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cation, eLearning and encourage the teaching methods focused on learning outcomes for making education engaging and interactive. In my bag of goodies ...

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In Quote “IQ might help you achieve success, but EQ gives you a purpose in life.” -PM Narendra Modi



Dance of progression What Natraja Has To Say To The World This Shivaratri Imaging: Pankaj Mallik, GT Network

Budget 2018-19, P2

Stuti Kalra, GT Network



Best way of beating exam stress is to: a) Meditate b) Listen to music c) Switch off from social media To vote, log on to

e is the creator, he is the destroyer. His snakes symbolise overcoming fear of death. The river on top of his head epitomises a balanced mind; one that could handle the pressure to save the world with calm and ease. He is well known for ‘Tandava’ or ‘Dance of bliss’, a dance that has been recognised by scientists at CERN as similar to the vibration of sub atomic particles, which constantly oscillate with energy and are involved in the continuous process of creation and destruction of life. He is Shiva - never stopping, always evolving, always changing, just like time and cosmos. As the chants of ‘Har Har Mahadev’ continue to resound after Mahashivratri, here’s an attempt to decode Mahadeva’s message to 21st century world, ruled by technology but driven by the principles of time and evolution.

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Shiva’s ‘Damaru’, which he holds in his upper right hand beats continuously indicating that time is eternal. It stops never and it stops for none. The world around you beats to a similar tune. Much like the damaru, it is forever progressive, and always changing. From stone age when man was a mere wanderer to 21st century when the man is exploring Mars and beyond. So, keep flowing with time, move, never let anything stop you.

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Be fearless

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One of Shiva’s forms, Nataraja has his lower right hand in abhaya mudra. He asks the world to fear nothing because fear kills dreams. The straight palm sym-

Best of luck for exams

bolizes that everything changes.Nothing stays on forever, so there is nothing to fear. When Rabindranath Tagore envisioned free India, he prayed for a country ‘Where minds are without fear…’ only because a fearless mind harbours powerful thoughts which can change the world. So, go ahead, rule the fear and let it not rule you.

firm knowledge of universe outside and within. Such wisdom has always been the key to victory and happiness. After all, it was human inquisitiveness for knowing the unknown which has led to the discovery of ‘God’s particle’ at CERN. So, if you seek to win the world, win over your ignorance first.

Knowledge is power

Natraja in his upper left hand holds a flame, ‘The Fire’ which creates and destroys at the same time. Many similar flames are encircling him which symbolize the constant cycle of creation and destruction. The same fire which destroys is the one which creates. For something

Kill old to create new Natraja stands on the dwarf demon Apasmara who was sent to destroy him but he crushed and destroyed him with his steady right foot. Apasmara symbolises ignorance and laziness and the firmly grounded foot of Natraja is symbolic of deep rooted and

new to be created something old has to be destroyed, but the new is nevertheless created out of old only. So, keep your inner fire of dreams and passions ablaze to burn the archaic and build a world of our choice. Shiva through his multitude of avatars leaves us with myriad lessons. As Bholenath, he teaches us the virtue of innocence. As Neelkanth, he drank the poison to save the world but he never let the venom affect his inner self. As Triambaka, he reiterates the need for vision and not simply viewing. So, go ahead and take a cue - whether it is dancing in bliss, or viewing beyond the vision of two eyes. Bum bum bhole.G T

The phoenix from Kargil Call Me Hero, Survivor And Blade Runner Pic: Gokul Rana, AIS Gur 43, X D

Sanya Goel, XI B & Samriddhi Agarwal, XI C, AIS Gur 43

Rapid Fire


ajor Devender Pal Singh, the Kargil war hero and a survivor, rose like a phoenix from the Kargil battlefield. The proud veteran became the first Indian amputee marathon runner to run a half marathon with a racing blade and earn the title ‘India’s blade runner’. He has completed 18 half marathons and holds multiple Limca records. In an inspirational tete-e-tete with GT reporters, he shares his story…

“Sikhism inspired me to become a soldier.”

Major Devender Pal Singh

Being a Sikh, it was in our daily routine to visit Gurudwara. It is at this holy place that I started learning the values and philosophy of Sikhism. And while learning these spiritual lessons, I realised the significance of martyrdom. It taught me every Sikh is a soldier. It was this belief in the philosophy of ‘selfless sacrifice’ that motivated me to join the armed forces.

Major DP Singh shares views with GT Reporters

“Every thing that happens, happens for a reason.” During the Kargil war, I was lying unconscious on the battlefield. I was declared dead but somehow they saved me by removing one of my leg. But that was not the end. That incident taught me that even an amputee can walk. I decided to participate in marathons and prove that disability has no relationship with human limitations. So, whatever fate you incur, remember it is for a reason.

“Resilience and strength are the key to success.” With an amputated leg, stepping on the running track was not that easy. There was a tussle going inside me.

It was a battle between my strengths and weaknesses. This one was indeed the toughest battle that I had to fight. My weaknesses told me to rest and give up. But, my strength and resilience motivated me to run and complete it successfully. That day, I won over myself.

First and last thing I do in my day: Pray I am thankful for: Everything that is happening in my life My inspiration : My life My favourite subject in school: Math, despite the fact that I wasn’t very good at it. In my free time, I: Ponder about my actions. Most important quality in a person: Sense of responsibility A memory of the army I’ll never forget: Getting my commission Favourite food : Anything that is served with love Role Model: Terry Fox Favourite movie: Anand

“Change is within us.”

“Challenges shape you better.”

We keep on finding fault in things around, hoping to change them someday. What we fail to realise is the simple fact that most problems can be solved simply by changing our perception. I firmly believe that the biggest change can be brought about not outside but within oneself. So, be the change you want to see.

When you step on the battlefield as a leader with the team, you have a sense of responsibility towards the team and also the challenge of accomplishing the task. What you learn in the process is the quality of ‘leadership’, ‘teamwork’ and ‘execution’; all shaping you better for the next challenge. G T


Budget 2018

The Four Pillars

Delhi Metro


As an environmental measure, DMRC conducts rainwater harvesting all along the blue line route.

Four-sighted Budget’18 Decoding the EWIE - Education, Women, IT & Technology and Employment


n February 1, 2018, as the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley read out budget 2018-19, the country waited with bated breath like a curious child, for a sack of goodies to be opened. The bag opened and the goodies were rolled out. Of course, some to the taste of the common man and some not. Nonetheless, it was a progressive budget

with an eye on development and innovation, and focus on: Education, Women, IT & Technology and Employment. For all those who sat with these-goodies-are-not-my-kinds, don’t lose heart. A little scrutiny and it is easy to spot that this budget is foresighted and youth oriented one with focus on exponential growth and modernisation. It is a progressive budget where


few policies which do not seem to make much change in short term will surely pave the way for a long term accelerated development of the nation and lead India towards becoming a superpower by 2030. Don’t believe it? This decoding the EWIE league of budget 2018-19, will instill some hope is one thing guaranteed.

IT & Technology cation, eLearning and encourage the teaching methods focused on learning outcomes for making education engaging and interactive.

landscape of India.

In my bag of goodies With the removal of Long Term Capital Gains Tax exemption and not many sops for IT skills development industry, experts consider it a mixed baggage. Some feel that the increase in customs duty will disturb the electronics goods ecosystem. The recent spurt in IT sector and growth of technology based and data mining based start-ups show that we should be happy as ‘Make in India’ tiger is roaring and soaring towards world leadership. But the government definitely needs to improve local manufacturing of parts for consumer electronics, if we wish to win markets. Apart from easy loans and FDI, more budget could have been allocated for incentivising research based manufacturing.

In my bag of goodies

FinMin Gave With the vision to give impetus to holistic education without any segmentation from pre nursery to class XII, Rs 1 lakh crore has been allocated to education sector. The ultimate aim is to integrate all the education schemes for better implementation, transition and execution. This will help reduce the existing learning gaps which exist under present system. The budget will be primarily used to promote digital edu-

Digitisation of resources is good and replacing black boards with digital boards is even better. With an impetus to eLearning, now entire India can dream of self paced learning anywhere, anytime. But what about the exorbitant fees and unregulated fee hikes parents are subject to? What about the quality of educators who have the responsibility of shaping the future of learners? What about the age old education and examination system which promotes rote learning rather than real learning? What we have got is awesome, yet some more tax relief to parents for school fees and some more programmes for improving the training of educators could have replaced smiles with large happy grins. There is now more hope for public private partnership in education Pan India, especially in the remote locales.

Expert speak Harish Doraiswamy, Vice President, Qualifications, Schools & Vocational, Pearson India hails it as a ‘well-balanced budget’. He is confident that the promotion of digital platforms and setting up of finance agency for higher education will ensure superior outcomes.

FinMin Gave With focus to promote ‘Make in India’ and encourage Indian IT start-ups, primarily the ones involved in manufacturing and servicing of IT and IT enabled goods, the customs duty on mobile phones has been increased to 20% and to 15% for batteries and chargers. More budget has been allocated to the development of digital infrastructure especially in rural areas. There will be more automated highways, more broadband connections and more smart airports dotting the

Expert speak Kunal Bahl, Co-founder & CEO, Snapdeal, opines, “We commend the focus on growing the digital footprint, providing better physical infrastructure, and improving not just the ease of doing business but also the ease of living in the country. The enhancement of digital infrastructure with more broadband access in rural parts, unique ID to companies, record allocation to building national highways and railways, and multi fold increase in airports will go a long way in broad-basing growth in the economy."


Women Fin Min Gave

In my bag of goodies

FinMin Gave

In an effort to make the lives of women easy and empower them to run households efficiently, 8 crore free gas connections is in offing under the ‘Ujjwala Yojna’. With a vision to enhance economic independence of women, loans to women self-help groups have been increased to the effect of 37%. To encourage women entrepreneurs, easy loans for those who wish to launch their start-ups have been sanctioned to the amount of Rs 3 lakh crore under ‘Mudra Yojna’. Even the EPF contribution of new female employees has been reduced to 8% for increasing take home salaries of women. Through this, the government also envisages to encourage institutions to employ more women.

It’s a mixed bag of goodies for women. Easy loans and free gas connections are welcome. The purpose of reducing EPF contribution to draw many women into workforce may not really break the glass ceiling because the reasons for women not being in labour force are far more widespread and beyond than a mere monthly kitty contribution.

In order to create jobs across all sectors mainly IT, manufacturing and promoting start-ups, enhanced infrastructure spending, more rural markets, and tax sops for MSME and labourintensive sectors including textiles, leather have been announced.

Expert speak Priya Krishnan, Founder & CEO, KLAY Schools says, “The government's decision to reduce a woman’s contribution to EPF is a notional change. This still doesn't address the issue of subsidized high-quality childcare for every women, especially working mothers.”

In my bag of goodies

more focused programs to reduce the same. While the industry laments the lack of employability of youth, youth laments the lack of proper industry skills mapped training at the level of higher education. Government needs to allocate more funds for setting up vocational training centres for different courses in every college and university to make our youth industry ready through on job trainings.

The tax sops and ease of business sounds good and so does the predicted increase in Foreign Direct Investments. The pay roll tax sops, encouragement to co-working spaces and fixed term employment contracts are surely welcome moves. But with a clear skill gap between education and employment, that the nation is facing now, we surely looked for

“This is myopic as this will just create ‘numbers’ and not sustainable jobs and inclusive labour market strategy,” said K.R. Shyam Sundar, a labour economist and professor of XLRI Jamshedpur. “Nor is there much to incentivise private sector investment,” he added.

Expert speak

Contributed by: Ruchika Mittal, Arpit Bhargava, Bishwajeet Ray, Rounika Singh, Anurag Nawnit, Syed Burhan Bukhari, MBA, Section A, AGBS

Delhi Metro

All escalators at stations have a feature ‘sari guard’ which stops saris from getting tangled in the escalators.


Learning Curve


Education & Enhancement

Mentoring the mentors

Amity Institute for Competitive Examinations

5C’s of 21st Century Engaging & Effective Educators

Presents mental, etc., were discussed in detail with relevant examples.

AIE Saket


mity Institute of Education(AIE), New Delhi, organised a five day long faculty development program based on the theme ‘5 Cs’of discovering one’s potential as an Educator: Commitment, Competence, Compassion, Coherence for Outcome and Output, and Communication’. It was organised from December 18-22, 2017 under the guidance of Dr Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Founder President, Amity University. The inspiration for the theme was derived from various motivational quotes which our Founder President keeps sharing during his multifarious interactions with the staff and students.

Day 4: Knows coherence of ‘Output & Outcome’ Dr. G N Tiwari, Associate Prof, AIE, speaker on the fourth day, explained that while output is a goal, outcome is the impact of teaching and learning. A teacher must therefore plan her teaching methods in ‘Coherence with output and outcome’, because a single effective ‘Outcome’ is more significant than too many ‘Outputs’.

Dr Ranjana Bhatia & Mrs Gauri D Chakraborty with the educators in the making

Day 1: A committed educator Expert for the day Ms Arti Chopra, Principal, AIS Gur 46, explained that commitment means giving the best of one self, going the extra mile, and never calling quits. The session aimed at making the educators realise the importance of their commitment towards nurturing the future minds and building strong

foundation of trust.

Day 2: A competent educator The program focused on nurturing competent educators with the use of technology in education and ICT. Resource person, Dr Aerum Khan, Asst Prof, Central Institute of Educational Technology, NCERT threw light upon

the fact that internet has a huge repository of open and freely accessible content for teaching resources. She also shared about how the teachers can upload their own content and make more engaging lesson plans to bring the world into their classrooms with the help of these open online sources.

Day 3: Have compassion Expert of the day Dr Ranjana Bhatia, Principal cum Director, AIE, Saket, began the session with a guided meditation, where everyone was told about the virtue of forgiveness. Attributes of compassion like: sensitivity, sympathy, empathy, tolerance, care for others, being non judg-

Day 5: Flexibility is the way of communication Mrs Gauri D Chakraborty, Jt Acting Head, ASCO, AUUP, Noida shared the value of using gestures and sign language as a way to communicate for educators. She said that in order to avoid monotony a teacher needs to constantly evolve her teaching methodology using different means of communication. A game changing educator is the one who knows exactly how to alter the teaching methods without altering the basic concept or the curriculum.G T

Brainleaks-236 FOR CLASS VI-VIII If N=120 how any factors of it are perfect cubes? (a). 1 (b). 2 (c). 3 (d). 4 Last Date: FEB 23, 2018

entries win attractive prizes 3 correct

Ans. Brainleaks 235: (b) Winner for Brainleaks 235

1. Sanjana Dutta, IX B, AIS Gur 43 2. Suhani Gupta, III-I, AIS Gur 46 3. Sheetal Goswami, VI-D, AIS Vas-1 Name:........................................ Class:........................................ School:.....................................

Send your answers to The Global Times, E-26, Defence Colony, New Delhi - 24 or e-mail your answers at [email protected]

Building relations Learners Dream And Deliberate AIIS AUUP

A Ringing acoustics at the radio station of 94.3 FM with RJ Vikas

Riding the sound waves ASCO’s Visit To ‘94.3 MY FM ’ ASCO AUMP Sandhya Chauhan BAJMC Sem IV, AUMP


s a part of the annual industrial visit, BAJMC 4th semester and MAJMC students visited radio station of ‘94.3 MY FM’ on January 19, 2018. They were accompanied by Dr Sandesh Mahajan and Ms Sayantani Roy. The educator and tour guide RJ Vikas, apprised them of everything right from the technical aspects of radio to the life of an RJ. The interaction was spluttered with questions from inquisitive learners and equally encouraging answers from RJ Vikas who fielded every query with great

passion and adeptness. The group carefully observed the framework and technical functioning of the radio station where they were shown the intricacies of various equipments, digital studio, setting up of a console and the functioning of acoustic walls. To make learning experiential students were also shown how a live broadcast is done. RJ Vikas further told the students about how radio impacts the lives of a common man especially the ones in the remotest part of the country. He also emphasised upon the power of media in today’s time and made students realise their potential as the change makers of the society. Elucidating the difference between radio and other media, he

said that as soon as one goes on air, there is a lot happening in the live environment. The screams, laughters, endless talks and piles of memories is what makes radio the voice with which the massescan connect. So, what’s more important is not the money but the number of lives an RJ can impact constructively. He further emphasised upon the importance of nurturing one’s own ideas and willingness to think and act out of the box. He also shared about his own journey of becoming an RJ. The visit enriched the students with a larger perspective about the role of media and radio. Students were enlightened about the power of journalism and media to empower an individual.G T

bout 250 students from different Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) of Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos PDR, Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia participated in the ASEAN student exchange program conducted by Amity University Uttar Pradesh on January 23, 2018. They interacted with a selected group of students from MA (II) International Relations and Studies program of Amity Institute of International Studies (AIIS), AUUP. The event was graced by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof (Dr) Balvinder Shukla; Dr Alka Munjal, Dean of Students Affairs; Wg Cdr Goel, Deputy Director, International Affairs Division and Coordinator from CII. The HOI Dr Nagalaxmi, Dr Neha Pant and faculty members from AIIS, ASE, AISS, ABS,

A candid moment of exchange ASET, AIB and ASFL were also present at the occasion. The curious and inquisitive learners of all ASEAN countries, gathered in the seminar hall to know about the course in International Relations and Studies offered by Amity Institute of International Studies (AIIS) AUUP. They wanted to know more about the curriculum, duration and scope of the program and how to apply for it. They also enquired about the number of faculty members in the de-

Inquisitive minds exchange ideas

partment, specialized personnel and the number of students enrolled in the course. The program was extremely beneficial for all the students of AIIS and ASEAN countries as well as the faculty members who felt that such interactions will create a global learning podium where the diplomats and leaders of tomorrow can be mentored. The exchange program was hailed as a good platform for interacting and learning about regional disparities and their solutions.G T

Delhi Metro

Inspite of no dustbins inside the metro station, the metro stations are mostly quite clean.

Teaching to love A young teacher trainee once asked, “Whom should a teacher be accountable to: The principal, the parents or the students?” “Students and your own conscience,” came an inDr Amita Chauhan stant reply from another trainee. True, teachers are acChairperson countable only to the precious young lives they are going to mould and their own conscience. Children emulate the world around them. If they are treated with love, empathy and care they will also treat others in the same way. Such children grow up to be critically thinking, compassionate young adults who can change the world with mere love and care they hold in their hearts. Therefore, to be a good teacher one needs to be a good human being at the first place. Good teachers are surely competent and know the art of teaching, the way a child would learn. They are also committed to shaping young lives and challenge young minds in a constructive way. And this is where the role of educators extends beyond the normal teaching and learning process. They are skilled communicators who value communicating with love and empathy better than the others. “When educating the minds of our youth we must not forget to educate their hearts,” said Dalai Lama. Following the same, we at Amity Universe constantly strive to build an environment where teaching and learning with love is the fundamental way of life. Afterall, competent teachers kindle minds, but compassionate teachers kindle hearts, and facilitate in building great nations because they nurture wonderful human beings. G T





Don’t be a ‘feminist’ What It Takes To Be A Feminist Is Easy, The What Not Is Tough have the liberty to mortify him based on any generalization, because you simply cannot generalize every man under a particular category.

Garvita Batra, AIS PV, XI F


eminism - the one word that echoes from drawing rooms to elite luncheons. The same word that’s capable of creating rousing speeches and make one sound in sync with latest trends. But as this overlyused term tops the trending charts, its functionality seems to be misconstrued by those calling themselves ‘feminists’. An instruction manual that defines what it definitely isn’t. To hate men, or not to hate men I hear from a lot of you; your shouts getting louder day by day, as you confine yourself to an ‘anti-men’ trend, something you refer to as feminism. I feel the urge to shake you hard, harder and then the hardest until you listen and agree that feminism is not against men, but it is against every human who thinks it is okay to downgrade the wonderful creation that we call woman. To be an equal or a feminist I see throngs of people daily, withdrawing from being a feminist, for the ideology of ‘Equalism’ seems more appealing to them. Apparently

demanding equality for women makes one an ‘equalist’ and not a ‘feminist’. How I wish I could. Equalism is a term used when somebody violates equality after it has been established. Feminism on the other hand, is used when people strive to attain the said equality, for both men and women. So, till the time equality isn’t established, using ‘feminism’ seems just, doesn’t it?

To give opinions, not verdicts I read along as a lot of you vent out hatred in the name of opinion, with every click and share. When you publicly put forward your stand about a certain issue relating to women rights, remember to not humiliate a man just because he belongs to the male race. Though, you have the right to form an opinion about him in context with his stand, you do not

To be like a woman I urge all of you to understand, that feminism works towards getting the same recognition as our male counterparts, but what it does not work for is women trying to be ‘like’ men. Many wannabe feminists often take offense to the statement “like a woman”, claiming how it is wrong to generalize women under a set identity. But isn’t that contradictory to the very tenets of feminism – to be ‘like a woman’. Feminists are not fighting so that they can lose their identity; they are fighting so they can officially announce that they have one. Feminism doesn’t ask you to ignore your femininity, but it will make you embrace your skin the way it is. It won’t make you choose between fighting and working, it will come and tell you how you are a paradigm of yourself. So, clutch your feminism the way it is, because it is yours, and it emancipates your soul. Everyone’s, Feminist Rani G T

Reach out and talk Om Namah Shivay “Every Mahashivratri is meant to wake up every particle of your body. The festival is a wake-up call to move away from conflicts and move towards truth, beauty, peace, and benevolence the ethereal qualities of Shiva.” - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar The top story of this edition ‘dance of progression’ demystifies Lord Shiva, the most intriguing God among the Hindu deities. Known by different names as Mahadeva, Mahayogi, Pashupati, Nataraja, Vira Sharma Managing Editor Bhairava, Vishwanath, Bhava, Bhole Nath, Lord Shiva is worshipped and accepted by all as the third ruler of the universe. Shiva, symbolising ‘shakti’ multiplies manifold every year on the day of Mahashivratari that falls once a year. While there are many stories that this day hold a special meaning in terms of its cosmic positioning. On this day, the destructive part of the cycle of creation and destruction (symbolised by the waxing and waning moon), comes to a still. The planets position themselves in such a way that there is a natural upsurge of positive energy. Scientifically explained, the earth’s centrifugal force begins to move forward. Therefore, it’s one of the few Hindu festivals celebrated where people stay awake the whole night to bask and absorb this upsurge of energy that takes the seeker to a different level of consciousness where all knowledge is present. On this sacred night, devotees offer prayers to cleanse themselves from ignorance, overcoming limitations to enter and explore limitlessness that lies ahead. Mahashivratri in true sense is the night of awakening that beckons all to soak in the virtues of Lord for benefit of mankind.G T Published and Printed by Mr R.R. Aiyar on behalf of Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan from E-26, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024 and printed from HT Media Ltd, B-2, Sec 63, Noida (UP). Editor Ms Vira Sharma. n Edition: Vol 10, Issue 6 n RNI No. DELENG / 2009 / 30258. Both for free distribution and annual subscription of 800. Opinions expressed in GT articles are of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors or publishers. While the editors do their utmost to verify information published, they do not accept responsibility for its absolute accuracy. Published for the period February 19-25, 2018

Listen When The Mind Calls, Before The Time Hauls Nivedita Kapoor AIS Noida, X B


majority of 7.6 billion apparently healthy people in this world are suffering from some form of mental illness or the other and they don’t even know that. People have mental illnesses, which have symptoms, like any other illness. These symptoms can be behavioural, emotional, or even physical. They could be crystal clear, or like the visibility in Delhi during winters. But they’re there and need to be identified, and treated by a professional. But we all know that it isn’t as easy to go to a psychologist as it is to a physician. While only a few sneezes are enough to convince your parents to take you to a physician, even weeks of begging won’t make them take you to a therapist. For someone living in India and suf-

fering from a mental illness, encountering one of the three scenarios is likely. In the first scenario, your parents are pretty close minded and would rather take you for a ‘soul cleansing’ to remove any ‘bad spirits’ than to a therapist. Try convincing them by making them watch movies like ‘Dear Zindagi’ or read articles

like this one right here. It will all be futile and you’ll just learn to suffer in silence, until you grow up and afford a therapist on your own. In a slightly more optimistic second situation, your parents will probably be a bit more considerate than others and will actually take you to a doctor. You’ll talk to the therapist and feel

better. Therapist will then give your parents a few tips to make things easier for you. But then, your parents will just brush aside those tips and won’t follow the therapist’s advice. Well, a ray of hope is that at least you will feel a little better and get an appointment for the next week, because your therapist will be quite considerate of your problems and that will be a major win for you. In a third and an almost impossible scenario, you go to a therapist, with your parents and follow the tips given by your doctor and you eventually improve your mental health. Sounds like an alternate universe but if you’re lucky enough, it can be your own. So what should you do? Well, talk. Reach out and talk when you think your mind needs help. Talk to your parents, talk to your school counselor, talk to your teacher, but talk. Make the call of your mind, be heard. Talk. G T

Little pearls of wisdom

Be heard! Not a herd Sapriya Sharma, AIS Saket, IX


here’s a time in our life when we just want to run away, run away from all the work, all the problems and drama in our life and live peacefully. We wish to be on cloud nine. We wish to throw a dart on the map and travel to wherever it lands. We wish to sleep under the stars, or we wish to go to an adventure camp with all our friends. Now obviously we don’t do this, instead, we just ignore and brush aside such thoughts. But still somewhere in

some corner of our heart there’s always a wish we all long for to come true. Be it shopping in New York, or visiting the Skydeck in Chicago, or even an early morning stroll on a quiet street, we want everything to be worth it. Why do we have such wishes? Because we all know that one day our life will flash before our eyes and we want to make sure that we don’t regret missing out on anything. But stop. Ask yourself whether you want to do all these things because you want to do, or because the world also does it. Yes, it’s the most

important thing to ponder before calling such wishes your own. Because being yourself is the biggest favour you can do to yourself. In today’s world when everyone wears a mask to conceal one’s real self, it is a matter of great strength to accept your real self. So, kill all the fears and do what you want, be what you want to be. It’s OK to be wishing to stay home rather than trot the globe. It’s OK to be alone than be surrounded by a bunch of fake friends. It’s OK to love luxury and it’s equally OK to love lush green pastures. It is OK to

be sad, and it is OK to not be fine. Leave the herd mentality and take your own decisions. Love yourself down to the last imperfection you have and live your life to the fullest.

Creating World Leaders

Delhi Metro



Delhi Metro


In 2014, Delhi Metro was ranked the second most popular metro system globally. The first was New York.

Delhi Metro is disabled-friendly. The lifts have braille buttons that are placed low for wheelchair accessibility. Coloured paths help people go across stations.



Creating World Leaders


Ignition for Tomorrow An Olympiad Of Diplomacy, A Chalice Of The ‘Firsts’ Arushi Dayal, ASCO & Aditya Sundaray, AIPS, AUUP

The Secretariat The Secretariat Secretary General: Aditya Sundaray Director General: Sanea Mahajan Chargé d’Affaires: Shikhir Sapra Chef de Cabinet: Prof (Dr) Alpana Kakkar

USG Delegate Affairs: Farah Suhail Marketing: Jai Sharma Finance: Soumil Ahuja Creative Content Management: Deviena Srivastava

Deputy USG Delegate Affairs: Yash Bhati Finance: Mukul Singla

Dy. UDG Hospitality: Tanisha Agarwal


mity University, Uttar Pradesh organised the 7th edition of Amity International Model United Nations (AMIMUN 2018) to promote and celebrate the spirit of global peace and

innovation in the spirit of ‘Ignition for Tomorrow’ at Amity University Uttar Pradesh from January 19 to 21, 2018. Recognised in international circuits as one of the top 40 MUNs across Asia, the event was a boulevard of record breaking feats and many firsts in the world of MUNs across the globe.

Agenda: Continuous Crisis Committee President of the United States: Satrajit Sahani Vice President of the United States: Yashaswy Ghosh Scribe: Pranav Dadhich

NASA-SpaceX Bilateral Meet Agenda: MARS 2022 - Formulating A New Mission Plan For Mining and Utilisation of Resources in Space on the Martian Territory Moderator: Shayer Majumdar

UNGA-IV(SPECPOL) Agenda: The Protection of Indigenous Minority Groups Chairperson: Ashish Bhardwaj Vice-Chairperson: Arjita Bhan

“The best way to ignite students’ minds is to put forward role models and leaders who they can emulate and learn from.”

Pics: AMIMUN International Press

Jt. Dy. UDG Jt. USG

Operations: Sunidhi Bhatia & Shikha Sreekanth

Dr Aseem Chauhan, Addl President, RBEF & Chancellor, AUH

Logistics: Anas Mallick & Jeet Gupta

International Press UDG International Press: Arushi Dayal Design and IT: Sumit Singh Hospitality: Harshvardhan Singh Rathore Operations: Prakhar Gupta

“Education is the best ignition for all major initiatives and successes. It encourages students to break stereotypes and think out of the box.”

Head of Photography: Raunaq Gupta Editor: Vidhi Marwaha

The Committees White House Situation Room

Leaders Talk

Substantive Director: Vidit Kulshrestha

UNSC Agenda: Situation in the Middle-East with Special Emphasis on Resolution 1325: Women, Peace and Security President: Soumya Basu Conference Secretary: Paritosh Rawat

WTO Agenda: Negotiations to Further Liberalise Trade on Non-agriculture Market Access Chairperson: Karishma Kharbanda Vice-Chairperson: Vardha Kharbanda Rapporteur: Shashwat Das

IAEA Agenda: Discussing Implementation of Nuclear

Festival of Firsts

Safeguards in the Middle East Director-General: Neel Duttaroy Deputy Director-General: Rahul Das Rapporteur: Naman Keshri

AMIMUN 2018 was an event of many firsts and record breaking feats. n For the first time, around 400 plus delegates across the globe came

UNICEF Agenda: Accountability for the Atrocities Committed by UN Peacekeeping Forces Chairperson: Siddharth Kapoor Vice-Chairperson: Parinay Gupta Rapporteur: Siddhant Treasure

UNESCO Agenda: Protection of Natural and Historic Sites in the Context of the Newly Adopted Agenda 2030 Chairperson: Pritika Kohli Vice-Chairperson: Divya Khanna

Guest of Honour, Derek Westfall, at AMIMUN’ 18 along with Dr Aseem Chauhan, Mr Amol Chauhan and participants of AMIMUN’18

A mine of maven minds

The vision

At the strike of the gavel

Maverick minds from different colleges and universities across India and abroad, prudent scholars, eminent diplomats, and a multitude of experts from multifarious fields assembled to deliberate and debate about real global issues and draft resolutions to promote global understanding and foster world peace. The event simulated actual proceedings of different committees, organs and bodies of United Nations. The debates and discussions were based upon real issues taken up by 71st session of United Nations General Assembly. The idea was to keep the event as close as possible to the actual proceedings of the UN, giving the youngsters an opportunity to voice their concerns and put forth their innovative solutions for global issues looming over the world at large. The two new special committees also witnessed brilliant brainstorming sessions.

Putting students in the shoes of delegates of various countries, the event aimed to promote intercultural understanding, and understanding of global issues from the perspective of other countries.

Aditya Sundaray, Secretary General AMIMUN’18 declared the event open. The next 3 days stood witness to intense debates, discussions, exchange of ideas, presentation of data, facts and drawing out possible solutions to global issues. Concerns ranging from the protection of indigenous minority groups to dealing with situation in Middle East; from finding ways to implement nuclear safeguards in Middle East to discussing liberalisation of trades; from exploring ways to protect natural and historic heritage to making UN peace keeping forces accountable for human atrocities and many more were addressed. These issues prompted delegates to present their visionary thoughts and solutions. As the event drew to a close, there were deliberations, insightful discussions and sharing of ideas by panelists comprising eminent diplomats across the globe. Every-

The mission To create a diplomatic diaspora of young and thriving diplomats and develop an engaging, interactive boulevard where world leaders come together to share their ideas. This would facilitate the young diplomats in the making, to learn and understand the art of diplomacy, international relations and working of United Nations. The world gathers at Amity AMIMUN 2018 witnessed delegates from countries like: United Kingdom, Morocco, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, Nepal, Afghanistan, Mauritius, India and South Sudan.

one agreed upon the key role of MUNs in encouraging students from multiple disciplines to hone their diplomatic skills and learn the ropes of maintaining international relations and administration. The MUN not only brought great thinking minds together, but also presented an opportunity for proving one’s competitive edge too. In the same spirit, the winners were duly recognized and rewarded during the valedictory ceremony. The summary of proceedings of various committees and resolutions adopted by them was also shared on the occasion. The Director General expressed his gratitude to the members of the Senior Secretariat and administration. He also mentioned how AMIMUN has become more grand than ever. The event came to an emotional and teary closure at the strike of the gavel by the Secretary General.G T

together at AMIMUN to discuss burning global issues and myriad perspectives on the same. n For the first time, AMIMUN was held in collaboration with United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) for India and Bhutan. n For the first time, two new and innovative special committees were formed. These out-of-the-box committees deliberated upon equally out-of-the box issues, giving young MUNers the chance to shape their opinions and present the same. The committees were: n White House Situation Room: Continuous Crisis Committee n NASA- SPACE X Bilateral Meet : MARS 2022: Formulating a new mission plan for Mining and Utilisation of Resources in Space on the Martian Territory

HE Mr Nadir Patel, Chief Guest & High Commissioner for Canada to India “United Nations Organisation was set up with great expectations for playing an important role in resolving international disputes. But, over a period of time, it has become increasingly marginalised. It is the need of the hour to create a more vibrant, dynamic and relevant United Nations for betterment of the world at large.” Dr Brahma Chellany, Chief Guest &Former Advisor to India's National Security Council “The world is witnessing rapid transition and new alliances between countries. International relations have been redefined and power has gradually tilted towards East. The world is now looking towards East and especially India, to have solutions with fresh perspective.” Retd Ambassador, Manju Seth (IFS) “In the era of globalisation and growing competition, it is important for the youth to be acquainted with world issues. Such conferences aid in building interest towards research as well as enhance leadership & diplomatic skills of the youth.” Dr (Prof) Gurinder Singh, Group VC Amity Universities “Platforms like MUNs are true learning opportunities for students to gain knowledge about different perspectives of international affairs and UN.” Md Manuar Mukarram Guest of Honour & Second Secretary Bangladesh High Commission

Other Dignitaries Present Guest of Honour, Derek Westfall, Deputy Political Minister Counselor at the US Embassy | Mr Amol Chauhan, Sr VP, Amity Capital Ventures Patron & Guide/Mentors: Prof (Dr) Balvinder Shukla, Chairperson and Prof (Dr) Alpana Kakkar, Dy Dean for Student’s Welfare | Dr Brahma Chellaney, Chief Guest & Former advisor to India’s National Security Council | Derk Segaar, Guest of Honour & Director,UNIC for India and Bhutan

AMIMUN 2018 USPs : AMIMUN is a conference of its own kind which strictly adheres to “Collegiate level only” policy. It is the only university level MUN to host international delegates around the globe including United Kingdom, Egypt, Brazil, Russia, Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Mauritius and South Sudan and students from 51 Universities and colleges across the country.


Delhi Metro

8 Mosaic

The Airport Express link, lies at 45 meters below the Rajiv Chowk station and is the deepest low point. This line carries 500,000 passengers per day.


Winding up in waters “There were green islands everywhere with nothing but forests and I could see various colours around me, which I could never see in the city.”

Open Up Nivedita Kapoor AIS Noida, X B


raveling one gathers the honey’ goes an old saying and true one too. People can actually gain a lot more than just a relaxing time from their holidays, only if they try diving deep within themselves, and not just the waters. If instead of sleeping on the plane, they look outside the window and

watch the cottony clouds will they know what pristinity is. If they learn the local language instead of judging people, they get to live their culture. Just go hopping the streets to feel the local life and you will learn many new things. Tread the untreaded and be open to new possibilities and experiences, that’s the way to see the world. I too experienced a joy for lifetime when during this summer break, I went to Thai-

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Q: Name the guest interviewed on page 1. Ans:

Q: What is the headline of the article written by Garvita Batra, AIS PV, XI F ? Ans:

Q:Mention the DIY activity on page 9. Ans:

Q: Name any two ingredients from the Masterchef recipe. Ans:

Q: Which radio station did ASCO students visit? Ans:

Q: What is the name of the worldwide dance programme organised at Amiown? Ans:

land. The trip was fun and relaxing as the beach getaways are. But I had an experience of air and water elements like none other. A very small but very enthralling experience. I sailed on a long tail boat for the first time, which is basically a normal boat but sails 10 times faster. And while it was going over the high tides, my mother was scared that I would fall over. But I wasn’t scared at all because I enjoyed playing

with tides, besides I know how to swim. I was more scared about losing my phone instead in case I fall. Barring this ‘huge fear’, I was enjoying the wind in my hair and the splashes of water on my face. There were green islands everywhere with nothing but forests and I could see various colours around me, which I could never see in the city where almost everything is grey. But over there, it seemed like it was just me, the sea, the sky, the wind and the colours. The closest word to describe my feeling is euphoria. That simple thirty minute ride created a multitude of emotions in my heart. Right from ecstatic to mesmerizing, from overwhelming to stupefied, it was all like talking silences! Now I wonder what would paragliding off a cliff make me feel like? Perhaps it will be a smooth glide of my winged dreams.G T


Q: What does EWIE stand for on page 2 article? Ans:

Q: How many trains are run under Delhi Metro Rail network? Ans:

Results #47: Syed Aamish, AIS Noida, V B; Priyanshi Agarwal, AIS Noida, VI L; Sarvika Sharma, AIS Noida, V A

Ingredients Gram flour(Besan) ....3/4 cup Wheat flour ................1/4 cup Sweet corn..................1/4 cup Chilly powder..............1/2 tsp Pizza sauce................3-4 tbsp Tomato ....................1 (diced) Onion ......................1 (diced) Paneer ..........150gms (diced) Mushrooms..........5-6 (sliced) Green chilli ........1 (chopped) Mozzarella cheese ......75gms Salt ............................To taste Water ..................As required Oil ......................As required Oregano ..........For seasoning Chilly flakes .. For seasoning

Method wheat flour, water, chopped green chilli, red chilly powder and mix well to form a thick batter.

grease with oil. Spread a ladle full of batter on it evenly and let it cook. n Once cooked from both sides, take tortilla off the pan and keep aside. n Heat a flat bottomed pan, pour some oil and saute all the chopped vegetables with salt, chilly flakes and some mozzarella cheese. n Now, spread some pizza sauce on tortilla evenly and top it with sautéd vegetables. Layer it with grated mozzarella cheese. n Now roll and put this stuffed tortilla on a greased flat bottomed pan and cover with the lid. Let it cook for over a minute on medium flame till it gets crisp. n Take it off the flame once done and serve after seasoning with oregano and red chilly flakes.

Mayank Mishra, BJMC ASCO, AUUP

Silent cry With thousand bodies cold

Ananya Yadav AIS Noida, IX M Time passes but horror stays Years go by but the scars remain Shouts and cries are still heard Of innocent people butchered

Recovered from that little well Were corpses straight out of hell Hundreds of burning pyres Dimmed every flame of fire The bullet marks are still there Reminding us of the cursed day

They shouted in pain But he was deaf to their cries Ground became a pool of blood

Years on the Bagh stands still Sending us all into deep chill A silent epitome of valour Jallianwala is that stupor!G


Atop the Kailasha Amidst snow and cold Sat a hermit With his eyes closed Indifferent to differences Unaware of appearances Abiding by no laws Never taking a pause From his deep meditation Lost in deep contemplation Lad in tiger skin All animals his kin A snake garland Ash on forehead Destroyer and life-giver The hermit was Shiva Rejected and an outcast Never dwells on his past

CAMERA CAPERS Tanvi Vijh, AIS Noida, X A

A call to divinity for happiness beyond eternity

n Heat a non-stick pan and

Shiva in you

Of families and friends Who never returned Name:.....................................Class:................School:.................

Sana Arora AIS Noida, X A

n In a bowl take gram flour,


Q: Who is the author of the ‘Ignition for tomorrow’ article on page 6-7? Ans:

Gram veg tortillas

Gleam of the flame enlightens the universe

Neither a teacher, nor a preacher Never thinking of the future He is guileless and tough Lost and unbound If you look hard enough Within you, he may be found To be like Shiva All you need to do Is open that third eye And take a view, if you can Wield his trident Strike down every impediment Which stands between you And the Shiva in you G T

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Flaming contours of luminosity

Delhi Metro

An NGO, Salaam Balak Trust, runs an orphanage at Tis Hazari metro station for the DMRC. This NGO aims at helping street children have better future.





Looking at the man, Rahul nearly froze in his tracks. He was home alone and there was no way he could beat a man twice his size.

Wisdom Tale

Illustration:Raghav Agrawal, AIS Saket, VIII B

Home alone Saanjh Sadhoo AIS Saket, VI C


t was an unusual day, for this was the first time seven year old Rahul was alone at home. His parents were at work and his school had declared a holiday due to some emergency. At first, Rahul was excited at the thought of being alone. He played some games and read books but as the day passed by, he started feeling both - scared and bored. Anxious and sad, Rahul was sitting in his living room when suddenly the phone rang. He picked

up the receiver and said,“Hello” but there was no reply from the other side. He kept the receiver down but it rang again. Tensed and frightened, Rahul picked up the phone. The man on the other end asked him about the whereabouts of his parents. Rahul was more scared than ever. Hurriedly, he hung up. He tried to calm down, but the bell rang, yet again. This time, it was the door bell. Rahul began to panic. He decided not to answer the door bell. But the door bell would not stop ringing. Skeptically, he moved towards the door.

Riddle Fiddle Sparrow Radhika Sharma AIS Gur 43, V A 1. What is orange but sounds like parrot? 2. What can be served but never be eaten? 3. When a cat wins a dog show what is it called? 4. Where do bulls put and read all their messages?

He peeped from the key hole and saw a tall, bearded man with unruly hair and strange looks. Looking at the man, Rahul nearly froze in his tracks. He was home alone and there was no way he could beat a man twice his size. “Open the door, or I will break it,” yelled the man. Rahul realised he could not waste more time freaking out. He had to do something, but what? Suddenly, Rahul’s eyes fell on the phone. He picked it up and called up his uncle in the neighbourhood. He told his uncle all about the phone call and the strange man standing outside the

house. His uncle asked him to calm down and answered him that he would be there in no time with help. While Rahul became little relaxed on hearing this, the knocking on the door got even fiercer. Meanwhile, his uncle informed the police and gathered some more people from the neighbourhood and along with his pet dog Boozo, headed for Rahul’s home. As soon as the tall, bearded stranger spotted the mob coming towards Rahul’s home, he got alarmed and ran to escape. Boozo however, being a very active and strong dog ran fast, sprung upon the stranger and bit his leg. Rahul’s uncle and other people too rushed towards the stranger and caught hold of him. Scared, the stranger admitted to being a local robber and confessed his plans of trying to break in Rahul’s home and some other neighborhood homes the same day. In the meantime, Rahul’s parents also reached home and were relieved to see their son safe and sound. Everyone lauded Rahul’s presence of mind and quick action which averted a major robbery and ended with the thief being arrested. G T So what did you learn today? Presence of mind can avert disasters.

Foosball for kids Materials needed Cardboard shoe box ............1 Green felt paper....................1 Paper knife ..........................1 Straws ..............................4-6 Clothespins ....................8-12 Markers ....2 different colours Table tennis ball ..................1 Masking tape ........................1 Scissors ................................1

Instructions n Take an old cardboard shoe

box and remove its lid. Tape off any open edges. n Cut out a 3×2″ rectangle on either end (shorter side) of the shoe box using a paper knife, to make the goal. n Now using a ruler, mark 3-4


Arav Sanothra AIS Saket, II B

equidistant points on the length of the box. Make holes along these points. Create holes at similar points on the other side so that you can pass straws through holes on either side. n Insert straws through holes. n Cut out green felt paper in the size of the box ie the base. Stick it on the base. n Colour clothespins using markers of two different colours to make players of two teams. n Attach 1-2 clothespins on each straw and invert them as kickers. n Take a table tennis ball and get set to goal!

It’s Me

Sparrow sparrow sparrow O little sparrow You are so shiny And very tiny You hop hop hop Over the tree tops Your tweet tweet tweet Sounds so sweet In sunshine and rain You peck at grains I love when you come In my home and lanes

Hey sparrow little You fly in a fickle Let’s become friends We will jump and rattle


Hey little birdie Will you become my pet? You will, I bet You’re my mini, my cutie. G


Manya Singh AIS Noida, VII C

5. What is a bear without all his teeth called? 6. Which bird is also a very strong lifter? 7. When a monkey rings the doorbell, how does it sound? 8. What does the skeleton say before eating meals?

Hello there! Name: Samriddhi Chandani School: AIS VYC Lucknow Class: KG Birthday: January 3

Mall: Phoenix Mall, Lucknow Food: Chole Bhature Teacher: Mona Ma’am Subject: English Poem: The little plant

Favourites Food: Pizza and burger Hobbies: Drawing, colouring Book: Snow white and the seven dwarfs Game: Swings

People,Pals &Dreams My best friend: Mariya My role model: My mother I want to become: A painter I want to feature in GT: To become famous.

Answers: 1.Carrot 2. Tennis ball 3.Cat-has-trophy 4.Bulletin board 5.A gummy bear 6. A crane 7.King kong! 8. Bon ‘e’ Appetit

10 Junior Jottings



Blossoming with Kinderdance Tender Toes Tap Their Way From Being Shy To Confident Learners


allet is known for nurturing confidence and when exposed to kids at a young age, this dance form enables them to gain confidence, the ability to trust and let go and enjoy. Recognising the potential of this dance form, the students of Amiown across all branches in Delhi/NCR were introduced to Kinderdance under the guidance of Ms Sapna Chauhan, Vice Chairperson, Amiown. Kinderdance originally conceived and developed by Ms

Harsell in 1981, is an original worldwide dance, motor development, gymnastics, and fitness programme. Specifically designed for children from ages 2 to 12, it aims at teaching the basics of ballet, tap, acrobatics and creative movement while blending in educational concepts. This unique fitness programme gives a child the opportunity to enhance his physical development and body awareness, while learning numbers, colours, shapes and songs at the same time. With the primary

objective of building self confidence and selfesteem in growing up children through the form of dance, Kinderdance is taught at three different levels. Amies, trained by the Kinderdance team through the year, put up their exceptional performances in their respective schools from January 24 to February 10. Here is a quick recap of the performances that was worth every twirl and whirl.

Dance, dance everybody… Amiown Gurugram Atreyee Dasgupta, Teacher


n year-long workshop with the Kinderdance team, culminated with little Amies slipping into their

dancing shoes as they showcased their cadenced moves on January 24, 2018. The small wonders performed various dance forms which included tap dance, ballet, gymnastics and aerobics. No sooner the upbeat music commenced, the infectious energy of

Amies on the stage, enthused the audience. The highlight of the show was an amazing performance presented by the little bundle of talents from pre-nursery and nursery. The gathering applauded their energy with immense encouragement.G T

Say Dance Shake with the lyrics

A full-house talent show Amiown Vasundhara Meenakshi Lamba, Teacher


hile many children have talent, often only a few get to showcase it. At Amiown, great efforts are taken to ensure that little Amies always fall in the latter category. With this objective, little Amies from pre-nursery– Brave Birch and Happy

I love it Why walk when you can dance

First dance Amiown Noida Prabha Singh, Teacher


hat: February 9, 2018 was a momentous event in the lives of little Amiown. As the little ones stepped on the stage for their first ever live dance performance, their excitement knew no bounds. Little Amies lit the stage on fire as they effortlessly swayed to rhythmic music based on popular numbers such as ‘Lis-

ten to the music’, ‘Paddy Cake’, ‘I’m a Little Teapot’, ‘Humpty Dumpty’, and ‘Jack-Be-Nimble’, ‘Hold the ball’. Their agility, acrobatic and motor skills through varied acts such as the ‘Bicycle’, ‘Bounce Bounce’, ‘Jump Out and Jump In’ and ‘Crab Popcorn’ beautifully choreographed by the Kinderdance team was a treat for all. The entire experience was a celebration of the inherent rhythm, poise, versatility, talent, confidence and grace of little Amies!G T

Join me Time to dance

Holly classes put up a spectacular dance performance, mesmerizing one and all with their bundle of talent on February 9, 2018. The dance, specifically designed keeping in mind the cognitive, physical, communication, social and emotional development of the child, was met with a thunderous applause. The little Amies could be seen enjoying themselves on stage, while parents who sat as on-

lookers watched their little ones in awe. It was a memorable moment for both parents and teachers to see them perform with full confidence on stage while beautifully carving out fine postures such as the popcorn posture. Impressed by the zeal and enthusiasm of the young performers, Ms Sapna Chauhan who graced the occasion, applauded everyone for the grand show. G T

A walk to remember Amiown PV Shilpa Malhotra, Teacher


he programme kick started with a ‘Dancer Walk’ presented by the little Amies from Nursery on February 10, 2017. Beautiful maneuvering of body shapes, ballet set on melodious tunes,

and a display of exciting gymnastic tricks… the performance had everything one could ask for. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise as the audience sat glued watching every move. The gymnastic skills beautifully showcased their understanding of body awareness, dexterity and body isolation of movement. The pre-nursery kids presented

Dance Its a sport too

Feel it Through dance

To know more about Amiown, follow us or post your messages on our Facebook page @ ‘Amiown - The Caring School’

a dance that was based on ‘warming up’ moves like stretches and synchronization. The icing on the cake was the concluding dance, performed by the parents and the grandparents of the little Amies. Amiown, once again did not just boost the morale of the little ones, but also of their families. G T

Delhi Metro

Rini Sanon is the voice for the female announcements (in English), while the male announcer (in Hindi) is Shammi Narang.


School Lounge

Inter- Amity heritage quiz

CBSE Heritage India Quiz

Learning And Exploring India’s Cultural Diversity AIS Saket


n keeping with the vision of Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity Group of Schools and RBEF, to inculcate pride among students for India’s cultural diversity, the school organised prestigious Inter-Amity Heritage Quiz on January 30, 2018 The quiz hosted by AIS Saket each year, marks the culmination

of year long activities organised by all the branches of Amity Group of Schools on a chosen theme.The theme for heritage celebrations for the year 2017-18 was rivers of India, namely, Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Kaveri and Narmada. The quiz conducted by renowned quiz masters Adittya Nath Mubayi and Sidhharth Kurapati from Quizcraft, saw students from all branches of Amity Inter-

national Schools along with Amity Global Schools participate with great excitement. The quiz was divided into three categories- junior, middle and senior. In junior category, AIS Gur 46 bagged the first prize followed by two different teams from AIS Noida bagging second and third positions. The middle category saw AIS Noida bag the first prize with AIS Saket on second and AIS Gur 46 on third po-

sition. In the senior category, AIS PV secured both first and third positions whereas AIS Saket stood second. AIS Noida made a hat-trick by lifting the overall winners trophy for the third consecutive year. Towards the end of the event school Principal Divya Bhatia lauded the efforts of all the teams and congratulated everyone for their participation and brilliant performances.G T

Winners with their certificates

AIS Gurugram 46


Students along with teachers and school Principal beam with the glory of victory

Scholastic Alert National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET 2018) NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST (UG), 2018 (NEET-UG-2018) will be conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses in India in Medical/Dental Colleges run with the approval of Medical Council of India/Dental Council of India under the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India except for the institutions established through an Act of Parliament i.e. AIIMS and JIPMER Puducherry Eligibility Criteria: The candidate must have passed in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Bio-technology and English individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology/ Biotechnology at the qualifying examination. Those who are appearing in Class XII examination in 2018 can also appear for the entrance test provisionally subject to their fulfilling the conditions later. The candidate must have completed the age of 17 years at the time of admission or will complete the age on or before 31st December 2018 i.e. the year of his/her admission to the 1st year M.B.B.S./ B.D.S. Course. The upper age limit for candidates seeking admission in MBBS/BDS seats shall be 25 years as on the date of the examination. (Please refer to the website for more details) Application Process: Online Registration begins – 8th February, 2018 Last date for online registration – 9th March, 2018 Entrance Test: 6th May, 2018 The duration of paper would be 03 hours from 10.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. Website: Taruna Barthwal, Head Amity Career Counselling & Guidance Cell

For any query write to us at [email protected]



he school had the proud privilege to host the prestigious Heritage India Quiz organised by CBSE on February 3, 2018. The quiz aims to promote interest among students to learn and appreciate the history, tourism and cultural heritage of the country, saw over 50 schools from Delhi/NCR take part in the competition conducted by quiz master Ajay Punia, associated with CBSE. The city final round of the quiz required the participants to clear two stages. The first one being the ‘written elimination’ round wherein they had to answer 25 questions in 45 min-

utes. The second round comprising a ‘stage quiz’ was divided into three interesting parts namely- pyramid scheme, direct oral and buzzer round comprising an interesting mix of audio and visual questions. This was followed by the Panchkula regional final round that was further divided into three parts namely infinite bounce, interlock grids and buzzer round. The event culminated with school Principal Arti Chopra congratulating the city and regional final winners and presenting them the certificate of merit. She also thanked the visiting schools, quiz master and CBSE for giving Amity an opportunity to host the event.

F1 in Schools AIS Gurugram 46


our teams from school namely Team Vapr, Qber Racing, Black Phoenix & Blue Falcons participated in the national competition- F1 in Schools held at Ambience Mall, Gurugram from January 12-14, 2018. The teams participated wholeheartedly, raised sponsorships and also managed budget to fund research, travel and other expenses. In the Knock-out round, Qber Racing

team bagged a position in the list of Top 16. Team Vapr bagged the All Round Performance Award. The competition was a great learning experience as the challenge inspired students to use IT, learn about physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture, branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing, leadership/ teamwork, media skills, financial strategy, etc, and apply them in practical, creative, and exciting way in the competition. G T

School Principal Arti Chopra with the winners

Martyr’s day AIS VYC Lucknow


Children dance zealously to patriotic tunes

Patriotic song competition AIS VKC Lucknow


he school celebrated India’s 69th Republic Day in high spirits. The celebrations commenced with unfurling of the national flag followed by national anthem. The highlight of the day was an interhouse patriotic song competition where all the four houses rendered melodious and motivational patriotic numbers like

‘Mile sur mera tumhara’, ‘Jai ho’, ‘Maa tujhe salaam’, ‘Hindustan meri jaan’, ‘Chak de India’, ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Dil hai hindustani’, etc. The first prize was bagged jointly by Pawani and Bhagirathi house, followed by Alaknanda and Mandakini houses securing second and third positions respectively. School Principal Mukta appreciated the students for their efforts and wonderful performances. G T

special assembly was organised on the occasion of Martyr’s Day held in the school on January 30, 2018. The students paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi on his death anniversary and all the great martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the nation. Shrishti of Class IX commenced the assembly with the soulful rendition of the famous song ‘Ae mere watan ke logon’, It was followed by screening of a short video on the life of freedom fighter Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Shaurya Ahuja of Class V paid his tributes to the martyrs by making everyone aware about the significance of Martyr’s Day through his speech. Puri Bharti of Class VI presented a beautiful dance on the song ‘Maa tujhe salaam’. The students along with the staff observed two minute silence to pay homage to the father of the nation and many great martyrs of this great country. G T

Student sings a song


Eyes talk, so do specs Eyes Are Mirror To The Soul But Glasses Too Play A Role The nerdy chic

Sharanya Arun, AIS Saket, XI D


hoosing the right frame is perhaps one of the most stressful moments in the life of any bespectacled individual. Do they look good? Do I look weird in these? Will I be judged? And judged you are, the minute you stride out of the optician’s shop. Whether you believe it or not, your glasses may be sending a big message about who you are to others. Maybe these interpretations are correct, maybe they’re completely off the mark; but the fact of the matter is that they communicate between the lines. want to know what exactly? Read on.

What: These are usually cat eyed and are sometimes also referred to as ‘Librarian

tle nerdy too. Disclaimer: You may end up living alone with 7 cats, yelling at anyone who makes noise in the library but who cares, at least you’d look

The minimalist What: Simple frames, subtle colours - blacks, browns, greys, etc. What it says: You look before you leap, think before you speak and are brainy as well as super witty, too. And of course, you’re probably an A grade student at least according to your glasses. Disclaimer: This style is very neutral and goes with pretty much any outfit you decide to put on. (Let’s be honest, you probably bought these frames because of this very reason)

The geek

The hipster What: Theses glasses are a modern take on vintage styles. They may come in thick or thin frames and sometimes whacky colors (think neon, turquoise, etc.) often adorned with gems and precision art detailing. (Always exaggerated.) What it says: Theses spectacles say that you are fashion conscious, and would never dare to step out of the house in your pyjamas. Clearly, you are the ‘dress to impress’ types. Disclaimer: Theses glasses may make you look a little old school, and not always in a good way. So if you’re thinking about wearing these any time soon, just make sure you style them right, or you could end up looking horribly wrong. Like, 50 years-out-of-fashion.

What: Extra thick/ large round, hornrimmed/ rectangle frames. What it says: These channelise the inner nerd in you, and show people that you’re scarily smart and spend your weekends in the library to study. Disclaimer: You may be a little shy, not too outgoing, but you’re probably going to end up being the CEO of some multimillionaire company.

glasses’. What it says: You are sassy, unique, crazy about reading and may be a lit-

awesome doing it, right? Beware: these specs have all potential of making you look evil. So, watch.

At the end of the day though, it’s your behaviour that will really show everyone who you truly are. And not some piece of plastic or metal, no matter how imperative that piece of plastic or metal is for your vision. Remember, it’s just a pair of glass for clear view and nothing else.

Carnival manual

Delhi Metro

12 Bag Pack

The Delhi Metro network consists of a total of 200 trains covering a total distance of 69,000 kilometers every day. All top quotes are compiled by Om Nair, AIS Saket, III B


Unbreakable M C Mary Kom Author: Dina Serto and Mary Kom Release date: November, 2013 Rating: 4/5 I will tell you about: Unbreakable is the inspiring story of an amazing woman Mary Kom. The autobiography is gripping and full of action, much like her punches. It beautifully addresses Mary Kom’s struggle and unfailing passion for the sport of boxing. Born in a remote village of Manipur, to a poor farmer family, her life is an inspiring, exhilarating tale of a woman who faced impossible odds in the world and sport dominated by men and delivered many major breakthrough wins. You should read me because: The autobiography not only just brings out the struggles of Mary Kom, but also focuses on what sets her apart. Right from her days when she juggled between studies, household chores and farm work, to the sheer grit, with which she faced every hurdle, determined not to let her struggles go in vain. The book traces her life from the time she was born, to her winning feat at 2012 London Olympics. Mary describes how she discovered her passion for boxing, her initial days of training, even going into details of the politics among sports bodies, both at state and national level. The book also shares anecdotes from each of her five World Champion medals woven around incidents in her personal life like relocating to Delhi, falling in love, marriage, birth of her children and loss of a parent. The best line: “I believe with all my heart that if you pursue your dream with all the zeal at your command, nothing is impossible.” Reviewed by: Navya Nayer AIS PV, VIII

GT Travels to Norway

Everything That Cosy Winter Carnival Brings Along Rudrakshi Sharma AIS PV, XI F

ments of a carnival, the conspicuous ones, of course.

and put up adornments is an annual ritual.

The embellished kiosks

The engaging games

Students disguised as santas or jokers, decorations that range from balloons to fancy streamers; the carnival is always a kaleidescope of colours. And mind you, this vibrancy is set up when many of us are still snoozing. Coming early to hang the streamers, inflate the balloons

Each carnival has its own idiosyncratic and neoteric game with an enthralling name which rivets one to go and play it. Be it the one where you have to destroy the glass pyramid using a ball or deflating the balloon with a dart, every game is a new-fangled idea devised by the students and

is gaiety to play.

The columbus ride


inter carnival is one of the most joyous times in the life of a student. The carnival is a bouquet of experiences put together - adrenaline pumping rides, yumilicious foods, stall duties (which most of the people don’t do), and most importantly, stylish selfies. Here are some ele-

Imaging: Anju Rawat, GT Network

All students along with their group of friends take this ride. The carnival is incomplete without this one. Fighting with others to sit at the end and hooting as the Columbus goes high up in the sky is what makes this ride the most amusing and venturesome.

The jam session Dance like nobody is watching. Yes, this is true for all the students who wait for their respective batches to be sent for those ‘45 minutes’. The amazing part is that one can always spot a student who has eccentric but funny dance moves, a group of boys lifting each other on their backs and a group doing ravishing, riveting bhangra.

The lucky draw “Lucky number 1” “Lucky number 1001”... and so it goes on, just that it is never your number. The lucky draw and the announcement of winners plays on the background as everyone makes merry at the carnival. Best of luck for this one! G T

Mira Sehgal, AIS Noida, VIII E, poses with a copy of The Global Times in front of The Royal Palace, Oslo in Norway. Oslo is the capital and the most populous city in Norway which is extremely picturesque and exquisite. On the 21st of June i.e summer solstice, when the photo was clicked, there was daylight for 24 hours during the day!! The Royal Palace is the official residence of the present Norwegian monarch. Got some clicks with GT while on the go? Get them featured! Send them to us at [email protected]