33 Olanzapine 10mg Orodispersible(ODT) tabs 30,000 1,157,100.0038.57 34 Phenytoin Sodium 100mg caps 1,700 36,550.0021.50 35 Piperacillin+Tazobactam 4g...

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Code Units Owner's Address Property Index Number ... REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES Province of Bataan ... Plumbing Inspection Fee Electronic Fee

13 Liberty Value Loan Pilar, Bataan 14 Studio 23 Hair and Body Salon Balanga City, Bataan 15 Lockheed Security Agency Limay, Bataan 16 Prime Power Agency Limay, Bataan 17 Plaza Hotel Balanga City, Bataan 18 J.E Manalo Limay, Bataan 19 Terp …

Mr John James Eskinc, wrote to the Governor about the necessity of having a separate lunatic asylum. ... I have recommended wood for walls and

informed consent form. ... Personal characteristics and lifestyle ... Emergency work 129 (33.1) Intent to leave the profession 118 (30.3)

Most of the residential area has low flooding susceptibility. Agricultural areas of the barangay and those located near the river channel have moderate susceptibility. • There is one (1) barangay (Cataning) with low, moderate to high susceptibility t

A. 1 Ordinary Soil linear meter 30.00 Hard Soil linear meter 50.00 B. meter depth, minimum) B. 1 Ordinary Soil linear meter 15.00 B. 2 Hard Soil linear meter 20.00 CONCRETE CUTTING PER LINE linear meter 70.00 D. BREAKING (0.10 meter width and 0.10 me


This is to submit to your office the following financial report per fund cluster (General, Retained Income, Revolving & Custodial Fund) for December 2017 of the Bataan Peninsula ... Statement of Changes in Net Assets/Equity (Annex D) 6) Statement of

Tape Electrical 30 rol LED bulb, 7W, 220V, DL 40 pcs ... Quotation forms may be secured from the GSIS Bataan Branch Office, Office of the Branch

NAME & ADDRESS OF THE INSTITUTE / HOSPITAL ... BA-Both arms affected (a) Impaired reach (b) Weakness of grip (iii) BLA-Both legs and both arms affected