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May 15, 2019 Mike de Guzman Co-Founder, President, and CEO Solaric Corp SOLARIC Headquarters Showroom, Sales, & Solar Engineering 2320 Pasong Tamo Ext. (Chino Roces Extension) Makati City 1200 Philippines Dear Mr. Guzman, I am Marcel Kohli Miro, an eighth grade student at International School Manila. I am participating in an interdisciplinary project called AFC or Advocating for Change. In this project we have researched about a world issue we are passionate about. I am studying solar energy, and I have chosen to contact you because in my researched I discovered that SOLARIC is helping solve the problem of a lack of electrification in the Philippines by providing a clean and affordable energy alternative. Throughout my research, I have noticed that the stability a country's economy and its wealth affect its ability to invest in solar energy and help its people. I was inspired that you have stepped up to help your fellow citizens in a country where the government isn’t yet prepared to do so. I would like to praise you, and show my appreciation for your efforts and success in helping people. I would like to humbly ask you to take the time to read this letter. My hope is that in getting your response I am able to be more educated about the issue, and share my knowledge with my peers and community. My research led me to discover that using recyclable energy can enhance the social and economic development of a country, accessibility to secure energy, the stopping of climate change, and the lessening of negative environmental and health impacts. Under desirable circumstances, recyclable energy also results in the saving of money compared to unsustainable energy ( “Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation”). The lack of electricity in certain areas due to unaffordability of energy sources can be addressed using renewable energy, and people should not hesitate to use the knowledge of these benefits to their advantage. It is also beneficial to use renewable energy because it produces energy without creating gas emissions,thereby lessening air pollution levels. Furthermore, renewable energy varies the energy supply and lessens the dependence on imported fuels, and it makes more jobs and assists in economic growth and development (“Local Renewable Energy Benefits and Resources”). It is important to act now with renewable energy, especially in rural areas. Lower levels of electricity are more common in rural areas as opposed to urban areas. Developing the rural electrification ratio is a challenge at national and similarly regional levels. Taking into context the amount of electricity access in between the 10 members of ASEAN. About 130 million people in Southeast Asia lack access to electricity (“ASEAN Has Inadequate Access to Electricity”). In which case it would be necessary to act early on with this information.

There are three challenges to creating widely available sustainable electrification. They are: the growth of electricity production compared to economic growth, the low infrastructure in certain areas, and the expensive cost of connection to a power grid. ... nations were slower as far as providing access to electrification, in light of the fact that the "development of power creation is moderately lower than monetary development" (Lazo and Tmt). "[It is also] because of high charges for association with the power grid and additionally costly monthly tariffs, poor family units can't gain profits by the power framework augmentation. Third, provincial charge programs are not practical—because of their low ability to watch over and implementation of wrong technologies, numerous family units in rural areas end up back in darkness subsequent to acquiring power for a couple of months" (Lazo and Tmt). Providing power in provincial regions or remote territories is one of the issues that governments are still facing, and obviously the principle issue of the general population who lives there. Provincial territories have less infrastructure, making access to power and lighting less readily available (“How Important Electricity in Rural Areas?”). In order to prevent these causes from becoming worse, renewable energy sources should be implemented as quickly as possible as a sustainable solution. I have total and full confidence in your ability to make and to continue making a difference in the energy resources of the Philippines.. Your position of power is already contributing to important changes, and also allows you to make even more people aware of the issue. Yourmission to produce clean and affordable energy for those in need has the power to change the world and y the people you live and breathe with in this world for the better.I would like to ask for one more minute of your time to ask a few questions about your work. Why did you decide to go into the solar industry instead of other renewable energy sources? How do you think working with the government would benefit or maybe even stunt your company? Would you be willing to work with the government if they could use your reach and maybe even fund you company? In closing, I would now like to formally invite you to join me and my fellow classmates at our annual Advocating For Change Day at International School Manila. on May 31, 2019. a. It would be my great honor and pleasure to present my final learnings and my hopes and dreams as well as solutions for the future of this topic. If you are able to attend, please contact my English teacher Ms. Walker at [email protected]​ or me at ​[email protected]​. The research I conducted showed me that although there are numerous solar panel companies and people working with solar energy there is still much more to be done. Working together in collaboration with the government and other companies all throughout the Philippines and Southeast Asia would greatly improve and allow for the ability to help even more people. I must express my greatest thanks for what you are doing and how much I would like to see you and your company progress to even greater heights, it would be an honour to have you respond. On that note, endless thanks for reading through my letter and taking the time to listen to what and eighth grade kid has to say. Best of Luck, Marcel Kohli Miro Eighth Grade Student International School Manila

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