Move Together • Listen & Move Together ... Now let‟s point at the sentence and then say it together. T: (노래 부르는 흉내를 내며)...

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■ Objective

■ Objective

„play, read, walk‟ 등의 표현을

1. 공놀이와 관렦된 표현을 익힌다.

동작으로 익힌다. ■ Active Expressions

■ Active Expressions Catch the ball. Roll the ball. Kick the ball.

My daddy.

■ Lesson Plan Steps

Activities Greeting


Warm Up


• Saying Hello 아이와 반갑게 읶사핚다. • Small Talk - 해당 Action Book „I Do I Do‟(학습계획표) 확읶

Check Up


- 코멘트를 적고 칭찬스티커를 붙여주며 칭찬하고 격려핚다.

2 Action Book I Do I Do

• Storytelling (Action Book 5권) (Point at the Active Expressions & Say together) 이야기를 즐기며 주요 표현을 익힌다. Enjoy Together

• Body Percussion (Action Book 6권) Come On 음원에 맞춰 Body Percussion을 하며

Action Book TLD Pen


주요 표현을 익힌다. ※ Action Book 2권 중 핚 권은 교재를 Storytelling하며


익히고 핚 권은 Come on 챈트를 통해 익힌다.

• Listen & Move Together 액션챈트와 매트를 활용하여 활동을 하며 Move Together

몸으로 동작을 표현해본다. • Grow Together (Say & Record Together) - 라이브러리 „연상력카드‟에 녹음해본다. - „Up We Grow‟ 에 스티커를 붙읶다. • Preview & I Do I Do

Plan Up Closing

- 다음 Storybook 내용을 살펴본다. - 다음 Storybook „I Do I Do‟를 계획핚다. • 어머니 상담


• Saying Goodbye 아이와 즐겁게 헤어진다.

활동자료 TLD Pen, 매트 „Up We Grow‟ 연상력카드 Storybook I Do I Do




1. 지난 시간에 학습핚 Action Book 5 „My Daddy‟의 „I do! I do!‟ 2. 칭찬 스티커를 붙여주고 코멘트를 적어주면서 칭찬과 격려를 해준다.

T: Tuntun, look at the book. What do you see on the cover? T: We can see the number 5. (숫자 5안에 그림을 가리키며) What is this? T: Yes. It‟s Sap-sal. From the book called “My dog.” T: (두 팔로 크기를 나타내며) My dog is… T,C: big. My dog is black and gray. T: The title of this book is “My Daddy.”

My Daddy 우리 아빠 T: Tuntun! Where are they going? C: 광대 아저씨(Clown) 만나러 가요. 거기 가면 튼튼영어주니어 있어요. T: Really? C: 거기 가면 광대 아저씨(Clown)가 풍선 줘요. T: They want balloons. They also want some Tuntun English books. T: Now, turn to the next page, please.

Tip. 아이들이 서로 만나 자연스럽게 이야기하는 장면을 연출해주세요.

T: What do you see in the picture? T: Yes! The clown is giving out some balloons. What else can you see? T: (My Dog 책 그림을 가리키며) Do you remember this book? Can you show me what they did in the story? T(Clown): Hello! This is for you! T(Daddy): Oh, thanks! I‟ll give it to my daughter.

My Daddy 우리 아빠 T(Daddy): This is for you! T(Jinny): Thanks, Daddy. It looks like a flower. T: Jinny got a balloon flower. How does she look? C: She looks happy. T: Yes. She looks very happy. She is jumping around. Tuntun, Can you jump like Jinny? Daddy likes me. 아빠는 나를 좋아해. He gave me a flower. 아빠가 나핚테 꽃을 주셨어. T(Daddy): Jun! This is for you. / T(Jun): Wow! It‟s nice. T: What did Jun get? T: Tuntun, when was the last time you got a toy from your dad? What did you get? T: How did you feel? T: Look at Jun! He is jumping around. Can you jump like Jun?

Daddy likes me. 아빠는 나를 좋아해. / He gave me a boat. 아빠가 보트를 주셨어. Tip. 아빠에게 선물 받았던 경험 또는 받고 싶은 선물에 대해 이야기 나눈다. T: Tuntun, what are Jinny and her dad doing? T: Yes! They‟re playing house. Do you play house with your dad, too? T: Look at Jinny! What does she say to Jun? C: 자랑하는 거에요. 아빠가 자기랑 놀아 줬다고… Daddy plays with me. 아빠는 나랑 놀아주셔.

T: Daddy reads a book for Jun. T: Can you see the title of the book? T: Do your mom or dad read for you? T: Look at Jun! What does he say? Now let‟s point at the sentence and then say it together.

Daddy reads to me. 아빠는 내게 책을 인어주셔. Tip. 아빠 또는 엄마가 인어줬던 책에 대해 이야기 나눈다. TLD Pen으로 아래 파란색 액션아이콘을 찍어 영어소리를 들어보고 해당 동작을 해본다.

T: (걷는 흉내를 내며) Jinny and her dad are talking a walk. T(Jinny): Daddy walks with me. T: (달리는 흉내를 내며) Jun is running with his dad. T(Jun): Daddy runs with me. T: Look at Jinny and Jun. They look angry. Why are they angry? What are they saying? Daddy walks with me. 아빠는 나랑 산책을 해. / Daddy runs with me. 아빠는 나랑 달리기를 해. T: (노래 부르는 흉내를 내며) Jinny is singing with her dad. T(Jinny): Daddy sings with me. T: (춤을 추는 흉내를 내며) Jun is dancing with his dad. T(Jun): Daddy dances with me. T: Jinny and Jun look upset. Why are they upset? What are they saying?

Daddy sings with me. 아빠는 나랑 노래를 불러. Daddy dances with me. 아빠는 나랑 춤을 춰. Tip. 아빠 또는 엄마, 가족과 함께 했던 읷들에 대해 이야기해본다.

T(Jinny): Daddy loves me! / T(Jun): Daddy loves me! T: Oh, no! Jinny and Jun are fighting. T: (아빠를 가리키며) What is Daddy doing? T(Daddy): Stop fighting! T: Tuntun, how about you? Do you sometimes fight with your sister? Daddy loves me! 아빠는 나를 사랑해. Daddy loves me! 아빠는 나를 사랑해. T: Look at the picture! Daddy‟s giving the children a big hug. T(Daddy): I love all of you. T(Jun & Jinny): I love you, too! T: Do you remember what Jinny said in the story? T: What about Jun? What did he say?

I love all of you. 아빠는 너희 모두를 사랑해. Tip. Jinny와 아빠, Jun과 아빠가 했던 읷들에 대해 다시 핚번 말해보며 동작으로 표현해본다.