Music Is My Life

singing and also I want to show my performance to everybody. ... let me conclude my speech by saying the founder of ... I borrowed a book “The...

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~ Music Is My Life ~ What is music for you? Music can make you laugh, make you cry. Make you excited and make you sad. Many people like music, of course I love music very much, too. Now I’m going to talk about my way of music. When I was a child, my parents asked me to learn the violin. I thought it must be fun so I agreed. Actually, the first month was very interesting. I learned and practiced very hard. However, after that, I grew tired of practice. So I stopped playing for about one year. But a music lesson changed my thinking. In the lesson, we watched a concert video of a famous violin piece – Zigeunerweisen. I felt so moved and decided to start playing the violin again. With my efforts and practice, my ability with the violin improved a lot. At the first New-Year Party in junior high school, I played the violin in the school gym. That was my first time to stand on a stage. I was very excited and nervous. When I finished play, I got a big applause. It made me determined to practice the violin much harder and I dreamed that I can play Zigeunerweisen like the violinist I watched someday. After a year I studied in junior high school, I moved to Japan. It was a different country and a different environment. I stopped studying the violin again because I couldn’t speak Japanese. I entered a Chinese school in Kobe. There was a club named Chinese Classic Music Club. I joined it and played the musical instrument called “Erhu”. It’s very famous in China. I studied a lot of music knowledge and Japanese in this club. And also I made many friends. Since I came to Japan for about one year, my Japanese got better and I found a Japanese violin teacher. He’s a friendly person and teaches very well. A little expensive but I enjoy his lessons very much. Last year, I got a chance to stand on the stage again. My teacher holds a concert for his students every year. I practiced hard and played Zigeunerweisen in the concert. I was so excited cause my dream came true. Now I’m still studying the violin and I have a new dream – to be a singer. I like singing and also I want to show my performance to everybody. I think that my dream must come true someday. I believe, a dream can make you efforts and the dream changed my life. My music life has never end.

My love of Kyoto Which place do you love? For me, it is Kyoto. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because it has a lot of charms. Today, please listen to my love of Kyoto. When I was 5 years old, I said I wanted to visit Kinkakuji. There was no reason, but I think it has many many charms. It is recently that I came to visit Kyoto. A few months ago, I went out alone for the first time. I visited Arashiyama. On getting off the train, I saw a new world. Only being there made me happy and relaxed, and there is a lot of nature so it was beautiful viewing. I visited Tenryu-ji, Togetsu-kyo, Kurumazak-ijinja, and many world heritages or famous places, and felt that of history and culture, so I was moved by this experience. I want many people to know this wonderful atmosphere or culture and so on. Especially for foreign people, I want to tell all of them about knowledge I have. To realize this, I think language study is really needs, not only to get knowledge of Kyoto. So I want to enter the college that have both language study and Kyoto study. I hope I can help traveler of Kyoto someday.

Language of flowers “Gloria”,”Capricius”,”Passion”. Do you know what these three words have in common? To tell the truth, they are language of flowers. Do you know the Language of flowers? A lot of meanings of each flower. I will talk about the Language of flowers which you don’t know. First, I will talk about the history of the Language of flowers. It started in the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. In Europe, it was introduced by two people. One was Mary-W-Montagu. It was brought by to England in 1717. Another one was Audry-de-La-Mottraye. She traveled from Europe to Asia, Africa, and stayed in Turkey for four years. In 1727, she introduced it when she was invited to the Imperial Cout by Swedish king. Since December 1819, it was popular in France that “flowers word” was written by Charlotte-de-Latour. This is the first , it was popular in the Victorian age, from 1820 to 1880 and in America, From 1830 to 1850. Next, I talk about kind. The Language of flowers has different in other country , language and ethnic. It born from ethnic myth, legend, religion and books, so they are the same flowers but different mean in. And flower’s color too. For example, the rose. Red rose means “passion”. Yellow rose means “envy”. White rose means “pure”. Blue rose means “Dream come true”. Thus, language of flowers has different meanings in the same flowers. The language of flowers is not only flowers. Vegetable and mushroom have meaning too. Do you know it? By the way, matustake means “modest” and parsley means ”conviviality”. I was very surprised because I think the Language of flowers was only for flowers.

If you know many kinds of Language of flowers, you make people happy when you present flowers to them. Would you try this?

Pray for Japan On March 11th Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake happened. Do you know a lot of support came from foreign countries? The Japanese news reported about only Japanese volunteers. But it is not true. Japan was helped by many countries. I would like talk about support from foreign countries to Japan. When the earthquake happened, a lot of relief supplies reached Japan from foreign countries. For example, from America, 8000 service men and 150 rescue workers came and they did ‘Tomodachi Operation’. What is ‘Tomodachi Operation’? It is activity for rescue and reconstruction assistance for the earthquake. The dispatched members wore an emblem embroidered in Japanese with ‘friends’. They did ‘Tomodachi Operation’ with pride. A lot water and food reached suffering places and removed debris. This operation gave security for Tohoku people. Not only relief supplies but also many messages reached Japan. On Twitter, we received 100 messages every minute in English, French, Spanish and other languages. It was hot, hot message. A lot of people got courage from it. Other, in Japan CM were broadcast to cheer for Tohoku people. I didn’t know Japan is supported by so many countries. It moved my heart. I want to help each other from now on. Pray for world!!

I wanna be a Disney cast Have you ever been to “Disney Resort” ? Do you know the word “cast” in TDR? My dream is working at the Tokyo Disney Resort. So, I will talk about Disney’s casts. First, “casts” mean the employees who work at TDL and TDS and around the parks and Disney Hotels. Also, “guests” mean visitors who come to these parks. This year on March 11th, there was the great earthquake in Japan. This earthquake happened in TDR too. I have gone to the resort the day before, When I watched the TV about the earthquake next day, I felt terrible. After several months, I watched TV and internet about cast’s activity at that time. For -1course it’s free. And casts guided guests inside theaters and restaurants. Because casts thought that these places are safe from earthquake and warm. I was moved to watch these images. When this happened, I thought that I want to be a cast in the future. If I am cast, I want to keep smile all the time. Even if a bad situation like an earthquake. As a result, I have to study to get a chance. Finally, let me conclude my speech by saying the founder of Disney. Walt Disney’s words, “Disney land will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” I want to be a cast in TDR in the future. It’s my dream!

Our everyday life is wonderful ‘Are you happy? Young people really say “I am misfortune.” It is true? I don’t think that. Today, I will tell you how lucky we are. When I was eleven years old, I borrowed a book “The Diary Of Anne” from the library. When I read that book, I was shocked by the book. Even though it was about many many years ago. I knew that children my age were killed. I finished reading the book. Next I became interested in that problem of hunger, poverty and the civil wars happening in the world. As I researched, I got sad and felt sorry. Because we study usually and eat a lot of foods but the children in poor countries can’t do so. Therefore we should know that our everyday life is wonderful. And we must thank for this.

Think from a world heritage What kind of image do you have about world heritage? Probably all of you will name beautiful sceneries and buildings in duding Angkor Watt, Machu Picchu and Yakushima. But do you know that it has one different side called “the negative world heritage”? Today, I will talk about “the negative world heritage”.

First, it conveys the miserable event that the human committed, and “the negative heritage” means an admonition to never raise such a tragedy and the article that it is. The famous articles are Auschwitz Birkenau and Island of Goree. Similarly, the A bomb dome in Japan, Hiroshima.

I have visited A bomb dome in Hiroshima, when I was 12 years old. The A bomb dome is a damaged building by the atomic bombing of U.S. forces on 6th of August, 1945. Afterwards, it took a long time and was argued; as a result world heritage registration of the UNESCO was decided. It is still the inheritance that a lot of people of various generations and nationality visit.

When I actually visited here, that my mind become very scared and very sad. At the same time, I also felt that it is regret that cannot finish conveying pains of true war.

Finally, do you think that you can get rid of war from this world? Right out, I expect evolution of the human itself. I don’t know when we will move forward and I don’t know what will be the trigger. 10 years later, 100 years later, 1000 years later, I hope for peace.




Today I wanna talk about my favorite place that I really wanna visit. The place is New York City. There are a lot of shows, famous museums, and shopping malls. The main reason is that I like to watch musical shows. For instance, Lion king, Chicago Wicked and so on. In the city all the time there are lots of tourists coming from other countries. On Broadway, there is a landmark, the ‘ Ticket booth’. It is very famous because it is the place where not only you can get to know all kinds of shows playing now but also you can buy tickets in advance or instantly at the place. The second reason is because of the famous museums, The best one that I really wanna visit is ‘American Museum of Natural History’ located near ‘Central Park’. The last one is going shopping. New York City is also famous for its reasonable price among tourist especially Europeans. There are various shops in New York City but the one at the top my list is on the 5th street. At the street, you can see many model working there. Also, they give a chance of taking a picture with models to their customers. It sounds cool to everyone. don’t you think? That’s why I said the top place where I wanna go for a tour is New York City. There are humorous factors that make me very excited. I love shows, museums and to do shopping.

My Favorite Thing Do you have any favorite thing? I have a lot. For example, playing sports, listening to music, shopping, and so on. May be you have a lot too. Today, I’ll talk about my favorite thing, especially playing volleyball. In junior high, I belonged to track and field club. I started playing volleyball when I entered Asahi high school. At first, I didn’t like playing volleyball so much because I couldn’t play it as well as other teammates, and there were only a few beginners in the club. Then, I wanted to quit the club. But coaches and teammates taught me many things, and I practiced hard with them every day. By the grace of them, I became able to play volleyball better, and I grew to love it little by little. Now, I’m loving it very much!! Have you ever thought “I wish I were in a world with only favorite things”? Yes, I have. I often think I want to do thing which I like, but I don’t want to do thing which I dislike. However, I think I can change what I hate into what I love by making efforts. I learned this from volleyball and my teammates. It may be exaggerated, but we can live in a world with only favorite things!!

Making effort Do you have something to make an effort for now? For example, study, club activities, or for your dream. Making an effort is never easy. But it also gives you joy if you succeed. Today, I’d like to talk about the importance of making efforts. When I was a junior high school student, I was only absorbed in club activities. So I wasn’t smart. Moreover, I got bad grades because I didn’t like studying. And when I was a third year student in junior high school, I began to think about my course. I wanted to go to Asahi high school. But my teacher said to me that I couldn’t go there in my grade now. So I remember that I deeply regretted. I decided to study harder than now from then on. I studied more than four hours everyday as soon as I got home. Of course, I didn’t sleep during class and I also put up with my favorite TV programs. In this way I studied as hard as I could. So the harder I studied, the higher the grades I got. And after about six months, I could finally pass the entrance examination. It is never easy to make an effort. But I think the effort was certainly returned to me. If you have something to make an effort for now, don’t give up. The effort doesn’t betray.

Princess Mononoke What Miyazaki Hayao’s movie do you like? “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Spirited Away” or “Ponyo”? All of his movies are amazing!! They move me very much and make me think. Above all, the movie which moves me the most is “Princess Mononoke”. So I’m going to talk about “Princess Mononoke”. The first time that I watched “Princess Mononoke” was when I was in kindergarten. Then was shocked and felt fearful. So I didn’t want to see this movie again. But when I was in junior high school, it was re-telecast and I stared at it. I thought what a deep and grand story this is!!! The greatest theme of “Princess Mononoke” is “You must live”. This story is about survival of people and wild animals called “Mononoke”. People cleared the forest to live, and “Mononoke” attacked the people and tried to get back the forest to live. Both of them are means to live and are natural. However I have thought in spite of myself that how cruel and sly people are. And I have felt strong resistance to destroy nature however live. “You must live”. I think this theme is irony. I have never seen such a deep movie. I want everybody to see this movie and fall into the world Miyazaki Hayao created. And I want everybody to think that what is live, what is coexistence.

Until I study abroad Have you ever thought that you wanted to study abroad? I have been thinking about this since I was a junior high school student. At last, my dream seems to come true. I’ll go to Argentina next February. When I decided to study abroad, I knew the difficulties of studying abroad. I’d like to talk about the difficulties of studying abroad today. First, you must decide a company to go with to study abroad. This company does support for your study abroad. And an expense becomes cheaper than if I went with private expenses. It wasn’t difficult to decide a studying abroad company for me. This is because my sister studied abroad. I decided on the same company as my sister. And I had to take a test after I applied. The test is to go to study abroad in America. It’s high level. And, it’s busy even if I passed a test. It varies according to a company but it’s sent some homework. I attend an orientation twice, and I participate in various activity. Homework is so difficult. As for me, it was questions that I hadn’t been asked about so far. There are three days orientation, and so fun. Because everybody is studying abroad, it’s very good for me, was stimulated. And I have noticed by orientation. I didn’t understand it very well about Japan. So it’s necessary for me to know Japan more. And of course I should study a language a little before leaving. I didn’t have good test last year and I wasn’t able to study abroad. I was very annoyed. I gave it up once. But my classmates studied abroad, and after all I wasn’t able to give it up. I thank parents very much. The studying abroad costs a lot of money, too and is worry for the parents. But my parents permitted it willingly. It’s very hard that I am separated from families and friends, but I do my best.

Movie Do you know the true charm of the movies? Don’t you think we can watch DVDs later? In fact, there are many advantages to watching movies in the movie theater. Today, I’d like to tell you about the charm of my favorite movies.

First the mood of movie theaters. There you can relax very much. And we can see a movie intensively. The image of sound and a screen are back up of the power and a feeling of tension of the movie. I like the mood of a movie theater very much so I always sit on a seat 10minutes early, when I watch a movie. Then, I listen to music and relax. Second, the preliminary announcement before a movie. We can know the latest information of a movie. And we can find the next movie we want to watch. Third, the point card of a movie. In the “WARNER MYCAL CINEMAS” to which I always go there is a point card. If you watch a movie 5times, the following time will become free. I get the points and I can watch the next movie and I feel so happy. It is fun to watch a movie with your friends or family on holiday. But the best is watching only one on weekday. Then, you will find a true charm of the movies! Please try.

~Germany~ Have you ever been to Germany? What kind of ideas do you have about Germany? Are they good, bad or no idea? I lived there for 3 years and 7months. Now I think it was a good experience. Today I would like to write about Germany. First, main German foods are meat, potato, cabbage and so on. They are seasoned with salt and vinegar. I fell they are too salty. I do not know the reason but I can guess it is very cold in winter time, so it matches with beer and wine. Also Germans prefers and in season for example, white asparagus to Tempura. When I had a party with me neighbor. They liked it very much. Second, Germans mainly use cars. The motorway is in really good, condition and also we do not have to pay money to use particular roads. There is no speed limit, but this is only motorway. In the city there is speed limit. If you violate it, you must pay money and you can not drive for a month. Third, Germany is smaller than Japan but there is a lot of nature, trees grasses, squirrels, rabbits. It is a very beautiful country, German people look angry but they are not. When I asked something they usually answered kindly. Finally, Germany is a really good country. have a time and money. Please go to Germany.

So if you