2 CIRCUITRY The MultiGen uses a high speed microprocessor and analog to digital conversion circuitry. Phase voltage and current are measured simultane...

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The MultiGen uses a high speed microprocessor and analog to digital conversion circuitry. Phase voltage and current are measured simultaneously, as well as DC parameters. The voltage and current measurements are true RMS and the coolant and oil pressure are measured directly from the engine sender. Hours Run is measured from the frequency and DC volts measured directly from the battery.

REDUCES COST COMPATIBLE WITH INDUSTRY STANDARD PSI & °F SENDERS MULTIGEN The MultiGen is a complete digital metering system designed for measuring all the main parameters required for gen-set monitoring. All functions are performed via the two front control buttons making the MultiGen simple to use.


PARAMETERS MEASURED The MultiGen measures and displays : * Phase - Phase Voltage (V) * Phase -Neutral Voltage (V) * Phase Current (I) * Frequency (Hz) * Coolant Temperature (deg C or deg F) * Oil Pressure (bar or psi) * Hours Run (Run Time) * Battery Voltage NEW ADDITIONS (No extra charge) * Active Power (W) * Reactive Power (VA) 2

The display is a unique backlit custom LCD with black figures on a green background. The LCD is an STN (super twist neumatic) giving a high contrast display over a wide viewing angle. There is a maximum of 7 screens all addressable by either pushing the or button on the front of the MultiGen. On a 3 phase 4 wire unbalanced load system the display screen sequences are as follows. Screen 1 = L1 N, L2 N, L3 N Volts. Screen 2 = L1 L2, L2 L3, L3 L1 Volts. Screen 3 = L1, L2, L3 Amps. Screen 4 = kVA, Hz, kW. Screen 5 = Hz, Hours Run. Screen 6 = Temperature, Pressure, DC Volts. Screen 7 = Custom Screen.

CUSTOM SCREEN The Custom Screen enables the User to program a unique screen to display 3 specific parameters. For example :The first line of text could display phase 1 current. The second line of text could display frequency. The third line of text could display DC volts.

PROGRAMMING MultiGen can be supplied fully programmed to match sender inputs, CT and VT ratios and relay output set points; if all the information as shown on page 5 is provided when products are ordered. If required, it is very simple to program the MultiGen. Programming is via the two front buttons. A product manual is supplied with each MultiGen giving step by step instructions.

ACCURACY The accuracy of the voltage and current readings is 0.5% of reading. All other parameters have an accuracy of 1% of reading making the MultiGen a highly accurate instrument.

The MultiGen sender inputs for pressure and temperature are compatible with all leading sender manufacturers such as VDO, Datcon, Murphy etc. Within the sender input set up program a menu of leading manufacturers sender part numbers are given and the program automatically sets up the sender range once a part number is selected. As an alternative, the user can program in 5 points from any sender resistance range. CT and VT ratios can easily be changed as can the trip points for over temperature and low oil pressure. 3

RELAY OUTPUTS Two relays are provided as an option. One is a normally open contact and is used to monitor the coolant temperature. If the temperature rises above the preset point the relay contact closes, and on the MultiGen display, the temperature icon flashes. The second relay is provided to monitor the pressure and this relay is normally closed. If the oil pressure goes below the preset point the relay closes and the pressure icon on the MultiGen screen flashes.

MEMORY Calibration and setup parameters including current and voltage ratios, calibration constants, sender ranges, etc. are stored in a non volatile e2 prom. In power down (power loss) conditions all data is retained.

COMMUNICATIONS The MultiGen has the option of providing RS485 communication. The RS485 enables remote reading and programming of the MultiGen via a host computer. The RS485 output uses the Modbus protocol allowing multi-drop with up to 32 MultiGens connected in parallel. The RS485 modbus protocol allows the MultiGen to be used with PC, PLC, RTU, Data loggers and Scada programs. The following are programmable for the RS485 output : Baud rates : 19200, 9600, 4800, 2400. Parity : Odd, Even or No parity. Stops : Automatically set once parity is selected. Address 1 to 247 4

APPLICATIONS The M820-GM series is primarily designed for the gen-set manufacturer as it measures all the basic generator and engine parameters. The M830-SM measures only AC Volts, AC Amps and Frequency, which means it can be used in many other applications such as switchboards, building management systems, motor control centres, high and low voltage switchboards, UPS systems, process control, cogeneration and power management and control.



1 phase 3 phase 3 wire unbalanced load 3 phase 4 wire unbalanced load

M830-SM1 M830-SM4 M830-SM9

1 phase 3 phase 3 wire unbalanced load 3 phase 4 wire unbalanced load

Note : M820-GM* products measure V, A, Hz, Pressure, Temperature, Hours Run, DC volts. M830-SM* products only measure V, A, Hz.

ORDERING INFORMATION The 96 x 96 mm case is designed for fast and simple panel mount installation. The terminals used for the voltage and current inputs and relay outputs are M3.5 allowing the use of traditional termination. The sender and RS485 connections use a plug in connector.

Information required


Product Code Nominal input voltage Nominal input current System Frequency Auxiliary Options

M820-GM9 230 /400V AC 5A AC 50Hz 24V DC RS485 output Relay output

A safety terminal cover is provided on all units.


Optionally the factory can program the following :Current ratio (C.T.) please specify e.g. 500/5A Voltage ratio (V.T.) please specify. e.g. 11kV/110V Temperature sender manufacturers part number or resistance characteristics. Temperature relay e.g. set at 225 °F Pressure sender manufacturers part number or resistance characteristics. Pressure relay e.g. set at 75 psi Custom Screen : specify which 3 parameters required.

The MultiGen has a clear polycarbonate flip up front cover. The cover has an interference lock which can be locked to prevent unauthorised personnel from tampering with the front controls.

e.g. Line 1 = L1 to Neutral voltage. Line 2 = Coolant Temperature Line 3 = DC volts




1 Phase Connection

1 Phase 3 Wire Unbalanced Load Connection

Direct connected voltages between 57.8 and 600 V. Standard voltages offered : 63.5/110V, 69.3/120V, 120/208V, 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V, 277/480V, for 3ph 4w. 110V, 120V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 480V, 600V for 3ph 3w Accuracy Range 20-120% Un Working Range 5-125% Un Burden <0.5VA per phase Overload 1.5 x Un continuous 4 x Un for 1 second Rated In 1 or 5 amp Accuracy Range 20-120% In Working Range 5-125% In Burden <0.5VA per phase Overload 4 x In continuous. 50 x In for 1sec Frequency 50 / 60 Hz nominal range 45/65Hz DC Volts Range 10 to 30 volts Hours Run Updated every 2 minutes


Single phase 3 phase 3 wire unbalanced load 3 phase 4 wire unbalanced load


3 Phase 3 Wire Unbalanced Load Connection


L1-L2,L2-L3,L1-L3 (3 ph 3 w) & ( 3 ph 4w) L1-N,L2-N,L3-N (1ph & 3 ph 4w)




System Frequency

Active Power

Total Watts of system (W kW MW)

Apparent Power Total VA of system (VA, kVA, MVA) Coolant Temperature ( deg F or deg C) Oil Pressure ( bar or psi) Hours Run ( run time) 3 Phase 4 Wire Unbalanced Load Connection Note. On all the above connections external voltage transformers can be used, allowing voltages higher than 600 volts to be connected to the MultiGen.


DC Volts (battery volts)


115 or 230 volts (± 15%) 45 to 65 Hz burden <7 VA



Volt Amps Frequency Active Power Apparent Power Coolant temperature Oil Pressure Hours Run DC volts

0.5% of reading ± 2 digits 0.5% of reading ± 2 digits 0.1Hz ± 1 digit 1% of reading ± 2 digits 1% of reading ± 2 digits 1% of reading ± 2 digits 1% of reading ± 2 digits 1% of reading ± 2 digits 1% of reading ± 2 digits


4 kV RMS 50 Hz for 1 min. between case, input, auxiliary. 1kV between case, input, auxiliary, relay output. 1kV between case, input, auxiliary, relay, RS485 output. Impulse Test EMC 5kV transient complying with IEC 801 / EN 55020 HF Surge withstand IEC 801 / EN55020 ANSI C37.90A Interference EHF 2.5 kV 1MHz complying with IEC 255-4 Protection Class II complying with IEC348 / BS4753 / DIN 57411 / VDE


IEC 688 BSEN60688, BS4889, IEC 359 Emissions BSEN50081/2 BSEN55022 1995 Class A Immunity BSEN50082/2 IEC 1010, BSEN601010

Working Temperature Function Temperature Storage Temperature Temperature Coefficient Relative Humidity Warm up time Shock

0 to +50 deg C - 5 to +60 deg C -10 to +65 deg C 0.01% per deg C 0-95% non condensing 1 min. 10G in 3 planes

ENCLOSURE Standard DIN case Panel mount Panel cutout Material Terminals Weight

DIN 96 x 96 x 150mm Via 4 retained side brackets and screws. 92 + 0.8mm x 92 + 0.8mm Black Polycarbonate complying with UL 94 VO Screw terminal for 2 x 0.5-3.5mm 0.8kg / 1.75lb

OPTIONS DC Auxiliary voltage 12 / 24 / 48 / 110 / 125V burden <7 VA Communications

RS485 / Modbus protocol

Relay Outputs

1 single pole N/C for pressure 1 single pole N/O for temp. 250V 7A non resistive 1750VA 30V 7A resistive 210 watts Remote Start / Stop 1 single pole N/O (Only on certain models)

Rating AC Rating DC Relay Output


FRONT 96 mm

92 mm (+ 0.8 mm)


92 mm (+ 0.8 mm)

96 mm

PROGRAMMING Units can be purchased preprogrammed or field programmed by the user for voltage and current inputs, sender inputs and sender setpoints.


144 mm 6 mm

133 mm

Programming can be completed through the front panel controls buttons or via the RS485 port. For programming through the RS485 port, a setup program is available. 7



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