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My Images. My Identity. Website: ... but he has won countless acting ... izes in black and white fine-art portraiture. But she is,...

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My Images. My Identity.

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ImageNation: The Philippines in Frames

Poet and literary critic Gemino Abad once said, “A country’s literature is its own image – its imagination of how its people think and feel about their world and so, justify the way they live.” Likewise, a single picture can speak of a country’s passion for images. A single snapshot is a piece of history, and as Filipinos continue to capture memorable moments with their cameras, Canon aims to give them the best means to express their views of the world. In 2007, Canon celebrated its 10th year anniversary in the Philippines with the corporate image branding campaign called “ImageNation.” Ever-grateful for the chance to deliver the best products and services, Canon salutes the billions of photographs captured by numerous Filipinos who equate the Canon brand with excellence. It’s no secret that Filipinos are always cheerful and ready to celebrate life. Practically every city and province has its own patron saint and endless list of festivals, while from September through January, people go picture-crazy anticipating, celebrating, and remembering the Yuletide season and the New Year. PhotoMarathon Vigan mixed old heritage with new equipment: Canon brand ambassadors Edwin Martinez, John Chua, and a few native calesas pose for a group shot.

Whether it’s a point-and-shoot moment with the barkada or a dreamy landscape in one of the local hotspots like the Chocolate Hills or the Puerto Princesa Underground River, Filipinos and tourists to the Philippines alike have a variety of beautiful locations they can preserve with Canon products ranging from the versatile PowerShot to the stylish IXUS. Photo by John Chua In recent years, Filipinos have also been active in photojournalism, often sending photographs of calamity-stricken areas and traffic accidents to news channels and social networking sites, all to help spread the word and empower people into taking action. Phenomena such as these are simple testaments of ImageNation as a catalyst for social change. Now, more than four years later, Canon ImageNation continues to be a haven for image-loving citizens. More than a corporate campaign, it serves to inspire people to keep capturing beauty. After all, that’s what passion for photography really is: the gift of seeing the extraordinary in daily life—proving that Canon continues to give the Filipino people the means to fuel the way they imagine the nation.

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equipment Bohol PhotoMarathoners showed off their and what it takes to be No. 1!

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PhotoMarathon Cagayan de Oro colore d Lim Ket Kai mall red with nearly 200 participants!

Canon PhotoMarathon Inspires the Country’s Imagination

Bohol’s Albert Tumanda took this breathtaking shot with point-and-shoot Canon camera.


Euben Hallazgo was awarded CDO’s grand prize winner for the DSLR category and a brand new EOS 600D for capturing this joyful image of local weavers.

Imagine this: a gathering of aspiring photographers and camera aficionados letting their creative juices flow to accomplish photo tasks under extreme time pressure. Too good to be true? With Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. (CMPI), your piece of imagination continues to become a reality, thanks to the different legs of the Canon PhotoMarathon. The Canon PhotoMarathon is a one-day, on-the-spot photo contest for Canon users, wherein participants must finish photographic assignments with tight, two-and-a-half-hour deadlines, all with the help of their own Canon equipment and accessories. An annual event arranged by CMPI, the number of contestants has grown exponentially since its local inception in 2006. This year, the roving competition visited Cagayan de Oro, Bohol, Vigan, and Legazpi. Dedicated to spreading the infectious vibe of ImageNation, its culmination even in Manila received some 2,000 registrants. “We are very happy with the outcome,” beams Canon Vice-President and Image Communication Products division head Bong Serevo, “as one of the major projects of our ImageNation campaign, we hope that this encourages talented Filipinos to recognize the beauty that is our country.” Last November 12 at the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC), the Canon PhotoMarathon ended with a bang with 2,000 participants. Canon’s brand ambassadors served as judges. Jerome Ross Lacbayan was the grand prize winner for the DSLR category, while Jackielou Garcera was the grand prize winner for the Point-and-Shoot Category. The prizes for the DSLR category were an EOS 5D Mark II and round trip tickets to Busan, while the prizes for the Point-And-Shoot were an EOS 600D and round trip tickets to Busan. This year’s Canon PhotoMarathon was made possible with generous contributions from the following sponsors: Benro, Biostar, Black Rapid, Cebu Pacific, Columbia Sportswear, Foxconn, Honda, I-Mag, Mang Inasal, Pascual Laboratories, and Transcend. Joining the list are Sandisk, Waterplus, Nissin Cup Noodles, Mint Design, Hygienix, Levi’s Mentro Dental, Fitness First, Energizer, and Vitamin Boost. Media partners included UR Face Radio, Crossover, Business Mirror, HWM, and DZAR Sonshine Radio. With such great photos and enthusiastic participants, the Canon PhotoMarathon and ImageNation activities are sure to continue rocking the Philippines for many more years to come. To learn more about future PhotoMarathons and other Canon ImageNation activities, please visit,, or visit the Facebook fan page Canon Digital Cameras – Philippines.

Chris Aquino outdid other cont estants in PhotoMarathon Legazpi using his PowerShot A310 0 IS, a model from Canon’s budget line.

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15-year-old Kurt Fick brought home the grand prize title for Bohol PhotoMarathon’s DSLR category and, finally, his very own EOS camera, thanks to this winning shot.

Jarahmeel Florendo is awarded as the grand prize winner for Vigan’s compact camera category using one of the most basic cameras from Canon’s lineup, a PowerShot A480.

Legazpi’s Dax Cabredo bagged first place for the DSLR category with this moving photo of runnin g water.

Grand prize for PhotoMarathon CDO’s compact camera category goes to Yonelyn Robles who brought home a brand new EOS 1100D.

Canon ImageNation

Kim Atienza

l a u c s a P Piolo

Armed with his Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Kim Atienza takes snapshots of his wild adventures! To millions of televiewers, he is affectionately known as “Kuya Kim,” nature lover, weatherman extraordinaire, and host of many award-winning shows. Kim Atienza is an animal-lover and an advocate of responsible pet ownership. He is also an ardent environmentalist who supports the government’s Tree of Life nationwide tree-planting program. Kim is also very much into physical fitness, which is yet another of his numerous advocacies. But above all, Kuya Kim has garnered a huge fan base for his wide-ranging pool of knowledge and his endless streams of trivia! Kuya Kim is also a passionate photographer. In fact, his full time course back in college was film photography! So he knows how to take great shots like the best of them. He loves taking photos of wildlife (Africa is his favorite stomping grounds), but his favorite subject is still human interest. “I love going to Quiapo and taking pictures of people there!,” he says. Kuya Kim regularly posts photos taken with his trusty Canon EOS 5D Mark II on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Check out @kuyakim_atienza and his fan page named “kuya kim atienza” on Facebook!

It’s hard not to know who Piolo Pascual is. He is, after all, a superstar in his own right, a perennial leading man, with countless film and TV roles to his credit. Not only that, but he has won countless acting awards as well. But what people may not know is that Piolo is also deeply committed to social works. He is, in fact, the President of his own Hebreo 12:1 Foundation, a foundation that helps provide less fortunate children with education from elementary to college. Aside from this, he is also actively involved with the restoration of the Pasig River. “I want to be able to use my celebrity status into creating something that will change our country for the better,” says Piolo. And of course, this actor and advocate is also an avid photographer who loves taking photos as he travels across the country. “Through the photos I take, I will be able to show the whole world how truly beautiful our country is.” Want to know how you can help in the Hebreo Foundation? Visit hebreofoundation. to be up to date on their latest activities and events!

Photos taken by Piolo Pascual

ienza Photos taken by Kim At

Brand Ambassadors Canon’s brand ambassadors represent the many virtues that Canon upholds in the realm of digital photography. Get to know these masters from the different fields of photography.

Raymund Isaac

Jay Jallorina

Pilar Tuason

Ernie Sarmiento

He’s the head of the photo department of one of the country’s leading broadsheets and teaches advanced news photography and photo journalism. “A photojournalist tells the stories going on in a given moment. I like showing different layers in one photo,” says Ernie.

He has covered over a thousand weddings to date, and he has lots of awards to show for it. Not bad for someone who started just a little over a decade ago. But Dino doesn’t really care much for the trophies. “I would rather display my favorite photographs,” he says.

Jo Avila

His studio has been in business for almost 15 years, shooting for a diverse clientele and teaching hundreds of aspiring photographers through his popular photography seminars. “What I am really teaching is the digital workflow of shooting, composing, lighting, post processing and printing.”

Dino Lara 

She is one of the most soughtafter wedding photographers in the country, and she specializes in black and white fine-art portraiture. But she is, above all, a proud mom. “I have photographed lots of beautiful people during my career,” says Pilar, “but my most treasured are those of my silly, wonderful kids.” www.pilartuasonphotography. com

He takes fantastic landscape images as well as stunning adventure shots. Jay is a commercial photographer who specializes in the great outdoors. And while he claims that landscape photography is a very tough field, you wouldn’t know it from his works.

He has been shooting fashion models for over 25 years. And because beauty is his specialty, international glamour magazines have been vying for his services. “An image should last the test of time,” says Raymund. “That’s why I create images that mix the classic genre with today’s interpretation of beauty.”

Jason Magbanua 

A truly global photographer, his photos have been seen by over 160 million worldwide through publications such as National Geographic, GEO, Stern and Vogue. His motto: “The essence can be captured not with the eyes, but with the heart.”

He has been the presidential photographer for both Fidel Ramos and Cory Aquino. But he is, above all, a photojournalist, and he’s the chief photographer of a major broadsheet. “A photojournalist has that special eye for seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary,” says Val.

John Chua

He is famous in the realm of advertising photography, with over three decades of experience, and was in fact among the first in his field to embrace digital photography. His favorite quote: “Just do it, live life to the fullest.” This includes being a volunteer elephant keeper in his spare time. magiceye

Preferring to be called simply as “Deri,” this portraiture aficionado is also the founder of the Society of Portrait Photographers of the Philippines. A true photographer with passion that he’s willing to pass on, he holds various photography workshops for the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI).

Jay Tablante

This retired stockbroker is a master when it comes to wild bird photography. But that won’t stop him from shooting the occasional ramp model as well. His works often show up at the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines and the Philippine Bird Photography Forum.

A photographer since 1985, Jun was Asia’s first Adobe Certified Expert and certified instructor for both Photoshop and Lightroom. He now heads the country’s most prestigious school in digital imaging. He is also a regular contributor to photography publications.

Ibarra Deri

Ely Teehankee

Jun Miranda

Edwin Martinez

JA Tadena

Albert Garcia

A known figure as a director of photography, JA Tadena has caught audiences with his tasteful TVC’s. He also received tan award for Best Cinematography from the Metro Manila Film Festival at the age of 27—making him the youngest to have received the award yet.

Photograph of the century award-winning photojournalist Albert Garcia, also Chief Photographer at Manila Bulletin, is one of the members of the newest batch of proud Canon brand ambassadors.

Romy Ocon

He has what is probably the largest collection of wild Philippine bird photos by any single photographer. But what really makes this impressive is that Romy is color-blind! His passion is evident: In 2004, he semi-retired at age 39 to concentrate on his wild bird photography.

Mark Nicdao

A photographer who loves to travel but attributes many of his opportunities to the local scene, Mark Nicdao started as a production assistant who soon discovered that photography was the way of life for him. Now he figures as a cause for celebration as one of the famous fashion photographers in the country.

Pat Dy

Once a musician, Pat Dy’s creativity knows no bounds. Having worked with various local magazines with various stunning visual results, he brings her artful and classy style of photography in becoming one of Canon’s newest ambassadors. He specializes in wedding, advertising, fashion, and people photography.

Wesley Villarica

Doc Marlon Pecjo

As an advertising photographer who served various big companies from telco, fashion, and food industries and as the founder of Parallax Studio, Wesley Villarica succeeded into turning his hobby of photography into a valuable skill.

Raffy Yllana

Videographer Raffy Yllana proudly displays his trusty photography gear on his Flickr account. There, audiences can lose their breath looking at his vibrant collection of landscape, product, and events photography. novellsteel

 Sara Black

One of the most popular food photographers in the country, Mark has been servicing some of the biggest names in the food business for over two decades now. “I always want to provoke positive emotions from viewers,” says Mark.

Wig Tysmans

Blending a unique Filipino taste with an edgy flair that’s all his own, Wig Tysmans is capable of producing photographs that turn his subjects into avant-garde pieces of art.

Championing a novel idea of a femme fatale in front of and behind the lens, Sara Black has a key understanding of subjects to be photographed, having been an accidental model herself. She wrote a book, aptly entitled When I Look in the Mirror, showing close-ups of everyday women with facial imperfections, challenging the idea of beauty today.

Mark Floro

Doc Marlon Pecjo – High fashion photography meets the newest technology from Canon as Doc Marlon Pecjo, famous lifestyle photographer adds a unique dash of creativity to Canon’s growing list of prestigious brand ambassadors.

Who would’ve thought that taking snapshots of some friends who wanted to audition as models would lead this self-confessed geek to the world of photography? Certainly not Jay Tablante himself, whose love for the comic figures appears side-by-side his commercial work.

He’s an award-winning landscape photographer and nature enthusiast. But unlike others, Edwin embraces not just the best but also the worst of what nature has to offer. “Photography has opened my eyes to both the wonders and the madness of the world,” says Edwin. www.edwinmartinez.

Val Rodriguez

He describes himself as a visual storyteller, and this comes really handy for what he specializes in, which is wedding videos. “I serve my clients with the utmost of professionalism and creativity. A multitude of lens options allows me that,” says Jason.

Per-Andre Hoffman


? N O N A C

Be PART OF CANON IMAGENATIOn Check out the latest updates by finding us on Facebook: Canon Digital Cameras-Philippines Also check our website: imagenation and


The Canon brand value goes beyond just product quality. Here’s why you would want to choose a Canon. Canon devices are made to be easy to use, and yet have cutting-edge features and award-winning quality that’s backed by outstanding service. It’s a juggling act that few brands can get right, but Canon does! The Canon quality can be seen in its streak of award-winning equipment. For instance, the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) has just awarded the Canon EOS 600D as European Camera for 2011-2012, while the Technical Image Press Association has also awarded the Canon EF 70-300mm lens as Best Professional Lens, and the Canon PowerShot SX230 HS as the Best Superzoom Camera. Hardware Magazine (HWM) has also given its “Gold” verdict to the PowerShot A3300 IS for its outstanding features for the price. No wonder then that Canon has consistently been the number one digital camera brand in the Philippines since 2007, while their DSLRs are the number one in Asia. Canon in fact offers a full line of digital imaging products from input to output, including revolutionary desktop and largeformat printers. But beyond product quality, Canon also knows the value of quality service. And this is why the company has invested billions of pesos into its nationwide chain of Customer Care Centres, including extensive training programs for its service crew to ensure that customers benefit from an optimized service experience. So how effective is Canon’s service orientation? Last year the Department of Trade and Industry bestowed its Gold Bagwis Consumer Award to Canon Marketing (Phils.), Inc. for the service quality of it Customer Care Centre in Makati City and of its Business Imaging Solutions Showroom in Taguig City. So why choose Canon? Because Canon is committed not just to excellent products, but to excellent service as well! Make sure to visit these Canon Concept Stores: Makati City Digital Alley Greenbelt 3 Tel. (632) 757.3149/47 PASAY CITY D-ZONE 2nd floor Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia Tel. (632) 901.1071 Quezon City D-ZONE Annex 1 Building, SM City North EDSA Tel. (632) 441.1401 D-ZONE Level 3, Ayala Trinoma Mall Tel. (632) 916.7503 SAN JUAN D-VISION 3rd floor Virramall, Greenhills Tel. (632) 470.1592 MANILA D-CENTER 3rd floor Pedro Gil Wing, Robinson’s Place Manila Tel. (632) 353.7820 Taguig City D-VISION Bonifacio High Street Tel. (632) 659.4447 mandaluyong City Digital Center 4th floor Cyberzone Area, SM Megamall Bldg. B Tel. (632) 636.6093 Pampanga D-ZONE 3rd floor Marquee Mall, Angeles City Tel. (045) 304.0759 CEBU D-ZONE North Wing, 2nd floor Cyberzone, SM City Cebu Tel. (032) 412.7977 BAGUIO D-CENTER 3rd floor, SM City Baguio DAVAO D-HUB 3rd floor, Gaisano Mall Tel. (082) 282.1362 Mobile: 0922.8167922 D-HUB Unit 3053, Abreeza Mall CAGAYAN DE ORO D-HUB 1st floor, Lim Ket Kai Mall Tel. (088) 856.3313 Mobile: 0922.8701317 BACOLOD D-HUB West Bridgeway, SM City Bacolod Tel. (034) 435.6136

PiPho 6th Anniversary

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Sponsorship of the 6th Anniversary of Pinoy Photographers Organization entitle “Framed Perspectives” Talks from different Canon Brand Ambassadors like John Chua, Wig Tysmans, Jay Jallorina and Per-Andre Hoffman Canon ImageNation Caravan Watch out for the caravan nearest you! Showcasing Canon’s products: Digital IXUS, PowerShot point-and-shoot, EOS Digital cameras, VIXIA camcorders, and SELPHY compact photo printers, the Canon ImageNation Caravan will let visitors try the said products. There will also be free photo printing, camera cleaning, and photography workshop. Visit the Canon ImageNation Caravan nearest you on the following dates: SM MOA - Nov. 20-26 SM North Edsa - Nov. 27-Dec. 3 SM Megamall - Dec. 4-10