National Bal Bhavan

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National Bal Bhavan Applications are invited from eligible candidates for filling uptheposlof Director, National Bal Bhavan in the Pay Band of Rs. 37,40067,000+Grade Pay of Rs. 8,700 (pre-revised) on deputation Basis for a period of 5 years or till the date of superannuation in the parent cadre, whichever is earlier. Details of eligibility conditions are given below:56 Years Educational and other qualifications

Essential; (i) Post Graduate degree or equivalent from a recognized University/ Institution, (ii) Ten years of regular service in the pay scale of Rs.i5.600-39,100*Grade Pay of Rs. 6,600 (pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 10,000-15,200/-) and above out of which at least 3 years service in the grade pay of Rs. 7,600/- in any organization/ institution of the Central/ State Government or recognized by the Central' State Government. (in)At least five years of experience of working ineducational institute/ organization for children. Desirable : (i) Recognized contribution in the fie ld of Creative Art/ Creative Performance/ Creative Science/Creative Writing etc. (ii) Knowledge of Govt. Roles and procedures. (iii) Experience in organi^ing teachers training programmes. Seminars, Conferences etc.

Please note the following instructions:1.NBB reserves thenght to fill or not to fill the above post. 2.Agewillbereckonedasonthelastdateofsubmissionofapplication. 3.The candidates are requested to submit their application in the prescribed proforma (available on our website: through proper channel accompanied with an authenticated statement showing the APARs Gradingof preceding five years duly signed and stamped by the Competent Authority of concerned office. 4.The last date for submission of application is 30 days from the date of publication of this vacancy notice in the news papers. Applications received after the last date will not be considered. 5.The officers having regular experience for the substantiat^ post in the grade pay of Rs 6600/7600 (and not due to ACP/MACP/Adhoc)areonlyeligibleloapplyforlhepost.(Director NBB)


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1.Name {IN BLOCK LETTERS): 2.Date of Birth: Age as on last date of submission of application: 4.

Date of superannuation from the present service


Present basic pay and scale of pay:


Correspondence address:

7.Mobile No, 8.Name S address of the Organization where presently working.


Educational Qualification

10. Posts held during last 10 years (in chronological order) s.

Post held

Name and


Address of

Period From

Pay Scale with break up



Nature of duties performed

DECLARATION I solemnly declare that the details given above in the application form are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. In case any of

the details in the application from are found false at a later stage, my candidature / appointment may be cancelled / withdrawn.

(Signature of the Candidate)

Date: Place:

(FOR USE OF FORWARDING OFFICE) It is certified that the details provided by the applicantas above are correct as per our records.



contemplated .

No vigilance



/ disciplinarycase is




If selected, the individual will berelieved



Gist of his/her preceding 05 years ACR/APRs is as under: S. No.


Grading / Marks

(Signature of the forwarding officer) Name

Designation Seal of the Office

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