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Kendriya Vidyalaya C.R.P.F (G.C.) Amerigog, Guwahati – 781023 Session 2017-18

CREATIVE CURIOUS CHILDREN E- Magazine by the Literary Club, 3rd Edition

Edited, Typed and Layout Designed by Mr. Saptarshi Majumder, PGT English

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Message from the Patron It feels good to see that the 3rd edition of the e-Magazine of the Literary Club (English) of Kendriya Vidyalaya CRPF Amerigog is published. The e-Magazine coupled with the blog titled Creative Corner provides a wonderful platform to the young talents and budding writers. These young word wizards can showcase their creations to the world by means of online connectivity. I must congratulate all the students who have contributed. A special thanks to Mr. Saptarshi Majumder, PGT English, for single handedly bringing out this magazine and maintaining the blog. He meticulously edits and types all the contributions made by the children and for that he deserves appreciation. I must say that the Literary Club has done a great job by bringing out an e- Magazine which can be accessed online by all those who are interested in the endeavour. e-Magazine has transcended the limitations of geography and is available online. Further, the quality of the creative pursuits compiled in the e-Magazine is very good considering the fact that the content was created by young students. I am amazed by the depth of their expression and hope they will grow up to be wonderful writers mesmerizing us with their magical words.

Mr. Vishnu Dutt Tailor PRINCIPAL

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Editorial This is the third edition of the e-Magazine and I am very fortunate to be a part of this journey. I am happy to see many students bloom into wonderful writers. Their writing is a part of their discovering the world within and the world outside. It is wonderful to see them growing up to be balanced individuals with a wise perspective appropriately expressed by a choice of words. The Literary Club of the school is a collection of students having a vibrant imagination and a way with words. Words are difficult to manage but these children have mastered the skill of using words to give wings to their imagination. Imagination is an unruly beast and taming it to do your bidding requires the power to express emotions in words, in writings, in perspectives and in perceptions. I am glad that many students have contributed their original creative writings. I have always stressed on curtailing plagiarism and adhering to copyright. The students were told time and again not to steal from other writers without acknowledging the contribution of the writer. The best part of the endeavour was that they understood and created their own magic instead of basking under the magic spell of someone else. I was surprised to see the depth of maturity and emotions in their writings. They are young but their voice as expressed through their writing is not immature and not a childish rambling. It speaks of truths evident to the wise and the enlightened. This paves the way to a better future for these students are the future of the country. Students have proved themselves worthy of the Literary Club and it fills me with pride. I am proud of their ability to mould and manipulate words to create a world of make believe which seems more real than reality itself. I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Vishnu Dutt Tailor, Principal for providing me logistic, administrative, emotional support. The literary club is highly indebted to the Principal and to all those students who have contributed to develop its content.

Mr. Saptarshi Majumder PGT English & I/C Literary Club Page | 3


You have in your hand or rather on your screen the e-Magazine of the English Literary Club of the Vidyalaya. This is a time of great change. We are living in a techno-centric world in which the tag line is cloud based connectivity. Even our highly honourable Prime Minister has urged us to be foot soldiers in this digital revolution. The student today is an individual, is a real person with feelings of self-respect, sensitivity, responsibility and compassion, having as much an online presence as offline. We need to recognize, appreciate, applaud and foster the fine blend of sensibilities in a child and thus, this e-Magazine is a launchpad for the child's creative urges to blossom naturally. The electronic format provides the child a global platform. As the saying goes, "The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation", this magazine is also the specimen of creativity, innovation and immense effort put forward by, Mr. Saptarshi Majumder, PGT English and Chief Editor. It is his brain child and it speaks of his techno-centric and innovative approach. This magazine has become a reality because of the benign leadership of Shri V.D. Tailor, Principal and Patron. This is the 3rd edition of the e-Magazine and the greatest credit for this goes to all the contributors, writers and poets. I on behalf of all those young word wizards apologize for the shortcomings if any and hope you will cherish our efforts and be enlightened and entertained by our words. Ms. Kasturi Dev Choudhury XII Humanities, 2017-18 Associate Editor & School Captain

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‘To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music the words make.’ – Truman Capote In agreement with the above quote, I find writing as the most valuable literary expression. The inculcation of passion for creative thinking and writing amongst the students is one of the major objectives of the e-magazine. The e-magazine has served a great platform to vent out student’s passion for writing and encourage original thinking within them. Our students have put across some amazing pieces of literature and art displaying their creative thinking. The works included in this edition provides an opportunity to peep into a child’s thought process and his or her axiomatic creative thinking. It is a lovely experience to see these enthusiastic children voicing their feeling through stories, poetry, illustrative comics etc. The publication of the e-magazine included lot of planning compounded with teamwork. I am thankful for the immense contribution of Mr. Saptarshi Majumder, PGT Eng. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Vishnu Dutt Tailor, Principal KV CRPF for constant support and motivation. Finally, this humble initiative is to set the budding minds free from any barriers and allowing them to roam free in the realm of imagination and experience to create a world of beauty in words. Ms. Sakshi Bhattacharjee XII Commerce, 2017-18 Associate Editor

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Crossword Solving Language Functions Learning Creative Writing Story Making Skit Making Essay Writing Calligraphy English Song Singing Basic Phonetics Understanding Basic Conversation Practice

Members of the Literary Club (English), 2017-18 S N

Names of Members



Names of Members



Saeed Taj



Trishagnee Mazumdar



Shyam Gogoi



Mayuri Goswami



Nilotpal Huzuri



Sarvesh Yadav



Ayushmita Kar



Anubhav A Srivastava



Amartya Loying



Sujata Sarkar



Biswameet Chakraborty



Marzina Rahman



Hiya Barman



Abhishek Gogoi



Sweta Bhattacharjee



Tapashya Das



Debolina Dey



Hritabrata Bhattacharjee



Pragyan Parimita Hota



Dreamly Borgohain



Kangkana Boro



Rinki Badir



Ayesha Khatun



Karishmita Mahanta



Barnali Das



Jahnavi Das



Sakshi Bhattacharjee



Debanjana Roy Choudhury



Meghna Dey



Inarat Hussain



Alisha Kalita



Manab Deb Roy



Kasturi Dev Choudhury



Mufliha Islam Mazumder



Bandita Boro



Nibir Jyoti Konwar



Parul Boro



Anirban Ghosh



Dixita Dey



Snehshikha Das



Heemsikha Dutta



Sazeed Taj



Nikhilesh Dutta



Dritiman Sarma



Prachi Mishra



Manabendra Baishya


Sarmistha Bhattacharjee



Rajdeep Roy

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CREATIVE WORDS POETRY The Pink Roses Pink roses in my garden, Makes my cottage look like Heaven, Fragrant and delicate Standing with a lady’s etiquette. Wearing green gowns of leaves and stems, Pink roses dances to the tune of wind Lovely and wonderful Moving with a ballerina’s rhythm. You are a bud before bloom Just like a baby girl’s face; When you bloom into flower You live with damsel’s grace. But a day comes and you wither away. You wither away along with breeze, Just like a wrinkled face Vanishing from life. Pink roses are there no more. It has left just like the lost time and youth, But its beauty is a reminiscence Pink roses, lovely pink roses. Rinki Badir, X B Page | 10

The Dense Sheet of Warmth in Grey Why was the rain falling so hard so dense I almost felt blind? Raised my hand in front of my eyes to check is it just in my mind. So deep, so grey were those clouds like they were made by the sorrow of the souls, Deep and drapery were the words to describe them like a high waist gown’s folds. I wondered if heavens and earth were connected by these pearls of despair for one and happiness for other, Or may be to connect their love rain acted as a messenger for his creator. Sometimes I hear the drops whispering in my ears, speaking its journey of life, About his play with the young ones and the trouble he causes to the housewife. In the fast pace of life where no one even cares for a break, Ever wondered what music the raindrops make when falling in the lake. They look so pure after falling in slow pace but can be disastrous if falls hard, But maybe, well we won’t know, if these messengers are nature’s true guards. So, why do rain fall on me and give me such happiness, As if cleaning, away from my body all my sins and my world’s mess. Did nature and cloud fall in eternal love connected by these pearls called rain? But we from this eternal mystery truly can only gain. Gain beauty and love from these cold yet warm teardrops of cloud, Falling upon this creation of God, falling so calmly yet so loud. Trishagnee Mazumdar, XI A What lies beyond? What lies beyond, I care not Work, love, chatter unceasing Undulating time disarms me Intrepid traveller, I never seek to know Arrogant youth, no time to stop, just grow The hair has turned grey The gait has lost its spring Work, love, chatter are ceasing Wily life and renegade time Make me question what lies beyond. The present is a haze I am trapped in a maze Old memories haunt me My childhood laughs with glee Time is ticking by Calmly I lie holding my child’s hand, An itinerant worker, Ready to bid goodbye I seek the light, cross the line And step into the shadowy beyond. Page | 11

Mrs. Pallavi Gogoi, PGT English Mystery As the smell of fresh dew surrounded my senses, I could feel someone’s heavy gaze on me. I turned around Only to spot a lonely wet tree. I was sure I felt someone’s presence nearby And it would be a lie If I denied it. So, I decided to search around a bit; Suddenly a strong gust of wind hit my face As if wanting to stop my pace, Because of it I stumbled back From the balance lack. “What was that?” I wondered I then told myself not to be bothered. Finally making my way towards home, I decided to never come here alone. Inarat Hussain, VIII B You can If you believe you can do, Considering yourself to be very true, Just take a step forward And you are sure to get a reward. If you believe, you can make the impossible happen Then do not let your spirit dampen. Be sure of your abilities so that the World starts praising your capabilities. No matter what happens, firm you must stand To turn your dreams into reality, and let them land. Problems are simple challenges you must face Just to make sure you leave behind your trace. With confidence, you should move on No matter what forces you to take turn Stick to the path you have chosen firmly Then distraction will not come very easily You may have one inspirational figure As your guiding light But remember to make a successful flight All you need is the will to succeed With the motto ‘Yes I can’ you must proceed. Hritabrata Bhattacharjee, XA Just Friends Page | 12

Just friends, nothing else, says the tag But her heart wants more. Does he know the fact? She longed for his magical touch, and his one look She wanted much more than the hand she shook ‘Friends’ says the face, ‘Love’ says the heart, What tied them together, is now keeping them apart For him she is just a friend, nothing but a friend, Don’t know how much longer, she’ll have to pretend. This one magical smile can drive her insane, But wait!! Don’t let your heart rule your brain. How’ll he know?? How much more from him she yearned, To live and love from him she has learned. That smile, that face can drive her crazy, Those soulful eyes can make her hazy. He had the one he wanted to embrace, What is happiness? You ask? To her it’s his face She is following a shadow, she’ll never achieve, How to forget, oh God, she wished he would teach. A dream he is to her, which will never come true, She waited for the day when he shall say, he felt the same too Yet he remains to stay unknown of what she feels, Just friends nothing else, remains the deal. Nibir Jyoti Konwar, VII B I see I see my reflection in the mirror. Why do I do this to myself? I lose my mind on a tiny error, I left myself somewhere in someplace, I tried to be what I am not, My real me was broken inside. Don't get lost in the blur of the stars, Dreams are blurry out there; Future and the world seemed unreal to me. Now, I just want to be myself. Don't judge yourself to be perfect. Just be who you are. For the image in the mirror is not you, But you are who you want to see in the mirror. Bandita Boro, XII D I Cry I am a child labour, I need all your love and support As I am alone I need food, water and shelter. I am tired Page | 13

After a whole day’s hard labour. Oh! Carrying the heavy sack Oh! My back, And begging for help, Ah! I am tired… But there is no one to listen to me As I cry No one responds to my pleas Oh! Please dear moms, dads, sisters, brothers, Help Me! And give me the opportunity To enjoy my life, just like the others. Snehashikha Das, VIIB `Goodbye Tension The moment you are in tension, You lose your attention And face total confusion. Then you will feel irritation You will spoil your personal relation Ultimately, you won’t get any cooperation And may even have to take medication. Instead understand a situation, And try to find proper solution So that, you can have some relaxation. Keep yourself free from tension. Problem can be solved through discussion. If you understand my good intention, You will say goodbye to tension. Alisha Kalita, XIID Defiance Woke up with sparkle in eyes, Feeling a little frigid searched for warmth Warmth which would liberate us, Voraciously smelling the exciting smell of change. Freedom is an illusion and She finds solace in defiance. A dream, a vision of fantasy Truly did I behold, Walking freely on the path On which devil fears to tread, The path to a new horizon. I, the rebel standing appalled, Fighting the system in my own little ways Because I find solace in defiance. Page | 14

Dear Men

Dixita Dey, XIID

Dear Men, Hey! It’s me, the damsel that you've always liked Dear Men, Hello to your insecurities and Wave a Hi to my effectuality Dear Men, Yes! Let’s welcome your stares All over my body, all over me Adjusting the right focus, once again Dear Men, you ARE lucky! Dear Men, I may find you attractive And gawk at you for long But that's wrong. Dear Men, how am I supposed to do that? Dear Men, how dare I break the shackles? Dear Men, after all YOU ARE lucky. Dear Men, don't; Don't judge me Dear Men, don't tease me when I walk by Dear Men, don't comment on the length of my skirt Or the danglers that I wear, that jingle from left to right From front to back Dear Men, do not assume me to be a hoe On the amount of make-up that I wear That's simply something I like And not what you assume. Dear Men, it’s not ALWAYS the way you think. Dear Men, do not talk about me When I walk down the lane at 2:00 in the night Dear Men, do not take me as an opportunity to grab But rather make it your duty to keep it safe for now. Dear Men, it's different, it’s so different than the way you think. Dear Men, do not gossip about me When I'm close to you And if that rushes the adrenaline in you Dear Men, it’s not my FAULT But it’s in you. Dear Men, do not follow me upto lanes behind Trying to explore the enigma That's something you cannot do Dear Men, cause it’s not always the way you think. Dear Men, be somebody I'm not afraid to be with Dear Men, behave in the way how my father raised me Dear Men, be somebody, on whom I can lay my hands upon And share a roller coaster ride together. Dear Men, as I write this, You pass around me, I still can feel your stares I can still hear aunties kvetching about me And the little foetus understanding all this But this, I ignore WHY? Page | 15

Because, dear Women, would YOU stand up with me? Kasturi Dev Choudhury, XIID Be my Friend All I express is Be my friend All I ask is, Why & how do people make friends? How beautiful it could be if we become friends? Be my friend. I am simple Simple hobbies, Simple interest’s All I hope is an elementary friendship, When sadness dwells in me When life seems to be as in underworld When music brings tears in my eyes I expect someone to: Realize my mind, Share my pain, Walk beside me. All I intended is Be my friend Till the end of the circle.

Saeed Taj, XIIA

It is you, Sister When everyone has left me alone to die, When there was no shoulder for me to cry, When I am having my worst day & worst night, It was you dear who stayed by my side. When no one is there to console my broken heart, When the cruel world has teared me apart, When the world has brought me down on my knees, It was you honey who fought for me. When I fail in life’s test, even when I try, When I am unable to take anymore & I cry, When my life is filled with pain & darkness, It was you sweetie, who brought happiness. When I am alone & need to share my heart’s condition, When I need guidance to take my decisions, When I am surrounded by people with 1000 faces, It is always you sister, who is there for me always. Page | 16

Nibirjyoti Mridusmita, VIIB Sing the Winter Song Let’s sing a song, Let’s sing the winter song, The cold and lonely wineter’s here Snow and frost everywhere ! Socks for my little feet, Ginger breads for Jolly Christmas Crackers for the New Year, Oh! Shopping list goes on for winter Aunt Maria’s knitting shawls Sister Margaret throwing snowballs Uncle Samson singing carols Is all I see when the winter falls ! I’ve got the seasonal cold I am feeling like a recorder,old Sneezing again and again I am making tunes,not plain. Dear winter please be here for long I want to sing the winter song !! Rinki Badir, X B I am I have fallen down midst ballet I have broken my bones midst fight But I will get up and dance But I will fight and earn victory I am not scared of thunder Because I am myself sea of lightning I am not scared of fire Beacsue I the lava of volcano I will sing a jolly song of determination I will write a history of passion I will architect the bridge of my triumph I will paint a picture of my ambition I am ready to live for the freedom! I am ready to live for the independence!! Rinki Badir, X B Page | 17

Who is a friend?

A friend is…… Someone who accepts your proposal, Because he knows you are not wrong. Someone who rejects your proposal, Because he knows what is better for you. Someone who lets you go, Because he knows it’s the right place for you. Someone who doesn't let you go, Because he doesn’t want to lose you. Someone who becomes your supporter When you are alone. Someone who doesn’t support you, Because he knows it's the time for you to go alone. In our life we get many friends, and we lose many of them But losing them helps us to make better friends. Sazeed Taj, VIIC Faded memories Why my heart keeps fluttering When I remember those days? Heart skips a beat Bringing butterflies in my stomach. Everything seems good and nice, But the reality is the truth The truth that doesn’t need acceptance But creeps in and jumps on you. Does he even know that my heart still beats? He seems to like the giggling girls Is it that easy? Remembering every moment that I wish to forget The memories of a future that was weaved together. Is letting go easier than holding on? Why does my heart beat to those blurry memories? The heart should know that it’s the end; And he is nothing more than a faded memory, Which, inspite of my heart, I don’t want to remember. Bandita Boro, XIID Friend like you I need just a friend like you. Always thought to be with you When you cry I feel sad When you are happy nothing is bad Page | 18

Whenever you are with me I feel secure Always I feel to be your I will wipe your tears when you cry I can bring stars for you from the sky We part we cry together Except you I can see no further If you fall I will pick you up With you I can make the longest jump I need just a friend like you Always thought to be with you Anirban Ghosh, VIIB Music is my life Music is my life It never lets me to strive It’s a part of my life from the start Music helps me to relate stories happening in my life Some are best and some are as blunt as a knife Music touches my soul In my life, it plays an important role. The rhythm and beat Helps me to feel music through my feet. I think it understands my aching heart And it lifts me up when I am lonely and torn apart And with it I fly Music is life and it will be me until I die Kangkana Boro, XIIB My Nation Cries I am stabbed in my heart By souls I provided nest. Hidden in my screams, Is the gratification of the evil Burning my cohesion in the lust for power. In this hour of darkness I lose not my hope. The evil loomed to direct this orchestra of mayhem But it is not the worst they can do, I have been enslaved for centuries too, Yet I bore heroes in my womb. Once again, I shall do With fire in blood And tender by heart The young sons and daughters shall arrive; To avenge with love each tear I cried. Then dawn would break To mark the end, Wash away the hurt Left on night’s bed. Page | 19

I shall rise once again To speak the language of love, For I don’t know to abhor As the glorious history swears. Hritabrata Bhattacharjee, XA If you believe If you believe you can do, Considering yourself to be very true, Just take a step forward And you are sure to get a reward. If you believe, you can make the impossible happen Then do not let your spirit dampen. Be sure of your abilities so that the World starts praising your capabilities. No matter what happens, firm you must stand To turn your dreams into reality, and let them land. Problems are simple challenges you must face Just to make sure you leave behind your trace. With confidence, you should move on No matter what forces you to take turn Stick to the path you have chosen firmly Then distraction will not come very easily You may have one inspirational figure As your guiding light But remember to make a successful flight All you need is the will to succeed With the motto ‘Yes I can’ you must proceed. Hritabrata Bhattacharjee, XA

School Life It is all about the days of memories, the best, The interesting classes and the surprise tests, Waiting for recess and the last bell, The mischiefs and fun with our best pals. The last bench gossips, the pranks we played The stories we told, the poems we said. The punishments for showing our bad side. The scoldings for mischiefs, we used to hide. The fights with friends and making up. The ‘hi’s, the ‘hello’s, the ‘how you doing’s and ‘what’s up’s The excursion trips to the beautiful greenery, The art classes about still life and scenery. The English classes about grammar and literature. The tips on discipline, the long lectures Maths being all about numbers and fractions Science classes about chemical reactions. Geography telling us about Earth’s revolution. History about all the forgotten civilisation. The blissful achievements based on hard work, The class rivalry, the team work. Surely, no days are better than days like these Page | 20

Memories that surely no one can ever erase Now is the time to live these days with zest, Because you all ought to agree that school days are the best. Nibirjyoti Mridusmita, VIIB The Unknown Call Who is that calling me? The Sun is ablaze The ground is just a parched maze But all I can hear is him calling Who is that calling me? Asking me to go I am sure he will take me As a storm, he will look And I will be just a few pages from a torn book Who is that calling me? The lightning flashes The rain descends The turbulent water rushes through Who is that calling me? Towards him as a lost dream The sight is dark But I could hear the call of a lark It is none other than the Lord He is eternal master of mind and matter Forgiving me my sin He is the one calling me over and above the din. Hiya Barman, XIIB The Beautiful Night Sky How beautiful is the night sky! Seeing the stars make me wonder, The dark sight with the shining moon, Enchanting all is a woman The dark sight is her hair With the starts as her jewellery Moon as her precious mirror How beautiful is the night sky! Maybe it is just a scenery But if you can imagine Beyond it is the universe Page | 21

The cradle and the nurse And then you see the Goddess In her splendour and grand dress The thing that to my imagination adds a hue Is the night air which passes through Bearing blessing of that beautiful belle. Hiya Barman, XIIB A Story that Teaches "I am distressed. I am unhappy As I could not accomplish Whatever I wanted to." She said to me as her days were over, She was lonely without her family. Her life was over. As she cried Tears rolled down her cheeks. Once she was the fairy of her family Now no one talks with her And this she could not bear. Mother, she cried, “Why didn't you warn me?” Father,” Why didn't you tell me?” Brother, “I cannot live without thee.” But then everything was over. She had to make a new beginning. But she could not. She knew that she had done the mistake Flew away with her lover Who was a destroyer So, she awards others not to waste their life 'Do it not for others But for your sake.' She adds, “Love but don’t succumb to lust. Love shouldn’t destroy you, Love makes you better than what you are.” Sujata Sarkar, XIB She… She, with a vermilion circle between her eyebrows looking at the mirror, is the loveliest woman. She, with a black spot on her nose becomes red when angry on me, is the scariest image. Page | 22

She, with half closed vibrating eyes pray to God sometimes with tears, is the purest temple. She, with corners of her lips wide apart watching us improving, is the sweetest candy. She, with wrinkled eyebrows focusing on the sum in my homework, is the best teacher. She, with the round gold earrings shining brightly under the sun, is the brightest light. She, with traditional Assamese attire standing elegantly in the crowd, is the finest queen. She, with her speedy but soft steps making the world awake, is the fiercest tigress. She, with a soft but stern voice motivating me to excel, is sugar and spice together. She, with her care giving me her share and making me better, is none but my mother. Dreamly Borgohain, XA I see I see my reflection in the mirror. Why do I do this to myself? I lose my mind on a tiny error, I left myself somewhere in someplace, I tried to be what I am not, My real me was broken inside. Don't get lost in the blur of the stars, Dreams are blurry out there; Future and the world seemed unreal to me. Now, I just want to be myself. Don't judge yourself to be perfect. Just be who you are. For the image in the mirror is not you, But you are who you want to see in the mirror. Bandita Boro, XIID My Friend One whose greatness cannot be measured, One whose values can only be treasured, One whose company pleases me, One whose jokes amuses me, Is my true friend. Page | 23

One who shares everything with me, And hear each small care, And one without whom my life seems bare, Is my true friend. One who encourages me when I am blue, One who cares for my studies too, One whose action always guides, One who is always by my side, And one whose possessions fill me with pride , Is my true friend. Sarmistha Bhattacharjee, XIID Friendship The unfamiliar bonds with which you are familiar with, Of them you have some bond, And then there are bonds for which you care And few of it you will try to conserve Would you name it as friendship? Friendship you can have it with anyone But it will happen with few Really with very few, And with those who cares for you Who will make you aware of their lovable view. Friendship is in those Who appear ordinary but is extraordinary. They may have similarities with you Or may have differences in view, But the bond will be shared if it is meant for you. So, the friendship in in those Who have ability to stand beside you; And God has blessed those Whose friendship has lasted long, That is within its ties and love beyond. Prachi Mishra, XIID Parents Parents, You are my well-wisher. Parents, You are my preacher. You show me the path, How to control my emotion and wrath. You help me to know, My friends and foe. Page | 24

You show me the future, And help to fill all the pain and rapture. You help to build my career, By breaking all the obstacles and barrier. I pray from the depths of my heart, To blessed with a place in my parents' heart Dear Parents, all the above lines are for you And atlast I would like to say a big 'Thank you'. Rimi Haloi, XIID Being a Woman It is said that to be a woman is difficult, The conditioning beings early Girls play with dolls and boys with guns; They say it is a men's world and You always have to prove yourself worthy of the testosterone, You have to juggle between career and child care, fame and family, You have to be yourself and go beyond that self to be a mate and a mother, You have to be aware of custom and culture while your spouse is free to dare; But then you have the power to make men mere mare with your beauty and care, You are the seed of life and without you men are hollow husks hovering in the wind, You are inspiration of the inspired making men realise without you how meaningless they are. To be a woman is indeed difficult, For woman live a life more fulfilling than man can ever dare, For a woman can be a mother, a woman can go for career, a woman can be both but alas all a man can be is just a man, seeking the meaning of life in a woman's cradle and care. Without the woman beside us we men would be monsters of unrestrained lust devoid of love, we men would be all head and no heart, we men would be just empty and no emotions; Without woman we men would die the death of a zombie and life would stop being the blooming flower of creativity; Without our mother we would be nowhere; But then to say that fathers are not required is foolishness and fear. Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, wives and husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends all make sense, For the human is what makes a woman and a man And a human can be either a woman or a man As nature requires to further its purpose, Life is all about being human without being just a woman and man. Identity of the physique is important but more important than that is psychological reality of being a human. Mr. Saptarshi Majumder, PGT English

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ARTICLES Left with my brother This is when my parents left to go for a tour of the wonderful USA (United States of America) and Canada. They had a great time I’m sure! What about us? We decided to.....wait, let me rephrase; I decided to stay at home with my brother. His exams were going on so he couldn’t tag along; I decided to give him company as pity hit me hard! I felt bad just leaving him behind like that, so yeah, I stayed. But why miss a great opportunity like this? Because I’m stupid! Anyway, enough complaining! Let’s advance, shall we? So, the first day without my parents at home goes smooth. First thing that came out of my mouth was, ‘Freedom!’ Now imagine no one’s at home and you can do whatever you wish to for a couple of days, feels good, right? I know! I went hardcore on my Play station 4 (Bragging that I have one)! Went out with friends, got in contact with some friends from my older school, those moments were thoroughly enjoyed! Mom and dad went out touring for around 20 days, and 10 days had already passed. I hate it how time flies by so quick when you’re enjoying life to the fullest. But, after the initial days, I stopped going out as my friends were busy with something or the other, got bored playing the same games again and again on my Play station (pointing out that I still have it, and yeah, bragging). This meant that I was jobless; all I’d do was sit on the couch all day long. I started missing those evening chats with mom and dad as my brother would either stick to his cell phone or ‘PRETEND’ to be studying. He wouldn’t want to spend time with me unless; I’d play ‘Fifa’ with him. Calm down mate, I’m talking about the video game. Such a boring chap he is when it comes to spending time with him; not always though. So, moving along, a day came when my brother planned a trip to Accoland. I was psyched! I said, “I misunderstood you man, I thought of you as a boring lad, you caught me off guard this time. So are your friends taking me along or what?” And he goes, “Bro, it’s just my friends”. Now did that hit me hard! My whole imagination of having fun at Accoland was shattered into pieces. His friends came over the next day, invited me to tag along; I was like, “Nah mate, that’s fine, you guys go, and my brother here wouldn’t like me to ruin your plans.” And then, his friends gave him this disgusting look! Although, I didn’t go with them at the end of the day, that made me feel good. I didn’t go to the US just because I felt bad about leaving my brother behind like that, and that’s how he repaid me. Not fair! And you quit your laughing! Then the day came! June 9th! The day I was born. Fortunately, my mom left me some money before they took off to the US. I invited some friends over and gave them a treat (a good one)! Finally, my so called “Freedom” was close to its end. Parents were to arrive on the 11th. And I was more than happy for it to end, because even if I could do anything I wanted, I possibly couldn’t enjoy it without some company. You might remind me that I had my brother for company but, he being around makes no Page | 26

difference. Besides, I was eager for some reward from my parents for being such a loving and sacrificing brother and son. Well, here it is....the summary of how I spent my days when I was ‘left with my brother’. P.S- Please do not mind, my dear brother. You’re boring at times, but I still love you. I’m sure you do too, but you must work on expressing it. Wait, you’ve been expressing it all along? *hits me* Abhishek Gogoi, XID

Advantages of Learning English English is not a difficult language. It is easy to learn once we get over the fear of making mistakes. The best way to learn English is by listening to the spoken language and that using the language while speaking. Television, radio and the internet provides us ample scope to listen to the language. One can listen to English songs and watch films in English language to know more about how to use the language like a native speaker. There are different types of English, different varieties of the same language are in use because of the extensive use of English by people in different parts of the world. There is Australian English, American English, British English, Canadian English, Indian English, South African English. There is also creole as spoken in West Indies. All these varieties of the same language bring home the flexibility of English and its ability to absorb words and vocabulary from other languages. English is the language of the Commonwealth Nations. Learning English will help us to communicate with other nations. English also plays the role of a pan-Indian language. English breaks barriers and build bridges. It connects people. It is also the language of science and technology. We have succeeded in the BPO industry because of our command over the language. The Chinese are greedy for a share of the BPO industry but their lack of command over the English language prevents them from being a hub of soft skill in the Global Village. Further, the amount of useful resource available in the print media and online is more in English than in any other language. So, learning the language opens a world of knowledge. English literature is also very rich and learning the language helps us access not just the vast library of fiction and nonfiction written in English but also a collection of translation of books from other languages. The scopes are unlimited. Learning the language opens the door for development, communication and prosperity. It doesn’t restrict you to a small group of ethnic identity but bestows upon you the identity of a true global citizen. There is no doubt that English will be the first line of communication during interstellar space explorations and therefore, it can be said that the future of the language is bright and full of possibilities. The language has survived throughout the centuries because of its adaptability and dynamic nature. It is not a dead language because it is being used by more and more people throughout the world. People accept it as their own language because English doesn’t stress too much in purity of form and has changed a lot in its grammar, structure and vocabulary since it was used first by a small group of Page | 27

Europeans. English helps to connect with the world community and the Global Village is all about getting connected. Biswameet Chakraborty, XIIB Peer Pressure We have our share of peer pressure. It would be more appropriate if we refer to it as peer influence to adopt a specific behaviour or dress or attitude I order to be accepted as a part of a group of people of your own age also referred to as peers. Whenever the term peer pressure comes up, our mind drifts towards the negative influences of the peer pressure. Most of us associate peer pressure with negative influences. However, it would be wrong to dismiss the positive aspects of peer pressure. For instance, it is peer pressure that forces us to complete our assignments on time, participate and excel in different co-curricular activities, bring about positive changes in our behaviour. These are some very common example of positive peer pressure. But then dealing with peer pressure can be often a very difficult and uncomfortable situation for a teenager. Some rise above by taking help while others fail to do so and end up facing depression and developing inferiority complex. The easiest way to overcome peer pressure is to talk about it with the adults whom you trust. With their support, it will not be very tough for you to defeat the demons of peer pressure. But above all these remedies, is the most important strength to overcome peer pressure and that is confidence and belief not in any other person but in your own self. You will have to be brave enough to stand up for yourself and your choices. You will have to learn to say ‘No’. When all is said and done, we must understand and realise that the ultimate decision to act or not to act lies with us as individuals. So, when it comes to decision making the choice is always yours to choose. Abigail Berslin once said, “Never let anyone try and make you into something that you are not. Remember what it is that you want and always stay strong in that.” To conclude all I want to say is that do not succumb to peer pressure but find yourself, make yourself and let the pressure mould you into a better being and not just bend you to badness. Tapashya Das, XA


For a Better World Oh God!” Deny said. “What will I do? All my friends have almost finished their English assignments, and I only have a vague idea about what I am going to write on, which is animals. But what role will I play?” Page | 28

She looked at her dog Fluffy and asked him, “Oh! My dear Fluffy, can you give me a suggestion?” The dog told her, “Look Deny, I am a dog, so I can only ask you to play the role of a dog. You know dogs are faithful animals and their masters love them a lot, their lives are more comfortable than that of other animals. But wait, I have an idea; I have a magical charm that can convert you into an animal of your choice. That way you can experience it yourself.” Deny was happy and impatient to turn herself into a dog. When she opened her eyes, she was shocked to see what had happened “What do I have to do now?” Deny asked Fluffy. “Nothing, we pet dogs have a very comfortable life. We just rest, bark, move around and wait for the meal provided by our masters” Soon Deny got bored of just sitting around, and she wanted to try something new. So this time she turned herself into a rhino. After transforming, she saw that many people were trying to take pictures of her. She felt proud when the tourists gave her so much importance, but she had to struggle hard to run away safely from the poachers. She felt sadly that in these days of science and technology, why would a superior species like man believe in the superstitious use of rhino horn. Who will make people understand that the horns bear no medicinal value for which our species is about to get extinct? A few years later, people will only be able to see us in the form of wooden model or photograph. After being rhino for some more days, and having collected a lot of information on them, Deny turned herself into her original form. She realized that the need of the hour was to make people aware about protecting and conserving the rhino species, and such other species like vultures, golden langurs, pygmy hogs, tigers etc. She also pledged to spread this message among the human community to save animals, plants and the Planet Earth. Let’s join Deny in her race to make the world a better place for all living beings. Manab Deb Roy, VIIIB Caught in a Mess “Oh no!” Ina gave a shriek as she saw the piece of stone hit Annu chachi’s precious glass window pane. The small but hardy stone went crashing in, breaking the glass in the process- the very stone which she and her friends were playing with, a few minutes earlier. Mina felt the blood drain from her face. Her heart skipped a beat. “We are dead!” she whisper-shouted, afraid to be heard by chachi. She was sure that chachi had heard the crashing sound and would be coming here in any minute. “Now what, hero?” she asked sharply turning towards Ravi. “You are the one that threw the stone.” Ravi looked blank for a moment. He started to shake and panic. “You got any ideas?” Rohan asked him. “Shut up.” Ravi replied through gritted teeth. “Let me think”. “We don’t have much time to think guys.” Sonia announced worriedly. Suddenly they heard a loud stomping sound. They held their breath as if a monster Page | 29

was coming. Then there was Annu chachi’s angry shouts coming through the nowbroken window pane. “Who’s that? Who broke my window? Oh you troublesome devilish children!” As she approached the window, Mina gasped, “Run!” The four of them ran around, desperately looking for a way out of Annu chachi’s backyard. The backyard was always left unattended. So it stood there, growing wild day by day as the weeds and wild flowers covered it completely. The neighborhood children would come here to play every day and Annu chachi did not mind. But now the four of them were sure that she would not allow any more children to step into her backyard ever. After all, what a complete disaster they had done! “We cannot make it to the front gate. She will catch us. Luckily, Annu chachi doesn’t exactly know that we are here. Not till now,” Ravi said. “So what? We are going to get caught and then she will know that we are the culprits.” Ina imitated Ravi in a mocking manner. “What is your problem? It was by accident, okay?” This time Ravi snapped. “I am trying to cooperate here and you are just being annoying and snappy.” “Excuse me? You are the one being Mr. Snappy.” Ina retorted. “Guys! Let’s not bicker. Teamwork- that’s what we should be doing.” Sonia was thankful that at least Rohan was wise. “Let’s hide behind those thick bushes.” Sonia suggested, pointing towards some wild bushes growing nearby. They were inside the backyard and thought it was the best idea. “Okay.” Everyone agreed and ran to hide behind those. “Oye! You kids! Come out! I say come out! You cowards, show your faces.” Chachi’s loud voice could be now heard clearly. “Oh god.” Mina began to desperately pray, clutching the bushes to her closely. “Shhh!” Rohan whispered to her from behind. “Keep quiet and keep still. You are going to give us away.” “B-but, I am dead scared now.” Mina whispered back. “We all are. Now shush.” “Ok, so you people will not show up. I see. Then I am searching for you in every corner of the backyard! I will beat you kids black and blue!” Annu chachi quickly caught hold of a dusty old broom lying nearby and started searching everywhere- from the pots to all bushes and trees. The children’s hearts now started thumping with all their might. They could practically hear their thunderous beats. The four of them started praying to God to spare them from Annu chachi’s wrath. As chachi continued to search in a rage, the children curled themselves up in their hiding places, shivering and crying desperately. “We promise, oh dear lord, that we will not watch television for a year and even stop having fun and wasting time around. We will study hard and never ever bother our parents. We will all be good kids. We promise! Please just save us this once. Please!” Inarat Hussain, VIIIB The Cottage with Edwardian Windows The hoi polloi says that the English cottage with the beautiful Edwardian windows is a haunted one. The Anglo-Indian lady who used to live there, passed away some forgotten 150 years ago. The cottage is old but still has its elegant English charm.

Page | 30

It happened so that I had to pass by that cottage at 2 a.m. Here in hills it’s chilly and forlorn in December. I had held my trench coat tight around my frame. I was pacing forth that I heard an obscure shout from the cottage. I gathered some courage and dared to still my steps and turned towards the house. The house was lit with candle light, like it might have been lighted when there used to live people from the previous Anglo-Indian era. I sighed after taking the stupid decision of exploring what is there inside. I started heading towards the may-be-haunted-house. The aged gate was opened; I walked following the trail of stone pavement which had snow covered bed of roses. Everything was fishy about that night. Somehow without meeting a ghoul on the way, I reached the door of the house. To my surprise it opened by itself like that in horror movies. I was sweating even in December; I could feel as if I am going to have a heart attack as my heart was pounding so hard. I decided to run back home but suddenly my body refused to coordinate with my brain. I was involuntarily walking inside the house instead of fleeing away from it. To my worst possible nightmare, I could see through the Edwardian windows that red roses, white peonies and colorful honeysuckle were in full bloom in the cottage garden. And to my worst possible nightmare a lady appeared in Cinderella blue gown some 10 feet away; walking in the air with a bouquet of lavender in her pale hands. She held her hair in English braids. She had a pretty but pale face and as I was as frightened I could not appreciate her beauty and then she was a ghost. I could neither move nor shout as I was totally encased with fright. I took the names of all the divine powers as much as I remember and stood still near the window. Then the lady came in front of me and we were face to face when she leaned to greet me with a welcome yet ghastly smile. That should have been enough to murder me but I was still alive for suffering this never-before torment. Suddenly she moved away and threw her bouquet out of the open window; grabbed the candlesticks and moved towards the dark storeroom; came back in a minute with a shattered letter in her one hand. She dropped the letter in front of me and suddenly the whole house was covered with a thick blanket of mist. I finally fainted in the end. When I regained my senses, I was lying on the floor of the verandah of my rental home. I got up; dusted my clothes and opened the door. When I was walking my steps were still stumbling with fright. I still could not realize whether all that happened was true or I have got Schizophrenia and I need an immediate treatment. I packed my luggage as I had to leave this ghostly place. Later in the afternoon I got all my questions answered when I was leaving for the station that I found the crushed letter on the main pavement perpendicular to the pavement of the English cottage or better I say the haunted English cottage. I picked up the letter with awe curiosity and I managed to read it with difficult guesses where there were holes and I rather decided to not to fear the poor lady, Isabella. The letter was rather a suicide note addressed to somebody named Nathan living in England at that time. She was being cheated by him. He dumped Isabella in poverty and went to Page | 31

England and married a rich woman and settled there peacefully leaving poor Isabella in distress. Bella could not even afford rations so she ate whatever she grew in her kitchen garden and the food other people gave her out of sympathy. She was begging Nathan for his return as now even her own family was not ready to accept her and her two-month-old baby. Nathan refused to help her in any way. She was now cursing herself for going against her family; eloping with the wrong person and she was cursing Nathan for giving her this ill-fate. Frustrated to the extreme she fed her baby atropa belladonna berries and ate a handful herself and died an ill-timed death. I was rather sorry knowing all these facts about that pretty ghost. She threw away the lavender bouquet as her husband used to give it her on her birthday and now she no more wanted anything that associated her with him. I sighed, gave a sorry look at the house and left for the railway station never to return to this part of the country. Rinki Badir, XB The Moaning Hills The morning was calm and composed. The hour hand was there at 3 in the clock. The Himalayan mountains were showing their most picturesque appearance when almost all the living population of Thorai hills were under their quilts and warm blankets with the windows and doors tightly closed. The sounds of the prayer wheels and the husky voice the Buddhist monks from the Zengpah monastery were the only sounds which were showing the existence of audible sound throughout the sleeping hill. Norma Kwalei, a Sikkimese by birth and a permanent resident of the Thorais was one of the handful of persons who were blessed by the almighty to witness the charismatic beauty and vigour of the Himalayas in such an early and odd hour. But to remain awake in such time was not a choice made from her own side but it was her work which bounded her to be a rooster. But eventually this proved to be a blessing in disguise for her, as she could experience and feel the nature’s beauty in true sense. Norma went near the window and opened it swiftly. A spine chilling blow of wind hurriedly entered through the wooden window into her room. She tightened her bonnet and got hold of the window panes. For a breathtaking moment, she glanced at the mountains covered with new snowflakes with cold blows of air piercing her rosy cheeks. She felt herself so pure and divine in this aura that she thanked the almighty a thousand times for having birth in such a majestic place. She wanted to stand still for hours near the window with her eyes permanently fixed on the mountains, but time was running and she must feed the hungry tourists who will be there in no time. So, she hurriedly sat near the heap of firewood and lit those up. Tea and dumplings were to be made and she has mastered in making them. Her mother and grandmother were the ones from whom she inherited this talent of making the best dumplings in the entire hill. But though being the best, she was not able to make the two ends meet as the number of tourists who were supposed to savour these were becoming less due to the frequent arrival of untimely snowstorms in the Thorais. For being in the upper part of the hills, resources were less and hardships of the folks were many. Page | 32

By now, two hours has gone and Norma is all set to sell the foodstuff. She combed her unruly hair and did her dressing, while her lips continuously sang the prayers. She opened the front door of her house and placed the containers at the table in her verandah. She sat on a bench and waited for her customers to arrive. Many other inhabitants were also seen, doing their chores. Shepherds with their flock of sheep, the Buddhist Vikshu children who were finding their way to the monastery were also seen along with some other school going tiny tots. Norma’s eyes got stuck on the colorful Buddhist flags which were arranged in rows near the snow-covered mountains. Those were showing a mild movement along with the wind. Eventually, she noticed that the movement became more visible as the flags were fluttering terribly. This was a sign of the arrival of another snowstorm during this season. It was just a snowstorm for others, but for Norma, this was a heavy blow, for her it meant another day without any earning. The shepherds were running with their flock of sheep to reach their homes. People shut their shops down. Norma’s neighbors insisted her to go inside, but she had other plans. She took the foodstuff in a container and went down the hill with a heart full of hope of getting a large mass of tourists down the hill. She thought that the lady luck will be there waiting for her. Amidst the storm, she ran by tightly holding her scarf with one hand and the container with the other. Not a single sound was there to be heard, but the sound of the heavy blow of wind. As soon as she came down and entered the guest house of the tourists, her heart broke down into thousand pieces. The owner told that all the travelers had returned to their place long time back because of the hostility of nature over there, he also told that the death of a tourist due to the previous snowstorm had also been one of the reasons for the tourists to return back. Norma was in tears. She was not being able to understand what exactly the life has there in store for her. She asked the almighty that why people like her must face so much of hardships just to make the two ends meet? Some crystal-clear tear drops fell on the hill as she was climbing up carrying the unsold cold dumplings and cold tea with a dark layer of uncertainty prevailing all over her mind. Sweta Bhattacharjee, XIIB Memories – to forget & to remember Once upon a time, two friends were going through a desert. During their journey, they had an argument, and one friend slapped the other. The friend who got slapped was very much hurt, but he didn’t say anything. He just wrote in the sad with a stick that that day his friend slapped him. Then they kept walking until they found an oasis, where they decided to take bath. The one who had been slapped got trapped in quicksand which was near the oasis. The other friend pulled him out and saved his life. He wrote on a stone that that day his friend had saved his life. The other friend asked him why he had chosen to write on the sand when he was slapped and to write on the stone when he was saved. The friend said, “You slapped Page | 33

me and that was a memory to be forgotten. So, I wrote in on the sand. Then you saved me from drowning. It is a memory that I never want to forget. So, I wrote it on the stone.” The other friend realised that bad memories, memories that cause pain should be erased and good memories, memories that spread happiness must be remembered for to forgive is always better than to bear a grudge. Anirban Ghosh, VIIB


Title of the Book Review - A Wish Come Ture Name of the Book - More Wishing-Chair Stories Written by - Enid Blyton Published by - Egmont Year of Publication - 2012 ISBN Number - 9781405252935 Library Book Number – N/A Price - Rs 125/Genre –Fantasy / Fairy Tale Characters Mollie, Peter, Chinky and the Wishing-Chair. There are many other characters who help in making the story or the adventures of the three on the Wishing-Chair more interesting. Characters I liked most

Page | 34

Chinky. He is a pixie or an elf. He is the secret friend of the children and he helps them to ride the Wishing-Chair. All of them together go on adventures to unknown lands. Chinky is like their tour guide telling them about different fairy lands. He is a very loyal friend and cares a lot about the children. Plot Mollie and Peter are two human children. Peter is a boy and Mollie is his sister. They go on adventures riding a Wishing-Chair. The Wishing-Chair grows wings and can fly. It takes them to different fairy lands along with their friend, a pixie named Chinky. Different places pose different challenges and that makes the adventure a lovely experience. The children along with their faithful friend Chinky and the Wishing-Chair always come out of difficult situations by using their imagination, intelligence and courage. Quality of print and binding The quality of print and binding is not good. Although the size of the font is readable yet it would have been perfect if the font was a bit bigger in size. There are 126 pages. But the book is slim and light and, therefore easy to carry. There are back and white illustrations which are not very clear but a bit smudgy. Overall impression This is a good book for children as there are characters such as fairies, pixies, brownies and goblins and prince and princess. The book is full of magic, adventure and fantasy. It is written by Enid Blyton and like all the other books written by the author the book takes us on a magical journey to a dream world. The adventure presented in the book is unreal but still the world of make believe is presented in such a way that it seems more real than reality. Mufliha Islam Mazumder, VIIB

Page | 35

Title of the Book Review –Making Friends is Easy Name of the Book –How to win friends and influence people Written by –Dale Carnegie Published by –Edbury Publishing, A Random House Group Company Year of Publication - 2004 ISBN Number - 9780091906351 Library Book Number – N/A Price - ……………………………… Genre – Self Help/ Motivational Characters There are innumerable characters as the author tells many stories and narrates many incidents from the real life to bring home his point of view and justify his perspective. Characters I liked most The narrator who tells us so many stories about historical happenings and about the journey of life presents himself in the role of a story teller telling stories to teach a moral lesson. The stories are like small drops of rain which together fill up the ocean of experiences that the author/ the narrator shares with us. Plot As it is a work of non-fiction, therefore there is no plot but a narration of ideas. The author tells us interesting anecdotes and try very hard to prove his point of view. The book is divided into four parts. Each part has many chapters having catchy titles. In the end of a chapter the author presents a principle. For example, the principle presented after Chapter 1 of Part 1 of the book is ‘Don’t criticise, condemn or complain.’ The stories which are mainly historical incidents from the past try to point out the validity of the principle presented at the end of the chapter. The principles are numbered and at the end of the part, the principles are again presented in bold in a nutshell. By means of the principles the author gives us a list of dos and don’ts. Quality of print and binding It is a book of 275 pages. The font of the print is too small to be comfortable for the eyes. The binding is good and the quality of the print is good. The paper used is not glossy but coarse. The book is light in weight. The cover page is attractively designed. There are no illustrations or pictures in the book. Overall impression This book is helpful for students. It tells us how to make friends easily, how to increase our popularity, how to increase our influence and prestige, how to avoid arguments and handle people. This book will help the reader to improve people skills and connect better with strangers. It also teaches us invaluable lessons regarding the ways of managing people and making them do good things for themselves and for the Page | 36

world. It is more like a book of sermons and preaching based on stories taken from life. Nibir Jyoti Konwar, VIIB

Title of the Book Review – Making New Friends Name of the Book – Those Dreadful Children Written by – Enid Blyton Published by – Award Publications Limited Year of Publication - 2004 ISBN Number - 9780861639496 Library Book Number – N/A Price – 150/Genre – Children’s Story CharactersJohn, Marian, Annette, Mr. Carlton, Mrs. Carlton, Pat, Maureen, Biddy, Michael, Bridget, Mr. Taggerty, Mrs. Taggerty, Socks and Dopey Characters I liked most Dopey, the silly but loveable dog of the Taggerty family. His friendly nature and his easy trusting ways make him a great friend. He is loved by the Taggerty children and by the Carlton children. In the beginning the Carlton’s were afraid of him but towards the end we find that he has won everybody’s heart. Plot John, Mariam and Biddy hate the dirty unkind and rude Taggerty children and decide not to be friends with them. But when Mr. Carlton, their dad discover Mr. Taggerty Page | 37

was his school friend, the two families are forced to be together. They are different and they learn from their differences to be better and more balanced. The best part is when Maureen Taggerty says, “You showed us how beastly we were….” And Marian Carlton replies by saying, “And you showed us how silly we were.” The children of both the families considered each other as ‘Dreadful Children’ as they were different in their manners, behaviour and upbringing. The story ends in happy note celebrating the festive spirit of Christmas when the Taggerty children and the Carlton children exchange gifts. Quality of print and binding The cover page is beautifully done in vivid colours. The book has black and white illustrations which are nice. The illustrations help us in imagining the circumstances of the story. The quality of the print is good and the font size is just perfect. But the book is heavy as it is hard bound. It has 223 pages. Overall impression This is a good book for Enid Blyton fans. The story teaches about friendship and how we can learn from our friends. It also teaches us to respect our parents and obey our elders. It tells us that we should never judge the book from its cover. In other words, our we should not be judgemental about strangers from our first impression of those people and we must not jump to conclusion about the character of people without knowing them properly. Nibir Jyoti Konwar, VIIB


Page | 38

20 Grammar Rules

Here are 20 simple rules and tips to help you avoid mistakes in English grammar. A sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a period/full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark. •

The fat cat sat on the mat.

Where do you live?

My dog is very clever!

The order of a basic positive sentence is Subject-Verb-Object. (Negative and question sentences may have a different order.) •

John loves Mary.

They were driving their car to Bangkok.

Every sentence must have a subject and a verb. An object is optional. Note that an imperative sentence may have a verb only, but the subject is understood. •

John teaches.

John teaches English.

Stop! (ie You stop!)

The subject and verb must agree in number, that is a singular subject needs a singular verb and a plural subject needs a plural verb. •

John works in London.

That monk eats once a day.

John and Mary work in London.

Most people eat three meals a day.

When two singular subjects are connected by or, use a singular verb. The same is true for either/or and neither/nor. •

John or Mary is coming tonight.

Either coffee or tea is fine.

Neither John nor Mary was late.

Adjectives usually come before a noun (except when a verb separates the adjective from the noun). •

I have a big dog. Page | 39

She married a handsome Italian man.

(Her husband is rich.)

When using two or more adjectives together, the usual order is opinion-adjective + fact-adjective + noun. (There are some additional rules for the order of fact adjectives.) •

I saw a nice French table.

That was an interesting Shakespearian play.

Treat collective nouns (eg committee, company, board of directors) as singular OR plural. In BrE a collective noun is usually treated as plural, needing a plural verb and pronoun. In AmE a collective noun is often treated as singular, needing a singular verb and pronoun. •

The committee are having sandwiches for lunch. Then they will go to London. (typically BrE)

The BBC have changed their logo. (typically BrE)

My family likes going to the zoo. (typically AmE)

CNN has changed its logo. (typically AmE)

The words its and it's are two different words with different meanings. •

The dog has hurt its leg.

He says it's two o'clock.

The words your and you're are two different words with different meanings. •

Here is your coffee.

You're looking good.

The words there, their and they're are three different words with different meanings. •

There was nobody at the party.

I saw their new car.

Do you think they're happy?

The contraction he's can mean he is OR he has. Similarly, she's can mean she is OR she has, and it's can mean it is OR it has, and John's can mean John is OR John has. •

He is working

He has finished.

She is here.

She has left.

John is married. Page | 40

John has divorced his wife.

The contraction he'd can mean he had OR he would. Similarly, they'd can mean they had OR they would. •

He had eaten when I arrived.

He would eat more if possible.

They had already finished.

They would come if they could.

Spell a proper noun with an initial capital letter. A proper noun is a "name" of something, for example Josef, Mary, Russia, China, British Broadcasting Corporation, English. •

We have written to Mary.

Is China in Asia?

Do you speak English?

Spell proper adjectives with an initial capital letter. Proper adjectives are made from proper nouns, for example Germany → German, Orwell → Orwellian, Machiavelli → Machiavellian. •

London is an English town.

Who is the Canadian prime minister?

Which is your favourite Shakespearian play?

Use the indefinite article a/an for countable nouns in general. Use the definite article the for specific countable nouns and all uncountable nouns. •

I saw a bird and a balloon in the sky. The bird was blue and the balloon was yellow.

He always saves some of the money that he earns.

Use the indefinite article a with words beginning with a consonant sound. Use the indefinite article an with words beginning with a vowel sound. •

a cat, a game of golf, a human endeavour, a Frenchman, a university (you-niver-si-ty)

an apple, an easy job, an interesting story, an old man, an umbella, an honorable man (on-o-ra-ble)

Use many or few with countable nouns. Use much/a lot or little for uncountable nouns. •

How many dollars do you have?

How much money do you have?

There are a few cars outside.

There is little traffic on the roads. Page | 41

To show possession (who is the owner of something) use an apostrophe + s for singular owners, and s + apostrophe for plural owners. •

The boy's dog. (one boy)

The boys' dog. (two or more boys)

In general, use the active voice (Cats eat fish) in preference to the passive voice (Fish are eaten by cats). •

We use active in preference to passive.

Active is used in preference to passive.


Simile A comparison using like or as Ex: Love is like a fairytale

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Metaphor A direct comparison Ex: Love is a fairytale

Imagery When what you read puts an image in your mind- includes smell, touch, sight etc Ex. A blanket of water-like red silk fitted the cherry wood bed Tone How the author feels about what their writing about Ex. Frustration, anger, grief Personification Inanimate object, person qualities Ex. Face of the clock; Legs on a desk

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Rhyme Last word at end of sentences sounding similar Ex. I looked in a log, and found a frog Rhyme Scheme Plan/pattern Ex. ABC,ABC,ABC

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Onomatopoeia A word that sounds like the thing it's describing Ex. Boom, sizzle, pop

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Hyperbole Over-exaggeration Ex. I'm so hungry I could eat a cow!

Oxymoron Two clash words that make a meaning Ex. Bittersweet Symbol Something representing something else Ex. Dove represents peace Alliteration Words that start with the same letter Ex. Victim and villain, violently vicious

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Consonance Repetition of similar consonant sounds inside or at ends of words Ex. "st" Assonance Repetition of vowel sounds inside or at the ends of words Ex. "on" WEB & NET Some Useful & Helpful Websites Websites of Mr. Saptarshi Majumder ✓ ✓ ✓ Free Audio Book Website ✓ ✓ Free E-Books Website ✓ Language Function Website ✓ ✓ Phonetics Website ✓ ✓ Online Dictionary ✓ ✓ Free Android Mobile App in Google Play ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

English Dictionary Offline by Livio English Grammar by Appsoftindia Offline Thesaurus Dictionary by VD English Grammar Ultimate by maxlogix Page | 47

✓ Dictionary WordWeb by WordWeb Software

WAYS OF WRITING How to write an application? Home Address ______________ ______________ Date __________ The Principal Kendriya Vidyalaya CRPF (GC) Amerigog 9 Mile Guwahati Assam 781022 Subject – Application for Leave of Absence Sir My son/ daughter is Amit Kalita/ Amina Ahmed. He is a student of Class VIIB having roll number 19. He/ she was unable to attend his/ her classes for 5 days from 24 Aug 2015 to 28 Aug 2015 as he/ she was suffering from fever. The doctor has advised bed rest for five days. I am enclosing the prescription/ medical certificate given by the doctor, having registration number 3456; for your kind perusal. Hope earnestly that you would consider my application favourably. Thank you

Yours sincerely Signature of the Parent___________________ Name of the Parent in BLOCK letters ________ Phone No. _____________________________

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Home Address ______________ ______________ Date __________ The Principal Kendriya Vidyalaya CRPF (GC) Amerigog 9 Mile Guwahati Assam 781022 Subject – Application for Leave of Absence Sir My son/ daughter is Amit Kalita/ Amina Ahmed. He is a student of Class VIIB having roll number 19. He/ she will be unable to attend his/ her classes for 5 days from 24 Aug 2015 to 28 Aug 2015 as he/ she will be attending my younger sister’s marriage. The marriage will take place in my ancestral village which is about 100 kms away from Guwahati. I am enclosing the invitation card for your kind perusal. You and the staff of the Vidyalaya are cordially invited to dinner on 26 Aug 2015. The address of the venue is given in the invitation card. Hope earnestly that you would consider my application favourably. Thank you

Yours sincerely Signature of the Parent___________________ Name of the Parent in BLOCK letters ________ Phone No. _____________________________

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The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. - Rabindranath Tagore

1. "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it." —Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird 2. "The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one." —J.D. Salinger, Catcher in the Rye 3. "I assign myself no rank or any limit, and such an attitude is very much against the trend of the times. But my world has become one of infinite possibilities." —Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man 4. "You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do." —David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest 5. "We accept the love we think we deserve." —Stephen Wallflower

Chbosky, The





6. "Forgiving isn't something you do for someone else. It's something you do for yourself. It's saying, 'You're not important enough to have a stranglehold on me.' It's saying, 'You don't get to trap me in the past. I am worthy of a future.'" —Jodi Picoult, The Storyteller 7. "Adversity is like a strong wind. It...tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that afterward we see ourselves as we really are, and not merely as we might like to be." —Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha 8. "Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open." —J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 9. "Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day." Page | 59

—Paulo Coehlo, Brida 10. "I am nothing special, of this I am sure. I am a common man with common thoughts and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough." — Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook 11. "I won't tell you what to believe, Eragon. It is far better to be taught to think critically and then be allowed to make your own decisions than to have someone else's notions thrust upon you." —Christopher Paolini, Eldest 12. "Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic." —Frank Herbert, Dune 13. "To love. To be loved. To never forget your own insignificance. To never get used to the unspeakable violence and the vulgar disparity of life around you. To seek joy in the saddest places. To pursue beauty to its lair. To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple. To respect strength, never power. Above all, to watch. To try and understand. To never look away. And never, never to forget." —Arundhati Roy, The Cost of Living 14. "The loneliest moment in someone's life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly." —F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby 15. "We're all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn't. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing." —Charles Bukowski, The Captain Is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship 16. "Nothing is random, nor will anything ever be... In the end, or rather, as things really are, any event, no matter how small, is intimately and sensibly tied to all others... And, when all is perceived in such a way as to obviate time, justice becomes apparent not as something that will be, but something that is." —Mark Helprin, Winter's Tale 17. "Sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whisky bottle in the hand of (another)" —Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird 18. "People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of." —Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist 19. "'And tho' / We are not now that strength which in old days / Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are; / One equal temper of heroic hearts, / Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will / To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.'" —Alfred, Lord Tennyson, "Ulysses" Page | 60

20. "I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will." —Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre Source - Quotes are compiled by Dixita Dey & Bandita Boro XIID under the guidance of Mr. S. Majumder


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