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My Insider Tips. My Service Essential Information for New Owners. Maintaining your wiper blades: Due to the natural ageing process of wear and tear,...

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Maintaining your wiper blades: Due to the natural ageing process of wear and tear, the wiper blades should be replaced twice a year to avoid shuddering and squeaking.

Wheels and Tyres

When the tyre pressure is either too high or too low, it affects driving safety. In addition, under-inflated tyres can result in tyre-wall cracks, uneven tyre wear and higher fuel consumption. For models that are factory fitted with the tyre pressure loss warning system, reset only aer you have: • Changed the tyre pressure • Changed the wheels or tyres • Fitted new wheels or tyres Before resetting, refer to the table located in the vehicle fuel cover on the applicable tyre pressure (PSI). Do refer to the owner’s manual on the steps to reset the tyre pressure loss warning system. To prolong tyre life and prevent uneven tyre wear, it is recommended that the wheels be rotated every 5,000 km. Road noise will usually increase with usage, and wear and tear becomes more obvious aer mileage above 10,000 km, especially if tyres are not rotated regularly. Do note that noise levels of tyres may vary according to brands and models. For greater convenience, we strongly advise to fill your tyres with nitrogen gas. Nitrogen gas inflated tyres keep the tyre pressure longer giving you better fuel economy and longer tyre life.

Proposed maintenance: • To conduct monthly checks on the tyre pressure, including the spare tyre, particularly prior to long trips. • Conversion to nitrogen gas is available as an option at any of our Mercedes-Benz Authorised Service Centers.

CD Player/CD Changer

When using self-recorded CD/DVD/VCD you may experience skipping, sticking, and even no playback. There are no valid specifications on thickness for blanks. Owners are warned not to use pirated/selfrecorded discs. Jammed CD/DVD/VCD players are not covered under warranty when pirated CD/DVD/ VCD is found to be the cause. Depending on the models, replacement of CD player/CD changer can cost between $3,745 and $8,560. Proposed maintenance: To use only original CD/DVD/VCD to prevent malfunction and void of warranty.

The Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) ESP® monitors driving stability and traction, like power transmission between the tyres and the road surface. If ESP® detects that the vehicle is deviating from the direction desired by the driver, one or more wheels are braked to stabilise the vehicle. The engine output is also modified, if necessary, to keep the vehicle on the desired course within physical limits. ESP® assists the driver when pulling away from wet or slippery roads.

ESP ® can also stabilise the vehicle during braking. When ESP® intervenes, the warning lamp flashes in the instrument cluster. This is perfectly normal as this indicator is telling you that ESP® is in action. ESP® cannot reduce the risk of an accident if you drive too fast. ESP® cannot override the laws of physics.

My Insider Tips. My Service

In the event that your ESP ® symbol is permanently lighted, please check if the ESP ® switch button has been accidentally depressed to the “OFF” position. Generally, on tarmac road surfaces, ESP® should be le at the default “ON” mode and switched off only on sandy/gravel road.

Drifting Effect

Vehicle driing to one side of the road may be due to the following conditions: • Incorrect wheel alignments • Incorrect tyre pressures • Deflated tyres Generally, the vehicle is reacting to the road camber (either le or right depending on the road surfaces which are designed for water drainage purposes). Hence vehicle veering slightly is noticeable when hands are released from the steering wheel. If you feel that your vehicle is driing or pulling ‘hard’ to one side of the road, you are advised to send your vehicle to the nearest Mercedes-Benz Authorised Service Center for a check to ascertain if it is due to any of the above conditions.

All prices shown are inclusive of 7% GST and are subjected to change without prior notice. Terms and conditions apply.

Essential Information for New Owners.

Cycle & Carriage (Authorised Dealer) Authorised Service Centers - Passenger Cars Aersales Contact Center: 6206 1818 Mercedes-Benz Center: 301 Alexandra Road, (S)159968 Pandan Loop Service Center: 188 Pandan Loop, (S)128378 Eunos Service Center: 330 Ubi Road 3, (S) 408650 Mon – Fri: 8.30 am – 6 pm, Sat: 8.30 am – 12 pm, Sun & PH: Closed Express Service [email protected] Kee: 20 Leng Kee Road, Level 2, (S)159094 Mon – Fri: 8.30 am – 6 pm, Sat - Sun & PH: Closed REV112017

Eliminating unpleasant smells in the vehicle cabin from the air-conditioning system

Congratulations on getting your new Mercedes-Benz. A lifetime of unforgettable journeys await you. But before you start, we request you to take a few moments to read these important tips, which will help you get the best out of your Mercedes-Benz.

At various points in your journey, you may detect some smells coming out of the air-conditioning system. External When the internal air re-circulation mode is switched on, the external air-vents will close up. This will prevent unpleasant smells (vehicle exhaust and other smells) to enter the cabin from the outside. The air in the vehicle will then be re-circulated. The internal air re-circulation mode switches off automatically aer approximately 25 – 40 minutes (depending on the oxygen level inside the vehicle cabin) to ensure fresh air is circulated into the cabin. So the driver and passengers will feel fresh and alert throughout the journey. Internal Smells can also be caused by items in the vehicle like air-fresheners and floor mats, for instance. Do ensure that you do not place an extra layer of floor mat over the Mercedes-Benz supplied ones as it can lead to accumulation of bacteria which will also cause an unpleasant smell. We advise against using dirt and dust trapping rubber mats as they tend to trap moisture and in some cases result in unpleasant odour. Pungent food items, fruits, body odour as a result of perspiration, golf bags, golf shoes, wet towels and wet umbrellas, among others, can add to unpleasant smells, especially when these are re-circulated through the air-conditioning system. These mixtures of smells will be absorbed into the air-conditioning system and over time, they can become very unpleasant.

Liquid Air-Freshener Any spill of liquid from the air-freshener can cause discolouring and damage to the upholstery/dashboard/ air-con vents. Caution should be exercised if you decide to use liquid air-freshener. If needed, we advise you to use non-liquid air-fresheners. No vehicle can be sealed completely air-tight to prevent external air or odours from entering the car’s interior compartment. There is always some small amount of external air or smell entering the vehicle cabin. Servicing your vehicle’s air-conditioning system on a regular basis can improve your vehicle’s performance as well as your comfort level, maintaining a good level of air freshness from your air-conditioning system. Proposed maintenance: • It is strongly advised to use Mercedes-Benz floor mats. • Periodic servicing of the air-conditioning system. Air-conditioning maintenance package is available at any of our Mercedes-Benz Authorised Service Centers.

Advisory Warning Lights (Amber vs Red)

Your Mercedes-Benz is a highly intelligent vehicle equipped with the latest state of the art onboard diagnostic system (OBDS). This system preemptively informs the driver of any current or potential anomalies the car may encounter when traveling or when in operation. The equipped sensors continuously tracks or senses external and internal vehicle environment to ensure the vehicle is always running at optimal condition.

As such, an AMBER advisory indicator light (e.g. ESP® light, engine checklight, ABS, etc) is meant to inform the driver that certain parameters detected are currently out of recommended specifications. This may be due to road conditions, driving patterns, or magnetic and radio wave signal interferences from the external environment. Drivers are advised to turn off the engine and restart it aer some time to allow the onboard computer control units in the vehicle to recalibrate their varied parameters. If the advisory indicator lights are still lighted aer the engine has restarted, it is strongly advised that the driver visit one of our Mercedes-Benz Authorised Service Centers as soon as possible. You will still be able to continue driving your vehicle, but do note that the features reflected on your instrument cluster are temporarily inoperative. If the red advisory light appears, you are advised to pull over and stop your vehicle safely. Call our Mercedes-Benz Service 24h hotline at 6475 9500 for further advice.

Windscreen and Wiper Blades When the wipers are set at the “Auto Wiper” mode (…) or (….), the rain sensor is activated. The appropriate wiping frequency is set automatically according to the intensity of the rain. When the windscreen becomes dirty in dry weather conditions, the windscreen wipers may be activated inadvertently when set at “Auto Wiper” mode, due to dust particles that settle on the windscreen that activates the rain sensor. This could then damage the wiper blades or create microscopic scratches on the windscreen. For this reason, you should always switch off the “Auto Wiper” mode in dry weather. Other possible situation when

the rain sensor will be activated is when your car is transiting out from a covered car park/tunnel to the road, as a result of a strong contrast in light intensity. Most of the Mercedes-Benz models come with aerowipers as factory standard. These wipers are designed to allow for maximum wiping pressure on the windscreen. Utilizing aerodynamics, these are designed like a spoiler; the higher the driving speed, the greater the down force of the wipers on the windscreen. This allows for optimal wiping effect even at high speed and heavy downpours (enhances visibility; better driving safety). However, windscreen wipers are very sensitive to environmental contaminants and grime settling onto the windscreen. To counter the effect of dirt and grime on wiper performance, it is recommended you follow a 2-step window cleaning process. For the best windscreen cleansing effect, use the Mercedes-Benz Interior Glass Cleaner first prior to the application of the Window Cleaner, Intensive. An outstanding glass cleaner with anti-misting properties, the Interior Glass Cleaner removes dirt and grease in a single application. While the Window Cleaner, Intensive removes deeply ingrained grime and detergents that normal soap powders may not be able to handle, while adding a thin layer of protection to your windscreen. The Mercedes-Benz Window Cleaner, Intensive and Interior Glass Cleaner are sold as a bundle for $56 at the MercedesBoutique at any of the three Authorised Service Centers.