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(Investment & ALM) Job Description Job Title

Investment Officer

Written By (Signature and Date)

Reports To

Investment Manager

Incumbent (Signature and Date)


Finance/Investment & ALM

Approved By (Signature and Date)

Job Reference


Approved By (Signature and Date)



Job Purpose

Ensure effective project management of various Unit-Linked initiatives, robust investment research and reporting, effective governance of fund managers, implementation of new fund launches, and maintaining good relationships with counterparties and other stakeholders.

Critical Accountabilities Key Result Areas

1. Support to the management of the Unit-Linked business

Major Activities


Challenges and Risks

 


Development and improvement of Unit-Linked funds

    

3. Provide macro and asset class research and investment views

 

Assist Investment Managers and CIO in developing key initiatives for the UL business Monitor fund performance and compliance to investment guidelines; institutes appropriate long term return and risk measures Update the investment policies of unit linked funds, including benchmark changes and investment universe adjustments Assist in managing the internal unit linked fund Provide technical support in creating a holistic investible fund universe Establish and implement fund strategies Collaborate with Investment Team in developing robust platforms for creating suitable client portfolios Develop, maintain, and improve reporting database for UL funds Provide views on asset classes and investment strategies Collaborate with the rest of the Investment Team in identifying areas of opportunities in current market conditions

Completion of identified UL-related projects Updates to Investment Policies of Unit Linked Funds

  

  

 

Launch of new funds Development of portfolio fund allocation engine Accurate and automated reporting capabilities for regular and ad hoc requirements

Published periodic market updates (local and global) Contribution to Quarterly EAC Dialogue with Group

 

Prioritization and effective project management Consistently updating knowledge of the latest investment strategies Stakeholder management given multiple parties involved Maintaining a good working relationship with fund managers that involves analysis of performance and recommendations for improvement

Creating new content on a regular basis Explaining complex ideas in simple terms

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(Investment & ALM) Job Description 4. Support to Distribution, Retail Proposition, and other internal stakeholders

  

Create and present regular market and fund updates to distributors and clients Create effective training material to explain investment concepts Collaborates with Marketing to develop marketing materials and strategies for unit linked funds

Distribution presentations on fund strategy, fund performance, and market updates on a regular basis Collaboration with Marketing and Distribution to communicate prudent selling strategies and investment updates to distributors Create compelling narratives and balanced market research for internal and external stakeholders

Key Decisions/Dimensions Decisions    

Quantifiable Data Related to Job

Creating and updating appropriate investment strategies  Providing effective governance of external fund managers Consistently delivering quality market and investment updates for distributors  and clients  Creating an overall unit linked fund strategy with a steady pipeline of fund strategies

Impact of distributor presentations on additional sales volume, longer client persistency Implementation of key UL projects Number of funds launched and related AUM

Skills and Knowledge Educational Qualifications  

Relevant Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics, Business Management/Accounting,  Business Administration; can consider other degrees if there are accompanying certifications and relevant work experience Certifications like PSE Securities Specialist, TOAP’s TIFP, CFA, FRM, and Ateneo-BAP’s TCP are an advantage

At least 2 years of work experience as an Investment/Credit Analyst, Credit or Corporate Banking or Broker/dealer in a financial institution (bank or a brokerage company) or Research Analyst in an Asset Management company or Trader working in the following roles: equities, fixed income, currencies or derivatives

Personal Characteristics/Behaviors

Other Requirements

    

 

Keen on details and process-oriented thinking Excellent verbal and written communication skills Passion for continuous learning Visually creative Effective project management skills

Skilled at MS Excel Programming skills (VBA or Python) an advantage

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(Investment & ALM) Job Description

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