•870+ depts using sms push •60 crore+ sms transactions •270 services on sms pull through shortcode 166, 51969 & longcode 9223166166 •240+ m-Apps on m-...

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MULTICHANNEL DELIVERY OF PUBLIC SERVICES Dr. Rajendra Kumar, IAS Joint Secretary, Department of Electronics & IT, Govt. of India

Is the government citizen interface working?

The mai-baap approach?

Can governments provide citizens: (i) what they want? (ii) when they want? (iii) how they want?

Welcome to multichannel delivery!

Channels: broad classification Traditional



Web sites


Kiosks/ CSCs



Why multichannel delivery?  Increases reach and access: for the poor and

disadvantaged  Promotes inclusiveness in service delivery  e.g. CSCs in rural & remote areas, and mobiles!

 Promotes participation

 Promotes sustainability of services

Multichannel delivery: Features All channels are integrated, coordinated

Frontend applications talk to each other; reference the same database (data is collected only once) Citizens select the most suited channel; get the same response regardless of channel selected (seamless experience)

The most promising channel Location-based services Access to rural citizens, seniors & differently abled

Most rapidly adopted technology ever!

Real-time info; no need for redundant data entry


Relatively cheap; anytime anywhere access!

Effective M-Governance Mobile channels for delivery Mobile compliant sites

Mobile Apps

Mobile payments

National Mobile Seva Project ( Provides an integrated, centrally-hosted Mobile Services Delivery Gateway (MSDG) to all Govt. Depts.:

Unique,1st nationwide m-initiative 1-stop shop for mobile enablement

 for integration with

common egov infrastructure in the country  to deliver public services to

citizens over mobile devices through SMS, USSD, Voice/ IVR, m-apps & other channels

Centrally hosted core infra Depts. need not invest in own m-platform Depts. can onboard very quickly

Ready channels

Mobile Seva: National Rollout

• 870+ depts using sms push • 60 crore+ sms transactions • 270 services on sms pull through shortcode 166, 51969 & longcode 9223166166 • 240+ m-Apps on m-AppStore • : the 24X7 portal

Mobile Seva Portal (

Mobile Seva: Live Status of Services & Transactions

Mobile Seva Appstore (

Mobile Seva: AppStore

Multichannel delivery: challenges & opportunities Strengthening delivery frameworks Responding to technology changes Partnerships to expand delivery

Outreach, localisation & marketing

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Strengthening delivery frameworks  Choose the channels with the best fitment  Introduce new channels only under

integration with overall strategy  Ensure all channels talk to each other  Ensure competent resource allocation  Encourage competition for cost effectiveness

Responding to technology changes  Be aware of availability and bandwidth

requirements of channels and devices  Design new channels/ content keeping in mind limitations of mobile devices (e.g. vis-àvis desktop-type browsing)  Make mobile sites available

Expanding delivery options through partnerships  Given that disadvantaged groups maintain

strong preference for face-to-face channels, consider revitalizing traditional channels (through PPPs)  Strive for strong policy leadership and political support to bring in the desired levels of coordination

Outreach, localisation & marketing  Change management activities to motivate

users to give up traditional channels where necessary  Awareness activities to influence citizen perception in favour of newer more-efficient channels  Ensure localisation  Capacity building of users