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iv) EPF Contribution Statement Stating Number of Employees b) Once the Membership Registration Form and documents are in order, the Secretariat will s...

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Membership Registration Form w w w . m p m a . o r g . m y

Ordinary Member

Membership No:

Head Office Particulars Company Name ROC No.


Year of Incorporation Office Address

(Postal Address)





Chief Executive


Business Contact Name


Annual Sales (RM)

Number of Employees (Full-time) (Note: Refer to Explanatory Notes on next Page – Item No.3)

Paid Up Capital Raw Materials Used Production Processes Products Manufactured Brand Names Export Markets Quality Standards Achieved

Applicant Name



Company Stamp

For Office Use

Approved by: Branch Chairman

Approved by: President



Ordinary Member

w w w . m p m a . o r g . m y

Membership / Annual Subscription Explanatory Notes 1. Eligibility Any person, firm or company carrying on business in Malaysia as a manufacturer of plastic articles shall be eligible as an ORDINARY member.

2. Entrance Fee and Subscription The annual subscription payable by an Ordinary member shall be according to the number of employees, details are as below: Number of Employees     

Annual Subscription Fee Payable in Advance

20 employees and below 21 to 50 employees 51 to 100 employees 101 to 200 employees 201 employees and above

RM300.00 RM400.00 RM600.00 RM800.00 RM1,000.00

Note: Kindly tick appropriately.

3. Requirements a) Application for membership should be made by completing the Membership Registration Form and submitting it with certified copies of the following documents: i) For Sole Proprietor/Partnership : Forms D & A or D & B ii) For Incorporated Companies : Forms 24 & 49 or 49, 9 & 13 iii) For Non-Malaysian Companies : Forms 79, 80, 83 & 83A iv) EPF Contribution Statement Stating Number of Employees Note: For Ordinary Members who manufacture/convert/process or recycle waste: Copy of ‘Penilaian Awal Tapak’ (Initial Land Evaluation) Letter from Department of Environment and Manufacturing License. b) Once the Membership Registration Form and documents are in order, the Secretariat will submit to MPMA Central Committee for approval and once it is approved, the Secretariat will issue invoice for payment.

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