Acc No. Author (s) Title Publisher Place Year Call no. DD45989-DD45990 Isaaks, Edward H. Introduction to applied geostatistics Oxford University Press...

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Author (s) Rao, S Grewal, B. S. Thareja, Reema

Krishna Raju, N. Esposito, Anthony Punmia, B. C. Patranabis, D Mazidi, Muhammad Ali Moon, Charles J. Kays, W. M. Stoecker, W F Chakraborty, Debashis

BB80712-BB80763 Shetty, Devdas BB80764-BB80768 Thareja, Reema BB80769-BB80813 BB80814-BB80823

Grewal, B. S. Rao, S


DD45685 DD45686 DD45687 DD45688-DD45702

Mahapatra, Rajendra Prasad Ribbens, William B. Kaku, L. C. Han, Jiawei

DD45717-DD45766 Levitin, Anany DD45767-DD45768

Title Electrical safety, fire safety engineering and safety management Higher engineering mathematics Fundamentals of computers

Publisher Khanna,


New Delhi: New Delhi: Khanna, Oxford University Press, New Delhi: New Delhi: Design of reinforced concrete structures CBS, Fluid power with applications Pearson New Delhi: Education, New Delhi: Soil mechanics and foundations Laxmi, New Delhi: Telemetry principles McGraw Hill, 8051 microcontroller and embedded systems Pearson New Delhi: Education, New Delhi: Introduction to Mineral Exploration Wiley India, Channai: Convective Heat and Mass Transfer McGraw Hill, Channai: Design of thermal systems Mcgraw Hill, Fundamentals of geographic information system Viva Books, New Delhi : Mechatronics System Design Cengage New Delhi: Learning, Fundamentals of computers Oxford University Press, New Delhi: New Delhi: Higher engineering mathematics Khanna, Electrical safety, fire safety engineering and Khanna, New Delhi: safety management Fundamentals of tool design Society of manufacturing Michigan: engineers, New Delhi: Software Engineering Khanna Book, Understanding automotive electronics : an ButterworthCambridge: engineering perspective Heinemann, Dhanbad : Coal mines regulations 1957 : Lovely, Data mining : concepts and techniques Morgan Massachusetts: Kaufmann, Introduction to the design and analysis of Pearson, Noida: algorithms


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1984 2016

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2017 2016

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Acc No. DD45769 DD45770-DD45771 DD45772-DD45773 DD45774

Author (s) Anami, Basavaraj S. Sommerville, Ian Hoffman, David J. Mall, Indra Deo

Title Formal language and automata theory Software engineering Welding Petrochemical process technology Mobile application programming using android

Publisher Wiley India, Pearson, Pearson, Trinity Press, IBM

O'Shea, J.

Automation in mining, mineral and metal Pergamon, processing (3rd: 1980: Montreal) : proceedings of

Lear, George Ikoku, Chi U.

Motorcycle mechanics Economic analysis and investment decisions

Prentice Hall, John Wiley,

Jaluria, Yogesh Baeza-Yates, Ricardo Hibbeler, R.C.

Design and optimization of thermal systems Modern information retrival Engineering mechanics : statics and dynamics

CRC, Pearson, Pearson,


DD45776 DD45777-DD45778 DD45779 DD45780 DD45781-DD45810 DD45912

Sinha, S. K.

Engineering mechanics : statics and dynamics


Tripathy, B.K

Soft computing : advances and applications

Baker, Pam

Big data strategies

Kannammal, A

Fundamental of cloud computing

Aggarwal, K K Das, Annapurna

Control system analysis and design Microwave engineering

Cengage Learning, Cengage Learning, Cengage Learning, Khanna, McGraw Hill Education IBM corporation

DD45913 DD45914-DD45923 DD45924-DD45933 DD45934-DD45943 DD45944 DD45945 Open sources mobile platform (ANDRIOD) DD45946 DD45947 DD45948 DD45949 DD45985 DD45986-DD45987 DD45988

Kennedy, John Gupta, C B

Oil and gas pipeline fundamental Pennwell, Engineering mathematics: for semesters I and II McGraw Hill,

Kaku, L. C. Hagoort, Jacques

Coal mines regulations 1957 : Fundamental of gas reservoir engineering

Linder , Wilfried Reddy, J. N.

Place New Delhi: Noida: Noida: New Delhi:

Year 2011 2017 2017 2017

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005.276 IBM

Oxford: New Jersey:

1980 1977

669.028 OSH 629.28 LEA

New York: Boca Raton: Noida:

1985 2008 1999

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620.1 SIN



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621.3813 DAS

New Delhi Oklahoma:

2013 1984

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2015 2016

510.2462 GUP 622.334 KAK

1988 2016

622.3385 HAG 526.982 LIN


620.106 RED

Chennai: Dhanbad : Lovely, Elsevier Science, New York: Berlin: Digital photogrammetry : a practical course Springer, Finite element method in heat transfer and fluid CRC, Boca Raton: dynamics

Acc No.

Author (s) Isaaks, Edward H.

Title Introduction to applied geostatistics

Perrin, Denis

Well completion and servicing

Murphy, Raymond

State of the Indian power sector 2013-2014 Essential english grammar

DD45989-DD45990 DD45991 DD45998

DD45999 DD46000 DD46005

Asthana, D. K.

DD46006 DD46007 DD46008 DD46009 DD46010 DD46011 DD46012 DD46013

Mahapatra, Rajendra Prasad Bedi, D. S. varmah, K R Mall, Indra Deo Dayaratnam, Pasala Mittal, Satyendra Krishnamurthi, V

Quantitative aptitude : campus skills enhancement Program Textbook of environmental studies National conference on recent developments in thermal power technology(Raigarh: December 16-17, 2011) Database management system Elements of mechanical engineering Power electronics Petroleum refining technology Prestressed concrete structures Pile foundation control systems

Publisher Place Oxford University Press, Oxford: Edition Technip, Paris: New Delhi: IPPAI, Cambridge University Press New Delhi DueNorth, Dehradun: New Delhi: S. Chand, JIPT,

Khanna Book, Khanna Book, CBS, CBS, CBS, CBS, CBS,

Raigarh: New Delhi: New Delhi: New Delhi: New Delhi: New Delhi: New Delhi: New Delhi:


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Author (s) Diwan, Parag

Title Energycopia: Energy law and policy

Myneni, S R

International economic law

Massey, I P Goswami, V G Singh, Avtar Gaur, K D Ramappa, T

Administrative law Labour and Industrial Laws Textbook on the transfer of property act Textbook on the Indian Penal Code Competition law in India

Ho, Lusina, ed.

Taxmann's Labour laws Trust law in Asian Civil Law Jurisdications

BL16415-BL16423 BL16424-BL16433 BL16434-BL16673 BL16674-BL16683 BL16684-BL16793 BL16794-BL17083

BL17084-BL17103 BL17104-BL17138


Publisher Pantagon Energy Press, Allahabad Law Agency, Eastern Books, Central Law, Universal Law, Universal Law, Oxford University Press



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New Delhi:


333.79 DIW

Faridabad: Lucknow: Allahabad: New Delhi : New Delhi:

2016 2017 2015 2017 2016

341.75 MYN 342.066 MAS 344.1 GOS 346.004 SIN 345 GAU

New Delhi New Delhi: Taxmann, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge:

2014 2016

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346.5059 HOL

Acc No. LA8848-LA8857 LA8858-LA8867 LA8868-LA8879 LA8880-LA8892 LA8893-LA8905 LA8906-LA8918 LA8919-LA8933 LA8934-LA8950 LA8951-LA8958 LA8959-LA8964 LA8965-LA8970 LA8971-LA8976 LA8977-LA8986 LA8987-LA9002 LA9003-LA9009 LA9010-LA9019

Author (s) Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Malik, Surendra Charles, Casey

Title Supreme court cases : 2001 Supreme court cases : 2002 Supreme court cases : 2003 Supreme court cases : 2004 Supreme court cases : 2005 Supreme court cases : 2006 Supreme court cases : 2007 Supreme court cases : 2008 Supreme court cases : 2009 Supreme court cases : 2010 Supreme court cases : 2011 Supreme court cases : 2012 Supreme court cases : 2013 Supreme court cases : 2014 Supreme court cases : 2015 Supreme court cases : 2016 Critical queer studies: law, film, and fiction in contemporary American culture A.I.R. manual : unrepealed central acts, civil and criminal, vol 40 Modern sports law : a textbook Sports law Film and the law: the cinema of justice Sport: law and practice

LA9020 Manohar LA9021 LA9022-LA9023 LA9024 LA9025

Anderson, Jack Beloff, Michael Greenfield, Steve Lewis, Adam

LA9026 Saeed, Saima LA9027 LA9028-LA9029

Screening the public sphere: media and democracy in India Routledge handbook of media law

Price, Monroe E.

Publisher Eastern Book, Eastern Book, Eastern Book, Eastern Book, Eastern Book, Eastern Book, Eastern Book, Eastern Book, Eastern Book, Lucknow: Eastern Book, Eastern Book, Eastern Book, Eastern Book, Eastern Book, Eastern Book, Routledge, All India Reporter, Hart, Hart, Hart, Bloomsbury Professional, Routledge, Routledge,

Place Lucknow: Lucknow: Lucknow: Lucknow: Lucknow: Lucknow: Lucknow: Lucknow: Lucknow: Eastern Book, Lucknow: Lucknow: Lucknow: Lucknow: Lucknow: Lucknow:

Year 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

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New York:


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Nagpur: Oxford: Oxford: Oxford:

2004 2010 2012 2010

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West Sussex,


344.099 LEW

New Delhi: Oxon:

2013 2015

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Place 2016 2016

Year 330 AHU 658.1511 KHA


658.45 SOU

2015 2015

657.63 DHA 658.83 VEN

347.035 MAL 347.035 MAL 347.035 MAL 347.035 MAL


Author (s) Ahuja, H L Khan, M. Y Soundararaj, Francis Dhamija, Sanjay

Title Modern economics : An analytical study Indian financial system Speaking and writing for effective business communication Financial accounting for managers

Venkatesan, Rajkumar

Cutting edge marketing analytics

BB80302-BB80411 BB80412-BB80711 DD45684

Ed. Publisher New Delhi : S. Chand, Channai: McGraw Hill, Macmillan India, New Delhi: Pearson New Delhi: Education, New Jersey: Pearson,

Acc No.

DD45703-DD45716 DD45811-DD45830 DD45831-DD45848 DD45849-DD45860 DD45861-DD45870 DD45871-DD45890 DD45891-DD45910 DD45911 DD45950-DD45969 DD45992 DD45993

Author (s) Ganpathi, S.L.

Title Logistics management

Dornbusch, Rudiger Das, N.G. Grant, Robert M Chandra, Prasanna Pratap, Giri S Khan, M Y Peelen, Ed Gill, Suveera Chapman, Chris Gorton, Lars Grammenos, Costas H.

Macroeconomics Statistical methods Contemporary strategic analysis Corporate Valuation Investment Banking Management accounting Customer Relationship Management Cost & management accounting R for marketing research and analytics Shipbroking & chartering practice Handbook of maritime economics and business

Collins, Marygrace

Ship agency : a guide to tramp ship agency practice Product lifecycle management

DD45994 DD45995 DD45996-DD45997

Saaksvuori, Anitti

Publisher Place Oxford University Press, New Delhi: Channai: McGraw Hill, new Delhi: McGraw Hill, New Delhi Wiley India New Delhi McGraw Hill New Delhi McGraw Hill New Delhi McGraw Hill Noida: Pearson, Noida: Vikas, New York: Springer, Oxon: Routledge, Routledge, Oxon: Witherby Scotland: Berlin: Springer,


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2013 2008

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