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About Us

KAWANR heat exchangers are custom-designed and built to ASME code and TEMA standard. As a member of Heat Transfer Research Institute (HTRI), we kept abreast of advances in heat transfer. We focus on improvement in delivering better products all the time. We specialise in • • • • • • • • • •

Product Heater / Cooler Condenser Evaporator Reboiler Bitumen Suction Heater Steam Generator Air Preheater / Cooler Dimpled Plate Heat Exchanger Agitated Thin / Wiped Film Evaporator Spiral Heat Exchanger

Wide range of heat exchangers to meet industrial applications • • • • • • •

Oil and Gas Oleochemical Industry Chemical Industry Food Processing Wastewater Treatment Distillery General Industry

Certification ØASME: “U”, “H” and “S” Stamp pressure vessel and boiler manufacturer ØThe National Board Stamp certified pressure vessel and boiler manufacturer ØISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems ØDepartment of Safety and Health, DOSH license:



Material Selection Ø SS 304, SS 316L, SS 317L, SS 904L Ø Duplex 2205, Duplex 2507 Ø Alloy C-276, Alloy C-22 and etc. Ø Alloy Steel Ø Carbon Steel


Design Capability

Design Capability Thermal sizing

PV Elite®

Mechanical calculation Drawing

Quality Assurance Our Quality Management System covers the design, fabrication and supply of all equipment referenced within the company's scope of supply



Heat exchanger manufacturing IGB Industrial Park, Ipoh Factory 1 Land Area : 8,403m2 (90,449ft2) Built-up Area : 4,324m2 (46,543ft2) 04

Economiser (oil to oil)

Economiser For deodorization and physical refinery industry. Heat recovery by cooling the deodorized edible fats and oils while heating the incoming oil simultaneously. The heat transfer process occurs under vacuum and sparging steam conditions.



Heat Pipe Economiser/ Finned Tube Heat Exchanger/ Spiral Heat Exchanger

Heat Pipe Economiser

Advantages of Heat Pipe •Low fouling •Easy maintenance •Isothermal operation •Low pressure drop •Fast turnover •Can achieve energy recovery in place that conventional economiser cannot achieve •Allow thermal stress •No cross over

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Ø Extended heating surface Ø Space saving Ø For air or gas application

Spiral Heat Exchangers Ø T wo to t h re e t i m e s h i g h e r t h e r m a l efficency. Energy could be recycled for a wide range of uses Ø The cold fluid can be heated to temperatures very close to those of the hot fluid due to the true counter current flow Ø Suitable for high fouling and clogging condition


Air Cooler

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

The hot process fluid to be cooled flows through finned tubes while the cooling air flows across the outer surface to remove heat. The cooling air is propelled by axial fans in either a forced draft or induced draft configuration. Applications/Indusrty • Oil and gas refineries • Waste to energy • Plants producing ethylene, biplastic, glass fibre • Ammonia and urea handling plants



is experienced in manufacturing air cooler with different types of finned tubes

ü Standard fin ü Flow temperature applications (typically up to 170°C) where some degree of tube wall protection is required.



üHigh efficiency finning üFor higher temperature applications (typically up to 300°C) üCorrosion protection


ü High efficiency finning ü Higher air pressure drop and fouling tendency

ü High efficiency finning ü For high operating temperatures (even up to 400°C).


Embedded/ grooved

Steam Surface Condenser

Steam Surface Condenser A water cooled heat exchanger for the exhaust steam from the steam turbine in thermal power plants. It maximises the steam turbine efficiency by converting the exhaust steam into the condensate. Heat from the condensate could then be reclaimed for boiler feed water.

KAWAN R provides steam surface condenser, steam jet ejector, inter/after condenser, valves/pipng and condensate pump as a complete system. A vacuum venting system, such as steam air ejectors is used to remove any air entering the system and normally combined with intercondensers and/or aftercondensers for the purpose below: Øto condense as much vapor as possible from the preceding stage Øto reduce the amount of gas to be compressed by the next succeeding stage Øto recover condensate. .


Clean Steam Generator

Clean Steam Generator

Clean steam generators produces clean steam from demineralised water. All the clean steam contacted parts are made of stainless steel. The clean steam generator is with 'U' type extractable tube bundle and “kettle” shell type Typical application: ØPure steam processes in the food or pharmaceutical industry ØSterilising equipment in hospitals ØProduction of high-purity products


Clean Steam Generator

KAWAN R provides a whole package of clean steam generation system which includes: ØSteam generator ØSteam superheater (depends on application) ØDegasser ØValves and instrumentations ØControl panel ØSkid and structure

KAWAN R also provides energy saving solution by incorporating heat recovery system for the returned condensate line.



Cleaning Retubing Replacement SERVICES CATEGORIES

Equipment Repair & Maintenance Services such as: ØHigh pressure water jet cleaning ØBoiler cleaning, re-tubing and refurbishment works ØHeat exchanger repair and cleaning ØTank repair and cleaning ØChemical cleaning ØRepair of pressure component with DOSH approval

HIGH PRESSURE WATER JETTING SERVICES K A W A N R p r o v id e s h y d r o je t t i n g s e r v i c e providers serving the needs of refineries, chemical plants and shipyards. The hydro jetting pressure ranges from 110- 120 barg, with diverse services from tank c le a n in g , t u b e s la n c in g , s u r f a c e preparation to cold cutting and general cleaning requirements.

HEAT EXCHANGER RETUBING Provision of in-house or onsite re-tubing services


Heat Exchanger Tubing

• Low fouling potential due to better surface finish • Increased ability to withstand pressure • Uniform in shape • Great strength under loading

• Ti welded tube provides best corrosion resistance for sea water application • Thin wall design possible with constant thickness • More economical

• induce turbulent flow in tubes • Increase tube side heat transfer coefficients up to 2½ times larger than the equivalent smooth tube with the gain in pressure drop less than 2½ times • Tube wall temperature more closer to tube side fluid • Reduce fouling potential and heat exchanger size

• More surface per foot of tube - up to 50% more. • Increase turbulence and mix the fluid to form a more uniform temperature across the fluid • More flexibility which enable the tube to be bent at a tigher radius and thus reduce the size of heat exchanger

• Different grades combination for tube and fin eg. stainless steel & aluminium, stainless steel & copper • Absence of crevice corrosion due to high weld integrity between tube and fin • High heat transfer efficiency

• Available in copper, aluminium, carbon steel construction • High efficiency and very stable performanc • Extremely suitable for low air velocity environment

• Induce swirl flow of the tubeside fluid, resulting in higher near wall velocities and fluid mixing • Most effective in turbulent flows with limited pressure drop 12


Hot water system package including pipings, equipments, pressure vessels & automations

Economiser: Intersonikon Engineering Sdn Bhd For Sawit Raya Sdn Bhd, Kuala Langat

Air heater for Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd. (MMII project)

Heat exchangers for Fatty Acid Distillation Project Iffco (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Gas Cooler for RP Chemicals (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.



Economiser for bleaching earth heat recovery project Wemark Engineering Sdn Bhd

Heat exchangers for Palm Refinery Project Alfa Laval (M) Sdn Bhd

SP dryer air heater for Tsukishima Kikai Co. Ltd. (MP-2 gas heater project)

After cooler Oilfields Supply Center Sdn Bhd for Petronas Carigali Sarawak


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