Series OSS Roll No. Code No. 89 Candidates must write the Code the title page of the answer- k. Please check that this question paper contains 9 print...

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tion Time Table Pre-requisite Excluded Combination Grouping Remarks Lab* MTD301 Audio and Video Production Techniques 10 Y Y Y Y 2022/07 FRIDAY TERM WEEK 2 LAB MTD307 Computer Music Composition Techniques 5 N Y N Y 2021/07 WEDNESDAY TERM 1 WEEK 1 MTD

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interactivity however this places a restriction on the limits of definition that may ... small format and sometimes slower frame rates ... With the ability to store

expression parameters in human musical performance, which is a far from trivial task [9, 10]. Since we do not anticipate that the ... is often employed to complement the automatic steps. This step is labour intensive, error-prone, and only suitable f