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Kid Comfort 1 2 5 3 4 Deuter Kid Comfort child carriers are all TÜV approved and carry the GS safety certificate. During TÜV tests it not only has to ...

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Tina Sumperl Maya is not getting wet always with us: Maya in her high seat; Redrocks, USA


Kid Comfort 1


2 5 4

1 The colour coded 5-point safety harness for the child doesn’t only offer maximum safety but also maximum practicability through easy handling and adjustment.

4 The sturdy, heavy-duty aluminium frame construction has no rough or sharp edges and provides a safe and stable freestand.

2 Vari-Quick System An exact back fit with child carriers is vital for it to sit properlyand means it is also safe to carry. The back length of the Kid Comforts is simply adjusted to the individual using the Deuter Vari-Quick System.

5 The fine-tuned, anatomically formed, concave and padded hip fins hug the waist closely for a stable carry and great load transfer. For the Kid Comfort II & III the Vari Flex hip fins are also pivoting, so they follow complex movements and difficult sections can be navigated without the carrier throwing you off balance.

3 The child seat is adjustable in height, so it can accommodate a growing child.


Deuter Kid Comfort child carriers are all TÜV approved and carry the GS safety certificate. During TÜV tests it not only has to prove to be able to carry heavy loads, be simple to use and comfortable to carry but each stage of the production process stages is also reviewed.The Kid Comfort child carriers are suitable for children who can sit upright by themselves. The maximum capacity (child and pack) is 22 kg.



The versatile and affordable child carrier with terrific ventilation has gained a few new additions: a new stable frame construction, a revised carrying system and the super comfortable waist belts. Kid Comfort I • frame padding ads comfort • soft headrest • large zipped storage pocket • reflective loop for safety light Material: Polytex / Microrip Nylon

A favourite with parents and kids alike: designed for that feeling of boundless freedom, also on longer hikes. The pivoting Vari Flex hip fins have been revised and now offer an even more comfortable, snug fit. They sit perfectly and diligently follow every movement the wearer makes. Load adjustment straps on the hip pads deliver precise load control and the freedom of movement gained means more comfort and safety [2]. The ergonomic cut seat has soft side panels and a comfortable, washable headrest.

20 11



Kid Comfort I

Kid Comfort II




# 36501

# 36511

Weight: 2480 g Capacity: 14 l H x W x D: 68 x 38 x 30 cm

Weight: 2950 g Capacity: 18 l H x W x D: 66 x 38 x 32 cm



Kid Comfort II • Vari Quick adjustment system, anatomically shaped shoulder straps with 3D mesh lining • pull-forward hip belta • two handles • side entry for the children’s seat is both convenient and safe • child specific soft padded 5-point safety harness with effortless size adjustment function • softly padded, removable and washable chin pad • breathable child seat cushions

• sturdy, state-of-the-art frame construction • several flexible storage options: mesh front pocket with zipped outer pocket, mesh side pockets, large zipped compartment under the seat, [1] long zipped com2 partment for hydration system or sun/rain cover (accessory), hip fin pocket • reflective loop for safety light • mesh pockets with teddy Material: Ripstop 210 / Ballistic Nylon

First class travel for passenger and captain alike! The pivoting Vari Flex hip fins are fine-tuned and deliver ultimate comfort when carrying heavy loads. They are concave in shape and ultra-comfortable, sit perfectly, follow every movement with ease and distribute the weight evenly to the hips. And because they allow maximum freedom of movement, they help save energy. Kid Comfort III (+ Features Kid Comfort II) • higher padded headrest with integrated sun roof for more comfort and safety • detachable, washable extra soft padded pillow for the sweetest of dreams

• rear view mirror stored in the hip pocket • kneepads on the frame • reflective loop for safety light • compartment for hydration system Material: MacroLite / Hexlite 210

Complete rain and wind protection, fits the Kid Comfort III. Also suitable for the other Deuter child carriers with sun roof. Material: Taffeta-Nylon.



Kid Comfort III

KC deluxe Rain Cover

# 36521

# 36620

Weight: 3450 g Capacity: 20 l H x W x D: 88 x 38 x 34 cm

Weight: 140 g



Flexible and durable, quick mounting protection against sun or rain. Fabric material features increased UV protection. Flexible construction allows easy storage inside the Kid Comfort lower pockets, or in H20 pocket. Fits the Kid Comfort I & II. Material: Microrip / Taffeta-Nylon

4005 titan


Stefanie Staib Lennart gives his dad – Head of Sales, Deuter – a runaround;

Sun Roof & Rain Cover # 36611 Weight: 240 g


These little Deuter backpacks are great fun when having adventures in the playground, going for a swim in the lake or heading out into the mountains. With playful colours, there is something to make the eyes of any girl or boy light up. The Schmusebär is designed for adventurers above the age of 3 and just like the Kids models has a semi-circular zip opening. The Junior, its big brother, has grown up a lot with its fresh new design, and is for children aged 5 and above. Schmusebär / Kids / Junior • comfortable soft padded back • new S-shaped shoulder straps with Soft-Edge edges • chest strap • name tag on the inside • 3M reflector at the front and large 3M reflector on the zipped front pocket for safety • child-friendly buckles • with Schmusebär: teddy bear included




1030 aqua


Kids, Junior

• two zipped front pockets • with Kids: additional “secret” zipped pocket on top • with Junior: chest strap with emergency whistle • two mesh side pockets • safety blink loop • D-Rings on the lid to attach trophies Material: Super-Polytex (Schmusebär, Kids); Microrip Nylon-Polytex (Junior)

9202 tropical

1230 sea





2060 moss

3080 ocean




# 36009

# 36019

# 36029

Weight: 310 g Capacity: 8 l H x W x D: 31 x 18 x 15 cm

Weight: 320 g Capacity: 12 l H x W x D: 36 x 20 x 18 cm

Weight: 420 g Capacity: 18 l H x W x D: 43 x 24 x 19 cm

9000 orange

Recommended by the Bavarian State Forest and Wildlife Kindergarten Association. Strong colours guarantee fresh adventures in the forest or kindergarten. As with all Deuter children’s backpacks, each of the functions is as easy as 1-2-3 for children to use – the front pocket can even be opened with gloves on!

Waldfuchs • Comfortable, soft padded back and soft-edged shoulder straps • Removable foam mat for a warm bottom at snack-time also doubles up as reinforcement for the back of the pack • Velcro inner section for saw or other utensils • Velcro front pocket for easy opening – even when wearing gloves

• Each mesh side pocket hold a 0,5 litre bottle • Zipped key pocket and name tag inside • Reinforced base for tough treatment • Double buckles to secure a coat under the lid • Two gear loops on front Material: Microrip Nylon-Polytex

Ralf Stefan Beppler  Exploring the



2040 apple



defence wall; Goarshausen, Germany

5040 pink

Recommended by the Bavarian State Forest and Wildlife Kindergarten Association

# 36031

Birgit Gelder

Weight: 360 g Capacity: 10 l H x W x D: 35 x 24 x 15 cm



Birgit Gelder

To prevent garbage pollution and to take unavoidable waste back with us is an important aspect of protecting our environment. Our – small – contribution is the Drecksack. Deuter cooperates with the DAV Summit Club. All the money is donated to an environmental action project. This is our step-by-step way to minimizing our ecological footprint.


“I’ve found something“, Kilian shouts and proudly holds up a chocolate bar wrapper. He has spotted it in the Auwald – a forest in Bavaria/Germany. He drops the plastic into the bright orange Deuter Drecksack – a light ‘waste’ bag. No big deal, just a quick grab. Yet this is how things and thinking get started – the awareness for our environment. For Susanne Deppe and Tanja Kadic, education workers at the Pitzling forest kindergarten, it is a matter of course to treat nature with respect. And they want to pass their philosophy on to the kids: “In the end, we are only guests here in the forest. We have only ’borrowed’ nature“, Susanne Deppe says. One aspect is to make sure that the group leaves no waste behind in the woods. “We don’t bring much with us in the first place“, Tanja Kadic explains. The kids play with ‘natural toys’ that they find – and they find a lot. They become pirates and conquer a ship – a big branched, fallen tree, or they become pilots steering a (wooden) aeroplane. The car, which some might take for a stump, has five seats and a boot. However, they have to bring a few things: lunch bag, drinking bottle, rain jacket and, of course, a small saw. The kids carry all those items in their backpacks. This is how Susanne Deppe got the idea of approaching backpack pioneer Deuter. Again a small step that led to a close cooperation and resulted in the “Waldfuchs” – a reliable, durable companion for the young adventurers. “The seating mat which you can take out of the backpack was a really important feature for me as well as the internal pocket with Velcro closure

where the kids can separately store their saw.“ The education worker is extremely happy with the outcome – especially because the product is so hard-wearing and tough. “I have never seen a Waldfuchs torn. Some are even passed on to the younger brother or sister after surviving three, four years of extreme use.“ Susanne Deppe adds: “This is a crucial aspect of sustainability. To create soemthing that lasts, to not throw away and constantly end up buying new stuff”. The group often goes on expeditions – the youngest who are only three years old together with the older kids. And they often find waste that has been left behind by others. “We take everything back with us as long as it’s not dangerous or toxic,“ Tanja Kadic says. This way the kids naturally develop a feeling of responsibility towards nature. “Those are mainly small things“, she emphasizes. The girls and boys are very serious about collecting litter. Yet sometimes Deuter’s Drecksack is turned into a simple toy. It is lightweight and flys like a bright orange kite. And, of course, there are many other fascinating things to explore in the forest, such as the croaking frogs, perfumy flowers along the way or butterflies and beetles. The kids expertly catch one of them and also know it by name: it is a summer chafer. No wonder the children know a lot about nature. They are outdoors everyday. Protecting the enviroment is a natural thing for them – in the end, it is their home.

Vinja, age 3 “I found a can. I put it straight into the Drecksack.“

Kilian, age 4


“When I see waste lying around I take it with me – but I can’t climb up a tree with stuff in my hand. That’s why I use the sack.“

Feli, age 5 “I have often found wire in the wood. I take it with me, because it doesn’t rot.“


New, technical and good-looking – our young bike pack member makes sure that the kids ride in the same style as their parents and are kitted out with the best functions. Adapted to the back anatomy of a child, this small version of the Bike I is designed for sporty little bikers aged 5 years and above. Ultra Bike • Airstripes back ventilation • anatomically shaped, well padded shoulder straps • chest strap • zipped front pocket • integrated safety blink light





Ultra Bike


• two mesh side pockets • 3M reflectors on all sides and reflective blink loop • name tag inside • hydration system compatible Material: Microrip Nylon / Hexlite 210

A proper backpack for real little climbers! The little alpine backpack is extremely robust and the best friend to school children on adventures in the wild country, whilst ski touring, climbing or on via ferratas. This mini version of Guide is unfussy and in the same alpine style of the adult version. It is not just the looks however; the functions have also been transferred: Using the Alpine-Back carry system, flexibility and stability plus ventilation are guaranteed.




# 36062

# 36079

Weight: 350 g Capacity: 10 l H x W x D: 36 x 22 x 16 cm

Weight: 780 g Capacity: 22 l H x W x D: 52 x 27 x 18 cm

Climber • ice axe / trekking pole straps • side compression straps • mesh side pockets • gear loops with plenty of space – anything from karabiners to a magnifying glass • zipped pocket on the lid • valuables pocket under the lid

• “D-Rings” on the lid • soft hip fins with gear loops • chest strap with emergency whistle • shoulder straps with Soft-Edge edges • hydration system compatible Material: Ballistic / Hexlite 210

Fox 30 / 40 • Alpine back system • Vari-Quick System • Ice axe/ trekking pole straps • side bellows pockets • side compression straps • daisy-chains • zipped pocket on the lid • valuables pocket under the lid • additional access to the main compartment via the bottom opening



Fox 30

Fox 40

# 36059

# 36080

Weight: 1240 g Capacity: 30 l + 4 l Side Pockets H x W x D: 51 x 28 x 24 cm

Weight: 1320 g Capacity: 40 l + 4 l Side Pockets H x W x D: 64 x 30 x 26 cm


Birgit Gelder  there is so much to explore on the way to the Tannhei­ mer hut; German, Austrian border


• “D-Rings” on the lid • gear loops on the hip fins • Pull-Forward hip adjustors, easy to tighten even with a heavy load • chest strap with emergency whistle • shoulder straps with Soft-Edge edges • hydration system compatible Material: Ballistic / Ripstop 210


Just like an adult backpack, the Fox is fitted with thoughtful details and features you would find in a Deuter trekking backpack and is at the ready, to accompany little adventurers on any mission. The Fox 40 l offers space for everything needed at school camp or scout camp.