MIWAI 2013

Singer-Independent Sign Language Recognition" 24 . Raghava Morusupalli, Arun Agarwal and Raghavendra Rao Ch "Spatial Anisotropic Interpolation Approac...

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MIWAI 2013 List of accepted papers Papers ID 1 2

Authors Asma Ammar, Zied Elouedi and Pawan Lingras Shigehiro Ohhara, Keisuke Yamazaki and Sumio Watanabe


Mohd Zaki Ayob and E. D. Chesmore


Gerhard Wohlgenannt, Stefan Belk and Matthias Schett


Vinay Kumar Verma, Rajeev Wankar, C.R. Rao and Arun Agarwal


Amit Kumar Singh, Mayank Dave, Anand Mohan


James F. Peters, Doungrat Chitcharoen and Sheela Ramanna Satyendr Singh, Vivek Kumar Singh and Tanveer J. Siddiqui Xi Ao Ma, Guo Yin Wang, Hong Yu and Feng Hu Said Jadid Abdulkadir and Suet-Peng Yong

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Yu-Cheng Chuang, Pingyu Hsu and HungHao Chen Hui Chun Wang, Yeh-Kuang Wu, LiungChun Chang, Ke-Chun Li, Ching-Tang Hsieh and Peng-Hsiang Lin Raghava Morusupalli, Arun Agarwal and Raghavendra Rao Ch


Farzana Kabir Ahmad and Nooraini Yusoff


Junghoon Lee and Gyung-Leen Park


Kiyoshi Akama and Ekawit Nantajeewarawat


Yu-Cheng Chuang, Pingyu Hsu, Mintzu Wang, Ming-Te Lin and Ming Shien Cheng

Title "Incremental Rough Possibilistic KModes" "A Geometric Evaluation of SelfOrganizing Map and Application to City Data Analysis" "Probabilistic Neural Network for the Automated Identification of the Harlequin Ladybird (Harmonia Axyridis)" "Computing Semantic Association: Comparing Spreading Activation and Spectral Association for Ontology Learning" "Hand Gesture Segmentation From Complex Color-Texture Background Image" "A Hybrid Algorithm for Image Watermarking Against Signal Processing Attacks" "Reasoning with Near Set-based Digital Image Flow Graphs" "Hindi Word Sense Disambiguation using Semantic Relatedness measure" "Test-Cost-Sensitive Attribute Reduction in Decision-Theoretic Rough Sets" "Unscented Kalman Filter for Noisy Multivariate Financial Time-Series Data" "Unifying multi-level business process discovered by Heuristic miner Algorithm" "Using HMMs and Depth Information for Singer-Independent Sign Language Recognition" "Spatial Anisotropic Interpolation Approach for Text Removal from an Image" "Reconstructing Gene Regulatory Network Using Heterogeneous Biological Data" "Design of a multi-day tour-and-charging scheduler for electric vehicles" "An ET-Based Low-Level Solution for Query-Answering Problems" "User Distributions in N-Tier platform with effective memory reusability"

Papers ID 39

Authors Thi Bao Tran Phan, Thi Ngoc Chau Vo and Tuan Anh Duong


Naoki Yamada and Chiaki Sakama


Vivek Kumar Singh, Rajesh Piryani, Ashraf Uddin and David Pinto


Olivier Spanjaard and Paul Weng Markov


Kasun Senevirathna and Pradeep Atrey


Paul Weng


Minho Han


T. V. Vijay Kumar, Biri Arun and Lokendra Kumar Tenda Okimoto, Maxime Clement and Katsumi Inoue



Thibaut Lust and Antoine Rolland


Verayuth Lertnattee, Sinthop Chomya and Virach Sornlertlamvanich


Yoshiaki Okubo, Makoto Haraguchi and Etsuji TOMITA Kittipong Dapa, Pornpat Loreungthup, Srisatja Vitayasak and Pupong Pongcharoen


Title "An Efficient Interval-based Approach to Mining Frequent Patterns in a Time Series Database" "Evolution of Self-Interested Agents: An Experimental Study" "A Content-based eResource Recommender System to augment eBookbased Learning" "Decision Processes with Functional Rewards" "A Secure and Privacy-aware Cloud-Based Architecture for Online Social Networks" "Axiomatic Foundations of Generalized Qualitative Utility" "The Hue Modeling for Object Tracking in Multiple Non-Overlapping Cameras" "Distributed Query Plan Generation using HBMO" "AOF-technique based algorithm for Dynamic Multi-Objective Distributed Constraint Optimization" "On the computation of Choquet optimal solutions in multicriteria decision contexts" "Using a Normalized Score Centroid-based Classifier to Classify Multi-label Herbal Formulae" "Relational Change Pattern Mining Based on Modularity Difference" "Bat Algorithm, Genetic Algorithm and Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm for designing non-identical rectangular machine layout"