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58 Heroes Of Olympus---Son Of Neptune Riordan, Rick 59 Aleph Coelho, Paul 60 Warriors Life Coelho, Paul 61 Young Samurai--Ring Of Earth Bradford, Chri...

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List of New Arrivals NovemberNovember- December 2011 Library Fiction S. No.



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Adventures Of Tintin -- Blue Lotus Adventures Of Tintin --Castafiore Emerald Adventures Of Tintin In America Adventures Of Tintin Red Rackham's Treasure Adventures Of Tintin --Secret Of The Unicorn Amazing Adventure Of Hercules Bracelet Thea Stilton & The Ghost Of The Shipwreck Death & The Neighbours At Ness & Little Bridget Emerald Atlas King Lear Henry V Richard III Holly Joliday Judy Moody--Around The World In 81/2 Days Judy Moody---Around The World In 81/2 Days

Herge Herge Herge Herge

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Judy Moody---Goes To College Making It On My Own Minotaur

McDonald Megan Karhade, Prashant Punter, Russel

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More Shakespeare Stories For Children Parrot Who Wouldn't Talk Crazy Time With Uncle Ken Sherlock Holmes--Stories For Children Story Of Slavery Tales From Shakespeare

Khatai, SW Bond, Ruskin ed. Bond, Ruskin Doyle, Arthur Conan Courtauld, Sarah Lamb , Charles & Mary

Herge Zeff, Claudia Lalit, Ishaan Stilton, Geronimo Waddell, Martin Stephens, John Mathews, Andrew Mathews, Andrew Mathews, Andrew McDonald Megan McDonald Megan McDonald Megan

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Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing Tiger Eyes Iliad & The Odyssey In Their Shoes Horowitz Horror 2 Reckless Storyteller Cool! Toro! Toro! Private Peaceful Museum Of Thieves Book 1 Sports Stories Good Earth Return+ Nightfall Awakening + The Struggle Fury and the Reunion Angel Fire Animals At War Black Swan Boneless & The Tinker & The Dancing With Francie Paris Enigma Stolen Prey By The Ganges Red Leech Revolution 2020 Ripples Room Of Many Colors Saraswati's Way Secret Of The Nagas Theodre Boon ---Young Lawyer This Is'nt What It Looks Like Throne Of Fire Heroes Of Olympus---Son Of Neptune Aleph Warriors Life Young Samurai--Ring Of Earth

Blume, Judy Blume, Judy Williams, Marcia Ambalia, Dipen Horozwit, Anthony Funke, Cornelia Aachi, Mithin Morpurgo, Michael Morpurgo, Michael Morpurgo, Michael Tanner, Lian Menon, Anil Buck,Pearl S Smith, L J Smith, L J Smith, L J Weatherly, L A George, Isabel Taleb, Nassin Nicholas Waddell, Martin Santis,Pablo De Christopher, Lucy Kumar , Hemant Lane, Andrew Bhagat, Chetan Karhade, Prashant Bond, Ruskin ed. Schroder, Monika Amish Grisham, John Bosch, Pseudonymous Riordan, Rick Riordan, Rick Coelho, Paul Coelho, Paul Bradford, Chris

Non Fiction

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Title Science & Mathematics

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Amazing Science Experiments Basic Physics --A Self--Teaching Guide Biology --A Self--Teaching Guide Chemistry --Concepts & Problems--A Self--Teaching Guide Forests and Forestry George And The Big Bang Grand Design Horrible Science ---Annual 2011 IGCSE Biology Hamara Swasthya Plantation Crops Practical Algebra--A Self--Teaching Guide


Quick Calculus---A Self-- Teaching Guide

Author Oxlade, Chris Kohm,Karl F Garber, Steven D Houk, Clifford C Sagreiya, K P Hawking & Lucy Hawking, Stephen Mackean, D G Peter, K V Selby, Peter & Slavin, Steve Kleppner,Daniel & Ramsey, Norman

Arts 14

Arts & Crafts Of Indus Civilisation

Nandgapal, Choodamani

Sports 15

Athelitics-- Field Events

Handerson, Jason

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Athelitics--Track Events Swimming From Beginner To Champion

Cram, Steve Adlington,Rebecca

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Great Business Personalities Of India Great Nobel Laureates Of The World Great Rulers Of The World Great Business Personalities Of The World Great Thinkers Of The World Nelson Mandela--- Long Walks To Freedom


Wyk, Chris Van


Steve Jobs- Biography

Isaacson, Walter

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Guinness World Records 2012 Limca Book Of Records Multimedia & Web Technology Class XI Perilous Pirates Delhi--A Historical Glimpse Positive Discipline Rivers of India Small Is Beautiful Titanic Shameful Flight--Last Years Of British Empire in India

Glenday, Craig Ed. Ghose, Vijaya Sahoo, Reeta Deary, Terry Smith, RV Nelsen, Jane Bharti, Radhakant Schumacher, E F Mathews, Rupert Wolpert, Stanley