Letter of Enrollment for Systematic Income Program

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Letter of Enrollment for Systematic Income Program I / We understand that; the Systematic Income Program offered by Sundaram Wealth Services is a structured portfolio of Balanced mutual funds – that strives to give a visible cash inflow through periodic capital redemptions to benefit from taxation as well as to aim for long term capital appreciation. Investments would be made in a staggered manner from liquid funds into balanced funds in tranches - to reduce volatility. The 1st year cash-flows will be provided by credits from the liquid funds and 2nd year onwards the cash-flow will be from redemptions in the balanced funds. I/We understand that the above is done to make the structure less volatile and more tax efficient. I/We have read and understood the program and the underlying scheme offer documents in full and accord my/our approval based on the investment proposal provided to me/us. The service would gather as far as possible - fund research and analysis, the fund house/principal’s projections, capital market movements, insights into various sectors - and thereupon give a comprehensive portfolio and its review on a periodic basis. I/We also understand that the given services, as specified in the Annexure, are being provided for a minimum period of 5 years from the date of signing this enrollment letter; whereupon the same may be reviewed/ modified/ recalled for the next period. Any additions or modifications to these services in between would be intimated to me/us in person by an authorised representative or in writing through a letter/email. I/We hereby undertake to comply with all necessary KYC requirements and adhere to all regulations and requirements of the respective Asset Management Companies. I/we would undertake investments only post reading and understanding all the terms, conditions and instructions as contained in the individual scheme information documents. I/We declare that all particulars given by me/us in any of the investment documents would be true, correct and complete. I shall seek clarifications from the investment officer prior to implementing any action based on the mutual fund portfolio review. I/We am/are aware that any action based on the portfolio statement is subject to the risks inherent to the markets and any other risks associated with the specified investment(s). I would like to subscribe to e-mail (to my email id mentioned below) & SMS alerts (to my registered mobile number given below) pertaining to any transactions done under the above program and/or any other information on other financial services on a periodic basis. I/We further undertake to intimate Sundaram Wealth Services’ officer of any changes in my/our investments/ additional relevant information/ additional documents - immediately upon the occurrence of such a change. I/We also agree to provide any additional information / documents that may be required by Sundaram Wealth Services from time to time, failing which, I / we understand that any statement/portfolio review furnished by Sundaram Direct could be incomplete. Signature: Client Name: PAN:

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Sundaram Direct, (A Division of Sundaram Finance Ltd.) B-Wing, III Floor, 21, Patullos Road, Chennai – 600 002, Ph: +91-44-2852 1181 Email: [email protected] www.sundaramdirect.in


Service Deliverables under the Systematic Income Program 1.

Quarterly Portfolio Statement


Annual Portfolio Review An indepth review of the portfolio that:  Analyses portfolio performance over the year  Review the same on investor’s behalf with Fund Managers and Rating Firms.  Consolidate the Buy, Hold or Sell views using the above process  Assisting the documentation and implementation of the review


Special Reports Value added research reports:

A comprehensive report on the investments under the program, that contains:  Investment details  Current NAV  Current Market Value  Dividends Received  Net Gains  Absolute Yield  Annualised Yield 2.

Annual Report on Capital Gains / Losses For schemes invested through Sundaram, taxation support would be provided through:

  

Consolidated report on investments redeemed during the financial year Implication of the Capital Gain/Loss booked computed Report can be used for submitting to Auditors for computation of capital gains tax liability.

 

Budget and similar economic event Reports Financial Planning Notes and articles

Fee Structure Annual Portfolio Administration Fees: Waived off for existing Sundaram Finance (Deposit, Loan, Insurance, Investment) Customers

. If you have any questions or feel that some relevant information has been missed out during the periodic statements, please do contact us anytime - to help us manage your investments more efficiently. We would welcome any of your valuable suggestions, transactional requests or grievances (if any) directly to the Head of Sundaram Wealth Services through e-mail at [email protected] Thanking you once again and looking forth for your continued support and patronage, Yours truly;

Sundaram Wealth Services

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Sundaram Direct, (A Division of Sundaram Finance Ltd.) B-Wing, III Floor, 21, Patullos Road, Chennai – 600 002, Ph: +91-44-2852 1181 Email: [email protected] www.sundaramdirect.in