The Replies to the queries raised in the meeting are as hereunder:- With reference to the RfP floated for selection of bidders for implementation of ~...

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MPUVN/GCRT-RESCO/2017-18/1692/Pre-Bid Meeting- I & II/1959

BHOPAL, Dated 30-07-2018

Sub:- Replies to the queries raised in the Pre-bid meetings on MPUVNL’s RESCO tender conducted on 8th of June in Bhopal and 22nd of June in New Delhi Ref: - RFP No: MPUVN/GCRT-RESCO/2017-18/1692 , Dated: 26-07-2017 In furtherance to the issuance of the RFP mentioned above, the scheduled pre-bid meetings Bhopal and New Delhi. The Replies to the queries raised in the meeting are as hereunder:-

took place in

With reference to the RfP floated for selection of bidders for implementation of ~28 MWp grid connected rooftop solar PV systems for sale of power under the RESCO model at various locations in Madhya Pradesh, the first pre-bid meeting for the tender was held in Bhopal on 8th of June and the second pre-bid was held in Delhi on 22nd of June. During the pre-bid and after it though e-mails, the queries received from interested bidders, are clarified as mentioned below. It is also to be noted that the RfP, Model PPA and Tender Documents would be uploaded on MP Eproc’s website on 3rd of August, 2018, after that there shall be no change in the Documents and Data Room. S No. 1

Queries received from Bidders To split the Project Group A in to multiple groups as surveying 290 sites for a single bidder will be difficult within the defined timeline


Time line for survey needs to be increased for some Project Group


FY 18 financial are not available yet for some companies so to allow FY 17 financials for Net Worth requirement? Who shall bear the additional costs incurred such as merging of meters, strengthen of service cable etc?


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Which capacity AC or DC shall be considered for subsidy computation? For termination payment calculation, consider the cost of any additional work done for the project?

Facility for remote reading, remote submission of bills and remote payment? Minimum CUF of 15% shall be reduced considering degradation?

Shall we submit one set of documents if we are applying for multiple tenders or

Clarifications Since all the 290 sites belong to Department of Higher Education, splitting the group will result in different tariffs for each sub-group. This will not be acceptable to the Procurer. However, the time period for survey is being extended. The timeline for survey has been extended from 15 days earlier to 30 days now. Further, for project groups with more than 100 sites, the survey timeline shall be increased by another 30 days. Bidders can choose to use the financial years statements from the years 2015-16, 2016-17 0r 2017-18, to declare their net-worth. The bidder shall bear the additional cost, Bidders can consider such extra cost while bidding. Bidder shall highlight during submission of project plan for each site if any additional work is required for MPUVNL’s verification. The lower of the two shall be considered for subsidy computation. Bidder to present an invoice for additional work done, MPUVNL will keep a record of the invoice cost and respective SOR cost. The termination payment calculation shall be done on the basis of formula provided in the PPA, where in the cost for the additional work done is considered. For this tender, these facilities are not envisaged. Minimum CUF of 15% stated in the RfP is required for demonstration of performance of the project during commissioning and acceptance. However, as per PPA, the minimum CUF is kept at 12% and penalties will accrue only if generation is below 12%. Considering this, we don’t feel the need to provide yearly degradation. Bidders can submit one set of documents if applying for multiple tenders. However, bid

one set for each tenders? 10

What is the possibility of more than 20% reduction in size for each site and project group overall?


Security of the system is the responsibility of whom procurer or RESCO?


Shall the time for which grid is unavailable be considered for performance monitoring and revenue and penalty calculation? The PPA should be modified to include Change in Law from Bid Deadline Date. The current clause in RFP and PPA is inconsistent? Whether MPUVNL is nominated by MNRE to take up job of providing Solar PV power to Institutes / other statutory bodies besides gov agencies. If yes, pl provide a copy of MNRE letter authorizing you to execute SPV project through contractor? What will be the modalities of appointing execution agency ( contractor ), Will it be by following GFR 2017 / CPWD procedures? Who / how payment will be released to contractor during progress / after completion of job with fullest satisfaction of owner?





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- The eligibility criteria shall be fulfilled by any member of consortium? Performance Ratio as a metric used for assessing performance vs. current standard of Capacity Utilization Factor (CUF)? Time limit extension or splitting groups?

Plant Performance Evaluation & Dispute Resolution Cell in MPUVNL?

security shall be individually submitted for each tender. The capacity estimation of the sites is done conservatively, considering available rooftop space and electricity demand of last year. It is allowed to increase the capacity by 50% and reduce the same by 20%. Procurer shall be responsible for maintaining the physical security of the Premises. Procurer will not conduct activities on, in or about the Premises that have a reasonable likelihood of causing damage, impairment or otherwise adversely affecting the Project. However, the Power Producer shall maintain at its own costs, throughout the term of PPA mandatory insurance coverage for adequate amount including but not restricted to, theft, damages, comprehensive general liability insurance covering the Project and accidental losses, bodily harm, injury, death of all individuals employed/assigned by the Power Producer. The hours during which grid is unavailable shall be included neither for calculation of revenue nor for CUF for performance monitoring. The changes have been made and now start date for change in law is bid submission date in both the documents. MPUVNL is the designated state nodal agency by MNRE for the state of Madhya Pradesh. MPUVNL can run its own tender independently and beneficiaries can be govt. or other than govt. agencies. MPUVNL selects its vendors/contractors through a national level transparent bidding process. The bid process follows all the applicable central and state govt. bidding rules and regulations. MPUVNL is the nodal agency for releasing the MNRE and GOMP subsidy applicable for individual projects. RESCO may opt for advance against applicable subsidy by depositing a BG of equivalent amount and balance subsidy amount will be paid within 45 days of achieving COD. As stated in the RfP, the eligibility criteria shall be fulfilled by lead member of the consortium. CUF is the standard parameter used for performance monitoring for solar projects and has been used as the standard KPI in SECI and other state tenders. Issue of splitting the groups is already addressed, MPUVNL has extended the bid submission timeline for one month i.e. 9th August 2018. As per clause 3.34 of PPA, any dispute between procurer and RESCO shall be first settled mutually, If not settled, it can be referred to MPUVNL and then arbitration under Madhya Pradesh MadhyasthamAdhikaranAdhiniyam, 1983. As regards performance monitoring,


An imposition of safeguard duty and / or anti-dumping duty on solar panels and cells to be included in change in law?


Methodology of assessing plant terminal value by discounted cash flow methodology in event of default?


Capacity estimation for some sites are inappropriate considering the electricity bills uploaded for those sites?


Discrepancy in Bid processing fee mentioned in digit and words?


What is the tariff refers to, grid tariff or solar tariff as mentioned in the penalty clause of PPA (clause 3.12.1 (ii) C).


What is benchmark capex? Is benchmark capex calculated on present value or dynamic value? Format for Power of Attorney?

27 28 29 30 31


MNRE Channel Partner Certificate (if applicable) requirement in the checklist? Requirement of Bank Guarantee for advance subsidy at the bidding stage? If customer delays in signing PPA, what would be the corrective action for that? Please provide access to the Developer to the site locations, prior to confirmation on LICA, so that a sample could be surveyed for assessment?

Please confirm if post allocation of rooftop capacity, If any building is found not feasible /suitable for installing the proposed capacity or if any building owner denies for PPA signing with SPD, in that case MPUVNL will i. allocate alternate roofs to the SPD and ii. provide extension to compensate the time spent in this process. iii. Also, the bidders will not get penalised

MPUVNL is under process of setting an Centralize Monitoring Center (CMC), which shall be monitoring the performance of all RE based systems installed within the state where subsidy is provided. In case the notification of safeguard duty/antidumping duty comes after bid submission date it shall be dealt according to clause no 3.29 of the RfP and clause 18.18.3 of PPA. The terminal value calculated in the PPA is final and is computed based on Benchmark capex and, in case of additional works done, the same shall be added to the terminal value as per reply for Q No 6. The capacity estimation is done after considering the available rooftop area and electricity demand of all the buildings in the premise. It is possible that, in some cases, the electricity bills uploaded relate to only of few buildings in the premises of the procurer. Further, the contract demand in the electricity bills have not been revised by lot of beneficiaries; hence, it is advised to take reference of total estimated capacity and assume that rooftop spaces to accommodate the SPV panels would be available in the premises. It is clarified that the bid processing fee is 50,000 (fifty thousands). It will be updated in the RfP. The penalties shall be calculated taking the prevalent solar tariff as base (as quoted under this tender considering annual escalation) for that operational year. The same is valid for another query on clause 3.9. Benchmark capex here means the benchmark costs for Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plants for the Year 2018-19 as notified by MNRE. The Power of Attorney shall be submitted as per the FORMAT 7 of the RfP. It is not required to be submitted. We will modify the requirement accordingly in the RfP. Requirement of BG for advance subsidy at the bidding stage is not required and shall be removed from mandatory checklist. MPUVNL will intervene on case to case basis considering the reason and extension of delay. Without signing of the LICA (letter inviting consent for agreement) and a copy of the same to be available with procurer, procurer may not allow the bidders in its premise. Considering the above difficulties we have extended the survey period from 15 days to 30 days and for project groups with more than 100 sites to 60 days. As stated in the tender the proposed capacities in each project group may get reduced by up to 20% or increase by up to 50%. Since PPA will be signed individually for each site, any site dropping out will not affect the SCOD of the remaining site in anyway. If any site gets dropped, RESCO will not be penalized for those sites.


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and PBG will not be forfeited, in case alternate roof is not available, and no Liquidated Damages will be applicable for delay in commissioning a. Please confirm that the subsidy will be disbursed to the developer by MPUVNL b. Please confirm that the subsidy validity will not expire before the project commissioning. Hence, subsidy will be available for the entire timeline of the project implementation i.e. till the SCOD or revised SCOD. L1 matching by L2 and so on in case L1 denies for work? Please clarify how much time will nodal agency take to provide confirmation on PPA capacity and what is the procedure/steps for the same. Please confirm for each building, who will be the Power Purchaser, PPA signing Authority and to whom will the SPD have to raise their bills/invoices?

Payment Security Mechanism equivalent to at least three months generation bills should be there, request you to add the same to the draft PPA? New Worth calculation has been different from companies act? Please confirm there will be no Open Access charges and losses levied on the SPD. Also, please clarify for which roofs Net Metering Arrangement is to be done?

Please provide at least 150 square feet per kWp? Controlling shareholding before the specified time frame as mentioned in Article 3.4.1 of this PPA? Please confirm Copy of Net-Metering application is not required for Cat-3 systems? AC to DC ratio can be maintained upto 80% as recommended and adopted by inverter manufacturers for maximum efficiency? The link for the data room is not accessible? Request to provide the last 3 years financials of private institutions? Project Group H contains all groundmount installations. Request you to please provide confirmation that in case MNRE subsidy is not provided, MPUVNL shall adequately compensate the bidder. Escalating tariffs are riskier than flat tariff as significant return is clustered at the

MPUVNL will be the disbursing agency and subsidy will be released as per the benchmark cost notified by MNRE for 2018-19 as stated in the RfP.

This has been changed now, If L1 denies his work, L2 will be invited to do the work at L2 quoted rate and so on. MPUVNL shall communicate to Successful Bidder any change in PPA Capacity within ten (10) Days from the submission of the site survey report and letter of request. Power procurer shall be premise owner for each site. PPA shall be signed for each project site and bills shall be raised to each premise owner. Some Departments have agreed to provide payment security for the buildings under their ownership, other departments are expected to agree for the same kind of arrangement. As stated in the PPA, Payment Security shall be 120% of estimated average monthly billing for govt. buildings and 400% of estimated average monthly billing for non govt. buildings. The net worth calculation has been aligned as per the Companies Act. The OA charges on SRT systems is exempted as per clause 14.1 of the MP De-centralized RE Policy 2016 and clause 10 MPERC’s NetMetering regulation, 2015. However, if the charges are applied in the future, it will be the responsibility of the Procurer to pay such charges as per the provisions. 110 sq. ft area is sufficient for 1kWp. Selected bidder shall maintain its controlling shareholding prevalent at the time of signing of PPA up to a period of one (1) Operational Year after COD in accordance with the RfP. Net-metering application is not required for Cat3 systems. Bidder is free to do that; however, subsidy shall be paid for capacity whichever is lower of DC panel capacity and AC inverter capacity. The links are restored now. Use MCA, ROC and any other publically available sites for this information. The subsidy calculation shall be as per clause of the RfP and the calculated amount is also mentioned in the Master table in the tender document. MPUVNL will provide the mentioned subsidy. First year tariff is the bidding parameter in this tender and a 3% escalation till PPA period is









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end of the period. Bidder should be allowed to choose tariff escalation and levelized tariff should be used to determine L1. Project capacities which are larger than 500 kW will they be eligible for subsidy, will it require multiple PPA signing? Clause Minimum Clearance of300mm for array structure shall not be mandatory as ballast structures that do not require penetration on roofs are availabe at lower heights. Any kind of requirement for protection devices are in-built in the grid tied inverters thereby making the use/requirement of Junction boxes optional. Please confirm As a standard practice and also as recommended by the invertor manufacturer's, AC to DC ratio can be maintained upto 80% for the efficiency maximization For each plant , an Online Monitoring shall be provided, We request you to please kindly eleminate requirement of a computer. 4 pole isolation of inverter output with respect to the grid/ DG power connection need to be provided - This demand is fulfilled by the in-built feature in the inverter. We request you to please kindly allow this. Since Array Level current monitoring will be provided and self-sufficient for the requirement, String current monitoring shall not be mandatory. We request you to kindly allow this. With the advent of new technology, these days smart inverters are available in the market, which provide highly efficient and effective inbuilt islanding protection. We request you to kindly allow Alluminium cable on the AC Side Due to non surety of the location of the Inverter and its position the limit on the loss of the DC cable shall be increased from 1% to 2 %. Can we consider minimum ingress protection of IP 54 in outdoor PCU Please include TUV specification for solar cable also i.e.; TUV 2pfg/1169/08/2007 or EN 50618 Producer to maintain roof/premises for 3 years. Please Ellaborate? If bill unpaid for 30days, Producer can revoke the LC . What is the point of late payment surcharge then? How does it come into the equation then?

provided; this has been decided considering typical consumer electricity bills payment expectation and avg. Discom tariff increase. Projects capacities larger than 500 kW are proposed for premises having multiple connections/injection point. Multiple PPA signing is not required and a single PPA shall be signed for each procurer. If ballast structure is there, please take prior clearance from MPUVNL.

Junction Boxes are required to be provided in accordance with standard practices of installations and as per BIS standards. Bidders are free to do that; however, as mentioned previously subsidy will be paid on the lower of AC or DC capacity. For monitoring the performance of the systems, installed RESCO should provide data logger and remote communication system, such as modem, etc. Computer is not required. The system’s output would be required to be synchronized with the panel of existing DG Set (if any).

String level current monitoring is suggested to ensure performance of each inverter in case of multi inverter setting to avoid mismatch of output of each string. It can be allowed only if the inbuilt islanding provision built in the inverter is in accordance with IEC standard set by MNRE and has certificates issued to that effect. Only copper cables are allowed. RfP has been modified accordingly.

IP 65 for outdoor, as stated Shall be as per BIS standards. The cost for water proofing will be the responsibility of Power Producer for a period of first three (3) Operational Years. Due date as defined in the PPA is within 15 days of receipt of invoice by Procurer. The late payment surcharge starts to accrue from the next day after due date, However, the Power Produer can exercise the LC only after 30 days from due date.


Any permission not granted by DISOMS/ NODAL agencies to be considered under force majure.


Strikes at procurers facility to be a part of force majure.


Meter Readings to be submitted by Producer or will be taken by DISCOM 16 cleaning cycles in a year - should be appropriate number as and when required to ensure that desired CUF is achieved.


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CUF to be determined on actual generation and also correction factor to be applied depending upon the radiation. Technical Qualification is Not Mentioned

Power producer is required to submit the Nemetering application within 60 days of PPA signing; also, they are required to submit status of net metering approval each month to SNA. Still if approval is not obtained till completion of system installation, additional time shall be granted for getting net-metering approval. RfP has been modified to the effect that the subsidy shall be paid on successful completion now, instead of commissioning which was provided earlier. However, the power sale to Procurer shall start only after net-metering approval is obtained and the system is commissioned. As per clause 3.3.1 of the PPA, in case of any delay due to procurer’s fault, as explained earlier, MPUVNL will intervene on case to case basis. However this can’t be put as force majeure event. Joint meter reading shall be done by Power Producer and Procurer. 16 is the minimum no of cleaning to be done in a year, However, power producer can do more than that if they feel appropriate to maintain the required CUF. CUF shall be calculated on the basis of actual generation. Eligibility shall be determined as per clause 3.9 of the RfP.

The above clarifications be treated as part of RfP document. The same are issued by approval of the competent authority.

-sd(Shrikant Deshmukh) (Superintending Engineer) For and on behalf of MPUVNL