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Infocomm Technology Software and Applications Software and Applications Manager

Applications Architect

Job Role

Job Role Description

The Applications Architect defines and develops most appropriate architectures for application development projects. He/She maintains control over the architecture throughout the project lifecycle. He defines architectural policies and principles, design and programming guidelines, identifies implementation risks and mitigation measures, sets software development and integration strategies and defines software configuration controls. He makes critical adjustments to the architecture to ensure achievement of desired results. He is imaginative and creative, drawing connections from diverse disciplines to develop application architectures and solutions. He enjoys the challenge of analysing, resolving complex issues and is able to interact effectively with others to gain buy-in where required.

Implement applications architecture strategy

Performance Expectations (For legislated / regulated occupations)

Key Tasks

Critical Work Functions

Contribute to the development of the applications roadmap

Align applications architecture priorities with long term technology roadmaps

Engage stakeholders to explain applications architecture

Provide advice on the creation of security standards from application perspective

Support the evaluation and introduction of new technologies, platforms, products or vendors

Analyse requirements and change needs to inform architecture roadmap and/or framework decisions

Identify requirements

Assess the impact of the change on the applications architecture

Analyse gaps between the current and target applications architecture

Prepare business cases for high-level initiatives

Develop applications architecture

Define system-level applications architecture design Define applications architectural quality standards, policies and principles, design and programming guidelines

Critical Work Functions and Key Tasks / Performance Expectations

Identify implementation risks and mitigation measures

Set software development and integration plans for different components

Define technology standards and best practices

Define software configuration controls

Make critical adjustments to the applications architecture to ensure achievement of desired results

Support applications development

Provide technical expertise in the development of applications

Evaluate implementation feasibility of functional specifications

Highlight requirement gaps and technical challenges or issues

Align application design with functional and system requirements

Assist with security risk assessments for applications

Plan project timelines and resources needed

Manage project

Apply project management tools

Communicate project objectives at critical junctures to obtain buy-in from all stakeholders

Apply project management techniques and processes to ensure project is cost-effective

Technical Skills & Competencies

Skills & Competencies

Programme Listing

Generic Skills & Competencies (Top 5)

Applications Development

Level 5

Transdisciplinary Thinking


Applications Integration

Level 5

Sense Making


Applications Support and Enhancement

Level 4

Creative Thinking


Business Innovation

Level 5

Problem Solving


Business Needs Analysis

Level 5

Interpersonal Skills


Change Management

Level 5

Data Design

Level 4

Database Administration

Level 5

Embedded Systems Interface Design

Level 4

Emerging Technology Synthesis

Level 5

Problem Management

Level 5

Product Management

Level 5

Programme Management

Level 5

Security Architecture

Level 5

Software Configuration

Level 4

Software Design

Level 6

Solution Architecture

Level 5

Stakeholder Management

Level 4

Test Planning

Level 5

User Interface Design

Level 4

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