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)Esop's Fables .43 Andersen's Fairy Tales .37 Arabian Nights, Stories from the .44 Biographical Stories .46 By the Hearth and in the Field .40 Cinderella and Other Stories .48 Cuore .48 Don Quixote, Stories from .41 .35 Easy Stories for Boys and Girls English History, Stories from .48 Ethics for Young People .43 Fifty Famous Stories .53 Great Lives in History .55 Grimm's Fairy Tales .38 Gulliver's Travels .30 Little English Citizen, The (Lee) .36 Mitsui: The Meridian ~eaders 1-V 1-.72, 11- .80,111- .85, IV-.85, V-.78

Outlines of English History .56 Pandora arid Other Stories .43 Practical English Conversation Cil!Ctn .60 Robinson Crusoe .34 Shakespeare, Stories from .41 Simple Practical English Conversation I. II. :11- .35 Tour through the British Isles .40 .52 Twenty More Famous Stories Union Fourth Reader .43 Use of Life, The (Avebury) .43 Water·Babies .37 Wonder-Book .53 Yamada: English Grammar Cil!CilJJ!Iil) .60 , : Girls' English Grammar .45 Yamazaki : English Grammar & Comp. l. II. :11- .60 ~~wrl3fim:

Stories, Sketches, Novels, Etc.

Life and Humanity .60 Little Lord Fauntleroy (4-:',H·) 1.00 London Chronicle, A (Frank H. Lee) 1.50 London (Jack), Selections from .90 Love of the Alps (Symonds) .60 Lure of the Sea, The 1.00 Malachi's Cove and Other Tales (A. Trollope) 1.00 Mansfield (Katharine), Selections from 1.00 Maugham (Somerset) & Other British .85 Writers Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, (Doyle) .80 Miscellany of Typical Prose, A .50 Model Millionaire and Other Stories .40 Olalla (R. L. Stevenson) .38 0. Henry: Best Short Stories 1.00 Our Village (Milford) 1.20 Pavilion on the Links, The (Stevenson) .50 Peter Schlemihl, The Shadowless Man .60 Poe (E. A.), Seven Select Stories from .60 Quentin Durward (Scott) 1.20 Rajah's Diamond, The (R. L. Stevenson) .50 Representative Short Stories .80 Rip Van Winkle and Other Sketches 1.00 Rosamund Gray and Selected Poems .60 Sexton's Hero & Other Tales (Gaskell) .80 Sleeping Fires (Gissing) .80 Shakespeare, Tales from (Lamb) .50 Silas Marner (G. Elliot) .90 Son's Veto and Other Tales, The (Hardy) .60 Story of a Bad Boy, The (Aldrich) .80 Tagore, Rabindranath (Selections) 1.00 Tales from T error and Mystery .70 Tchehov (Anton), Selections from I.II. :11-1.00 Their Best Detective Stories 1.00 Their Best Short Stories .90 Tom Brown's School Days (Hughes) 1.00 Twelve Best Short Stories 1.00 Twice Told Tales (Selections) .70 Three Men in a Boat (f. K. jerome) .80 Vicar of Wak~field, The (Goldsmith) 1.00

American Short Stories 1.20 A A · Ph.l h · p · 100 n the I osop er m ans . Anderson (Sherwood) and Other American Writers .85 Essays, Criticisms Best Novelettes of To·day 1.00 Amiel's Journal 1.00 Book of Stories, A .80 Arnold (Matthew), Selections from 1.00 British Short Stories 1.20 Book of Essays, A .80 Call of the Wild, The (].London) 1.00 Citizen of the World, The (Goldsmith) .80 Character of Napoleon Bonaparte .35 Contemporary Essays .80 Choice Novelettes 1.00 Critical and Miscellaneous Writings 1.00 Christmas Carol, A (Dickens) 1.00 Culture and Life .80 Cricket on the Hearth, The (Dickens) 1.00 i Glimpses of the Modern English Critics .50 Contemporary Short Stories 1.00 ' Great Thinkers .80 Confessions of an Opium-Eater (D.Q.) 1.00 Happiness in Life (B. Russell) .75 Conrad (Joseph), Selections from 1.00 Helps's Essays .50 Country of the Blind and the Door in Heroes and Hero-Worship (Carlyle) .80 the Wall, The (Wells) .35 Higher Intelligences 1.00 De Profundis (Wilde) 1.00 How to Get What You Want (Marden) .50 Dickens (Charles), Tales from .35 How to Live on 24 Hours a Day (Bennett) ' .80 Eminent Authors, .Select Pieces from .60 English Country Calendar, The (Lee) LOO Huxley (T. Henry), Selected Essays of .90 English Prose .60 Inge and Jacks, Select Essays of 1.20 English Maii·Coach, The (De Quincey) 1.00 Intellectual Life, The (Hamertonl .60 Facts and Fiction .85 Literary Prose .80 Five Short Stories (Stevenson) 1.00 Literary T astes (Bennet) .50 Five Best Stories .80 Maurice Baring, Selected Lectures of .90 Francois Villon (R. L. Stevenson) .50 Pater (Walter), Selections from 1.00 Galsworthy (John), Selections from 1.00 Pen, Pencil and Poison and Other Gissfng (George\, Selections from .70 Essays (Wilde) 1.00 Great Modern Short Stories 1.00 Representative Modern Essays .80 .60 Soul of Man, The (Wilde) .50 Half Hours with Modern Writers .50 Swinton's Studies in English Literature 2.00 Happy Prince & Other Tales (Wilde) Hardy (Thomas), Selections from 1.00 Thoreau (Henry D.\ Essays of .50 Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow Two Critical Essays .60 (]. K j erome) .50 Unto this Last and Poems (Ruskin) 1.00 Jonathan & his Continent (Max 0'Rell) .60 Viscount Grey of Fallodon, Four Essays .65 Lawrence, and Other Contemporary World A Century Ahead, The Writers .90 (Birkenhead) .50

World We Live in, The I. II.



Sciences, Philoso'p hy

Epistemology and Ontology (Jerusalem) .50 Essence of Modern Idealism, (Royce) 1.00 Fathers of Philosophy and Science, The (Durant) 1.00 On Liberty (S. Mill) 1.20 Science of Religion (A. Menzies) .40 Scientific Readings "Biological " 1.20 . "Physical" 1.20 Self-Reliance and Compensation .35 (Emerson ) Subjection of Women, The (Mill) .90 Utilitarianism (S. Mill) .80 Dramas

Contemporary One-Act Plays 1.00 .60 Five Short Plays Great Modern One-Act Plays 1.00 Little Masterpieces of Ten Great 1.30 Dramatists 1.50 Shakespeare, Extracts from 1.20 Two Famous Plays of To-day Passing of the Third Floor Back an Idle Fancy (]. K j erome) 1.00 H istory, Biography

Chivalry and Sportsmanship (T. Lyell) .80 Lord Clive and Samuel Johnson (Macaulay) 1.00 Making of Man, The (H. G. Wells) 1.00 Martyrdom of Man, The (W. Read~) 1.00 Mill's· Autobiography 1.00 Modern Masterpieces of Auto· biography 1.00 Representative Men (Emerson ) .70 Seven Great Men of To-day (Gardiner) .60 Two Eminent Victorians (L. Strachey) .90 World before Man, The (H. G. Wells ) 1.00 Sports

Readings in Modern Sports


Cecil Rhodes Democracy & Public Opinion (Bryce) Essays on Modern Problems English Constitution (Bagehot) Moral Ideas and Social Life Readings in Economics Social Evolution Social Problems Views and Opinions on Modern Problems Where is the World Going?

.90 1.00 1.20 1.00 .80 1.50 .80 .80

Sociology, Economics, Politics

.70 .80


Comus and Lycidas (Milton) English Poems Eriglish Verses Enoch Arden and Locksley Hall Introduction to English Poetry, An (S. H. Batty-Smith) Little Gems of E nglish Poetry Lyrical Poems of England Poems on Evening and Night

.40 .70 1.00 .25

1.00 .50

.30 1.50

Composition, Conversation

Higher English Composition (Tomita) I. II. :11- .90 English Composition (Hanazono) .70 English Composition for Advanced Students CSudo J I. II. 41- .70 Talks in Tokyo (Gaiger) 1.00 Oral English (T. johns) .35 J::jfc!Ql ~\. , Lafcad io Hearn Series ~ , <'[ l!ij;OZ> !JJ' i~l{>

Pole Star Library, Cheap Edit ion

~~\lll(fililft~' ~ IJ !!:. -.. ii'H!!Jrtji]J
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〈第三和主; 1 但i 初認可〉


1 i-近 刊 高 等 英 文 設 斜 書 ア !~ I i ' l ' I w TiwW1UH , d .01 '

一一一一笠宮士虫色日士宮古 一ー一一一一一一一一一司由:.:::..~ _

EN 削 IINENTN ATURALISTS FromD m 問 i 初 nω t oHud 必ο Sn Price. 7 0sen 叩 .1 0 0

三 月ん E 2 γ s i 4 て ? : ; ゴ 1 f ii;l.i2r叩 '~i: ι “符 加 u 4“E附.喧 d 袋を ìrr Ah ι昌量 E附町必 M

E d i t e d切 byO.U附n t 凶2 n m 1 Price.9Ds~n p p .1 4 4

I 1

l iiI 三月十七日頃H.!, ;1~ , . . I~ 1 1 .l !f i : itm rl 1inJ U I I ( [ !l Und 一 一 一 一 一 一一←ー 1I O:Jw;', ' i ; }y時 g ' i f ( '1 > SEVENTALESONEMLAND │ !! 528SEm-nE1 ByJ o h nW P a l m e r lij 三 月 卜日 頃 出 禁 (wiihl i 1 ω r a t i o n s ) l~ I ~ニニニエニ二一一一一一-~._._~~~ ¥ " ".~,.. .l ,.. . . . . . " , ~"" .,."...,! I ~ ! I

Chades a r n tT h e O品ind l

お主主11・53 よ2242??JITL233tfA│ Be i z a a kV V ' a l t o n : n e C o m p l 制 品 r . ¥ r V . H.l I u d s o n :T A d v e n t u r e s A r n o n g

J 汽 戸 F

川 I TH血EWO侃RL印DA姐FF問 AIR郎80抑FT叩O-DA灯y 附l 引~! t ; i

理科肢にして而か1/,:<祭的香りのおいill:果的名訴. I : ' 叫


V OL .V m,NO.2

I ENGLISH 1571215MMTE421拙 I~ I 量 輸 GRAMMA R land包 竺ni nEngl吋州国 -~ I~ , I 議 11 1t :! (RevisedEdition)

~~~__ ____ _ _ _ _.__~ ~~~l~~k ~~.~::::~~' 'n~r!~~~_!_.2f~_ _1:_~ I~ 関イム EMINENTHISTORIANS 1 自己記2?u官ア山itESI?3C115tzt竺 i~ I欝 d 議 題 亀 M

仰 川 町

P山 2必 S U I


iCivic, Mo叫 &S白~tiúc

I~! 欝霊祭;妻宅

i I 駅 L

32322LTZi;tJL123122:Il 1 j ; ;;ji EwmBLamada O ぷ 話 ♂ ± 苛 ; 忠 ? 主 占λ ヰ = ヰ5去£r 与 ア 吃 e 向 2; 必 記 2:e3 剖印i 匂凶 d ,州社凶 w it hN 尚口t 同 E 同s ,切 byS .I n 口a 伽 帥 b 凶 旦 1i I 譲 叡ど 勺 . 恥 P r r o f回… s 田 問 。 伺 Tば o fE叫 hi nぬ 8 c ∞ o 幅 阻-ThomasC a r l y 1 e :0 ω l i v eC r o m - 1 r p1 7 2. Pdce. 5 2se月 1 Hi I遊 撃 P e e r s '8 c h o o 1 w e ll .LordM a c a u l a y :F r e d e r i c t h eG目 前 ( t l lf1締官片J) I m: l , , Volúlfrê~-":'Thom~s C a r l y l e :T ! l e ー 一一一 一一 一一一一一 1 6i I ニ、四雨苧 1 [ '用 完 債 六 十 銭 EE12JYMZ14; 足 。 丘 ム712恥 The I Shorter Short Stories I !I 1 昭和 7 ,1 1 .1 9文 部 省 滋 時 1WithanInt1'Oductiol!byJ o h nB u rb a n k1 91 I 一一 一一一一一一 LordMacaulays │ pri印 s~~',., .-_ .~-".. I! 1 放へ易〈皐び易い理想的英文法! J O H NMILTON 郎 1 4 6 11 j~T~Y:' 一一一一一一← E d i t e db y1 .N i s h i z a k i Jol~記長b瓦三 ー一 一一一一 1 1 1 1 G LS' ENGLISHGRA 班 班AR.

: r J



. _ _ _ , _

: 8 0 "

l R

Pric~..tの評 ._6_~..~~. _P~'.. ~2... 1 SESA M EA N DLILIES 問主:してーl1 J 論家れるゆ名を恋仁し │

By1 .YAMADA 1 r .M a c a u l a yり代表作。各頁 には詳しき英文脚, r た I Price1 . 0 0p p .2 4 8 P r i c e. 45sen 附し t 政治的背景~許かにし、守ねこは本論叫~~- Iラ ス キ シ ω諸刻字の 11 1で 品 、 各 湯 舟 知 識 階 級 仁 れ 4 s t r a c t並 び 仁 川 l t oM a c a u l a y府 背 の 詳 1 r友を I!長〈覧請され、本邦では大渋主総 l こ必苅の オ 最也教へ易肝要官i をf 早大女子用英文法政科書 指げて議若山参考としれぬり o ってみるも 水引 は 以 州 川 あ る C o o k,Wed. 一 一 ← 一一一 一 一一一 一一一一一 d e r b u r n則氏刺七十九加の判長に :;Jl~ って般常な校 , iJ 昭事1 7 .1 1 .1 0文部古 J 臨J L l i f 1 St.JohnErvine'sEssays Iぬ fFJ!?J 、 号 ZJY自 治l m絞 1 1 1L : : : : : : 一 一 一 一 一 一 一一C o m p i l e df r o mt h e“O b s e r v c r "f o rt h e 引J l j { 'l文ゃ§時現 1 I 1 二闘 し t 料品品完的な英文ω よ'" I~ 1 但,

5 1 5 5 1 2 5 1 法政i 課長5 2 1 1 r ; 品函正了一一一 ー I I I I S E V E NTf¥LI(S Zem:;dJttω f IVoltaireand Nietzsche I'iI ! 0N EN'G LA1 : ' l . JD … 山


C o m p i l e db yY.N i i l s u Price 1 .0 0p p .2 3 3

C o m p i l e dw i t hNo t e sb yM.Kohno I 11 i --, -:,:,_,~-~ -~-"'-~_~~ -: : : : --I I ~I! ByJ o h nW.P a l m e r, B .A .(Cal l t ( lb ) Pr i .ce. 7 03en p p . 5 ~1 1 長 孟 孟 己 記 示 孟 孟 孟 孟 孟 孟 語長云云云云云芯二三五世止函E 五去 王町由自由ら孟示函己記石二 I 1 lllustratedwithsomeρhotograths, p p. 2 5 4 - 臨 溜 鶴 間 磁 極 遜 離 種 盤 盟 関 盟 問 問 問 欄 血 盟 主 " , 1 i Price子 1.20PO叩 8sen 員に特長を有する理想的リーダ!!! 1~ _E n g l i s h. Edu凶 i o n : The S c h c o l s . ! 1 iE n g l i s hEdu 践活尚三岳商業思校教授 光井武八良1 5先生若 i 1C~'i~k~;. ::_s~日le Othe rB r i t i s hGames一 。"'1110 ~ Price: 1 ・ー . 7 2 .H.-. 加 1 1 !TheE n g l i s hC o n s t i t u t i o n . T h eB r i t凶 I

汁 U


ーペ住与午ニヱニ ι

P o rgemunel~"!der.';tα mJi ilfj rmda p p r e c i f l t i o n ITISESSENTIAL! ( ; y c r yr c a d f ? To fι n g l i s hb 叫 , k s5 h o u l d~'q匂lþ h i m s e l [I h 出 SC 5 s e J J t I a lυ持r m a t w no n巴究mmCdd n dt 恥ι 冗 1nt ' n c c tnJ 則

D了 J a m es A .B .S c h e r e r ' s λ'ewBook


宍求穴双.むるか? 一

一 了 一 、 全 全 ? 五 且 芸 川 念 ⋮ 加 守 小 官 ︺ ら 主 沼 じ て 切 出 椛 な る 一


一 ↑何を 竺 京



一一定の主義以川の文町、包る一 一統一総合的合政的役科訟で一 れ必!・一 ﹀,一


ヒ ヰ 屋


川日常庄 一 令一満 一 主 主 川 、 ・1 ⋮川口川幸一 川山 t R一 泊 の 英 語 よ リ 入 っ て 限 ぷ も 一 喚起ぜし一 釧バ↑の一会際的拠・ 一め、、英詑に到する興味の盛 一 済智一質性恒久性た市叩保するに在一

r = ι


vp 清 一 リ。何となれば此興味ル航一 例 fL一 保し符ざる尖誌の勉強は不一 会丸山首 と像 志一 滞 .;'一一 山 Li E生 l総lこt t司i j i J 文 ︿仙川町山(味の般烈ドして耐一


.ぺ彼紅一昨日む(午恥かじ佐一 昭 ー さ 一 おw

沼 一 久的なるた符ざればなり o 一 lhr- 一 一 1 1 一一、然かも本 主町民武際 的方前 一 7 , 守 一 た救ふる傍ら不知の川に英↑ 和 弘 五 一 間川辺込 Lι民芸乃K 清 刀長川均一

一名市中た期し、一方一般的英一 一諸問民文化一いも親しみ得る一 一 素 地た拠へん 事 た 却 す 。 一

一除 ふ に つ れ 良 債 懸 々 大 守

東京.I I 11 ・錦町三ノ十二 日 1 仮 替 東 京 一 六 O二 山 電話 n i l l l 同 一 匹l二 J L

8 5,rV. . 8 5,V


E号室fぷ=れ l虫丸 t~~ ・三位・


数交付J ・各地主要書 J 8

: = = ' 1 i ' i l 氏名 thWi ( j ¥ ) 東 京 公 : ・


AME良 ICA: PAGEANTSANDPER SONA LlT IES w . h 1 3ph()~apha P r i c e¥ 1.70 I'Q$t~ I U u i 1 0 : ; . . . "


1 1 1ぬr mati v e 'F a s c i n αl ' i ng C u t s O l l l Sa n dm a n n e r s,t r a d i t i o n sa n dl e g e n d s,page~nts a 川 i f e s t i v . 1 s l ,s o c i
, l 'u n i v ei te s ,S i Jo r t s,h i s t o r ya n at h e a l l dn a t i o n a ld i e a l I ie N a t i o n,i n c Ju d i n gs t at e s me n,n o v e l i s t s , p o e t s, H u i l d e r so ft ! n v e n to r s,a r t i s t s . a n ds c i e n t i s t s NARRATEDI NS I M P L E BUTB ι A U T I F U LLANGUAGE! N oS tl1d e n to ft h cE n g l i s h La n g u a r : c a . n d L i t c r a t u r e o f , l ! ' l tc m a . n n a f f o r dt omi ! ; 3 t h i sb o o k . 'fo u r i s . t sw i lf i n d t i o n al P o! i t i csc t iExtrem~!y F田~dllf!. !ing R e a d i n g N122忠~IO HOKUSEIDOTOKÇg~引ふ24 日

i i _ 一一一一