in Technology and Management Science –Kailash Volume - 22| Issue 4 | 2016 | ISBN - 1-63102-462-0 European Article Number [EAN] - 978-1-63-102-462-7 [email protected] |

Paper Id: IJRDTM –0530125


ABSTRACT C is an important programming language and is widely useful for the software’s in different field of engineering. The present work is an effort to realize the importance of C language and understand its application in improved benefits in various technical fields. Different ways to teach C programming in interesting and attractive way has also been discussed. Keywords: C Programming Language, Engineering, teaching method, CSE INTRODUCTION C is a general purpose, procedural, vital computer programming language developed by Dennis M. Ritchie in 1972 at the Bell Labs to develop the UNIX Kernel code from assembly to higher level language. After that Oracle database code was rewritten from assembly to C. Nowadays C is used in various fields of Science and Technology[1]. It is one of the essential part of any engineering program. Good programming skills help to tackle problems easily.[2] It has been applied for solving many problems in engineering field. C forms the base for almost all programming languages. Some of the commonly used elements of programming language are operators, expressions, repetition statements, control structures, arrays, and functions and so on. It is a robust language whose rich set of built in functions and operators can be used to write any complex program. C is the basic language of all advanced programming languages. With the programming skills, student will able to develop code to solve various engineering problems. Working principles of computers, scientific computing and disciplined software can be easily done by C language. It has been noticed that a large number of students from allied engineering branches don’t take interest in learning C programming[3]. According to them, C is not required for their specified professional skill. However, there is a need to understand the application of this language in using technical results in more efficient way. Other than knowing the importance of C language teaching this subject using in interesting and different innovative ways is required. The commonly adopted techniques for teaching this subject can be practical examples or real applications. Real life examples are important in teaching. It will help the students to understand the usage of programming in real time applications and also assist students to understand the new concepts being introduced. Practical examples are included at all levels of engineering curriculum. It is important to relate concepts with real life. The examples should be clear and straight forward as possible to make concept clear and understandable e.g. C code is used for Bank application program for a variety of operations: Published by: Page 59

International Journal of Research & Development in Technology and Management Science –Kailash Volume - 22| Issue 4 | 2016 | ISBN - 1-63102-462-0 European Article Number [EAN] - 978-1-63-102-462-7 [email protected] |

Paper Id: IJRDTM –0530125

1. 2. 3. 4.

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Another way of innovative teaching is Presentation Method. It is more effective as it gives pictorial presentation of content to be delivered. Teacher also plays equivalent role to develop the interest of the student. A teacher should be an excellent communicator and should have good presentation skills. He should be able to describe and explain the concept in proper way. He should explain all basic elements with explanation. APPLICATIONS OF C IN VARIOUS TECHNICAL FIELDS Programming is becoming a essential skill for many professions. It can be used to do multiple tasks such as networking related, OS related. It is used in different engineering fields. It is used in making operating systems, embedded systems, word processor, hardware drive etc. C is also useful for other engineering branches: 1. C helps for engineering students to learn MATLAB. Programming with MATLAB provides a versatile system for solving engineering problems. MATLAB is a software package for high performance, numerical computation and visualization. It is a very sophisticated language (used by professional worldwide) that is suited for scientific and engineering applications. It provides an interactive environment with hundred of builtin-function for technical computation, graphics and animation. It is the software which is used by Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering branch. 2. For structural design and analysis STAAD PRO is widely used. It is generally preferred in commercial building, highways, bridges, industries, Chemical plant structures, dams retaining walls, turbine foundations etc. It is the basic analysis and design software for user friendly layout and is based on C program of finite element analysis for computation. 3. The 12d Model base product that is used for Civil Engineering and surveying applications. A powerful Object based programming language included in the base product. 12d Model’s has vast library of graphics and analysis commands or by defining their own routines. 4. A robot is an example of electromechanical machine which can be controlled by computer and electronic programming. 5. C programming language is a structured programming language that is useful for developing the hardware interface for Mechanical Engineering 6. C language is also used for programming in microcontrollers. The purpose of a using high level language like C is to speedup programming while focusing on functionality. Specific details, such as memory addresses, CPU registers, and assembly language instructions are transparent to the programmer. Such low level details are managed by the language compiler. Published by: Page 60

International Journal of Research & Development in Technology and Management Science –Kailash Volume - 22| Issue 4 | 2016 | ISBN - 1-63102-462-0 European Article Number [EAN] - 978-1-63-102-462-7 [email protected] |

Paper Id: IJRDTM –0530125

There are several C based Programming languages that are used in many of the implanted systems: i.



C# (C Sharp) is a modern, general purpose, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. There are number of ways to apply C# to accomplish many different tasks. We can build web applications with ASP.NET, desktop applications with Windows Presentation Foundation, or build mobile applications for Windows Phone. C++ is a programming language that has both low level and high level features. It was also developed at AT & T Bell Labs in the year 1980s by Bjarne Stroustrup. It is developed for system programming, has been used increasingly in engineering and scientific applications. With the addition of “ classes” the resulting language was originally named “C with Classes”, but was renamed C++ in 1983. Java is a computer programming language, that is class based object oriented language. It is used for developing high quality, working software that solves real problems. Initially it was called OAK. As the internet became popular a web browser was developed using the OAK language called WebRunner. Sun then changing the name from OAK to Java and name of the browser from WebRunner to Hotjava.

According to the UBM, the company surveyed over 1700 professionals working on embedded systems who are mostly based in the US (56%) but also in Europe(21%) and Asia(12%). According to the Fig. 1 we are still using C and C based languages that are used for embedded software advancement and it shows its % use in different years

70 60 50



2009 2010


2011 20


10 0 c





Fig. 1 Shows % usage programming language from 2008-2012

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International Journal of Research & Development in Technology and Management Science –Kailash Volume - 22| Issue 4 | 2016 | ISBN - 1-63102-462-0 European Article Number [EAN] - 978-1-63-102-462-7 [email protected] |

Paper Id: IJRDTM –0530125

CONCLUSION From the above review on various applications of C programming it can be concluded that this language has emerged as an important parameter for solving complex engineering problems of various fields. Programming is a necessary ability for advanced studies in Science, Technology and Engineering. C helps the students to develop the programming skills. Once the student had learned C, it is very easy for them to learn other programming languages and use them for developing software with enhanced levels of output.. Hence, C programming should be taught to all engineering aspirants, enhancing their software skills for engineering applications. REFERENCES 1. Daniel Angel Muñoz Trejo - Freelance Software Engineer @ Toptal 2. 2.”TEACHING COMPUTER PROGRAMMING SKILLS TO ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY STUDENTS WITH A MODULAR PROGRAMMING STRATEGY” Wangping Sun, Oregon Institute of Technology Dr. Wangping Sun is an associate professor at Oregon Institute of Technology. Xian Sun, Klamath Union High School 3. Teaching Programming Avinash Kak Purdue University [email protected] 4. model 5. Professor “Java and C/C++ Language Features in Terms of Network Programming” 6. Matthew Cook B.S. Software Engineering, Student Syed (Shawon) M. Rahman, Ph.D., Assistant

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