Nikon Green Procurement Standards

plating, fluorescent, electrode, solder, electric contact, contact point, zinc ... paper . Representative examples of relevant substance . Substance n...

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apprentices shall be at least the same wage rate as other entry-level workers per-forming equal or similar tasks. 3. Working Hours Studies of business practices clearly link employee's strain to reduced productivity, increased turnover and increased

Canon Green Procurement Standards prescribe the conditions for starting dealings with ... Solvents that can be separated without affecting the stability of the

The management of the Tamura Group is based on ... been concluded to have a significant impact on the global environment and the human body ... (In the event of a

MITSUMI Group Green Procurement Standards 1/7 ... MITSUMI Group Green Procurement Standards First Edition Enacted on ... 3.3 Initiatives for Biodiversity

The following shows environmental load substances ... 13b.Lead in filter glasses and glasses used for reflectance ... insect traps, photochemical and curing

Government Green Procurement (GGP) refers to the acquisition of products, services and work in the public sector that takes into account environmental criteria to conserve natural environment and resources, and minimises and reduces negative impacts