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RMM001 - RESEARCH METHODOLOGY( Medical & Health Sciences) ... Understanding research and its goals. ... Biostatistics for Health Sciences, Pearson Edu...

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LT P C 3 0 0 3 RMM001 - RESEARCH METHODOLOGY( Medical & Health Sciences)

Unit-I: Research Preparation and Planning 8 hours Objectives of research – Understanding research and its goals. Critical thinking. Techniques for generating research topics. Topic selection and justification. Techniques involved in designing a questionnaire – Methods of scientific enquiry – formulation of hypotheses and testing of the same – Development of a research proposal. Unit-II: Research Resources 8 hours Sources of information. Literature search. World Wide Web, Online data bases – search tools. Citation indices - Principles underlying impact factor – literature review – Case studies, review articles and Meta analysis – Record of research review -- Role of the librarian. Ethical and Moral Issues in Research, Plagiarism, tools to avoid plagiarism -- Intellectual Property Rights – Copy right laws – Patent rights.

Unit-III: Academic Writing & Presentation 9 hours Proposal submission for funding agencies, Elements of Style. Organization of proposals, Basic knowledge of funding agencies, Research report writing, Communication skills, Tailoring the presentation to the target audience – Oral presentations, Poster preparations, Submission of research articles for Publication Reputed to journal, Thesis writing, and Research report writing. Elements of excellent presentation: Preparation, Visual and Delivery. Oral Communication skills and Oral defence. Unit-IV: Data Collection, Analysis and Inference 11 hours Basic Statistical Distributions and their applications: Binomial, Poisson, Normal, Exponential, Weibull and Geometric Distributions. Sample size determination & sampling techniques: Random sampling, stratified sampling, systematic sampling and cluster sampling. Large Sample Tests and Small Sample Tests: Student–t-test, F-test and χ2 test and their applications in research studies. Correlation and Regression Analysis-Time series analysis: Forecasting methods. Factor analysis, Cluster Analysis and Discriminant Analysis (Basic ideas only). Principles of Experimentation, Basic Experimental Designs: Completely Randomized Design Randomized Block Design and Latin Square Design. Factorial Designs: 22, 23 and 24. Unit-V: 9 hours Evidence based medicine - Basis Concepts of translational and applied research - procedures of Clinical trials - knowledge of funding and regulatory institutions. Helsinki declaration - Familiarity with the ICMR ethical guidelines for biomedical research Institutional Ethics Committee – functions and powers - informed consent, - Familiarity with the Guidelines for care and use of animals in Scientific research - animal substitution.

Indices of health and nutrition in a community anthropometry - epidemiological research sample size calculation as applied to medical research - study of environmental impact on the health status. 

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