JA Group's GAP Initiatives

Software “Shinsaku-kun Meister2” Propose an improved fertilization. PDCA Cycle for reduction of the fertilization cost. Output of the soil analysis re...

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JA Group's GAP Initiatives

Akihiro Kadonaga National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (ZEN-NOH) Photo: Biwako visitors bureau (Public interest incorporated association)


Structure of the JA(Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) Group


Strengthening efforts to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) All farmers carry out GAP Implementation GAP Implementation and GAP Certification

GAP Implementation Promoting all farmers to put”GAP”into practice,following some version of GAP (e.g. Local GAP,GH, JA group GAP, Prefecture version GAP) GAP Certification CERTIFIED FAMERS

All farmers

Objective proof of proper implementation of GAP through the audit of a certification body(e.g JGAP, ASIAGAP, or GLOBALG.A.P.

PDCA Cycle for reduction of the fertilization cost

Soil Sampling Reasonable Fertilization

Propose an improved fertilization

Reduction of the fertilization cost based on soil analysis

Software “Shinsaku-kun Meister2”

Main Soil Analysis Center (9 places)

Output of the soil analysis results and Create a prescription

Soil Analysis Centers of ZEN-NOH ZEN-NOH has 24 Soil analysis centers in Japan, and analyzed about 130,000 soil samples. SHIGA HIROSHIMA



Main Soil Analysis Centers (9 places)





Consulting Business

Supporting JAs to get Producer Group Certification in GAP


We promote the research and development of new agricultural technologies in order to reduce production costs and support the creation of farm products with added value. A view from ZEN-NOH R&D center