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Welcome to the latest issue of the KRIBHCO News. India has a rich history of cooperative movement, after independence, cooperatives assumed a great si...

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H¥$^H$mo ݶyO

KRIBHCO News A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

Cooperatives for Livelihood Improvement

  Vol 59, January-June 2018

Editorial Board

E ditorial Dear friends,


VS Sirohi


NK Sahoo Poonam Sharma TS Rao Dr Surendra Singh Sanjay Kumar Singh


Umesh Mishra

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Greetings to the KRIBHCO family.

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Welcome to the latest issue of the KRIBHCO News.


BR Nanda

India has a rich history of cooperative movement, after independence, cooperatives assumed a great significance in poverty alleviation and fast tracking socio-economic growth. The farmers generally found the cooperative movement an attractive mechanism for solving common problems. Our cover story details on the Cooperatives for livelihood improvement.


OP Rao

This issue covers many important events and achievements. Celebration of various events during the first half of the year adds flavour to the magazine. Article on ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, under World Environment Day reiterates our commitment to the Health, Safety and Environment of the people around us. There are articles on the occasion of International Day of Yoga and World Milk Day which also make an interesting reading. In addition, we have interesting stories both from the Plant and the States to fill your coffee time. The coming quarter will witness lots of celebrations of festivals. Festivals are the time for family get-together, fun and gaiety. We look forward to getting interesting updates on the celebrations. Your feedback on KRIBHCO News will make it more relevant and interesting. Wish you a joyful reading!

Umesh Mishra [email protected]

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H¥$^H$mo ݶyO



MD’S DESK sales of compost have been achieved during 2017-18. Kribhco Fertilizer Ltd (KFL) has also operated well with capacity utilization of 104.25% and 108.73% for Urea and Ammonia respectively during 2017-18. Kribhco Infrastructure Ltd (KRIL) has been able to turn around the organization with strategic efforts and generated 45.5% increased revenue over previous year. KRIL has developed and is operating liquid (oil) handling facilities at its Rewari & Modinagar Terminals. KRIL is presently handling EXIM Traffic at its HAZIRA and Rewari Terminals.

Dear friends,

The Cooperatives work on the ideology of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity, having dedication and concern towards the community. Cooperatives have been playing a pivotal role in overcoming difficulties faced by the farming community; and making their lives better and sustainable. Cooperatives are working for all round sustainable development of rural masses. The change in Policy related to Subsidy disbursal has been posing new challenges to the Fertilizer Industry. The disbursement of subsidy is now linked to sale of fertilizers to farmers through POS machines by the retailers, which is resulting in delay in payment of subsidy as compared to system when subsidy used to be paid on receipt of material. This has also increased the working capital requirement. The initial teething problems caused by POS machines are being controlled by the Society and we are able to overcome the issues with strategic efforts. It is worth mentioning that our Finance team has been able to efficiently manage the working capital requirement at the best possible interest rates. The Society has received Rs 134 Crore towards Income Tax refund. Despite several challenges, Society has been able to generate reasonable amount of Profit during 2017-18. Our Hazira Plant has been operating satisfactorily achieving a capacity utilization of 106.27% for Ammonia and 102.72 % for Urea during 2017-18. During 2017-18, the monsoon remained positive except for few northern states impacting a marginal increase in Urea sales by 2.4%, DAP by 1.8% and Complex fertilizers by 3.6% in the country. Society has also successfully achieved ever highest sales of Urea during 2017-18 and also with ever highest sale of OMIFCO urea. The DAP has contributed significantly high. The Biofertilizers sales have also increased with over five Lakh liters, whereas good

Gramin Vikas Trust (GVT) has been able to address the issues of Rural Communities below poverty line (BPL) by undertaking relevant Projects in its area of operation. I am happy to mention that all functions like Finance, Technical, Marketing and HR have shown coordinated efforts in achieving desired results. We consider our employees, a valuable asset and assign paramount importance to Employees Relations with them. In line with this, we have accorded 7th Pay revision to all Employees and Officers during March’2018. The challenges under the changed policy regime shall be overcome with synergic efforts of all of you in coming days and I am sure that all of you would continue to work with greater zeal, hard work and involvement to achieve new heights in your respective area of operations. With best wishes!

N Sambasiva Rao Managing Director

Vol 59, January-June 2018


cover story

Cooperatives for Livelihood Improvement... By Devjit Singh, DGM (F&A)


ooperatives are voluntary associations of persons formed for promoting and protecting the interests of its members, and are run in a democratic manner with service motive as its main guiding factor, with furtherance of economic prosperity of its members as an allied objective. The founder of the co-operative movement was Robert Owen of England, and the first cooperative retail store was established in 1844 in Rochdale, England, since the prices of essential items in England were very high then, which the poorly paid textile workers could not afford. From then the cooperative movement took off. In India, towards the end of the 19th century, the problems of acute rural indebtedness and the consequent conditions of farmers created an environment for the generation of chit funds and cooperative societies. The farmers generally found the cooperative movement an attractive mechanism for pooling their meagre resources for solving common problems relating to credit, supplies of inputs and marketing of their agricultural produce. In India, the cooperative movement started with the enactment of Cooperative Credit societies Act, 1904. According to this Act, the important objectives of cooperatives were to promote thrift, selfhelp, mutual benefit and cooperation among agriculturists, weavers, artisans, rural entrepreneurs, and people of limited means. Under the  Montague-Chelmsford Reforms of 1919, Cooperation became a provincial subject and the provinces were authorised to make their own cooperative laws. In the Constitution of India, ‘Cooperative Societies’ is a State Subject under entry No 32 of the State List. The MSCS Act 2002, gave a further thrust, fillip and impetus to the cooperative movement in India by strengthening the multi state cooperatives and giving them more autonomy and independence in decision making, to achieve their targeted objectives. However this Act is also now 16 years old and needs a few changes in keeping with requirements of modern times.


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

Growth of cooperatives As India has a rich history of cooperative movement, after independence, cooperatives assumed a great significance in poverty removal and fast tracking socio-economic growth.   Cooperatives were an integral part of all the Five Year Plans, until the Eighth Plan. There was green revolution where India got self sufficiency in food grain production. In late 1960s there was white revolution and National Dairy Development Board was established which created the trusted and indigenous brand of AMUL. An important leader in the cooperative movement was Shri Lakshman Rao Inamdar who made cooperatives an important part of people’s lives in Gujarat and Maharashtra. In India, cooperative societies have played an important role in promoting the interests and welfare of agriculturists, small businesses and weaker sections of the society.

At present Our Hon PM recently mentioned about challenges for those involved in cooperative movement, and the need to promote it further. Though there was success in milk and food grain production areas, besides agricultural societies, there is now a need to enter into new avenues. Few states have attempted new areas such as sugarcane production, which is mostly through cooperatives in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. In Gujarat, there is knowledge revolution where children of 1st  to 12th  class have got widespread computer access through the medium of cooperatives.

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO

World-wide, Cooperatives are today present in a numerous sectors, including agriculture, fisheries, food, finance, health care, marketing, insurance & credit. However, agriculture continues to be the main driver of economic growth in most developing countries. Strong cooperatives are able to overcome many of the difficulties faced by the farmers; whereas in a country like India the overwhelming majority are small and marginal farmers. Cooperatives work on the basic seven ideologies and principles, among these principles the seventh one being- Dedication and concern towards the community, which exhorts cooperatives to work for sustainable community development. There are a number of successful large cooperatives in India itself like KRIBHCO and IFFCO in the fertiliser sector and AMUL in the Dairy Sector, besides Apex, National, District and primary level cooperative societies. All these have greatly benefited farmer members in increasing crop productivity and augmenting farmers income by providing support in various agri-based programmes. Appropriate farming systems to generate year round employment and sustainable income through agricultural produce, crops, vegetables and fruits have been achieved by Indian cooperatives, over the last few decades. Initiative has been taken to go in for Agro Forestry, combining plantation of fruit trees, fuel trees, and forest trees to improve the overall climate on wastelands by cooperatives like IFFDC. The farmer members have been immensely benefited in increasing efficiency of various agri inputs and overall crop productivity and finally making better profits through the efforts of cooperatives.

Scope and future of cooperative movement The cooperative movement which had been largely limited to limited to farming and its allied sectors now needs a paradigm shift. In rural areas, there are many landless labourers with production based agriculture as their sole occupation. It is high time they shift to other allied and profitable activities, since land available for agriculture has shrunk. In the time period, the agriculture as an occupation has also shrunk and land holding became less because of population exposure. Thus, it is important to make more and more rural people understand that agriculture is not the only source of income for rural people.


Cooperatives have inherent advantages in tackling the problems of poverty alleviation, food security and income generation. It is considered to have immense potential to deliver goods and services in remote areas since Primary cooperative societies are, by and large “local level institutions”, fulfilling “local needs”, by employing “local people.” Also, since cooperatives exhibit vast potential for generating self-employment opportunities at the grassroot level, they can help the members to mobilize themselves for their own sustainable livelihood. However, cooperatives need additional support to adopt the successful model for ensuring prosperous livelihoods of its members. The future of cooperative movement is bright but it has to be handled with care. Deficiencies and deformities in cooperative movement have been found with regards to Chit fund scams in west Bengal, Odisha and Bihar. Due to such incidences, the trust of cooperative institutions have gone down, particularly in financial cooperatives.

Some other avenues where cooperatives can develop and thrive • Papad making business and masala making business by local womenfolk • Bee keeping doesn’t require agriculture land which can promote cooperative development. There is a vast market for honey as well as bee wax • Neem Oil coating of Urea can have a cooperative platform • Sericulture • Sea weed culture in coastal areas where the produce can be utilised in pharma sector • General insurance areas • Housing sector including rural housing platforms • Seed processing units • Poultry farms and livestock cooperatives • Transport cooperatives and retail cooperatives

Conclusion The new areas are emerging with the advancement of technology. For example, there is Israeli technology in irrigation facilitated agriculture which requires skilled labour. Hence, Skill development centres can be run by cooperative societies in rural areas. Secondly, to check irregularities in cooperatives, there have to be amended guidelines and rules with stricter implementation. Thirdly, there should be market linkages for agricultural farmers as well as cooperative societies. Lastly, what should not be forgotten is the first principle of cooperation which is to unite everyone, and seek the common good of the members, even while itself remaining anonymous. The cooperative movement does have the capacity to solve people’s problems, as it is people-centric, based on ethics and values, and does not hanker after profiteering by taking heavy risks, as corporates are often prone to do.

Vol 59, January-June 2018


international affairs

Visit of team of officials from IDACA, Japan

A two member delegation from the Institute for Development of Agriculture Cooperation in Asia (IDACA) headed by Shri Toru Nakashima, Manager (Training / Development), IDACA, Japan, and accompanied by Ms Hiroko Tayama, Programme Coordinator, IDACA, Japan, visited India from 12-17 February 2018. The delegates visited Krishak Bharati Co-operative Limited (KRIBHCO), where they were apprised about the activities undertaken by an agricultural cooperative in India for the benefit of farmers. The delegates were delighted to see the soil & seed testing laboratory in the KRIBHCO headquarters in NOIDA that is helping the farmers to increase the productivity.


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 


H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


State level consultative committee meeting


RIBHCO organized its 18th state level consultative committee meeting on 14 June 2018 at the auditorium of Gujarat State Co-operative Bank, Ahmedabad, which was attended by more than 200 elected delegates.

Shri Vaghajibhai R Patel, Vice Chairman of KRIBHCO inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp. Marketing Director, KRIBHCO, Shri VS Sirohi, provided the information regarding fertilizer use, sales and availability of fertilizer at national as well as state level. The Chairman, Gujarat State Cooperative Bank, Shri Ajaybhai Patel gave details of Agricultural loan given to farmers with minimum rate of interest. Shri Pareshbhai Patel, Director, KRIBHCO advised cooperators to enhance income by increasing business and the role of KRIBHCO in strengthening of cooperative societies. Many delegates raised the issues regarding problem in 45kg packing, road movement from plant restriction up to 500 Km, increase of distribution margin in DAP & NPK, maintaining of 20% dividend, interstate tour of RGB members, quality of urea & bag, timely supply of city compost etc.

KRIBHCO Vice Chairman, Shri VR Patel gave details of problem in fertilizer sales through POS machine, net connection, and suggested that the same should be brought to the notice of the government. KRIBHCO’s Chairman, Dr Chandra Pal Singh gave assurance to members to solve the problems raised by RGB members and also assured that priority should be given to co-operatives in sales of KRIBHCO products. He further suggested that dividend may be deposited in the bank account of the member society. KRIBHCO will help in strengthening the cooperative movement. Vol 59, January-June 2018




Yoga Day Celebration

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice having its origin in India. Yoga aims to transform both body and mind. The United Nations General Assembly declared June 21st as the International Day of Yoga. The declaration came after the call for the adoption of June 21st as International Day of Yoga by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi during his address to UN General Assembly in 2014. Yoga Day is celebrated to enhance the awareness about yoga benefits among common public all over the world. It is celebrated to let people know that regular yoga practice leads to better mental, physical and intellectual health. It positively changes the lifestyle of the people and increases the level of well-being. In order to commemorate the occasion, KRIBHCO organized Yoga Training program for all the employees in KRIBHCO Bhawan, on 21 June 2018 in four sessions. All the employees from Corporate Office participated in the International Yoga Day with full enthusiasm.


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO



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AmXoe Hw$‘ma qgh {d^mJmÜ`j (n`m©daU Ed§ JwUdËVm {d^mJ)

Vol 59, January-June 2018



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A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

à{ejU H$m`©H«$‘ Am`mo{OV H$aoJr& ‘mH©$’o$S> Ho$ Ana à~§Y {ZXoeH$ (n§Om~) lr ~mb‘wH$ÝX e‘m© Zo ~Vm`m {H$ n§Om~ ‘| ImXm| H$s ñQ>moaoO H$aZo go {H$gmZm| H$mo ImX d XdmB©`m§ g‘` na CnbãY H$amB© Om ahr h¢& Bg H$m`© ‘| H¥$^H$mo H$m ^r n§Om~ Ho$ {H$gmZm| Ho$ {bE ‘w»` `moJXmZ h¡& lr dr.Eg. {gamohr, {dnUZ {ZXoeH$ H¥$^H$mo Zo {H$gmZm| Ed§ ghH$mar g{‘{V`m| Ho$ {hV Ho$ {bE MbmB© Om ahr `moOZmAm| Ho$ ~mao ‘| ~Vm`m& g¨`w³V {ZXoeH$ H¥${f n§Om~ S>m°. OJVma qgh ~am‹S> Zo ~Vm`m {H$ n§Om~ gaH$ma ghr JwUdËVm H$s Om§M ~mOma go Z‘yZo boH$a g‘`-g‘` na H$am ahr h¡& Bg Adga na H¥$^H$mo n§Om~ Ho$ à{V{Z{Y ‘ÊS>b Zo ‘w»` A{V{W H¥$^H$mo Aܶj S>m°. MÝÐnmb qgh H$mo gå‘m{ZV {H$`m& H$m`©H«$‘ ‘| Ana ‘hmà~§YH$({dn) lr EZ.Ho$. ^mXw, H¥${f n§Om~ amÁ` ‘mH©$’o$S> Ho$ {ZXoeH$ lr ~mb‘wHw$ÝX e‘m©, H¥${f ñQ>m’$ ghmH$mar {d^mJ à{ejU Ho$ÝÐ Ho$ àYmZmMm`© lr S>r.Eg. ~amS> Am{X Zo ^r AnZo {dMma àH$Q> {H$`o& H$m`©H«$‘ ‘| 200 go A{YH$ à{V{Z{Y`m| Zo {hñgm {b`m& A§V ‘| ‘w»` amÁ` à~§YH$({dn) lr h§g~ra qgh Zo Am^ma ì`º$ {H$`m&


H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


Dr Chandra Pal Singh, Chairman, Kribhco and President NCUI inaugurating New Lobby of BISCOMAUN at Patna along with Dr Sunil Kumar Singh, Director, KRIBHCO.

Dr Chandra Pal Singh, Chairman visited Wadi programme sponsored by NABARD at GVT, Ranchi. The Chairman admired the efforts of GVT officials while witnessing the Amrapalli variety of mangos under Wadi orchards.

Vol 59, January-June 2018


On The

Growth Path Business Plan Meet Krishi Mela

On the eve of Champaran Satyagraha Mahotsav, a Krishi Mela was organized at Motihar, Bihar from 13-15 April 2018 where KRIBHCO participated. The Union Minister of Agriculture, GoI, Shri Radha Mohan Singh visited the KRIBHCO Stall and appreciated KRIBHCO’s activities and efforts.

A Business Plan Meeting of Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhatisgarh and West Bengal was organised on 10 May 2018 at Patna. Shri Sudhir Kumar, IAS, Principal Secretary, Agriculture Dept, Govt of Bihar was the Chief Guest.

Health Checkup Campaign

A Health check up campaign was organised at Ahraulia, East Champaran on 3 February 2018. Chief Guest of the programme was Smt Rama Devi, MP, Sheohar.


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


{H$gmZm| H$mo CÞV ~ZmZm H¥$^H$mo H$m CX²Xoí`: Eg.Eg. amOnyV ~rO CËnmXH$ g¨Jmoð>r gånÞ

H¥$^H$mo H$m CX²Xoí` h¡ {H$ {H$gmZm| H$mo Cƒ JwUdËVmnyU© Cd©aH$ H$ gmW AÝ` H¥${f bm^ {‘bo& {H$gmZ O¡{dH$ IoVr H$m à{ejU boH$a ^r H¥${f H$mo bm^ H$m ì¶dgm` ~ZmE§& C³V {dMma H¥$^H$mo ~rO BH$mB© Xodmg Ûmam Am`mo{OV ~¥hX ~rO CËnmXH$ g¨Jmoð>r ‘| Xodmg Ho$ Cn g¨MmbH$, H¥${f, lr Eg.Eg. amOnyV Zo ‘w»` A{V{W Ho$ ê$n ‘| ~mobVo hþE H$hm& H$m`©H«$‘ H$s AÜ`jVm H$aVo hþE àJ{Verb ~rO CËnmXH$ H¥$fH$ lr ’y$b qgh Mmd‹S>m Zo {H$gmZm| H$s g‘ñ`mAm| H$s Amoa Ü`mZ AmH${f©V H$aVo hþE H$hm {H$ {H$gmZm| H$mo CZHo$ CËnmXm| H$m ghr ‘yë` Z {‘bZm AmO H$s g~go ~‹S>r g‘ñ`m h¡& g¨Jmoð>r ‘| H¥$^H$mo ‘Ü` àXoe ^monmb Ho$ d[a. amÁ` à~§YH$ S>m°. àXrn Hw$‘ma Zo H$hm {H$ àXoe H$s 1600 go Á`mXm ghH$mar g{‘{V`m§ H¥$^H$mo H$s A§eYmaH$ gXñ` h¡ Ed§ nyao Xoe ‘| H¥$^H$mo H$s 18 ~rO BH$mB©`m| Ûmam 4 bmI Hw$ÝQ>b go A{YH$ Cƒ JwUdËVm `w³V à‘m{UV ~rO CËnmXZ H$a g{‘{V`m| Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go {H$gmZm| H$mo àXmZ {H$`m Om ahm h¡& g¨Jmoð>r H$m g¨MmbZ H$aVo hþ`o H¥$^H$mo Ho$ d[a. joÌr` à~§YH$ (Xodmg) Zo AdJV H$am`m {H$ H¥$^H$mo H$s Xoe ^a ‘| Hw$b 18 ~rO CËnmXZ BH$mB©`m§ H$m`©aV h¡ {Og‘| go EH$ àXoe Ho$ {Obo Xodmg ‘| 19 df© go H$m`©aV h¡&

Bg df© bJ^J 24000 Hw$ÝQ>b gmo`m~rZ d 5000 Hw$ÝQ>b Johÿ§ Ed§ MZm à‘m{UV ~rO CËnm{XV {H$`m J`m {Og‘| go bJ^J 10000 Hw$ÝQ>b gmo`m~rZ d 2000 Hw$ÝQ>b Johÿ§ ~rO Ho$ Z {~H¥$ hmoZo Ho$ H$maU eof ah OmZo go g¨ñWm H$mo ~hþV A{YH$ Am{W©H$ j{V hþB© h¡, BgHo$ ~mdOyX H¥$^H$mo {H$gmZm| H$s godm ‘| {Za§Va H$m`© H$a ahm h¡& g¨Jmoð>r ‘| ~rO CËnmXH$ H¥$^H$mo H$m à‘m{UV ~rO CËnmXZ ‘| AnZmB© OmZo dmbr VH$ZrH$s Ed§ gmdYm{Z`m| na lr Eg.Eg. ~Kob ghm`H$ ~rO à‘mUrH$aU A{YH$mar Ûmam {dñVma go à{ejU {X`m J`m& Bg Adga na S>m°. ‘ZmoO Om`gdmb, Cn`w³V ghH$mar g{‘{V Xodmg, lr Ho$.EZ. {ÌnmR>r ‘w»` H$m`©nmbZ A{YH$mar, {Obm ghH$mar Ho$ÝÐr` ~¢H$ ‘`m©. Xodmg, lr E.Eg. ^°da, ~rO à‘mUrH$aU A{YH$mar, C‚m¡Z Zo {H$gmZm| H$mo à‘m{UV ~rO CËnmXZ Ed§ CÞV H¥${f H$s AmYw{ZH$ VH$ZrH$s H$m à{ejU {X`m&

Drinking Water Facility A Drinking Water Facility was inaugurated by Smt Rama Devi, MP, Sheohar on 3 February 2018 at Ahraulia, East Champaran.

Vol 59, January-June 2018


On The

Growth Path

Fertilizer Promotion Seminar A Fertilizer Promotion Seminar (Liquid Biofertilizer) was organised at Rampurhut, DistBirbhum on 14 March 2018. Hon’ble Agriculture Minister, Govt of West Bengal, Dr Asish KR Banerjee was the Chief Guest of the seminar. He explained the benefits of Micro Nutrient, Organic, Bio-Fertilizer and Certified Seeds and also presented statistical data on agriculture. Bio-Fertilizer (NPK-2) bottles were distributed to the farmers. He appreciated KRIBHCO’s involvement in the society to develop farmers in every respect. Dr S Maity, Asst Processor of Viswa Bharati explained about compost, vermi culture and liquid bio-fertilizer application in the field. Dr NKS Chauhan, CSM – West Bengal explained the marketing strategy in ‘West Bengal for 2018-19 and promised timely supply of all agri inputs throughout the year. Shri Samir Ghosh,

DDA(Admn), Birbhum district advised both dealers and co-operators of the society to maintain administrative procedures in their business.

Fertilizer Promotion Campaign Cooperative Conference

A Fertilizer Promotion Campaign was organized at NSRICM, Kalyani, DistNadia. Dr PK Upadhyaya, Regional Director, NSRICM was the Chief Guest. Dr IA Khan, Sr Lecturer of the Institute was also present on the occasion. A large number of farmers and representatives from different Co-operative Societies participated in the programme.


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

Shri AL Sojitra, Assistant Director, Extension (Quality Control) addressing Cooperative Conference at Kuvadava (Rajkot) on 6 January 2018.

A cooperative conference was organized at Kuvadava, Rajkot on 6 January 2018. A large number of cooperators attended the programme.

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


Shri VS Sirohi nominated as Chairman of Marketing Advisory Committee Shri VS Sirohi, Marketing Director, KRIBHCO, has been nominated as the Chairman of Marketing Advisory Committee of Fertilizer Association of India. The Advisory Committee plays a useful role in guiding the activities of FAI and deliberating /addressing the issues faced by the industry.

Dealers Training Programme A Dealer Training Programme was organized on 24 January 2018 in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, which was attended by 96 dealers / retailers of the area. Shri SS Yadav, ED (HR), was the Chief Guest at the inaugural session. In his address Shri Yadav underlined the need for sale of liquid bio-fertilizers along with other fertilizers. This will bring down the From L to R: Shri Harinder Kaushik, Dr Rakesh Kumar, cost and improve farm productivity and Dr Surendra Singh, Prof KML Pathak, Shri SS Yadav and soil health. This will also help doubling Dr SK Mishra at the inaugural session farmers’ income by 2022 in line with the target set by the Prime Minister. Chairing the inaugural session, Prof KML Pathak, Vice Chancellor, Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Pashu Chikitsa Vigyan Vishwavidyalaya ewam Go Anusandhan Sansthan, Mathura, stated that KRIBHCO is an organization working in tandem with the farmers to bring all round prosperity to them. He further apprised that Krishi Vigyan Kendra of the university has carried out crop demonstration on KRIBHCO’s bio-fertilizers namely PSB, Zinc solubilising bacteria and Potash mobilizing bacteria in last two years. Results of bio-fertilizers have been very encouraging and cost effective. He made an appeal to the dealers to promote bio-fertilizers among the farmers. Dr Surendra Singh, AGM, assured regular supply of KRIBHCO urea in Mathura district. He further mentioned that farmers should make use of services of soil testing laboratory of KRIBHCO to get their soil samples analyzed. Shri Harinder Kaushik, Officer, FAI, New Delhi also graced the inaugural session and provided various tips to dealers/retailers to improve their business. He made an appeal to the dealers/retailers to advise the farmers to use fertilizers based on soil test recommendations. By doing so, the farmers will be in a position to use fertilizers in balanced proportion. Dr SK Mishra, Programme Coordinator, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Mathura provided techniques for use of liquid biofertilizers to improve their efficiency and the tips for use of salty water in agriculture. He also discussed about importance of cooperative farming in agriculture due to fragmentation of land holding.

Vol 59, January-June 2018



Special on World Environment Day - 5 June 2018

Please Wait; Don’t throw away that Plastic bag with garbage... “Beat Plastic Pollution”, the theme for World Environment Day 2018, is a call to action for all of us to come together to combat one of the great environmental challenges of our time. Chosen by this year’s host, India, the theme of World Environment Day 2018 invites us all to consider how we can make changes in our everyday lives to reduce the burden of plastic pollution on our natural places, our wildlife, the environment and - our own health. So…. please wait, don’t throw away that Plastic polythene bag along with the recyclable garbage, hold it in the house, to reuse it 5-8 times at least! the entire motto is Reuse, Recycle; reduce… when it comes to plastic. If nothing else is possible, refuse it! Plastic pollution is defined as the accumulation of the different types of plastic material on land, as well as in water bodies like rivers, oceans, canals, lakes, etc. Basically, it is a synthetic polymer that consists of many organic and inorganic compounds, and is mostly derived from petrochemicals like olefins. Plastic is the wonderful lightweight, durable, moldable, versatile material which changed man’s life in many ways. Nearly every object you see around you has an element of plastic in it. It is used extensively as a packaging material, in fishing nets, in food wrappers, baby bottles and water bottles, electrical appliances etc. As a commodity, it is used on a large scale all around the world. Plastics are used because they are easy and cheap to make and they can last a long time. Unfortunately these same useful qualities can make plastic a huge pollution problem. The cheapness means plastic gets discarded easily and its long life means it survives in the environment for long periods where it can do great harm. Because plastic does not decompose, and requires high energy ultraviolet light to break down, the amount of plastic waste in our oceans is steadily increasing. Every year the world uses up to 5 lakh crore (one trillion) disposable plastic bags and annually 10 lakh plastic drinking bottles are purchased  every minute, worldwide. In total, 50 per cent of the plastic we use is for single use only. Nearly one third of the plastic packaging we use escapes collection systems, which means that it ends up clogging our city streets and polluting our natural environment. About 13 million tons of plastic leak into our oceans every year, where it smothers coral reefs and threatens vulnerable marine wildlife. The plastic that ends up in the oceans can circle the Earth four times in a single year, and it can persist for up to 1,000 years before it fully disintegrates. Plastic also makes its way into our water supply – and thus into our own bodies. Plastics contain a number of chemicals, many of which are toxic or disrupt hormones.  Plastics  can also serve as a magnet for other pollutants, including dioxins, metals and pesticides.


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

Plastic pollution, its causes and effects The most dangerous and common  pollution  of the century is plastic pollution. Common forms of plastics are Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), High density and low density Poly ethylene (HDPE and LDPE), Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Polypropylene, Polystyrene, and Polycarbonates. Plastic is completely generated on land and 80% of the waste is disposed off on the land. We see the parks of our cities, drainages, water sources all littered and blocked by plastic bags, containers and remains of consumer goods. Addition of plastics to various components of our environment and consequent deleterious effects due to its non-biodegradability is now acquiring grave consequences on the environment and our health.

Plastic carry bags • Take about 1000 years to degrade • Are made of non-renewable fossil fuels • Endanger wildlife, as annually more than 10 lakh birds and 1 lakh mammals and sea turtles die, either from eating plastic or getting entangled in Plastic Effect of Plastic waste and plastic pollution on the environment Plastic Bags Litter the Landscape Once they are used, most plastic bags go into landfill, or rubbish tips. Each year more and more plastic bags are ending up littering the environment. Once they become litter, plastic bags find their way into our waterways, parks, beaches, gutters and streets. And, if they are burnt, they infuse the air with toxic fumes. Effects on Human Beings The quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink or bathe on, and the earth in which we grow our food has an immense effect on our health. A

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO

recent US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention Study found that about 93 percent of the US population has Bisphenol A, a chemical that can be found in canned goods and in hard, clear plastic items (including baby bottles), in their body. The major chemicals that go into the making of plastic are highly toxic and pose serious threat to living beings of all species on earth. Some of the constituents of plastic such as benzene are known to cause cancer. Recycling of plastic is associated with skin and respiratory problems, resulting from exposure to and inhalation of toxic fumes, especially hydrocarbons. Plastic Bags Kill Animals About 100,000 animals such as cows, dogs and penguins are killed every year due to plastic bags. Many animals ingest plastic bags, mistaking them for food, and therefore die. And worse, the ingested plastic bag remains intact even after the death and decomposition of the animal. Thus, it lies around in the landscape where another victim may ingest it. Effect on Ocean Wildlife This plastic can affect marine wildlife in two important ways; by entangling creatures, and by being swallowed. Over 260 species, including invertebrates, turtles, fish, seabirds and mammals, have been reported to ingest or become entangled in plastic debris, resulting in impaired movement and feeding, reduced reproductive output, lacerations, ulcers, and finally death. Petroleum is required to Produce Plastic Bags As it is, petroleum products are diminishing and getting more expensive day by day, since we have been using this non-renewable resource increasingly. Petroleum is vital for our energy requirements – for our factories, transport, heating, lighting, and so on. Without viable alternate sources of energy yet on the horizon, if the supply of petroleum were to be turned off, it would lead to practically the whole world grinding to a halt. Surely, this precious resource should not be wasted on producing plastic bags, should it? Plastic damages the ground water resources Not only does plastic cause damage to the ocean, but it can also damage groundwater sources. Many regions are already facing issues due to plastic pollution. Plastic toxins in dumps and from litter can seep into the groundwater, which people drink every day. Environment problems • It blocks the open sewage system and results in stagnation of sewage paving way for the mosquitoes which leads to the spread of diseases. Half of NOIDA’s sewage pipes are clogged with plastic bags. • Plastic dumped on the soil prevents water percolation into the water table. • It affects the very structure of soil. • Water stagnating on the plastics strewn on the land becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes which, in turn, produce diseases. • Cattle eat plastic and die as a result thereof. • Burning of plastics releases toxins into the atmosphere which, in turn, causes dreadly Cancer. • Plastic being non-biodegradable, all the associated problems become perennial.


Some practical hints to combat and reduce Plastic Pollution • Put produce in paper, canvas or other healthy-fiber bags. • Use Paper bags, wax paper bags, cloth napkins, or re-useable sandwich boxes for food articles. • Use only glass bottles or cans. • Pre-bagged produce not only uses wasteful packaging, but also tends to come from farther away, consuming more of our dwindling oil supplies in transport. • Tiffin (stainless steel food containers) are a long tradition in India. They store food well, have longer life than Tupper Ware and its look-alikes (you’ve probably seen the fading, corroding, and chipping that occurs to these plastic containers) and are much more hygienic. • Look for and reward earth-friendly packaging choices. Refuse plastic cutlery. • Re-adopt the Matka and Surahi for drinking water on train travel, instead of plastic water bottles.

Be conscious and reasonably environment friendly • Shop eco-friendly with best plastic • Get rid of bottled water • Forget ‘to-go containers’ made of plastic • Recycle Everything Plastic Let us strive to minimise the use of plastic carry-bags and plastic containers in our lives.

– Devjeet Singh DGM (F&A)

Vol 59, January-June 2018




Republic Day

Celebrations At Head Office Shri N Sambasiva Rao, Managing Director, hoisted the national flag and addressed the employees and their families on the occasion. Employees chosen for their commendable performance were awarded with appreciation certificates and cash.


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO

The 69th Republic Day was celebrated with verve and national fervour on 26 January 2018.


At Plant The Chief Guest, Shri RK Aggarwal, Operations Director, inspected the guard of honour and hoisted the national flag. 167 employees of the plant were presented with Exemplary Performance Award & Suggestion Award in recognition of their contribution to the sustained plant operation and enhancement in productivity. Sports & Games Awards were also presented to 21 employees including dependent wards for their outstanding performance in various sports events at various levels. The programme concluded with a colourful dance performance set to patriotic songs by the students of Jagruti Balbhavan,Sunflower School and Kendriya Vidyalaya.

Vol 59, January-June 2018




he Senior Citizens Club of retired Kribhco Employees residing at Garima Vihar Sector 35 is keeping its members engaged and entertained with diverse activities. Tea and biscuits are being served on contributory basis to the members. Foot falls to the club are gradually on the rise, as well as the bonding amongst the members. There is a feeling of empathy amongst them as they discuss individual problems to help each other. The best part of the club is that all members are treated equally irrespective of their hierarchy while in service. In addition to indoor games, the club has taken the following new initiatives:

Club 11 Activities

Birthday celebrations The birthdays of the members are celebrated with a movie in a mall followed by lunch.

Excursion trips In the past, three trips were organised. The first one was to Vrindavan and Goverdhan. The complete parikarma of around 21 kms of Goverdhan ji was done barefoot by our members. The second trip was to near Ranikhet, Almorah. Here, the members stayed in tents in natural surroundings, cooked their meals and enjoyed trekking.

Some of the members are seen at Spice Mall cinema for the movie “102 not out”.

The third trip was to near Lansdowne in March 2018. It was a peaceful resort near Kalagarh Tiger Reserve. The outstanding feature of the trip was that two senior most members by age Shri Simon Mathew and Shri CP Singh drove their cars from Noida to the hilly areas of Uttrakhand with one way distance of around 350 Kms.

Festival celebrations Members celebrate the festivals enthusiastically with other residents of Garima Vihar. In this picture, they are celebrating Holi festival in Society’s park.

In the above picture some of the members are seen enjoying cool breeze of Lansdowne, Uttrakhand.

Retirement from Kribhco is a new beginning for the members. Whatever was the first innings, the members do not want to miss the fun in their second innings after retirement. – VK Mahendru


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO



ENITH means “the imaginary point where the maximum inherent energy is available and actually everyone possesses it.” It depends on the individual as to how he/she brings it out and uses it in difficult situations. Difficulties are part of life and how we react to them determines our course of life. There are many inspiring people who overcame their difficulties and reached great milestones. I would like to share my story where ZENITH POWER helped me to change completely as a person and how to look at life.



In 2007, I got a Silver Medal in national level for 5K Speed Walk. Also at state level I had obtained different positions; 1st, 2nd and 3rd in 5K Run, 5K Speed Walk & 1500 Meter many times. Apart from these, in 2007 I secured a 2nd position at national level; my best performance ever. I also participated in 3.3 km and 11 km running, at Surat level, and secured I and III position respectively.

The turning point of my life In 2013, I met with a major accident, I fell from a height of 20ft and suffered from compression fracture in my two spines; L2 & L4. Along with it, both my ankles were badly ruptured. I was bed-ridden for 35 days at hospital and 65 days at home. I was able to recover only because of the support of my family and well-wishes of my Urea Pariwar. At that point, everyone advised me not to participate in any athletic events in future at any cost as there was fracture in my backbone spines.

Zenith power I strongly believe that there is a point where the power of SUCCESS is maximum; it means everyone has an ability to do anything in any situation given if we use that inherent energy with effective POSITIVE efforts in right direction. With this viewpoint, I was determined about the predefined goal of my life. I decided to change my athletic event to participate in Half Marathon Long Running 21.10 KM instead of 5 KM, or 1500 Meter and started practicing accordingly.

Success finally!

Failure again and again This year, I participated in “Run for New India” on 25 February for Half Marathon 21.1 KM along with runners from different countries including professionals. I failed miserably in that event as I collapsed 150 meters before the finishing line due to muscle cramps. At that moment, I made up mind with zenith power and decided that I would accomplish it at any cost. I completed the race by simply walking the remaining distance and my timing was 2 Hours 47 Minutes & 27 Seconds. Obviously, it was a very bad timing.

I analysed my mistakes and started practicing again with improved techniques. On 23 April 2018, I participated in Half Marathon of 21.01 KM in which at national level and secured 12th Rank. My timing was 2 Hours 8 minutes & 57 Seconds. It is my best timing so far. Our General Manager (Production) Shri A K Das told in control room, “Jab bhi main PARMAR ko dekhta hu to miracle lagta hai” which was a great reward for me. I hope little kids of our KRIBHCO PARIWAR can draw inspiration from this article. At the end, I would like to say, “Keep persistently trying with positive attitude and keep moving in the right direction without fearing failure.” – Suresh Parmar

Deputy Manager, Urea-1 (Production)

Vol 59, January-June 2018


Farmers Development



Over a period of time, it was observed that farmers are hesitant to adopt new farm technology unless their whole system is likely to be benefited economically and socially. Farmers are also deeply attached to their fields, livestock and cooperative societies as these are their lifelines. They are also equally concerned about their family welfare including health, children education as well as improvement in rural areas where they spend most of their life time. After carefully considering the above observations, KRIBHCO adopted the Farming Model which has 5 components: farmers, his fields, livestock, family and cooperative society, all located in rural environment of his village. Since KRIBHCO is a cooperative identity governed by seven principles of cooperation.


gricultural income is the main strength of farmers. A large number of farmes are members of our member cooperatives. KRIBHCO with its large dedicated team of agriculture professionals continued its significant contribution along with other serious players in latest farm technology transfer and other rural welfare schemes for improving the profitability of farming community. Since 1984, two years ahead of Hazira urea plant production, KRIBHCO started transferring improved farm technology under ‘Benefit to Farmers’ programmes, indicating a real concern for farmers, their cooperative societies and rural areas. In the past 30 years, KRIBHCO has actively reached more than 1.38 crore farmers benefiting them directly by raising their farm income through 95,000 customised programmes. This makes an average one programme/day/state which shows the magnitude of our transfer of technology programmes. KRIBHCO has evolved a strong promotional strategy involving about 300 agricultural graduates and post-graduates to uplift farming community through its Farm Advisory Services. KRIBHCO has been organizing technology transfer programmes in more than 16 states through the highly trained field force whose skills are upgraded regularly.


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

During 2017-18, KRIBHCO organized 5543 programmes for the farming community such as Farmers Meetings, Crop Shows, Field Demonstrations, Field Days, Cooperative Conferences, Group Discussions, Soil Testing Campaign, Seed Grower Conference etc. benefiting 6.04 lakh farmers and cooperatives across the country. S No 1

Programme Farmers Meeting

Programmes 1303


Block Demonstration



Field Day / Crop Show



Soil Testing Campaign



Farm Literature Campaign


Income Generation Programme



Human & Animal Health Campaign



Drinking Water & Minor Irrigation



Cooperative Society Adoption




Rural Sports Programme



Technical Wall Painting



Cooperative Conference



Dealers Conference


Fertiliser Promotion Campaign


Hybrid Seed Promotion Seminar



Seed Grower Conference



Sanitation Campaign

Participants (Lakh)

99 224

29 6.04

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


To back up the Agriculture Technology transfer, the Society also made available 17.08 lakh technical folders on KRIBHCO products to the farmers and cooperatives. Strengthening cooperatives and rural development always remained a top priority for KRIBHCO. In this direction, 106 Cooperative Societies were adopted, 19,468 cooperative managers were trained through 173 Cooperative conferences and workshops. The society also organized 34 Income Generation Programmes and 62 Health Campaigns for livestock and humans, promoted 30 water facilities which includes micro-irrigation systems for crops in rain fed areas and Rural Sports for integrated rural development. Storage-cum-community centre scheme, started on the occasion of India’s Golden Jubilee celebration, is still continuing with 198 centers sanctioned and 181 completed and being used fully. KRIBHCO Krishi Pramarsh Kendra, a high-tech centre at KRIBHCO Bhawan, NOIDA continued free consultancy to farm-related issues. The centre also propagated efficient and balanced use of fertilizer by testing 6,718 soil samples collected scientifically free of cost (3,347 for micro-nutrients and 3,371 samples for macronutrients & irrigation water) from 15 states. Results along with the recommendations were forwarded through electronic medium to farmers at their doorstep, apart from using KRIBHCO website for display of results. Pramarsh Kendra also provided latest information on weather, rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, monsoon movement etc. to help in planning farm operations and mid-term corrections in the event of crop failure, generally through KRIBHCO Kisan Helpline. Directors of Agriculture of all states were informed about educational programmes conducted and soil samples tested from their states along with district-wise deficiency noticed in various soil samples. KRIBHCO also joined hands with ICAR, State Agriculture Universities, and State Cooperative Federations for free soil testing and technology transfer which was thankfully acknowledged and appreciated at all platforms. As a step towards modernization, KRIBHCO continued to promote Information Communication Technology (ICT) through KRIBHCO Kisan helpline using e-mail, phone, computer and KRIBHCO website for informing farmers about latest farm technology along with traditional tools. Information on monthly farm operations are also made available on website.

– Shashi Kant (DM Mktg)

Vol 59, January-June 2018


Plant News

New Executive Director of Hazira Plant Shri MR Sharma took over as the Executive Director and head of KRIBHCO Fertilizer Plant at Hazira on 31 March 2018. He is a BE (Chemical) from IIT, Roorkee and is the first Graduate Engineer Trainee who reached this position. He has worked in various capacities in KRIBHCO Hazira and its Corporate Office at Noida. He was holding the responsibilities of Production Head as Chief General Manager (Production) prior to his elevation as the Executive Director. He has widely travelled in India and abroad for technology upgradation and transfer. Shri Sharma has more than 36 years of experience in operations of giant fertiliser plants in India and Oman. Under his leadership, KRIBHCO has been achieving new heights in all spheres of operations and has achieved highest production records and has been conferred with the title of Best Operating Plant from FAI thrice. He has taken over charge when KRIBHCO is on the verge of major modernization and revamp plans.

May Day (International Labour Day) and Gujarat Foundation Day-2018 May Day (International Labour Day) as well as Gujarat Establishment Day were celebrated in KRIBHCO Township on 1 May 2018.

emphasised the need to be innovative in their work in these days of strong competition and tough economic conditions.

The program was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by Shri N Sambasiva Rao, Managing Director, Shri Rajan Chowdhry, Finance Director, Shri VS Sirohi, Marketing Director, Shri SS Yadav, ED(HR), Shri MR Sharma, ED(T)-Plant in the presence of Shri P I Patel, President Kribhco Karmachari Sangh, Shri Pratik K Desai, General Secretary, Kribhco Karmachari Sangh, Shri Atul Patel, President Kribhco Officers’ Association, Shri KB Patel, General Secretary, Kribhco Officers’ Association, Shri NK Sahoo, GM(HR) and other senior officers.

Shri M R Sharma, Executive Director in his address, highlighted the contribution of employees to achieve the targets and organizational goal in the prevailing market situation and the overall development of working conditions and living standard of employees. He also stressed the need for conservation of water considering the present water shortage scenario.

Shri N Sambasiva Rao, Managing Director, in his address, highlighted the history of the labour movement struggle undergone by the labour force and the subsequent labour reforms. He praised the KRIBHCO employees for their continuous efforts to increase the productivity and outstanding performance. He also


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

The May Day celebrations ended in a cheerful atmosphere as Ms Monali Thakur & group presented a scintillating performance (a musical orchestra program by M/S NR Talent & Event Management with renowned artists – Ms Monali Thakur & Group. This whole programme was coordinated by Shri NK Sahoo, General Manager(HR). The program was attended by dignitaries and township residents in large numbers.

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


MD & Functional Director’s Plant Visit

Shri N Sambasiva Rao, Managing Director, Shri Rajan Chowdhry, Finance Director, Shri V S Sirohi, Marketing Director and Shri SS Yadav, Executive Director (HR) visited the plant on 1 May 2018. During their visit, they inaugurated the Urea Plant VFD/Ammonia Cooling Tower / 11 KV Substation. The senior officials along with KKS, KOA executives and employees graced the occasion. During the visit, MD chaired various meetings with Sr Officers for technical review and meetings with KKS & KOA. A public address was also arranged at HRD Auditorium. The function was attended by senior officers and employees in large numbers. During his address at HRD Auditorium, he shared an overview of KRIBHCO’s performance in fertilizer industry, profitability, expansion and diversification etc. Shri Rao also praised the effort put in by the plant team for making a new record in production of Urea and Ammonia. Technical Review Meeting at Board Room

Management Meeting with Employees / Officers Associations

Management meeting with KKS & KOA executives at Plant on 1 May 2018

Vol 59, January-June 2018


Plant News

47th National Safety Day 47th National Safety Day celebration was observed at KRIBHCO Surat Plant on 6 March 2018, at HRD Auditorium. The theme for this year’s National Safety Day was “Reinforce Positive Behavior at Workplace”. To commemorate the Safety Day, various safety activities were conducted to create positive safety culture and safety awareness among the employees, contractors, children of nearby schools and the residents of the township.

An employee of a contractor during fire fighting training

BA Set Donning / Doffing Training

Fire fighting awareness demo at Kawas School

Fire fighting awareness demo at Kendriya Vidyalaya-2

Hydrant Drill Competition

Shri MD Tarpara, Dy Director, DISH, Govt of Gujarat, was the Guest of Honour during the National Safety Day celebrations at the KRIBHCO Plant. A bouquet was presented to Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour by Fire & Safety department. Shri AK Das, GM (Prod) welcomed the gathering and a Safety Oath was administered to the gathering by the Operations Director, KRIBHCO. Safety reports of KRIBHCO & HAEP were presented with KRIBHCO & HAEP plant premises ending the year 2017 with ZERO Injury. Operations Director – KRIBHCO & Shri MD Tarpara enlightened the audience with safety awareness and stressed the importance of safety in all walks of life. Prizes were distributed to winners of various competitions. The program concluded with the vote of thanks from Shri SK Mahapatra, AGM (Technical).


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


Bharat Mandir Pran Pratishtha

Pranpratishtha Mahoutsav of Bharat Mandir was celebrated on 21 February 2018 after undertaking major renovation work of the same. On this occasion, idols were consecrated in the temple which was followed by Yagna. A large number of devotees attended the ceremony and took blessings. Shri N Sambasiva Rao, MD and Shri RK Agarwal, Operations Director offered Yagna and Pooja. Employees’ families and people from nearby villages participated in large numbers. The function concluded with the distribution of Mahaprasad to all devotees at Mandir premises.

Holi & Dhulendi Celebrations

Holika Dahan was celebrated on 1 March 2018 at the open air theatre ground wherein, the residents celebrated the victory of good over evil by lighting the bonfire. On 2 March 2018, Dhulendi Milan Samaroh was organized at OD Bungalow and the residents exchanged Holi greetings with one another. The township, as every year, was yet again sprayed in various colors on the occasion, bearing witness to the fun that people had on the occasion.

Vol 59, January-June 2018


Plant News

CËnmXH$Vm gßVmh - 2018


^H$mo g¨`§Ì gyaV/ amï´>r` CËnmXH$Vm n[afX, ^maV gaH$ma Ho$ dm{UÁ` E§d CÚmoJ ‘§Ìmb` Ho$ Am¡Úmo{JH$ Zr{V E§d g¨dY©Z {d^mJ Ho$ VhV AmZo dmbr EH$ ñdm`ËV {ZH$m`/g¨ñWm h¡& BgH$s ñWmnZm Xoe Ho$ g^r joÌmo§ ‘§o CËnmXH$Vm Am¡a JwUdËVm MoVZm H$mo ~T>mdm XoZo Ho$ CÔoí` go 12 ’$adar 1958 H$mo hþB© Wr& ^maV gaH$ma H$m Ü`mZ ‘oH$ BZ B§{S>`m, {S>{OQ>b B§{S>`m na Ho$pÝÐV H$aZm Vmo h¡ hr, BgHo$ gmW hr Cƒ CËnmXH$Vm Am¡a JwUdËVm Ho$ ‘mÜ`‘ go Ëd[aV {dH$mg H$s Oê$aV H$mo nyam H$aZm ^r ^maV gaH$ma H$m CÔoí` h¡& Bgr CÔoí` H$mo nyam H$aZo Ho$ {bE amï´>r` CËnmXH$Vm n[afX Ûmam Bg df© H$m {df` - CÚmoJ 4.0 ^maV Ho$ {bE AmJo ~T>Zo H$m Adga/Topic “Industry 4.0, Leapfrog Opportunity for India’’ h¡& CÚmoJ 4.0 `m {Ogo Mm¡Wr Am¡Úmo{JH$ H«$m§{V H$hm OmVm h¡, ñVa na e{³Vembr ~b Ho$ ê$n ‘§o C^a ahm h¡ Am¡a Bgo AJbo Am¡Úmo{JH$ H«$m§{V Ho$ ê$n ‘o ‘mZm Om ahm h¡& Cgo CËnmXm§o Ho$ {S>{OQ>brH$aU Am¡a B§Q>aH$Zo³eZ H$mo ~T>mdm XoH$a doë`w Am¡a {~OZog ‘m°S>b Ho$ ê$n ‘| OmZm OmVm h¡& CÚmoJ 4.0 C^aVr hþB© àm¡Úmo{JH$s Ho$ EH$sH$aU `Wm So>Q>m H$s ‘mÌm H$å߶yQ>oeZb nmda MrOm| H$s B§Q>aZoQ >(AmB©AmoQ>r), ì`mnma {díco{fH$s, g¨~§{YV dmñV{dH$Vm, H¥${Ì‘ ~m¡{ÕH$Vm, ‘m¡{bH$ {S>OmBZ, {g‘wboeZ, CÞV amo~mo{Q>Šg, `moOH$ {d{Z‘m©U, g|ga AmYm[aV VH$ZrH$ Am¡a gmB~a ^m¡{VH$ {gñQ>‘ go ào[aV h¡& CYmoJ 4.0 H$m ‘Vb~ h¡ dmñV{dH$ Am¡a Am^mgr Xw{Z`m H$m A{^gaU& {d{Z‘m©U ‘| nma§n[aH$ Am¡a AmYw{ZH$ àmoÚmo{JH$s Ho$ AJbo MaU ‘| EH$ gmW OmZm h¡& BgH$m n[aUm‘ ñ‘mQ>© ’¡$ŠQ´r hmoJm, Omo {H$ ~hþ‘wIr à{V^m, g¨gmYZ XjVm, BH$moZmo{‘H$ {S>OmBZ Am¡a ì`mnma ^mJrXmam| Ho$ gmW grYo EH$sH$aU Ho$ Ûmam hmoVm h¡, {Oggo d¡ë`y AmYm[aV CËnmXm| ‘o A{^d¥{Õ hmoJr& {d{Z‘m©U AmO ~‹T> ahm h¡ Am¡a Cƒ ñVa Ho$ H$m¡eb H$s Amdí`H$Vm h¡& Eogo ‘| Mm¡Wr CÚmoJ H«$m§{V H$m ‘hËd Am¡a ~‹T> OmVm h¡& lr Ama.Ho$. AJ«dmb, n[aMmbZ {ZXoeH$ Ho$ {ZX}emZwgma Ed§ lr A‘aOrV qgh, Ana ‘hmà~§YH$ (à{ejU) Ho$ ‘mJ©Xe©Z ‘| amï´>r` CËnmXH$Vm gßVmh Ho$ CËnmXH$Vm gßVmh-2012 ’$adar go 18


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

’$adar 2018 Ho$ A§VJ©V boIZ (Ho$db ‘{hbmAm| Ho$ {bE), d³Vì` (gZâbm°da ñHy$b), d³Vì` (Ho$ÝÐr` {dÚmb`-2), ñbmoJZ ({hÝXr), ñbmoJZ (JwOamVr), ñbmoJZ (A§J«oOr) Ed§ nmoñQ>a à{V`mo{JVmAm| H$m Am`moOZ {H$`m J`m ñHy$b àm§JU ‘o d³Vì` à{V`mo{JVm Am`mo{OV H$admZo ‘o lr‘Vr ‘‘Vm qgh, àmMm`©, H¥$^H$mo H|$Ðr` {dÚmb`-2 Ed§ lr nr`yf emór, àmMm`©, gZâbm°da ñHy$b H$m {deof `moJXmZ ahm& Bg amï´>r` CËnmXH$Vm gßVmh-2018 Ho$ g‘Ýd`H$ lr à’w$b Q>r. gmob§H$s, d[a. à~ÝYH$ (nwñVH$mb`/à{ejU) Ed§ lr ZÝXbmb ^maVr, ghm`H$ à~ÝYH$ (‘mZd g¨gmYZ/à{ejU) aho, BÝhm§oZo amï´>r` CËnmXH$Vm gßVmh - 2018 H$mo g’$b ~ZmZo ‘| {deof ^y{‘H$m H$m {Zd©hZ {H$`m&

A‘aOrV qgh Ana ‘hmà~§YH$(à{ejU)

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


Improvement in the reliability of electrical system of Ammonia Cooling Towers Shri N Sambasiva Rao, MD, inaugurated the 11 KV substation of Ammonia Cooling Tower Area on 1 May 2018 and dedicated it to KRIBHCO. To improve reliability of Ammonia Cooling Towers the surrounding of cooling tower always remain moist. Therefore, electrical panels installed in this area have to continuously face moist and cold air. The 11 KV panels of this area have shown sign of deterioration of insulation. So as a proactive approach a new 11 KV switchgear with state of the art design, manufactured by M/S Schneider, is purchased and installed during last ATR of Ammonia I plants. The new panels are so designed that preventive maintenance can be carried out safely even when one of the cooling tower is in operation. All engineering activities were done in-house and by constant follow ups with supplier the panels were delivered within short period 80 days against contractual delivery period of 240 days.

Energy Saving Equipment at KRIBHCO, Surat Plant Shri N Sambasiva Rao, MD, inaugurated the Energy Saving Equipment at KRIBHCO, Surat Plant on 1 May 2018. KRIBHCO is striving hard to reduce energy consumption. Major pumps and compressors are being studied minutely to explore possibility of saving in energy consumptions. One of the such large machines of urea plant are liquid Ammonia Transfer Pumps(P1). These pumps are driven by 850KW, 3.3 KV motors. Speed of these pump need to varied as per process requirement. Until now the speed of pump was varied by a hydraulic device (Torque converter). This device was found inefficient. Therefore, a detail study was conducted in-house and it was decided to remove Torque converter from the pump train and the speed of pump was proposed to be varied using frequency converter. A microprocessor based variable frequency drive, matching the capacity and characteristic of pump, is purchased from Japan and commissioned in Urea plants. One P1 pump of each of the four stream is modified and total energy saving of about 550KW (equivalent to 550 flood lights/OTG) is achieved. The payback period for this new installation is about 30 months.

Vol 59, January-June 2018


Plant News

Celebration of World Environment Day-2018 Healthy planet is the key to our healthy existence. With this aim, United Nations dedicated the day to the cause of raising awareness among people about the severity of the issue of pollution and the damage that it has caused to our planet. This edition of World Environment Day is special, since India is hosting the event. KRIBHCO too celebrated 43rd World Environment Day at its township. A tree plantation drive was organized at the township under the guidance of Executive Director, Shri MR Sharma, and other senior officials. Employees and the residents of the township participated with enthusiasm in the drive and planted tree saplings of fruits. Keeping in sync with this year’s theme, “Beat Plastic Pollution”, KRIBHCO has also started an initiative to reduce the use of plastic in everyday lives of its employees so that the burden of plastic pollution in the environment can be reduced. KRIBHCO has always come forward to contribute to the environmental causes. Along the similar lines, ‘Green KRIBHCO, Clean KRIBHCO’ campaign has been started, in which cleanliness drives is being organized regularly in order to create awareness and sensitivity towards cleanliness amongst the residents

SURAT MARATHON 2018 (Run for New India)

The “Run for New India” held at Surat on 25 February 2018, wherein many employees and their wards took part for events like half marathon 21.1 KM, Run for 5 KM and free run along with runners from different countries including professionals.


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


Green KRIBHCO, Clean KRIBHCO As we all know that Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a national mission to make India’s street roads and infrastructure clean by 2019. Under this programme it is expected to bringing about a behavioural change of the people in general and improving the cleanliness and scientific disposal / recycling of soiled waste. As part of this mission and to make our township neat and clean “Clean KRIBHCO, Green KRIBHCO”, cleanliness drives were held in the township. With the aim of cleaning and beautifying the township, many residents came together and participated in the drives with zest. Shri MR Sharma, Executive Director, with his constant support and guidance, is playing an instrumental role in making the drives successful.

Movie & IPL Screening

To promote the culture of togetherness amongst the residents of the township and to provide recreational facilities, movie screenings have been revived. In this series, three movies, Bahubali 2, 3 Idiots and Golmal were screened at the open air ground on 12 May, 19 May, & 2 June 2018. The screenings were well attended and well received by the residents. KRIBHCO Staff Club also arranged the live screening of IPL Final Match on 27 May 2018, which was attended by a huge number of cricket lovers. To encourage sporting spirit amongst employees and children, KRIBHCO Staff club has organized a bi-cycle race for the employees and their wards at the township on 25 February 2018. Many employees and children participated in the event and the winners were given prizes by the Staff Club.

Vol 59, January-June 2018


H¥$^H$mo ‘{hbm OmJ¥{V Šb~ H$s J{V{d{Y`m§

{hbmE§ AnZo n[adma Ho$ gmW hr gmW nyao g‘mO H$s {eënH$ma h¢, Omo AnZo OrdZ ‘| Vah Vah H$s ^y{‘H$mE± {Z^mVo hþE, gånyU© OrdZ H$mo ghr {Xem XoVr h¢, CZH$m ^aUnmofU H$aVr h¢ Am¡a g‘` Ho$ AZwê$n g~ Hw$N> ~XbZo H$s e{³V aIVr h¢& Bgr H$mo h‘ Zmar e{³V Ho$ ê$n ‘| OmZVo Am¡a g‘PVo h¢& ‘{hbmE§ AnZo Ka n[adma H$s {µOå‘oXm[a`m| H$mo ~˜y~r {Z^mVo hþE AnZo H$s‘Vr g‘` ‘| go Hw$N> g‘` {ZH$mbH$a Xygam| H$s ^bmB© Am¡a H$ë`mU Ho$ {bE H$m`© H$aZo H$m à`ËZ H$aVr h¢ Am¡a Eogm gwZham Adga CÝh| {‘bVm h¡ H¥$^H$mo ‘{hbm Šb~ ‘|& H$moB© ^r Ë`m¡hma Mmho dmo N>moQ>m hmo `m ~‹S>m, Iw{e`m§ H¡$go Amng ‘| {‘b OwbH$a ‘ZmB© Om gH$Vr h¢, `h XoIZm hmo Vmo H¥$^H$mo ‘{hbm OmJ¥{V Šb~ ‘| AmgmZr go XoIm Om gH$Vm h¡& nyao df© Ho$ Ë`m¡hmam| Am¡a gm§ñH¥${VH$ H$m`©H«$‘m| H$mo ‘ZmZo H$m {gb{gbm nyao df© EH$ Ho$ ~mX EH$ MbVm hr ahVm h¡& EH$ H$m`©H«$‘ nyam hmoVm h¡ Vmo Xygao H$s V¡`mar ewê$ hmo OmVr h¡& OZdar ‘hrZo ‘| hëXr-Hw$‘Hw$‘ Ho$ gmW ~g¨V CËgd ^r ~‹S>o hr CËgmh Am¡a hfm}„mg Ho$ gmW Amo.S>r. ~§Jbo ‘| Šb~ H$s VËH$mbrZ AÜ`jm lr‘Vr arVm AJ«dmb Ho$ ZoV¥Ëd ‘| JmS©>Z nmQ>u Ho$ ê$n ‘| ‘Zm`m J`m& ~g¨V CËgd H$m `h Am`moOZ H$m{~bo Vmar’$ Wm& g^r Flower Queens BVZr Iy~gyaV bJ ahr Wt ‘mZmo gmjmV ~g¨V AmO YaVr na CVa Am`m hmo& µ’$adar ‘hrZo ‘| Silent Hill Resort ‘| {nH${ZH$ H$m`©H«$‘ H$m Am`moOZ {H$`m J`m {Og‘| Šb~ H$s g^r gXñ`mAm| Zo ˜y~ AmZÝX {b`m Am¡a AnZo ~MnZ Ho$ OrdZ H$s `mXm| H$mo VamoVmOm {H$`m& Šb~ Ûmam Mbm`o OmZo dmbo ~mb ^dZ Ho$ ~ƒm| H$mo ‘mM© ‘hrZo ‘| ^maV ‘§{Xa n[aga ‘| {nH${ZH$ na bo Om`m J`m& Bg {nH${ZH$ ‘| ~ƒm| H$mo Vah Vah Ho$ Joåg pIbmE J`o Am¡a ~ƒm| H$mo T>oa gmao Cnhma ^r {X`o JE& ‘mM© ‘hrZo ‘| hr M¡Ìr¶ Zdam{Ì Ho$ Xm¡amZ ha ~ma H$s Vah gw§Xa na§namJV VarHo$ go Pm§H$s V¡`ma H$a ^OZm| H$m gw‘Ywa Am`moOZ {H$`m J`m& Aà¡b ‘mh ‘| H¥$^H$mo ‘{hbm OmJ¥{V Šb~ Ho$ ZoV¥Ëd ‘| n[adV©Z hþAm Am¡a ZB© AÜ`jm Ho$ ê$n ‘| Bg Šb~ H$s ~mJS>moa lr‘Vr ‘§Oy e‘m© Zo g¨^mbr& ZB© AÜ`jm Zo EH$ ZB© D$Om© Ho$ gmW Šb~ H$s J{V{d{Y`m| ‘| Z`m Omoe d CËgmh n¡Xm H$aZo H$m ‘mhm¡b ~Zm`m h¡& lr‘Vr ‘§Oy e‘m© nhbo go hr H$m’$s g{H«$` Wt Am¡a Šb~ Ho$ AÝ` gXñ`m| H$mo CZH$m ^anya gh`moJ Am¡a g‘W©Z nhbo go hr {‘bVm ahm h¡& Jar~m| Am¡a ‘OXyam| Ho$ à{V BZHo$ {Xb ‘| gå‘mZ Am¡a ß`ma PbH$Vm h¡& Šb~ H$s AÜ`jm H$m H$m`©^ma J«hU Ho$ Vwa§V ~mX Aà¡b ‘hrZo ‘| Jar~ ‘{hbmAm|, Q>mCZ{en Ho$ ‘µOXyam| VWm Kam| ‘| H$m`© H$aZo dmbr H$m‘dmbr ~mB©`m| H$mo ‘wâV ‘| AZmO H$m {dVaU Šb~ Ho$ ‘mÜ`‘ go {H$`m J`m& Aà¡b Am¡a ‘B© ‘hrZo ‘| Omo Šb~ Ho$ gXñ` [aQ>m`a hþE Wo, CZH$m {dXmB© g‘mamoh Am`mo{OV H$aHo$ CZ g^r H$mo Eogr {Xbr Iwer Xr {OgH$s CÝhm|Zo Cå‘rX ^r Zht H$s Wr& Šb~ Ho$ Ûmam ha ‘hrZo Ho$ Vrgao ‘§Jbdma H$mo Amerdm©X Šb~ ‘| A‘¥VdmUr H$m nmR> {H$`m OmVm h¡& lr‘Vr ‘§Oy e‘m© {Z`{‘V ê$n go dhm± nhþ§MZo H$m à`mg H$aVr h¢ Am¡a A‘¥VdmUr nmR> H$m bm^ boVr h¢& 30

A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


{díd Xw½Y {Xdg - 1 OyZ 2018 na {deof

Am{W©H$ bm^ H$m AmYma

Jm¡ nmbZ


maV H$mo H¥${f àYmZ Xoe Ho$ ê$n ‘| OmZm OmVm h¡& EH$ g‘` `hm§ H$m {H$gmZ H$m’$s g‘¥Õ Wm bo{H$Z ~XbVo d³V ‘| {H$gmZm| Ho$ hmbmV Á`mXm AÀN>o Zht h¢& BZ g~H$m ‘yb H$maU h¡ OmJê$H$Vm H$s H$‘r& ^maV ‘| H¥${f EH$ OrdZe¡br ahr h¡ Ohm§ IoV-I{bhmZ, no‹S>-nm¡Yo Am¡a new-n{j`m| H$m H$bad gwZmB© XoVm Wm& n{j`m| H$s ~rQ> go {‘Å>>r ‘o§ Ho$MwE nZnVo Wo Am¡a Ho$MwAm| Ho$ CËgO©Z go {‘Å>r H$s Cd©am e{³V ~‹T>Vr Wr& Bg àH$ma nma§n[aH$ O¡{dH$ IoVr Ho$ gH$mamË‘H$ n[aUm‘ AmVo Wo& Jm§d Ho$ ha Ka ‘| Jm` hmoVr Wr Am¡a H¥${f d Jm¡ nmbZ Ho$ O[a`o {H$gmZ AÀN>m OrdZ {~VmVo Wo& AmÜ`mpË‘H$ H$maUm| go ^r Jm¡ nmbZ H$mo loð> ‘mZm J`m h¡& bo{H$Z Yrao-Yrao Jm¡ nmbZ H$‘ hmo J`m Am¡a CgH$m bm^ {H$gmZ Zht CR>m aho h¢& O~{H$ Jm¡ nmbZ go A~ ^r H$m’$s bm^ CR>m`m Om gH$Vm h¡& `{X Jm¡ nmbH$ Mmho Vmo A~ Eogr VH$ZrH$ Am JB© h¡ {H$ gm§S> Ho$ EŠg H«$mo‘mogmo‘ Ho$ O[a`o Jm` go ~{N>`m hr n¡Xm hmoJr& gZmVZ H$mb go ^maV ‘| Jm¡ nmbZ H$m {deof ‘hËd ahm h¡& Jm¡ ‘| bú‘r Am¡a XodVmAm| H$m dmg ‘mZm OmVm h¡ Am¡a CgH$mo ‘m± ‘mZVo hþ`o nyOm H$s OmVr h¡& ^JdmZ H¥$îU Vmo ñd`§ Jm¡ nmbH$ Wo Am¡a Jm¡ H$s godm H$aVo Wo& Bgr{b`o ^JdmZ H¥$îU H$mo Jmonmb Am¡a Jmo{dÝX H$hm OmVm h¡&

JmoHw$boe Jmo{dÝX à^w, {Ì^wdZ Ho$ à{Vnmb& Jmo-JmodY©Z Ho$ hoVw h[a, Amn ~Zo Jmonmb&& AmYw{ZH$ `wJ ‘| A{YH$m§e {H$gmZm| Zo Jm¡ nmbZ ~§X H$a {X`m h¡& Omo Jm` nmbVo ^r h¢ do CgH$mo Ho$db XyY XoZo VH$ hr AnZo nmg aIVo h¢ Am¡a O~ dmo XyY XoZm ~§X H$a XoVr h¡ Vmo Cgo Amdmam N>mo‹S> XoVo h¢& {Og Jm` H$mo h‘ ‘m± ‘mZVo h¢ dmo Amdmam new ~ZH$a Hy$‹S>m-H$aH$Q> Am¡a nm°br{WZ ImH$a V‹S>n-V‹S>nH$a ‘aZo H$mo ‘O~ya hmo OmVr h¡& Jm` H$m XyY YaVr H$m A‘¥V H$hm OmVm h¡& emóm| ‘| {bIm h¡ {H$ ‘Zwî` H$s e{³V Ed§ ~b H$mo ~T>mZo dmbm Jm` Ho$ XyY O¡gm H$moB© loð> nXmW© VrZm| bmoH$m| ‘| Zht h¡& AmYw{ZH$ d¡km{ZH$ ^r ‘mZVo h¢ {H$ Jm` H$m XyY gdm}Îm‘ hmoVm h¡& H$moaZob {díd{dÚmb` Ho$ new{dkmZ {d^mJ Ho$ {deofk àmo’o$ga amoZmëS> Jmoam`Q>o Ho$ ‘wVm{~H$ Jm` Ho$ XyY ‘| AX²^wV àmoQ>rZ hmoVm h¡ Omo H$B© AgmÜ` amoJm| go ‘w{³V {XbmVm h¡& Bg‘| {dQ>m{‘Z E' ^r hmoVm h¡ Omo Am‘Vm¡a na {H$gr ^r new Ho$ XyY ‘| Zht hmoVm h¡& à{V{XZ Jm` Ho$ XyY H$m godZ H$aZo go ~wIma, ‘mZ{gH$ amoJ, öX` amoJ, a³V{nËV, JwßV amoJ, Q>r~r Am¡a H¢$ga O¡go ^`§H$a amoJ Zht hmoVo h¢& Jm` Ho$ XyY go H$moboñQ´m°b ^r Zht ~T>Vm h¡ ~pëH$ öX` Ed§ a³V H$s Y‘{Z`m| Ho$ g¨H$moMZ H$m {ZdmaU hmoVm h¡& BVZr {deofVmE| hmoZo Ho$ ~mdOyX ^r bmoJ Jm¡ nmbZ H$m bm^ Zht CR>m aho h¢& {OZ {XZm| Jm` XyY Zht XoVr h¡ Cg d³V ^r dh Cn`moJr hmoVr h¡& Jm` Ho$ Jmo~a go Ohm§ Cnbo ~ZVo h¢ Vmo dht `o CËH¥$ï> ImX Ho$ ê$n ‘| ^r H$m‘ AmVm h¡& Jm` Ho$ Jmo~a go ~Zr ImX Ho$ à`moJ go ’$gb H$m’$s CÞV hmoVr h¡& Bg ~mV H$mo H$moB© ^r {H$gmZ ZH$ma Zht gH$Vm h¡& A~ Vmo H$B© ~‹S>r H§$n{Z`m§ Jmo~a go Yyn~ËVr Am¡a Am¡f{Y`m| H$m {Z‘m©U H$a ahr h¢&






Wmo‹S>m à{ejU boH$a Ka ‘| ^r Jm` Ho$ Jmo~a go Yyn~ËVr ~ZmB© Om gH$Vr h¢ Am¡a BgH$mo ~oMH$a ‘wZm’$m H$‘m`m Om gH$Vm h¡& d¡km{ZH$ ^r ‘mZVo h¢ {H$ Yyn d hdZ gm‘J«r Ho$ gmW Jm` Ho$ Jmo~a H$m Yw§Am dmVmdaU Ho$ {b`o bm^Xm`H$ hmoVm h¡& Bggo H$B© àH$ma Ho$ ~¡ŠQ>o[a`m H$m Zme hmoVm h¡& Jmo~a H$s Vah Jm¡‘yÌ ^r Am` H$m gmYZ ~Z gH$Vm h¡& Xw{Z`m ‘| Jm` hr Eogm EH$ ‘mÌ àmUr h¡ {OgHo$ ‘yÌ go H$B© ~r‘m[a`m| H$mo Xya {H$`m Om ahm h¡& Jm¡‘yÌ go Am¡f{Y`m§ d Ka ‘| BñVo‘mb hmoZo dmbm ŠbrZa ~Zm`m Om ahm h¡& Jm` Ho$ XyY ‘| X¡dr VËdm| H$m {Zdmg ‘mZm OmVm h¡& CgHo$ godZ go ì`{³V à{V^m gånÞ ~ZVm h¡ CgH$s J«hU e{³V ~T>Vr h¡& Jm` Ho$ XyY ‘| {dÚ‘mZ goar~«mogmS²g VËd ~ƒm| Ho$ {X‘mJ d ~w{Õ Ho$ {dH$mg ‘| ghm`H$ hmoVm h¡& Bgr{b`o ^maV ‘| ‘m± Ho$ ~mX Jm` H$mo hr ~ƒo H$s Xygar ‘m± H$hm OmVm h¡& ‘wå~B©, {X„r, ~¢Jbm¡a Am{X H$B© ~‹S>o eham| ‘| Jm` H$m ewÕ XyY Vmo N>mo{‹S>`o ^¢g H$m ^r VmOm XyY {‘bZm ‘wpíH$b hmo J`m h¡& bmoJ n¡Ho$Q²g dmbo XyY na {Z^©a h¢& Eogo ‘| `{X {H$gmZ à{ejU boH$a Jm¡ nmbZ ‘| OwQ> Om`o Vmo Ohm§ bmoJm| H$mo ewÕ XyY, Xhr, Kr Am¡a N>mN> {‘boJr Vmo dht {H$gmZ H$mo {‘boJr Am{W©H$ g‘¥{Õ& Ho$ÝÐ d H$B© àXoem| H$s gaH$ma Jm¡ nmbZ H$mo ~T>mdm XoZo Ho$ {b`o `moOZmE| ^r Mbm ahr h¡, {OgH$m bm^ {b`m Om gH$Vm h¡& BgHo$ gmW hr d¡km{ZH$ nÕ{V go CÞV gm§S> H$m Eogm gr‘oZ ^r V¡`ma {H$`m Om ahm h¡ {Ogo amo{nV H$aZo go Jm` go ~{N>`m hr n¡Xm hmoJr& ~od g‘mMma nmoQ>©b n{ÌH$m S>m°Q> H$m°‘ Ho$ ‘wVm{~H$ ~§Jbyê$ H$s E~rgr H§$nZr Zo AbJ-AbJ àOm{V Ho$ gm§S> Ho$ gr‘oZ go EŠg H«$mo‘mogmo‘ Am¡a dmB© H«$mo‘mogmo‘ H$mo AbJ H$aZo ‘| g’$bVm nmB© h¡& Bggo Omo Jm¡nmbH$ AnZr Jm` go ~{N>`m hr MmhVo h¢ Vmo Bg H«$mo‘mogmo‘ go CZH$s Jm` ~{N>`m OZoJr& OmZH$mar Ho$ ‘wVm{~H$ newYZ {dH$mg H$m`m©b` bIZD$ ‘| EŠg H«$mo‘mogmo‘ CnbãY ^r h¢& {OZHo$ 95 ’$sgXr gH$mamË‘H$ n[aUm‘ Am aho h¢& Eogo ‘| {H$gmZm| Ho$ gmW hr Am‘ ì`{³V H$mo ^r Jm¡ nmbZ Ho$ à{V ê${M {XImZr Mm{h`o Vm{H$ h‘mao Xoe H$s nwamVZ g¨ñH¥${V Vmo Ord§V aho gmW hr Jm` Ho$ XyY go ñdñÏ` d g‘¥Õ ^maV ~Z|& - Y‘}ÝÐ gmhÿ ‘r{S>`m gbmhH$ma, H¥$^H$mo

Vol 59, January-June 2018



Kribhco Fertilisers Limited Kavi Sammelan

An Akhil Bhartiya Kavi Sammelan was organized in Kribhco Nagar Township on the occasion of Foundation Day of the company and the programme was inaugurated by Dr Chandrapal Singh Yadav, Chairman. While addressing the audience, Chairman outlined the future plan of the company and also conveyed his best wishes to the employees and their families on the Foundation Day. Many renowned poets and artists were invited for performing on this occasion. The Kavi Sammelan continued till early hours in the morning and KFL employees and their families enthusiastically participated in the programme.

H$b AmnZo 

H$b H$hm Wm

H$b AmnZo H$b H$hm Wm Am¡a Cgr‘| H$ht AmnH$m AmO ~hm Wm dmo AmO Omo AmnH$mo {‘bm Zht dmo nb {OgH$m h¡ AmnH$mo {Jbm H$ht ha MrµO AJa H$b no N>mo‹S>|Jo Vmo gX¡d nN>Vmdo ‘| ‘w§h ‘mo‹S>|Jo Am¡a Omo H$a {X`m AmO Ho$ AmO Vmo Š`y± Z hmo EH$ {XZ ga no VmO `h dµŠV {H$gr Ho$ {bE éH$m Zht ^bo ‘wpíH$b go hr, na H$m¡Z BgHo$ AmJo PwH$m Zht H$a Xya `o ì`W© {dbå~, XrK©gyÌVm, Q>mb‘Q>mob H$ht Imo Z Om`o dmo nb Omo h¡ AZ‘mob


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

g¨V H$~ra ^r H$mb H$ao go AmO H$a H$h JE na h‘ Cg grI H$mo ^r H$b ‘| hr H$ht Jw‘m JE ¶y§hr Vmo Zm {Zamem Am¡a Ag’$bVm Zo h‘| OH$‹S>m Wm H$ht Zm H$ht ha H$m‘ H$mo h‘Zo H$b-H$b H$h H$a N>mo‹S>m Wm H$b AmnZo H$b H$hm Wm Am¡a Cgr‘| H$ht AmnH$m AmO ~hm Wm&&

A{‘V gnB©`m Cn à~§YH$ (`m§{ÌH$)

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


Environmental Awareness Week Celebrated KFL Celebrated its 13th Foundation Day

13th Foundation day of KRIBHCO Fertilizers Limited was organized on 18 January 2018 at KFL Plant at Shahjahanpur. On this occasion, Tree Plantation was organised at Lotus Park, KRIBHCO Nagar Township by Dr Chandrapal Singh Yadav, Chairman along with other dignitaries Shri OP Gupta-Managing Director, Shri Viren Kaushik-Advisor, Shri S Jaggia, Director, Shri R Venkataramanan, CFO & HR Head, Shri Bipin C Phuloria, Company Secretary. The Occasion was also graced by Shri VS Sirohi-Marketing Director-KRIBHCO.

Environmental Awareness Week was celebrated in the company from 4-10 June 2018. The objective of this celebration was to create awareness about environmental issues related to day to day life styles among employees, their family members and also to motivate them to pro-actively take measures for environment protection. Manpower engaged through contractors was also involved in these programs. World Environment Day on 5 June 2018 was also celebrated during the week and tree plantation was done in KFL Township on this occasion. Various programs like Environment Awareness Quiz Competition for the employees, tree plantation in plant area by employees, tree plantation in township by ladies, Environmental Quiz Competition program for ladies in township, Slogans Display at prominent places, Awareness program for bagging manpower on “Importance of Environmental Management in Daily Life”, Awareness program for employees on “Safe Handling, Storage and Disposal Management of Hazardous Waste”, Awareness program for staff in the Plant on “General Environmental Awareness& Water Conservation” were organized on this occasion. The employees, their family members and manpower engaged through contractors participated actively and interacted enthusiastically to understand their role and responsibility for the prudent use of natural resources and environment protection.

Gold Award-2018 for Environment Management KRIBHCO Fertilizers Limited, Shahjahanpur has been awarded prestigious Greentech Environment Award 2018 (Gold Award) from Greentech Foundation for maintaining healthy and safe environmental standards. The 18th Annual Greentech Environment Award was presented to KRIBHCO Fertilizers Limited by Shri Kamleshwar Sharan, Chairman& CEO, Greentech Foundation to Shri RK Chopra–Vice President (Works) of the Company. Shri Rajesh Rajan (Pappu Yadav)- MP (Lok Sabha), Shri Parimal Suklabaidya, Minister of Environment & Forest, Govt of Assam and Shri VP Mahawar, Advisor, Greentech Foundation and Director – Onshore (Retd) ONGC Ltd, were also present on the occasion. The award is in recognition of our commitment and efforts in building a safe, responsible and environmentally responsible organization.

Vol 59, January-June 2018



Republic Day Celebration at Plant and Fertilizer Public School Republic Day was celebrated by employees of KFL and Shri RK Chopra, Vice President (Works) hoisted the National Flag, followed by National Anthem at Security Main Gate of the Plant. This was followed by march past by Security Personnel of KFL and BIS. Vice President (Works) addressed the employees on the occasion and outlined the performance of the plant and future plans in his address. He also extended his good wishes to employees on this occasion. The Republic day was also celebrated by the students and teachers in Fertilizer Public School, Kribhco Nagar Township. The flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest Shri RK Chopra, Vice President (Works). Students presented their patriotic songs and a colorful dance program. Meritorious students were granted awards for their outstanding performance.

National Safety Week celebrated

Consequent to change in Company’s name from KSFL to KFL in 2017, the club, which was hitherto named as Kribhco Shyam Officers Club” also changed its name to “Anandam- The Club” w.e.f. 1 January 2018. This name was suggested by Shri SC Gaur, DGM (Mech) and the new name was appreciated by the members. The Club organized various sports, cultural and recreational activities for KFL employees including Sports Day on 28 January 2018. Nearly 100 employees, their spouses and children participated in various programs such as Threelegged race, Spoon race, Sack race etc. during the Sports Day. The Club also organized Table Tennis, Carroms and Chess Tournaments in April 2018 and employees and their families participated in large numbers in these tournaments.

The 47th National Safety Day was celebrated in KRIBHCO Fertilizers Limited, Shahjahanpur (UP) with full enthusiasm and participation. Various safety competitions were organized like written quiz, safety slogan, safety poem, safety poser etc. on this occasion. After the inaugural address by Vice President (Works), safety pledge was administered to all the employees and prize distribution function was organized for all winners of safety completion held earlier viz safety slogan, safety poem and safety poster. An exhibition displaying the safety and fire equipment was also organized at the plant site.


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

KFL Club Activities

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO

Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament

A “Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament” was held this year on the lines of IPL matches and the club auctioned interested players. A Committee of experts nominated the captains, who aggressively did bidding for various players to form their teams. A total of 10 teams along with 90 boys, 18 girls and 20 ladies participated in the tournament and played 51 matches from 8 May to 3 June 2018. The tournament received tremendous response and there was carnival like atmosphere in the Township for almost one month.


Badminton Tournament

A Badminton Tournament was held over a period of two weeks during January & February 2018 on team event basis for the Club members and their spouses. Children participated in separate categories. The change in format from individual event to team event was well appreciated by the players.

Picnic to Chuka

Music & Dance

The Club started music and dance classes for ladies and children from 16 March 2018. The classes are continuing and about 45 eager learners are availing the facilities available at their doorstep. Further, “Music and Dance Competition” was held on 26 May 2018 which received good response with participation from 53 members.

The Club also organized a picnic on 8 April 2018 at Chuka forest, part of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. Two buses containing 77 participants started from KFL Township in the morning at 6.30 AM and travelled 130 Kms in 3 hours. At the picnic spot everyone enjoyed at the shore of lake, played fun games, followed by delicious lunch and embarked on the Jungle Safari in open jeeps. The highlight of the jungle safari was the sighting of a tiger by many employees. The picnic ended at about 10 PM with a dinner in KFL Guest House.

Vol 59, January-June 2018



Kribhco Infrastructure Limited (KRIL) KRIBHCO Logistic Park (Hindaun City) A Joint Inspection of Rail in Motion Weigh Bridge (RIMWB) was successfully carried out at Hindaun Terminal on 2 May 2018. The Inspection was carried out in the presence of officials from Kota Division, WCR, Shri Sheikh Md Anis, Sr DME Kota Div, Shri Hari Lal, DCM, Kota Div, Shri MM Sharma, Station Director, Kota, Shri Naunihal Singh, SSE MW, Kota, Shri Havendra Singh, CPWI, Hindaun City, Shri Balvir Singh, CGS Hindaun, along with a team of junior staff/inspectors.

Hazira Terminal The Hazira Terminal has been performing well. Salient features of Progress are mentioned below: Operational • Dispatched 209 rakes, quantity 5.05 Lakh MTs, which includes 171 rakes of steel cargo. • Dispatched 46 rakes of steel, qty 1.19 Lakh MT in the month of May 2018, highest ever dispatch of steel cargo in a given month. • Started moving steel Pipes for GAIL for Shivpuri and Kapilas Road, new traffic from the terminal. First rake moved on 28 January 2018. Moved 10 rakes of steel pipe. • Steel cargo, which hitherto has been moving by Coastal Shipping to the state of Maharashtra, has been successfully converted to rail movement through Hazira Terminal. • In view of increase in steel traffic, opened up other handling locations for dispatch of steel cargo to meet the projected demand. Infrastructural Development • Undertaken strengthening of 1850 Sq Mtr area of handling platform-I and successfully completed around 1400 Sq Mtr of area without disturbing operational activities. Commendable contribution from Project Team Hazira. • Two high mast have been relocated from the platform area paving way for smooth and safe operations. • In view of frequent power failure because of cable faults, we have laid cable outside platform area with the help of KRIBHCO electrical dept, to avoid cable damage because of movement of heavy vehicle. Other initiatives • KRIL Hazira has undertaken invoicing of all billable activities at Hazira. • Railway has been persuaded to open Sasvad Road for steel cargo. This will further boost movement of steel cargo from the terminal.

Sales & Marketing Shri N Ramakrishna (Vice President - Sales & Marketing) on behalf of KRIL participated in the Maritime CEO Conclave & Smart Logistics Summit & Awards Delhi 2018 on 12 January 2018 at The Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. He was invited as one of the speakers at the summit. Kribhco Infrastructure Limited has also sponsored the “NISAA Business Forum 2018” in Gold Category which was held on 9 March 2018 at The Suryaa, New Delhi. The NISAA Business Forum 2018 was held in a grand manner which brought ICDs, CFS and Logistics Park Operators, Line agents and representative, NVOCCs, Freight forwarders, exporters, importers, CTOs, MTOs, CHAs, Indian Railways and Ministry of Shipping & Commerce together on one platform. Shri N Ramakrishna (Vice President - Sales & Marketing) of Kribhco Infrastructure attended the Business Forum on behalf of KRIL to strengthen KRIL leadership position and to showcase the organization and its facilities amongst regional trade representative and senior government officials.


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


KRIL Day On 22 April 2018, KRIL celebrated its first Annual day- “KRIL DAY” at KRIBHCO Auditorium, Noida. KRIL Day was celebrated at KRIL/terminals (Hazira, Modinagar, Rewari) too.

Rewari Terminal Rewari Terminal is presently handling 95 to 100 trains per month. The terminal has handled a total of 100 rakes in the month of May 2018 which is an all-time high. M/s ConCor has started business at KRIL terminal Pali, Rewari from 10 August 2017, and are moving around 60 import/Export rakes of Mundhra port, Pipava port, ICD Dadri and ICD Tugalkabad in a month. The terminal is already having a handling of diverse portfolio of cargo/customers that includes domestic container rakes of M/s Reliance, M/s JK Cements, M/s Essar Steel, etc. KRIL is also moving custom cleared containers of Boxtrans, Adani, World Window, Sanjvik on ConCor rakes via Rewari. M/s Ajanta Soya has also resumed movement of liquid bulk to Rewari. The domestic outward rake movement also started from Rewari to Bhimsar in March 2018 and till date KRIL has handled 6 domestic outward rakes. Rewari terminal also handled the highest throughput of 10530 TEUs in the month of March 2018.

Shri N Sambasiva Rao, MD, KRIBHCO along with Shri P Ranadhir Reddy, CEO, KRIL and Shri SS Yadav, ED (HR), KRIBHCO giving momento to the participant

KRIL – Rewari Staff celebrating Foundation Day

KRIL – Modinagar Officials celebrating Foundation Day

Achievements by wards of KRIL staff Simran Kaul, D/o Mrs Shivani Kaul – CM(HR)/KRIL, got `GASHTARUKH VI’ title by getting 1st prize in singing. The talent hunt competition `Gashtarukh- The KP Idol being organised by JK VICHAR MANCH on all India level every year. This year it was organised on 7 January 2018 at Shri Satya Sai Auditorium, Lodhi Road, Delhi. Award felicitated by Ms Priya Sethi, Minister of State in the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

Vol 59, January-June 2018




VIKAS TRUST Chairman Visits Eastern Zone

Dr CP Singh, Chairman KRIBHCO and Gramin Vikas Trust (GVT) along with the Director, KRIBHCO visited the office of Gramin Vikas Trust Eastern Zone, Ranchi on 21 February 2018. Dr CP Singh discussed the progress under various projects being implemented in the eastern region. A presentation on the NABARD WADI project was made to apprise him of the progress.

GVT signed a MoU with ODIS Filtering Ltd, Israel A team of foreign delegates from ODIS Filtering Ltd, Israel visited GVT Head office (Noida) on 30 January 2018 for a meeting with GVT officials to explore future partnership between ODIS and GVT on technological innovations in agriculture and water sector. On behalf of GVT, Shri SS Yadav (CEO-GVT/ED-HR, KRIBHCO), Shri SS Rana (DyCEOGVT), Shri S Bhattacharyya (Chief Manager-M&E/BD) and Shri OS Panwar (Chief Manager-F&A) graced the meeting and had a successful discussion with the team on various strategic points to collaborate in water management. Later, a collaboration agreement was signed at GVTNoida on 29 May 2018 between GVT and ODIS, Israel, to work together on projects of rain water harvesting, water resource management, sea/brackish/turbid/waste water treatment in India. Shri SS Yadav, CEO-GVT/ED-HR KRIBHCO and Shri S Bhattacharyya, Chief Manager (GVTM&E/BD) signed the agreement on behalf of GVT.

Visit of Sri Raghubar Das, Chief Minister, Jharkhand at GVT’s Stall Shri Raghubar Das, Chief Minister, Jharkhand visited Stall set up by GVT in the Kisan Mela cum Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2018 organized by the ICAR Institute in their campus on 16 January 2018. Shri Sunil Kumar Barnwal, IAS, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Government of Jharkhand also accompanied the Chief Minister. Both dignitaries commended the efforts of GVT in the area of rural development and urged it to keep it up.


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


GVT at Legal Services Camp National Legal Service Authority (NLSA) organized a camp on awareness generation of rural communities about the different government schemes that can be availed. Executive Chairman – Gujarat State Legal Service Authority (SLSA) & a senior judge of Gujarat High Court – Justice MR Shah chaired as the chief guest along with other government officials. In this camp, trainees trained under GVT’s vocational training program were acknowledged by providing them tool kits on masonry and plumbing trades as a part of promoting self-enterprising initiative.

GVT - Rajasthan celebrates World Environment Day World Environment Day was celebrated by GVTRajasthan under the CSR programme sponsored by HDFC Bank. The celebration was graced by Shri Hemant Nagar, Addl Dist Collector, and Shri Hemendra Shekhawat, Sr Manager-HDFC. During the event, Addl District Collector apprised the audience about the mitigation measures for Climate Change. During the event, 285 Solar lights and 100 smokeless chullahas were provided to women to promote the “Go Green” movement.

GVT-Rajasthan awarded On the occasion of 69th Republic Day on 26 January 2018, GVT-Rajasthan was awarded 5 appreciation certificates at different levels by state administration and district authorities for its continuous hard work and efforts towards the upliftment of poor tribals in rural areas.

Vol 59, January-June 2018



SoUL Project being implemented in Banka A project on localization of Solar Energy through local assembly, sale and usage of Solar Urja Lamps (SoUL) is being implemented by Gramin Vikas Trust in Banka district of Bihar with the support of IIT, Mumbai. Total target for assembling and distribution was 24,000 lamps in Chanan block of Banka District, Bihar. The Women SHGs have been trained for assembling and distribution of lamps and they are doing it successfully.

Shri RK Singh, Hon’ble Agriculture & Sugarcane Development Minister, Jharkhand visiting the stall of GVT–KVK, Godda

Assembling of Solar Lamps under SoUL project – Banka, Bihar

GVT- Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Godda awarded GVT- Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Godda put up its stall at Agro Tech Kisan Mela organized by Birsa Agricultural University (BAU), Kanke, Ranchi during 3-5 February 2018. Shri RK Singh, Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture and sugar cane, Jharkhand visited the stall and appreciated the efforts of GVT-KVK. The stall of GVT-KVK has been awarded 2nd Prize for its content.

{H$gr H$s ~oQ>r ~ZH$a OÝ‘ boVr h¡ {H$gr H$s ~hþ ~ZH$a namB© hmo OmVr h¡ {H$gr H$s nËZr, {H$gr H$s ~wAm, {H$gr H$s ~hZ ~Z OmVr h¡& ~MnZ go hr [aíVm| H$s Jm§R> Ow‹S> OmVr h¡ H$^r AnZr, H$^r namB© hmo OmVr h¡ namB© hmoVo g‘` AnZm| H$mo ê$bm OmVr h¡ na namB© hmoH$a ^r AnZm| H$m gmW {Z^mVr h¡ nam`m| H$mo ^r AnZm| H$s Vah AnZmVr h¡ Am¡a ha ZE [aíVm| H$mo g¨OmoZm {gImVr h¡& OrdZ Ho$ ha Xw:I H$mo gh OmVr h¡ AnZo Xw:I H$mo ^wbmH$a Xÿgam| H$s Iwer ‘| em{‘b hmo OmVr h¡ Xygam| Ho$ Xw:I H$mo ^r AnZm ~ZmH$a ghZ H$a OmVr h¡& Bg{bE Vmo nmnm H$s bm‹S>br H$hbmVr h¡&


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

Distribution of Solar Lamps under SoUL project – Banka, Bihar

‘m§ ~ZH$a ‘‘Vm Anma bwQ>mVr h¡ Am¡a AnZo ~ÀMo H$mo MmoQ> AmZo na IwX AnZr XX© g‘PH$a ß`ma Am¡a qMVm go ‘ah‘ bJmVr h¡& ~y‹T>o ‘m§-~mn Am¡a gmg-ggwa H$s godm ‘| AnZm VZ-‘Z g‘n©U H$a OmVr h¡


bo{H$Z O~ ~‹T>o hmo OmZo na ~ÀMm| Ûmam bbH$mar, Ka go {ZH$mbr OmVr h¡ Vmo {H$gr H$moZo ‘| OmH$a AnZr {H$ñ‘V na Am§gy ~hmZo bJ OmVr h¡& ~oQ>m| Ho$ Ûmam {ZH$mbo OmZo na ~oQ>r Cgo AnZmVr h¡ Vmo AnZr ~oQ>r hmoZo H$m gm¡^m½` OVmVr h¡& Iwe~y e‘m© nwÌr lr gwZrb Hw$‘ma e‘m© O~ g‘mO Ûmam Cgo bbH$mam OmVm h¡ H¥$^H$mo, Xodmg (‘Ü` àXoe) Vmo g‘mO H$s Hw$ê${V`m| H$mo bbH$maVo hþE Zmar e{³V, amZr bú‘~mB© ~Z {XImVr h¡& BgHo$ ~mao ‘| {bIVo-{bIVo {H$Vm~m| Ho$ nÞo Am¡a ñ`mhr IË‘ hmo OmVr h¡ {H$VZr ~mVm| H$mo AnZo A§Xa Nw>nmE aIVr h¡ Bg{bE Vmo `o ~oQ>r H$hbmVr h¡&


^maVr` H¥${f AZwg¨YmZ g¨ñWmZ (AmB© E Ama AmB©) nygm- ZB© {X„r ‘|16-19 ‘mM© H$mo - H¥${f CÞ{V ‘obm-2018 H$m Am`moOZ {H$`m J`m, H¥$^H$mo Ûmam Bg ‘obo ‘|o amï´>r` ghH$mar {dH$mg {ZJ‘ Ûmam ñWm{nV ghH$ma ndo{b`Z ‘|o ñQ>m°b bJm`m J`m, ‘obo ‘|o {H$gmZm| H$mo ZdrZV‘ H¥${f OmZH$mar XoZo hoVw VH$ZrH$s gm{hË` CnbãY H$am`m J`m VWm H¥$^H$mo CËnmXm| Ed§ àXËV godmAm| - {‘Å>r Ed§ ~rO narjU H$mo àX{e©V {H$`m J`m& joÌr` H$m`m©b` ‘oaR> H$s 6 àJ{Verb ghH$mar g{‘{V`m| Ho$ ñQ>mb ^r H¥$^H$mo Ho$ gh`moJ go bJdm`o JE& amÁ` {dnUZ H$m`m©b` CËVamI§S> Ûmam àJ{Verb {H$gmZm| H$mo ‘obm ^«‘U H$am`m J`m&

à~§Y {ZXoeH$, {dnUZ {ZXoeH$ Ed§ Ana ‘hmà~ÝYH$ ({dnUZ) H¥$^H$mo Ûmam ^r ñQ>mb na ^«‘U {H$`m J`m VWm {d{^Þ amÁ`m| go Am`o {H$gmZm| H$mo H¥$^H$mo Ho$ ~mao ‘o OmZH$mar àXmZ H$s JB©&

A{YH$Va {H$gmZm|o Ûmam H¥$^H$mo Ûmam CËnm{XV {d{^Þ Vab O¡d Cd©aH$m| H$s CnbãYVm, ’$gbmo| ‘|o Cn`moJ H$s {d{Y Am{X go gå~pÝYV OmZH$mar ‘m§Jr JB©& CZ Ho$ Ûmam H¥$^H$mo Ho$ CËnmXm| Ed§ {H$gmZm| hoVw {H$`o Om aho H¥${f {dH$mg Ed§ J«m‘rU {dH$mg H$m`©H«$‘m| H$s gamhZm H$s JB©, ‘obo ‘| Am`o 1000 go A{YH$ {H$gmZm| Ûmam AmJ§VwH$ nwpñVH$m ‘| H¥$^H$mo Ho$ gamhZr` H$m`m] Ho$ gå~ÝY ‘|o {Q>ßn{U`m XµO© H$s JB©& 3000 go A{YH$ {Z:ewëH$ H¥${f gm{hË` H$m {dVaU {H$`m J`m&

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


H¥${f CÞ{V ‘obm

Bg Adga na ‘mZZr` àYmZ‘§Ìr lr Za|Ð ‘moXr Zo CnpñWV H¥$fH$m|o H$mo g¨~mo{YV {H$`m& àYmZ‘§Ìr Zo {H$gmZm| H$mo gaH$ma Ûmam Xr Om ahr gw{dYmAm| H$m bm^ CR>mZo H$m AmJ«h {H$`m&

àYmZ‘§Ìr Zo 2022 VH$ {H$gmZm| H$s Am` XmoJwZm H$aZo Ho$ CZH$s gaH$ma Ho$ g¨H$ën H$mo XmohamVo hþE H$hm {H$ àYmZ‘§Ìr ’$gb ~r‘m `moOZm, àYmZ‘§Ìr H¥${f qgMmB© `moOZm Ed§ ‘¥Xm ñdmñÏ` H$mS©> `moOZm g{hV {H$gmZm| Ho$ {bE gaH$ma Ûmam MbmB© Om ahr {d{^Þ `moOZmAm| H$m {H$gmZm| H$mo ^anya bm^ CR>mZm Mm{hE. àYmZ‘§Ìr Zo Bg Adga na Xoe Ho$ AbJ AbJ OJhm| na àñVm{dV 25 H¥${f {dkmZ H|$Ðm| H$m Am°Z bmB©Z {ebmÝ`mg {H$`m. gmW hr, O¡{dH$ IoVr go g¨~§{YV nmoQ>©b H$m ^r ~Q>Z X~m H$a CÓmQ>Z {H$`m& - e{eH$mÝV Cn à~ÝYH$({d)

Vol 59, January-June 2018


awards & achievements

& a c h ie v em en ts

aw ar ds

r Patel, Mr Ansh Manoj Kuma tel, Pa H j no Ma ri S/o Sh od), Astt Manager Urea-I (Pr h Hig his in secured 97.8% . tion ina am Ex ard Bo School He appeared for the and examination this year yalayaVid riya nd Ke studies in II, KRIBHCO. gh, AGM (M) of Shri Sanjay Kumar Sin Ms Sanjana Singh D/o 100% marks in School, NOIDA, scored class 10, Delhi Public 29 January 2018 ld mpiad 2017-18 he on Oly tics ma the Ma al Nation tions Sanjana! rks in CBSE. Congratula and scored 97.6% ma

Fertilizer Public School marches ahead towards excellence The school result of CBSE Class - XII, X examinations this year was also good. Out of 60 students appeared, a total of 14 students obtained 90% and above in Class X Board Examination. For Class XII Board Examination, three students out of 30 scored marks in excess of 87%.

Achievements by the ward of Kfl employee Km Jaya Srivastava, D/o Shri Sanjay Srivastava, AGM (Projects) qualified IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced both with Advance CRL-3414.

Shri Parmar Sureshkumar Babulal, Astt Manager, has become a Certified Associate Member of The Institution of Engineers and is authorised to use the title of “Chartered Engineer”.

Kendriya Vidyalaya-II (KRIBHCO) The students of Kendriya Vidyalaya-II, KRIBHCO, Surat, excelled in AISSCE (Class-XII) and AISSE (Class-X) 2018 examinations. Master Bimal Nair, S/o Shri Madhu Nair, topped in Class-XII (Science) with 93.20% followed by Master Aditya Kumar Gopal Pramanik (89.80%) and Master Patel Mihir Kumar Kiran Bhai (89.60%). The result of Class XII is 100% for the second consecutive year. 46.8% students secured more than 75% aggregate marks this year. In Class-X Board Exams, Miss Andrea Neenu Jose topped the school as well as Ahmedabad Region by securing 98.6%. Master Ansh Manoj Kumar Patel secured 97.80% and Master Jaimin Sanjay Gajjar secured 96.80% marks. The overall result was 100% and 59.4% students secured more than 75% aggregate marks, which is the highest in the Ahmedabad region.

g n i edd W ells B


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

Dr Hardik Shah (S/o Shri CB Shah, SM(Prod) weds Dr Zankhna on 25 November 2017

Ravinder Kumar Rana S/o Shri Jagmal Singh weds Sonya

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


During the year 2018, following employees wards secured 80% and above marks in their X / XII Board Examinations 2018. Meritorious Students in XII Board Examination 2018

Meritorious Students in X Board Examination 2018

Avni Aryan (12th Std 95% & Neet Score 547 out of 720) D/o Shri Amar Prakash Jt CSO – Security)

Bimal M Nair (12th Std 93.2%) S/o Shri E Madhu Nair Officer(HR)

KaustubhRai (12th Std 93%) S/o Shri Rajendra Prasad Rai, Manager (Prod)

Narayan Ralhan (12th Std 92.20%) S/o Dr (Mrs) Jyoti Ralhan

Andrea Neenu Jose (10th Std 98.6%) D/o Shri V Antony Jose, Manager (Mech)

Jaimin S Gajjar (10th Std 96.80%) S/o Shri Sanjay Gajjar, AM(F&A)

Jaimin D Prajapati (10th Std 96.66%) S/o Shri DD Prajapati, Dy Manager (prod)

Darsh J Yadav (10th Std 95.16%) S/o Shri JR Yadav, Officer(F&A)

Hiral R Naik (12th Std 91% & GUJCET Score 98.50 out of 120) D/o Shri RS Naik Manager (Prod)

G Sai Nikhil (12th Std 88.6%) S/o Shri G Srinivas, AGM(Mtls)

Gaurav Pandey (12 Std 88.4%) S/o Shri Upendra Kumar, AGM(Prod)

Yash Prakash (Pre-University 87%) S/o Shri PN Naik, Dy Manager (Mech)

Sohini Dasgupta (10th Std 95.80%) D/o Shri Sanjay Dasgupta, CM(Prod)

Rohit Reddy Lingala (10th Std 95.40%) S/o Shri LRS Reddy, M(Lab)

Parth Maradia (10th Std 95.%) S/o Dr(Mrs) Varsha P Maradia, ACMO

Shambhavi Shukla (10th Std 93.60%) D/o Shri RL Shukla, AGM(Mtls)

V Gayatri (12th Std 85.4%) D/o Shri Vasu D Mudaliar, Officer (Mtls)

Rohita Tayal (12th Std 85%) D/o Shri Pankaj Tayal, AGM (Prod)

Jinal S Parmar (12th Std 82.80%) D/o Shri SB Parmar, DM(Prod)

Salil Saxena (12th Std 82.6%) S/o Shri Shailendra Saxena, Manager (El)

Fatima M Ashraff (10th Std 91.83%) D/o Shri Mohamed A Ashraff, Jr Chemist (Lab)

Amey K Mohile (10th Std 91.40%) S/o Shri KS Mohile, SM(El)

Meet M Shroff (10th Std 91%) S/o Shri Mihir A Shroff, Asst Manager (Lab)

Vansh Maurya (10th Std 90.8%) S/o Shri RS Maurya, Sr Manager (Inst)

Het M Patel (10th Std 90.5%) S/o Shri MM Patel, Asst Manager (Lab)

Kalgi D Shukla (10th Std 88%) D/o Shri DC Shukla, Asst Manager (Elect)

Jaysinh N Joddha (10th Std 87.5%) S/o Shri NJ Jodha, Dy Manager (Prod)

Swatiben G Gamit (10th Std 85%) D/o Shri Govind R Gamit, Officer(F&A)

Dhvani P Parikh (10th Std 85%) D/o Shri PN Parikh, SM(Inst)

Tulsi B Parmar (10th Std 83.5%) D/o Shri B C Parmar, Dy Manager(Prod)

Jay S Dave (10th Std 84.66%) S/o Shri SI Dave, Manager (Prod)

Poojaba K Zala (10th Std 82.16%) D/o Shri KB Zala, Asst Security Guard

Kendriya Vidyalaya-2, Kribhco Surat List of toppers of Class X & XII 2017-18

Patel Mihirkumar Kiranbhai XII-89.60%

Bimal M Nair XII-93.20%

Aditya Gopal Pramanik XII-89.80%

Andrea Neenu Jose X-98.60%

Ansh Manojkumar Jaimin Sanjay Gajjar Patel X-96.80% X-97.80%

Muskan Solanki XII-86%

Choudhary Bhavesh Voraram 85.20%

Chaudhari Tanvi VijaybhaiX-96.0%

Mahima Singh X-94%

Arshiv Vats Grand Son of Shri KB Sharma, Officer(Tpt)

Yashil Vats, Grand Son of Shri KB Sharma, Officer(Tpt)

New Born

Vol 59, January-June 2018



During the period of January-June 2018, the following employees were superannuated from the services of KRIBHCO. Farewell to the superannuated employees was organised in the respective departments and as a token remembrance, they were given mementos from KRIBHCO.

Shri AK Singh

Shri NK Sahani

Shri Gyan Sagar

GM(MS), 31 January 2018

Sr Driver, 31 January 2018

AM(Coordn), 31 March 2018

Shri HD Shatti

Shri NL Gupta

Shri BB Soni

Asst, 31 March 2018

Manager (F&A), 31 March 2018

Manager (HR), 30 April 2018

Shri SK Mongia

Shri Sukumaran G

Sr Manager (F&A), 30 April 2018

Sr Manager (F&A), 30 April 2018

Shri Ram Singh Bisht

Shri Sanjeev G Harshe

Shri Dipak K Choksi

Security Supervisor, 31 January 2018

Manager (TPTN), 31 January 2018

Chief Manager (Prod), 28 February 2018


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


Shri Bharat R Patel

Shri RR Chaturvedi

Shri B K Mishra

General Manager (Comm) 28 February 2018

Manager (Materials), 28 February 2018

Sr Manager (Prod), 28 February 2018

Shri SN Poorabia

Shri Ajit Singh

Shri RK Aggarawal

Sr Manager (Trading), 28 February 2018

Security Naik, 28 February 2018

Operations Director, 31 March 2018

Smt Pravinaben M Shah

Shri Mahendra Kumar Sharma

Shri Gamanlal D Patel

Dy Manager (Nursing), 31 March 2018

Sr Manager (Prod), 31 March 2018

Manager (Inst), 30 April 2018

Smt Hasumati D Kondwala

Shri RM Chopde

Shri Venkatesvarulu C

Sr Aiaha, 30 April 2018

Chief General Manager(T&P) 30 April 2018

General Manager (Proj) 30 April 2018

Shri Jayantibhai P Patel

Shri Hemant K Chawla

Shri Jayantilal K Gamit

Dy Manager (Mech), 31 May 2018

Chief Manager (HR), 31 May 2018

Manager (Mechanical), 31 May 2018

Vol 59, January-June 2018



Shri Jayarajan K

Shri VK Patel

Shri Kanjibhai M Patel

AGM (Production), 31 May 2018

Manager (TPTN), 31 May 2018

GM (Project), 31 May 2018

Shri Dalsukh R Patel

Shri Pradip G Patel

Shri Sureshbhai C Patel

Dy Manager (Elect), 31 May 2018

Dy Manager (TPTN), 31 May 2018

Sr Manager (Prod), 31 May 2018

Shri Bababhai D Patel

Shri Pradeep P Solanky

Shri Karsanbhai H Tandel

Sr Manager (Prod), 31 May 2018

Manager (Prod), 31 May 2018

Dy Manager (Mech), 31 May 2018

Shri JB Sanghavi

Shri Dilipkumar V Patel

Shri SK Mehra

Sr Manager (F&A), 30 June 2018

Manager (El), 30 June 2018

Chief Manager (Lab), 30 June 2018

Shri JG Trivedi

Smt Rasheda M Shaikh

Shri R C Joshi

Chief Manager (Prod), 30 June 2018

DM (Med-Lab), 30 June 2018

Jr Security Supervisor, 30 June 2018


Shri UC Sharma

Shri Mahesh P Somani

Shri Anup Pande

Shri HR Sharma

Addnl GM (Tech) 28 February 2018

Manager (Sanitary) 30 April 2018

AGM (M) 30 June 2018

Chief Manager (M) 30 June 2018

A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


Inter Departmental Tournament


Kribhco organises inter-departmental tournaments like Table Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Vollyball, Carrom and Chess every year for the employees at the corporate level. A large number of employees participate in these competitions enthusiastically. The winners are given trophies and certificates.

Winning Team (Technical Department) of Inter Departmental Cricket Tournament

MOU on Wage Revision

Wage Revision MOU being signed between Management and All India Kribhco Employees Union

Wage Revision MOU being signed between Management and Kribhco Karmachari Sangh, Surat

Vol 59, January-June 2018


Reader’s Column

Reader’s Column

$ ~ohX H¥$^H$mo Ý`yO H$m Ob g¨ajU na AmYm[aV A§H H$moU AÀN>m bJm& Bg A§H$ Ho$ AmboI Ohm§ aMZmË‘H$ Ñ{ï> m` H$mo H$mo àX{e©V H$aVo h¢ Vmo dht H¥${f AmYm[aV ì`dg g‚mm àmoËgm{hV H$aZo H$m H$m‘ ^r& A§H$ H$s H$bmË‘H$ `H$ {MÎmmH$f©H$ h¡& Cå‘rX h¡ H¥$^H$mo Ý`yO ‘| AmJo ^r àoaUmXm A§H$ àH$m{eV hmoVo ah|Jo&

Dear Sir

`enmb qgh `mXd


à~§Y {ZXoeH$, AmÝ`m nm°{bQ>oH$ E§S> ’${Q©>bmBOg© àm.{b

Excellent piece of article - Water Conservation - for Sustainable Life and Agriculture in KRIBHCO NEWS - July-Dec 2017 issue. With Best Regards

RK Batra

Dear Sanjay ji, First of all I would like to convey my best wishes to you and Shri Umesh Mishra for taking Kribhco news to new heights. On behalf of other retired employees of Kribhco, settled in Garima Vihar, I thank you all for regularly sending us copies of Kribhco news.

VK Mahendru

On behalf of Retired Employees of Kribhco at Garima Vihar Aptt, Sec-35, Noida

‘hmoX`, H¥$^H$mo Ý`yO (A§H$ 58, OwbmB©-{Xgå~a 2017) n‹T>H$a ‘Z A{d^yV hmo J`m& Ob g¨ajU na AmYm[aV `o A§H$ h‘| Ohm§ n`m©daU Ho$ à{V OmJê$H$ hmoZo H$s àoaUm XoVm h¡ Vmo dht Ob h¡ Vmo H$b h¡ H$m g¨Xoe ^r ny[aV H$aVm h¡& Bg A§H$ H$m g¨nmXH$s` AmboI JmJa ‘| gmJa h¡& H¥$^H$mo Ý`yO H$m H$boda H$m’$s AmH$f©H$ h¡& A§H$ Ho$ A§{V‘ Q>mBQ>b noO na àH$m{eV ’$moQ>mo na {Q>ßnUr Ho$ {~Zm ‘oar ~mV AYyar ahoJr& lr C‘oe {‘lm, Cn ‘hmà~§YH$({dn) Ûmam pŠbH$ {H$`o J`o CX`nwa Ho$ ’$Voh gmJa H$m `o ’$moQ>mo AnZo Amn ‘| AX^wV h¡& ’$moQ>mo H$m VH$ZrH$s nj BVZm emZXma h¡ {H$ Cgo XoIH$a ‘Z gH$mamË‘H$ ^md go ñn§{XV hmo CR>Vm h¡& g¨nmXH$ ‘§S>b H$mo hm{X©H$ ~YmB©& Y‘©oÝÐ gmhÿ

‘r{S>`m gbmhH$ma, H¥$^H$mo, ZmoES>m


A§H$ 59, OZdar-OyZ 2018 

Addl GM (F&A)

H¥$^H$mo ݶyO


Celebratingthe New Year A cultural programme was organised on the eve of the New Year. All the employees attended the programme. Shri N Sambasiva Rao, MD, lighted the lamp along with Finance Director, Marketing Director, ED(HR) and ED(T). The programme was arranged by a musical group and the Kribhco employees participated in the event with enthusiasm.