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The angle θ between the applied force and the horizontal ... Both Statement-1 and Statement-2 are true and Statement-2 is the ... so as not to apply any torque on

(b) To avoid bends scuba divers use air diluted with helium. (c) Cold drinks bottles are sealed under high pressure of CO2. 3. Why should a solution of a non-volatile and non-electrolyte solute boil at a

the deflection of the coil is directly proportional to the current flowing in a cell. ... the expression for the emf generated in the coils in the terms of speed of rotation. Can the ... indicating clearly the directions of oscillating electric and m

Chapter 12 Nuclear Physics ... the atomic mass unit of gold 197 ... The mass M of a nucleus is less than the total mass of m

9 social science syllabus that issued by cbse for academic session 2017 2018 maths ... download free s chand principles of physics class 12 pdf free s chand

Second Term Exam Syllabus / Blue print CLASS 12 Academic Session- 2017-18 1. English: Full Syllabus-As per CBSE ENGLISH CORE SECTION A ... 6(1…

Chemistry Class 12 Syllabus Course Structure Unit Title Marks I Solid State 23 ... molecular, ionic, covalent and metallic solids, amorphous and crystalline solids (elementary idea). Unit cell in two dimensional ... Bonding, Werner's theory, VBT, and

racing cars, wheels for passenger cars, trucks, buses, racing cars, automobiles, tread rubber for retreading tires for the above mentioned vehicles, two-wheeled motor vehicles and their parts and fittings, tires for two-wheeled motor …

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trade marks journal no: 1815 , 18/09/2017 class 12 ... fittings and accessories included in class 12 for use in two wheelers and three wheelers. ... hero motocorp limited