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O015 Scale Enterprise in Thailand. 1345 O016 Kecha Kuha. Effect of Supplemental L-tryptophan on Behaviour, Stress and Carcass Characteristics of Pigs...

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Sunday, 23 August 2009 1500 Registration and distribution of hand-outs. Venue: GRAND NANTA BALL ROOM 1800 Welcome Reception. Venue: Holiday Inn riverside garden Monday, 24 August 2009 0800 Plenary Session I Venue: GRAND NANTA BALL ROOM 0800 Mr. Russell Kerr. Hands-On Learning Program in Victoria, Australia. PL001 0830 Dr. Visalsok Touch. The Role of Battambang University on Hands-On Education and PL002 Community Development in Cambodia. 0900 Prof. Ian Warrington. Broadening the Educational Experience for New Zealand Students PL003 Through Exposure to Contrasting Economies and Cultures. 0930 Dr. Krissanapong Kirtikara. The Role of Universities in Hands-On Learning for Remote and PL004 Rural Communities in Thailand. 1000 Coffee Break. Venue: NanTa 2 Hands-on Learning and Community Development 1030 Supannee Boonroeng. Quality Improvement of Cotton Printing with Natural Dye from Neem O001 Tree Bark. 1045 Ms. Chantima Pathamathamakul. Leadership and Life-long Learning: Nurturing Teachers in O002 Phang-Nga Local Schools in Thailand. 1100 Ms. Kristina Shin. Work-integrated Education in Fashion Design. O003 1115 Dr. Felisa E. Gomba. The Involvement of Civil Engineering Students in Water Resources O004 Projects: A Field-based Laboratory. 1130 Dr. Ni-orn Chomsri. Use of Mixed Yeast Cultures in Grape Juice Fermentation: An Example O005 of Effectiveness of Guided Research in Hands-On Approach to Higher Education. 1145 Mr. Sari Poikela. Program for Educating the Masters of Story Telling in the Arctic. O006 1200 Lunch. 1300 Mr. Syed Hafeez Ahmad. Academia—Industry Collaboration in Pakistan: Problems and O007 Prospects. 1315 Dr. Jinantana Jomduang. Hands-On Farmer Training: Production and Use of Trichoderma O008 virens for Plant Disease Control. 1330 Mr. Azida Hj. Rashidi. The Design of a Sports Stadium as a Hands-On Design Experience O009 for Final Year Students in Sarawak, Malaysia. 1345 Dr. Susan Frusher. Hands-On Instructional Strategies for the 21st Century.

O010 1400 Dr. Warinthorn Songkasiri. Practicing Hands-On in Schools: Case Study of Integrated O132 Resource Development Curriculum for a Rural School in Thailand. 1415 Ms. Tracey Price. International Study Tours: Organising and Coordinating a Lasting O120 Educational Experience. Dr. Miriam Firth. Vocational vs. Academic: Effective Teaching Strategies to Aid Quality 1430 O133 Learning Within Event, Tourism and Hospitality Management. 1445 Dr. Pattama Sirithunya. Research and Development Integrated with Education in Research O151 Topic: Improvement of Two-line Hybrid Rice Variety. 1500 Coffee Break. 1530 Tour of exhibits and posters. Venue: Exhibition Hall Official Opening Ceremony at Main Conference Hall. 1630 1730 Close Tuesday, 25 August 2009 0830 Plenary Session II Venue: GRAND NANTA BALL ROOM 0830 Prof. Takeyuki Kanimoto. Role of Institute of Technologists in Hands-On Education. PL005 0900 Dr. Christopher Wooldridge. The Floating Classroom: Hands-On From a Different PL006 Perspective. 0930 Prof. Morakot Tanticharoen. Hands-On Education at the Sirindhorn Science Home in PL007 Thailand. 1000 Coffee Break. 1030 Presentation of Poster Exhibits Venue: Nanta 2 Food & Agriculture 1130 Tunyaluk Buaphan. Consumer Acceptance of Khao Kriap Waue Snack. O011 1145 Mr. Piyamas Tancharoenrat. Energy Utilisation of Fats as Influenced by Age of Broilers. O012 1200 Dr. Pornpimol Muangthai. Development of Healthy Soy Sauce from Pigeon Pea and Soy O013 Bean. 1215 Jirapa Pongjanta. Nutrition Knowledge and Attitudes of Restaurant Chefs in a Tourism O014 Area of Lampang, Thailand. 1230 Lunch 1330 Dr. Thirawan Chanrittisen. Possibility of Producing Longan Wine as a Fruit Wine for Small

O015 1345 O016 1400 O017 1415 O018 1430 O019 1445 O119 1500 1530 O109 1545 O151 1600 O024 1615 O117 1630 O130 1645

Scale Enterprise in Thailand. Kecha Kuha. Effect of Supplemental L-tryptophan on Behaviour, Stress and Carcass Characteristics of Pigs. Dr. Pornpimol Muangthai. Evaluation of Rare Sugar Content in Edible Mushroom. Lachinee Panjai. Complex Fruit Wine Produced from Dual Culture Fermentation of Pineapple Juice with Torulaspora delbrueckii and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Ms. Laddawan Papin. Extraction of Chlorophyll from Native Plants for Use as a Food Additive in Making Jelly. Thoetthai Porsongnern. Efficacy of Entomopathogenic Nematodes Against Cattle Tick. Coffee Break. Dr. Montira Nopharatana. KMUTT Food Engineering Practice School: Serving the Needs of the Thai Food Industry for Research and Training. Ronnakorn Amphansre. Management Costs of Vegetables Processed at Nong-Hoi Royal Project Development under the Concept “Environmental Management Accounting”. Dr. Pornpimol Muangthai. Detection of Non-enzymatic Browning Reaction in Thai Herbal Drugs. Dr. Yanyong Chalermsan. Wood Vinegar: a By-product from a Rural Kiln and its Role in Plant Protection. Dr. Warinthorn Songkasiri. Starch Engineering & Process Optimization (SEPO) Program: Public-Academic-Private Partnership for M.E. Degree Study in Thailand. Close

Wednesday, 26 August 2009 0800 Plenary Session Ill & Workshops 0800 Floating Workshop Mae Ping River—depart 0800 Venue 0800 Prof. Klaus Schaller. The Potential Effects of Climate Change on Tropical and Sub-Tropical SY001 Fruit and Implications for South East Asia. 0830 Prof. Marc Janssens. Cooling Off Global Warming with Fruit Trees. SY002 0900 Prof. Juan Silva. Influential of Environmental Stresses on Bioactive Components in Tropical SY003 and Sub-tropical Fruit. 0930 Prof. Peter Braun. Global Climate Change and Regional Effects: Fruit Production in Middle SY004 Europe. 1000 Coffee Break. Wine Workshops 1030 Venue: Chumdoi RMUT/TRF Workshop 10.30 1230 Lunch Venue: Nata 2 Food & Agriculture 1330 Prapaporn Srimuzipo. Effect of Fresh Garlic Preparation on Wound Treatment and Skin O027 Disease in Dogs. 1345 Prof. Tosporn Namhong. Production of Instant Goat Milk Powder by Spray Drying. O107 1400 Kecha Kuha. Biochemical Examination of Blood in Indigenous and Brahman Crossbred O029 Cattle in Nan, Thailand. 1415 Griangsak Chairote. Study on Cholesterol Lowering Compounds in Red Yeast Rice O143 Prepared from Thai Glutinous Rice. 1430 Dr. Sumate Tantratian. Anti-microbial Activities of Betel Nut (Areca catechu Linn.) Seed O113 Extracts. 1445 Januluk Khanobdee. Improvement of Local Pepper Cultivars for High Capsaicinoid O032 Content. 1500 Coffee Break. 1530 O150 1545 Dr. Pornpimol Muangthai. Utilisation of Dairy Waste from Milk Industry for Production of O054 Glycerine and Biodiesel. 1600 Wanna Ammawath. A Rapid method for Determination of Commercial B-Carotene in O146 RBD Palm Olein by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy.

1615 O129 1630 O139 1645 O149 1700 O152 1715

Dr. Panrapee Amnueysit. Effects of Purple Field Corn Anthocyanins on Broiler Heart Weight. Thanapa Janphirom. Increasing Fish Feed Stability in Water using Guar Gum: Case Study with Channa striata. Surasak Laloknam. Salt Stress Induced Glycine-Betaine Accumulation and Amino and Fatty Acid Changes in Cyanobacterium Aphanothece halophytica. Suntorn Wittayakun. A Study on Feed Management, Feed Nutritive Values and Blood Metabolites of Pony Horses in Different Seasons in Northern Thailand. Close

Thursday, 27 August 2009 0830 Plenary Session lV Venue: GRAND NANTA BALL ROOM 0830 Dr. Sakarindr Bhumiratana. Science/Engineering Practice School for R&D Capacity Building PL008 of Thai Productive Sectors. 0900 Prof. Manfred Grossmann. Hands-On Education by the German Geisenheim Research Centre: PL009 Converting Wine Science into Quality Oriented Wine Production. 0930 Dr. Ronald Sterkenburg. Interdisciplinary Hands-On Education for Engineering and PL010 Technology Students. 1000 Coffee Break. RMUT/TRF W'shop 1030 1030 Case Studies W'shop Venue: Nanta 2 Materials, Energy & Environment 1030 Dr. Smith Songpiriyakij. Influence of Si/Al Ratio on Rice Husk/Bark Ash and Fly Ash based O036 Geopolymer Properties. 1045 Vanissorn Vimonsatit. Effects of Differential Shortening on Design and Construction of O037 Highrise Concrete Structures. 1100 Vachira Sangrutsamee. Sustainable Use of Wastepaper as Alternative Lightweight O038 Construction Material with Low Thermal Conductivity. 1115 Dr. Peerapong Jitsangiam. Evaluation of Sustainable Use of Residue Sand as Highway O039 Embankment Material. 1130 Nuntachai Chusilp. Development of Bagasse Ash as a Pozzolanic Material in Concrete. O040 1145 Dr. Peerapong Jitsangiam. Pozzolanic Stabilised Mixture (PSM) for Residue Sand as Road O041 Base Material. 1200 Lunch 1300 Weeranut Kaewwiset. UV-Visible-NIR Study of Er3+ Doped Soda Lime Silicate Glass. O042 1315 Dr. Peerapong Jitsangiam. Evaluation of Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste as O043 Base Course Material for West Australian Roads. 1330 Vanissorn Vimonsatit. Behaviour of Lightweight Sandwich Reinforced Concrete Slab. O044 1345 Khammapun Khantanapoka. Continuous Energy Production Using Tri-propeller Ground O045 Wind Wheel. 1400 Somkiat Jaturonglumlert. Heat and Mass Transfer Relationship in Combined Convective O046 and Far-infrared Drying of Fruit Leather. 1415 Werayoot Lah-amornchaiyakul. Design of Micro Water Turbine Generator.

O048 1430 O049 1445 O050 1500 1530 O051 1545 O052 1600 O053 1615 O114 1630 O055 1645 O124 1700 O137 1715 O144 1730 O150 1745 O153 1800 O154 1815

Ronald L. Orale. Towards Solving Coastal Debris Problems in Catbalogan Samar and Maqueda Bay, Philippines. Banjarata Jolanun. Dome Aeration Technology for Composting of Slurry Waste of Nile Tilapia Fish Farm. Coffee Break. Dr. Panich Intra. Air Flow Velocity Measurement Using Ion Electrical Mobility Technique. K. Oranpiroj. A Graphic User Interface Sag Wave for Voltage Sag Generator. Warunee Klinklai. Preparation of Thermoplastics Elastomer Between Natural Rubber and Poly(lactic acid) in the Presence of Epoxidized Natural Rubber. Ms. Fongjan Jirasit. Alternative Cement: Challenge for a Sustainable Construction Industry. Dr. Paisan Boonchiam. Analysis and Control of UPFC for Voltage Compensation Using ATP/EMTPDC. Nitisak Charoenroop. City Bus Routing Model for Minimal Energy Consumption. Dr. Sathaporn Monprapussorn. Suitable Hazardous Materials Route Planning with Environmental Consideration. Dr. Yuttana Kumsuwan. Analysis of a Two-Phase Induction Motor Using Dynamic Model Based on Matlab/Simulink. Sompon Wongtom. Effect of Incline on Heat Transfer Rate of Thermosyphon Heat Pipe Under Sound Wave. Akkarat Poolkrajang. Optimization of Capillary Tube in Air Conditioning System. Jakkree Srinonchat. Improvement of a Data Logger System for Renewable Energy. Close

Thursday, 27 August 2009 Venue: Chundoi : Education 1030 Mr. Kevin Downing. Problem-Based Learning and Metacognition O068 1045 Dr. Miriam Firth. Can Facebook Engage Students in Critical Analysis of Academic Theory? O0134 1100 Hirar Manzoor. Problems in Meaningfully Learning Probability. O070 1115 Pornhathai Tanjitanont. Development of English Curriculum Using Learner –Centred Innovation with the Cooperation of RMUTL Network. O110 1130 Prof. M. Tavakol. Virtual Applications and Real Problems: Education and Higher Education in Iran. O072 1145 Dr. Orasa Roykhaew. KMITL Student Satisfaction with Using Information Communication Technology for Learning English. O073 1200 Lunch 1300 Ms. Agha Nadia. Importance of Educating Women in Pakistan O074 1315 Dr. Susan Frusher. Overcoming the Challenges of Distance Learning Environments Through the Use of Creative Instructional Strategies. O075 1330 Dr. Sasidhorn Soonklang. Effects of Needs Analysis Based Course on Student’s English Language Ability and Attitude Towards Learning. O115 1345 Dr. Shani Janardhanan. Competitive Advantage Through Developing Emotional Intelligence. O078 1400 Aphichat Chidburee. Evaluation of User Satisfaction with Orchid Tissue Culture Demonstration and Simulation Program for E-learning. O079 1415 Thanomsi Jenwitheesuk. Study of Persistent Syntactic Errors in Writing of 3rd Year Students of English for International Communication Program. O080 1430 Mr. Rainer Zawadzki. Is Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) Suitable as a Teaching Method in Thailand’s Higher Education? O082 1445 Dr. Said Farahbakhsh. Survey of Organizational Health of University in Relation to Personal and Occupational Variables. O083 1500 Coffee Break. 1530 Rujipan Kosarat. Adaptive Extraction Technique for Thai Character Recognition. O084 1545 Faisal Al-Shamali. Using Storytelling in Teaching Four Skills of Language. O085 Dr. Bekir Sami Sazak. Computer Aided Instruction for Electrical Engineering 1600

O112 1615 O086


Friday, 28 August 2009 0830 Plenary Session V Venue: GRAND NANTA BALL ROOM 0830 Prof. Monika Christmann. Working with Industry for Hands-On Training in Germany. PL011 0900 Mr. Chris Coates. From Institute to Industry: Hands-On Education Preparing the Way. PL012 0930 Coffee Break. Venue: Nanta 2 Materials, Energy & Environment, 1000 Pattarinee Klumdoung. Deposition of Zirconium Nitride Thin Films Produced by Reactive O056 DC Magnetron Sputtering. 1015 Dr. Piyanun Charoensawan. Computational Study of Thermosyphon Heat Exchanger O057 Application for Water Heating by Rice Husk Combustion. 1030 Piyanuch Nakpong. Biodiesel Production from Mixtures of Vegetable Oil and Used Cooking O136 Oil. 1045 Mr. Kiatisak Teowkul. Factors Influencing Power Generation Investment by Thai Business O059 Entrepreneurs in Laos. 1100 Sivalee Tarkulvichean. Use of Wastewater from a Rainbow Trout Farm for Rice Cultivation. O138 1115 Chusak Kererat. A Study of LNAPL Migration Through Soil Cement Barrier With and O100 Without Flow Condition. 1130 Sane Bunramphai. Modern Dimension Measurement Feature of Thai Metal Forming Die and O106 Part Industry Requirement. 1145 Passakorn Inthasan. Design of a Gliding Arc Plasma Reactor for Light Tar Cracking. O111 1200 Lunch Venue: Nanta 2 Other Topics, Information Technology 1300 Montree Kanokwaree. Human Resource Management of Independent Organs. O157 1315 Prasan Choomjaihan. The general Compositional Equation for the Process. O105 1330 Suwan Janin. Miniaturized Hybrid Ring Quasi-optical Antenna-mixer. O063 1345 Mr. Potry Chhean. Analysis of Competitiveness of the Garment Industry in Cambodia. O064

1400 O065 1415 O066 1430 O067 1445 O102 1500 1530 O147 1545 O128 1600 O145 1615 O148 1630 O155

Narongrit Mekloi. Feasibility Analysis of Unlicensed Users in Smart Radio. Suvimon Punto. Cross-culture Organization Behaviour Impact Among Employees of CP Aquaculture (India) Pvte. Ltd. Dr. Kan Nathiwutthikun. The Relationship between Urban Morphological Structure and Multi –Use of Public Open Space in Chiang Mai, Thailand Nion Sirimongkalerkal. Forest Fire Management by Tambon Administration Organization Members in Chiang Rai and Phayao. Coffee Break. Kanchana Luepong. Preparation of Silver Fibres with Electrospinning Process. Dr. Sareeya Phannarong. Corporate Governance: Delisting and Emergence from REHABCO. Chaiyan Chaya. Development of Textile Weave for Water Repellent and Ventilative Properties. Nongnut Sasithorn. Silk Degumming with Papain Enzyme Derived from Dried Latex of Carica papaya Linn. Phairat Punyacharoennon. Preparation of Flame Retardant for Cotton Fabric from Polyamidoamine Grafted Silica.

1700 Chairmen’s Summaries and Open Forum Venue: GRAND NANTA BALL ROOM 1800 Awards and Closing Ceremony Venue: GRAND NANTA BALL ROOM 1900 Farewell Dinner Venue:

Venue: Chumdoi Education 1000 Mr. Chalermchai Parasuk. Lanna Amusement Tales: Emotional Reflection Tales of Lanna Grass Roots Class. O088 1015 Dr. Aijaz Ali Wassan. Primary School Teachers in Sindh: a Sociological Analysis. O090 1030 Mr. Peera Junoisuwan. Student Affairs Administrative Model for Ideal Graduate Development at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna. O091 1045 Dr. Norasmah Othman. Entrepreneur Education in Malaysia: The Current Practice. O013 1100 Woraphorn Sunthornwatanasiri. Development of Computer Assisted Instruction: Supplementary Exercises for English for Business Administration Students. O108 1115 Pisamai Supatranont. A Corpus-based Analysis of English for Information and Communication Technology. O158 1130 Dr. Yupaporn Piriyasilpa. Online Hybridism: Some Implications for Language Teaching. O142 1145 Samart Jabjone The reflection of Thai social in the one corner O077 1200 Lunch Venue: Chomdoi Other Topics, Information Technology & Computer science 1300 Khammapun Khantanapoka. Speed Up of Three Dimension Projective Using Flexible Texture Together with Render on Data Gathering. O 092 1315 Ekachai Naowanich. An Expert System for Reference Services. O093 1330 Saisunee Jabjone SMART HOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WITH RFID O094 1345 Kwanchai Eurviriyanukul. A Data Model for Construction of Thailand Research Database. O095 1400 B. H. Butt. Finding Flow for Network Flow. O096 1415 Udom Sutakcom. Sparse Matrix Machine: Low Cost Supercomputer for Engineering Laboratory. O097 1430 Dr. Supathanish Termsnguanwong. Influence of Viewpoints, Job Satisfaction on IT Workers Turnover: Study of Northern Thailand. O098 1445 Rujirek Kasamchortpat. Intelligent Computation System for Economic Order Quantity at Complex Level Using Analytic Hierarchy Techniques. O099 Coffee Break 15.00 Pakorn Lawakul. Use of Information Technology by Staff of RMUTL Tak. 1530

O141 1545 O131 1600 O135

Kritsada Anantakarn. Accuracy Assessment for DGPS NTRIP by Using GPRS Internet Connection in Bangkok Area.

Vuttinan Utesnan. Development of Land Parcel Data Model for Cadastral System in GIS.

1700 Chairmen’s Summaries and Open Forum Venue: GRAND NANTA BALL ROOM 1800 Awards and Closing Ceremony Venue: GRAND NANTA BALL ROOM 1900 Farewell Dinner Venue:

Saturday, 29 August 2009 0830

Field Visit 1

Venue: Huey Hong Krai and Doi Saket Campus 1830

Field Visit 2

Venue: Doi Intanon and Hang Dong



Pattama Sirithunya. Research and Development with Community Based Problem in Research Topic: Increasing Yield of Upland Rice in the Development Project of Phufa Centre in Nan, Thailand.


Pattama Sirithunya. Research and Development Integrated with Education in Research Topic: Population Improvement of Physic Nut for Higher Seed Yield and Oil Content Suitable for Northern Region of Thailand.


Thoetthai Porsongnern. Pathogenicity of Metarhizium spp. and Paecilomyces fumosoroseus to Cattle Tick (Boophilus microplus).


Ms. Mookda Suksawat. Evaluation of Different Chemical Treatments on Vase Life of Torch Ginger (Etlingera elatior).


Dr. Kahooei Mehdi. Survey of Medical Students Information Needs in University – based Emergency Clinical Education.


Chiti Sritontip. Effects of Pruning on Gas Exchange and Water Consumption in Sweet Orange Trees.


Chiti Sritontip. Influence of Crop Load on Leaf Photosynthesis Characteristics and Fruit Quality in Longan.


Parinyawadee Sritontip. Effects of Pruning on Growth and Leaf Photosynthesis in Lysimeter-grown Physic Nut Trees.


Sumalee Phromrukachat. Amount of Active Ingredients in Pickled Tea.


Pattharaporn Srisamatthakarn. Impact of Commercial Yeast Strains on Fermentation and Formation of Metabolites of Yellow Passion Fruit (Passiflora edulis f. Flavicarpa) Wine.


Sunti Changjeraja. Effect of Selected Clones on Quality of Pineapple for Industry and Fresh Produce in Lampang, Thailand.


Kattaleewan Sookchaoy. Screening of Trichoderma spp. for Biocontrol of Phytophthora Root and Foot Rot on Citrus sinensis.


Dr. Kieatsuda Poouthree. Total Chlorine-free Bleaching of Soda Pulp from Leucaena Wood.


Suwaree Saijeen. Study on Processing of Plant Extracts for Use as pH Indicators.


Dr. Kahouei Mahdi. Information Seeking Behaviour Pattern of Medical Students in Emergency Department in Order to Promote Clinical Education.


Piengpim Chidburee. Biodiversity Assessment of Bryophytes and Wild Mushrooms in Chae-sorn National Park with Potential for Developing Ecotourism.


Parichart Keang-In. Pathogenicity of Beauveria bassiana to Engorged Female, Eggs and Larvae of Cattle Tick (Boophilus microplus, Canestrini).


Dr. Napa Kansupa. Production of Pakyanang (Tiliacora triandra Diels.) for Industry: Comparison of Four Different Staking Methods.


Montri Lawkittisak. Temples on Chiang Mai Gate: View Way Aesthetics Point.


Somboon Sammatchani. Tourism Education in Thailand: Perceptions of Industry Professionals on Tourism Programs in Rajamangala and other Universities.


Dr. Yongyuth Burasith. Local Government and its Role in Thai-Cambodian Border Relationships.


Apinan Mekbungwan. Efficiency of Derris Products to Control Anthracnose and Insect Pests in Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Orchards.


Waraporn Tanakulrungsank. Photocatalytic Degradation of Thiophene Using NanoCeria-Titania Synthesized by Flame Spray Pyrolysis Technique.

P024 P025 P026 P027 P028 P029 P030 P031 P032 P033 P034 P035 P036 P037 P038 P039

Pramote Anunvrapong. Image Analysis of RMUT Krungthep. Ratchanee Phanacharoensawad. Potential for Growing Tef (Eragrostis tef [Zucc.] Trotter) in Thailand. Vallop Phupha. Review of Methods Used in Decision to Build Thailand’s First Nuclear Power Plant. Vallop Phupha. Use of AHP in Decision Making to Use LPG in the Thai Transportation Sector. Yanisa Komonsirichok. Development of Hand-blended Yarn from Cotton and Wool Fibre to Improve Market Access for Hilltribe Handicrafts. Aroon Sottikul. Yield and Rotenone Content in Different Derris Plants Cultivated in Various Containers and Field Conditions. Rungnapa Changjerara. Effect of Sucrose Level and Time Duration on Percentage of Pollen Germination of Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Cultivar Pattavia. Charunee Meechoui. Beneficial Indigenous Microorganism Products in Microbiology. Anchalee Dusitsutirat. Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Teachers at RMUT Krungthep. Udomwish Polyium. Antimycobacterial and Cytotoxic Activity of Crude Extract from the Stem Bark of Walsura trichostemon Miq. Unnop Tassanaudom. Comparison of Physical and Chemical Characteristics between Inoculum Process and Conventional Process for Toddy Palm Cake. Apirak Songrak. Population Dynamics of Blue Swimming Crab (Portunus pelagicus) in Coastal Areas of Trang, Thailand. Thaweesak Manosueb. Needs Assessment of a Learning Organization at RMUTL. Khanittha Charoenlarp. Reuse of Dye Wastewater by Colour Removal with Electrochemical Process. Wannapa Srapinkornburee Commercial Development of Red Kidney Bean Tempeh. The study of the university effectiveness according to the opinion of instructors in Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon