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Visit to Haw Par Villa and USS “Friendship knows no differences, no language barrier, no fear.” They come from different language and cultural backgrounds, yet these never got in the way of Teetouch, HengYang and Boni forging a lasting friendship. The boys may have only been in Singapore for a month, but they are constantly making a conscientious effort to bond through fun activities and their love for local fares. At the weekend, the boys will often organise outings and have a ball of a time. Just last week, they visited touristy spots Haw Par Villa and Universal Studios Singapore. I am delighted they take the initiative to create opportunities and extend their learning beyond the classroom. This serves as a chance for them to use English as a common language to express themselves to one another. Here are some of their positive feedbacks. “I am very happy and look forward to our next excursion!” Li Heng Yang

“I learnt how to better communicate in English, and made a new friend in Teetouch’s cousin.” Ye Boni

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“I enjoyed myself and took the chance to pick up Chinese, while teaching my classmates Thai.” Teetouch Pookesamwattana


Visit to Haw Par Villa and USS

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Elementary Excursion to Little India Dear Saiporn, Last Friday I had an excursion with my class; we went to Little India. This place was nice and had some interesting goods, but the price was a little high. We had lunch at The Banana Leaf Apolo. The food was tasty, it is similar to Thai food: spicy, with a strong smell. After that we walked around in Little India and saw some wall paintings. I didn’t understand the meaning of these paintings but they were beautiful. The day was very hot with strong sunshine. My sister got ill, but she is better now. Miss you, Pachara Thamtikanon

Dear YingXuan, How are you? Last Friday I went to Little India with my classmates and teacher. It was a sunny day and it was very hot. Fortunately, I took an umbrella and water. On the way to Little India I saw a lot of beautiful buildings. When we arrived, the teachers let us walk around to visit the place. My cousin, a Thai girl and I had a good chat. Then we ate Indian food for lunch. I don’t know the names of what we ate but it tasted very good. After lunch, my teacher took us to see so many interesting places. I took a lot of beautiful pictures. Although the weather was very hot, we also felt very happy! I want to share my pictures with you one day. Bye, YingYin

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Elementary Excursion to Little India

Dear Dad, How are you Dad? I hope you are well. Last Friday was TMC’s excursion day; we went to Little India. We met at the lecture theatre before going out. Out teacher introduced us to India with Indian style snacks called ‘muruku’. The taste was a little bit strange. It was a kind of spicy cookie with a strong smell but a bland taste. After that, we tried henna painting. In the Indian style they draw a pattern of flowers. However, I’m not a professional so on my wrist I only drew “N” as the first letter of my name Nut. We moved on to the basketball court and took a group picture. Then we walked to Little India, it’s just a ten-minute walk from school. We saw some wall art and Indian fabrics. Around the neighbourhood we also saw decorations of flowers and elephants for Diwali. We had lunch together in an Indian restaurant. I ate rice, curry, chicken and naan. The taste was good for me. After lunch, each class separated to do their own activities. My classmates and I chose to walk around Little India together with Sylvia, my teacher. The day was very hot but it was also fun! We had a great time! Sylvia took us around, so we explored Little India together. There was a lot of street art and the artists were a mixture of Asian and European artists. This neighbourhood has many cultures. If you come here, I will bring you to Little India. I think you will like it. Love and miss you dad, Nut

Hi Nut, Last Friday, I went to Little India with my teacher and classmates. We went there on foot. We enjoyed Indian food for lunch. Later we walked around and took some good photos of ourselves and the decorative elephants in an open field. When I came back to the hostel I was so tired, I fell asleep on my bed. It was a good day. Take care! Benz

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Intermediate 1 Excursion Writing

For this term’s excursion, the students all went to Little India. Intermediate 1 students were required to write a response to an email prompt that asked them about their day. Here are some of the written responses.

Yod (from Thailand) wrote: Hi Best,

Yuthaveera Janthorn (Nart, from Thailand) wrote: Hi Dave, Do you know Little India in Singapore? Today my school had some activities. They led me to Little India. Little India isn’t far from my school, so we walked to Little India. At noon we ate Indian food in ‘The Banana Leaf’. It’s an Indian restaurant. In the afternoon we went to the museum to see Indian art. Not far from the museum there was street art. It’s very interesting. We took a lot of photos and walked around outside the museum to find a snack and to see the life style of Indian people. It was very interesting. You have to see it. From, Nart

Yesterday I walked to Little India and traveled around Little India with my friend. We saw art in Little India and we visited the museum. We had lunch at ‘The Banana Leaf’. It is an Indian restaurant. I think the food is not bad, but not good. In Little India there are many Indian people, dwellings built with Indian architecture, and spices and products which are sold. They are all owned by people of Indian descent. From, Yod

Chen Haitao (from China) wrote: Dear Tom, On 20 Oct., our school had an excursion. We went to Little India and Arab street. In Little India we saw many beautiful pictures on the walls. I took some photos of them. At 11 o’clock, we went to ‘The Banana Leaf’ restaurant to try traditional Indian food. The food tasted very good, so I ate more and more. This was the first time for me to eat that food. After we finished eating, we went to the Indian Heritage Centre to know the history of Indians in Singapore. After the excursion I went with my friends to go bowling. This was the first time for us, but we played very well and felt very excited. That’s all of the story for today. From, Haitao

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Intermediate 1 Art Project

Intermediate 1 students had an in-class project to do. They worked in groups and they needed to create a fictional business and then write some specific sentences about the company. Here are what some of the groups made and wrote. “Flying Boat” , by Koung King (from Laos), Jasmine (from China), Yanxuan (from China) and MinKyoung (from S. Korea). • • • • • • • • •

Our company is a business dealing with boat rentals. Yanxuan’s position is a boat captain. Koung King’s position is a customer service lady. Jasmine’s position is a CEO. Minkyoung’s position is an accountant. Our company hasn’t had any accidents or injuries. Running Ship has 200 boats for rental. So do we. Running Ship has great customer service. So do we. If we get 10,000 customers, we will celebrate by giving free service to our customers for one day.

“Cahtinaren Bali” ; by Mauren (from Indonesia), Cathy (from China), Kriseina (from China), and Fah (from Thailand). • • • • • • •

We will focus on safety and teaching them how to swim really well inside a swimming pool before we bring them to the ocean. Our company has never had an accident because we really focus on safety. Cathy used to work in an office. Mauren and Fah used to own a coffee shop. Kriseina used to be a bus driver. Our company is only in Bali, Indonesia. If our company gets 10,000 customers, we will open a branch in Lombok.

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Intermediate 2 Art Project

Kunthida Suepsukmansakun - Guiwa My passion is to listen to music. It makes me feel relaxed. When I listen to music, it makes me feel I have my own little world.

Nhouyvanisavong Somlith – Jimmy My passion is playing the guitar. But, I’m not good at it, so I’m learning it and want to improve on it. If I could play very well, I’d like to play for everyone so I can become famous.

Angkana Khamsirirat – Nam My passion is watching cartoon movies because I like cartoons. Unfortunately, I cannot draw cartoon pictures. I watch cartoon movies every day. The best cartoon movie for me is Doreamon because when I was young I wanted to be a Doreamon. I always watch cartoons when I cannot sleep. Watching cartoons can help me sleep.

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Intermediate 2 Art Project

Kevin Chandra Lim My passion is playing the drums. When I play the drums, I enjoy it very much and it makes me feel alive. This activity is the only activity that refreshes me. If I’m bored or stressed, I like playing the drums.

Pawika Nuntapiwat – Tian My passion is taking pictures with my favourite singer “Niall Horan”. He is one of the members of “One Direction”. I love his new single “Slow Hands” so much. So, I want to meet him and take pictures with him.

Jirachaya Paksa – Jam My passion is watching movies. It is the best way to spend my leisure time. I can watch a movie alone or with my friends. Watching movies in the cinema is more enjoyable. I can also feel the emotions if I watch the movie in the cinema.

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Intermediate 2 Art Project

Sompratthana Tosubcharoensuk – Four My passion is travelling because I love to travel to different countries. It is very exciting and I can get new experiences.

Nie Die Ying I like taking photographs; let every happy memory capture on my phone. I like landscapes and high-rise buildings. They can relax me. Cool lakes and ice mountains will become a quiet and relaxing picture. There are many ideas for taking photographs and many photographs can express many ideologies. You can know the photographer’s feelings, if she/ he is happy or not. Taking photographs is my escape from reality.

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Advanced 1

Excursion to Little India Before the excursion, what did you know about Little India? “I didn’t know anything, but I think Indian culture is very complicated.” - Suttinan Chaiwattanasin (Ling) “Before this excursion, I only knew slices of Indian culture.” - Zhou Yufang (Katie) “I knew that Indian culture is very interesting, with colourful dresses with lots of diamonds.” Ketsaraporn Jirakan (Queen) “Indian people have many traditions, and also many languages. They have special dresses and eat rice and use rice flour. The Indian capital city is New Dehli” – Mallawa Arachchige Manjula Nilmini Kumari “I knew that in India we use our hands to eat food. Paratta is a famous food in India. – Patima Detvongsa “I just knew that they like to eat curry” – Kerkphol Amonraphak “I knew they paint henna tattoos when they get married.” – Julalux Sae Liu

Interesting things that happened in Little India There were many interesting things on excursion day. I learnt a lot of new things. Everything went well on that day.

We spent two hours at the Banana Leaf restaurant, the food was very nice. The taste was Indian. I think I learnt a lot about the Indian style of cooking. My friends and I enjoyed and felt good at this restaurant.

The first thing that happened was painting Henna tattoos. The teachers gave us a henna painter, but I didn’t put it on because my drawing is very bad. Many people enjoyed this part, they took turns and drew henna on their friend’s hand.

Next we went to the Indian Heritage museum. I think it was very interesting, but I didn’t like it, because it made me feel bored. I think it was because it isn’t my style. Although I didn’t like the museum, I liked the atmosphere and the movie at the beginning, it was very interesting. It told me everything about Singapore and Indian history. That’s why I think it was very exciting. After all I think it was a good experience for me. I really enjoyed and was relaxed on the excursion.

After the henna painting, we went to the basketball court and watched a basketball show by our friends. The next thing we did was eat Indian food. I didn’t enjoy this part because Indian food is not my favourite type. It was interesting though because I have never tried Indian food before. The taste was quite different from Thai food so I didn’t like it. That meal was a buffet, many people enjoyed it.

Suttinan Chaiwattanasin (Ling)

I will never forget this excursion, I have good memories of it because I went there with many friends and teachers and we had lots of fun there. Julalux Sae Liu (Yo) – Thailand Page 12

Advanced 1

Excursion to Little India On excursion day, in the morning I got some information about Henna tattoos, which are very popular in Little India. Henna tattoos are coloured drawings, which can be drawn on our bodies and stay for about two weeks. Everyone said that, if you go to Little India, you have to try it out, but I had never tried it before. After I had watched a video about the henna tattoos, the teachers gave us some henna; I had never seen it before. It made me surprised. I drew it on my friend’s hand immediately.

We visited the Indian Heritage Museum yesterday. It was a perfect day, with a bright sun and a few light clouds in the sky. It is not a very big museum, therefore all sections and the displays provided complete information. While we were waiting for the lift, I saw a group of school children who were led by a young teacher. The children had interested and curious eyes. After we had watched an introductory video, with archived footage, I went to the culture and customs area, I saw the children again. They were sitting in front of the touch screen. The teacher was introducing the culture to the children. I was shocked, because when the teacher asked a question, the children were scrambling to answer.

After that there was a ceremony, where some students played basketball to open a new basketball court. After the ceremony we walked to Little India. When I arrived there I saw lots of hotels at Perak Road and most of the hotels were very colourful. Then we walked to the famous ‘Banana Leaf restaurant’. I had lunch there. That was the first time for me because I haven’t eaten Indian food before. It wasn’t delicious, but one thing that was good was the red grilled chicken. If you want to go to Little India, I suggest you go to the famous Banana Leaf restaurant and try the red grilled chicken – you will like it! Ketsaraporn Jirakan (Queen)

‘Do you know what it is?’ the teacher asked, pointing to the pictures. ‘This is a flower garland, there are white lotus flowers and white and yellow marigolds’, the children answered, while the teacher smiled. ‘Do you know what it means and when we would use it?’, the teacher asked again. ‘It symbolizes purity and peace, usually appears at weddings and other ceremonies’, the children answered. The correct answers were rewarded with lots of cheers and applause. I think that the new generation is smart and wise. Zhou Yufang (Katie)

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Advanced 1

Kallang Leisure Centre - Bowling

Hi Tony, How are you? Last Friday I had an excursion. I went to Kallang Leisure Centre to play bowling with my classmates and friends in TMC. I enjoyed it. So, my friend, he was a winner and I came second. If you want to go bowling you could go to Kallang. You could go by MRT because it is cheaper, but it may be a bit hard. If you want to take the easy way, you could go by taxi, but it is more expensive than the MRT. I don’t think you need a trainer, because you can learn from the internet. Bye, PACHARAWIT THITIWUTTISATIAN (FOUR)

Dear Ryosei, Hi! Long time no hear, I hope everything is going well! And I hope you and your family are in the pink of health! I’ve not seen you for so long! I will visit Japan next holiday so let’s go out then. By the way, I’m planning to go to the bowling centre with you when I visit Japan, but you’ve never been bowling, right? So I’ll share my experience when I went to Kallang Leisure Centre at Stadium, where we can go bowling. Do you know the rules of bowling? If you know them you can go bowling & it’s quite simple, just throw the ball to the pins! When I played it was a little bit difficult but it was really fun! Also, I was a champion in a group of four people. Well I think you will enjoy bowling and I’m looking forward to seeing you. I’ll give you a call when I have time. Take care of yourself and see you soon! Love, SAKURA AWA Page 14

Advanced 2

QR Code Test & Photo Club QR Code Test For a two-week revision, students were given a test in form of QR codes. Each QR code was a series of questions on various topics, ranging from vocabulary, paraphrasing, to the format of a letter or a report. Students worked in groups and were encouraged to share the workload within a group. The whole project was about letting students collaborate and communicate, alongside the review of what students learnt in the classroom. It was a different way of testing what students know instead of the traditional MCQ tests.

Photo Club opportunity As all the other students in Hawthorn School, Advanced students can come to the Photo Club, the after-school activity. In one of the clubs, they had an opportunity to try taking portrait in studio lighting conditions. All the students on that occasion were also able to use the photography room (which is part of the MassComm facilities) and could try out different lighting for different forms of portraits. A picture description is part of the speaking exam so students can get a little bit of practice ahead of time. Sharing and posting pictures fits into their Communication & Technology topic, too.

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Academic English Hawthorn Excursion

Academic English took one look at the torrent of rain that has been falling down on Singapore and chose to go bowling on excursion day, where umbrellas could finally be left behind! Hawthorn descended on Kallang Bowl and used up nearly half of their lanes! It was great fun as students were put in mixed teams with those from other levels. Some of our students had never been bowling before but they took to it like ducks to water! By the end of our two hour slot, we had perfected our technique and even got a little competitive trying to outscore our opponents. Fun was had by all.

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Academic English Persuasive Essay Writing

In Academic English, we spend a large part of our time, thought and energy learning the most concise, interesting and convincing ways to write an essay. Whilst students find it challenging at first, they tend to excel at persuasive essay writing. This is most likely because students find the subjects relevant and can therefore engage themselves personally in the debate. This term, students threw themselves into analysing the pros and cons of technology and made some convincing arguments for its effects on our lives and health. They tackled an interesting question: ‘is technology a threat or an opportunity?’ Nowadays, Generation Z find that because they have grown up with tech constantly by their side, they are now unable to visualise their existence without it. The fact that 8 out of 9 of my students believe the advantages of technology outweigh the disadvantages reinforces this argument, with only one student proclaiming its disadvantages. Let’s hear what our sole crusader in the ‘threat corner,’ Pongphisoot Sriprasom (James), had to say about the negative aspects of tech. He draws the reader’s attention to addiction, high prices, with a particular emphasis on communication skills. “Technology helps us with lots of things; nonetheless, we are losing our human touch. People are playing on their phones all the time, even during lunchtime, they do not talk to their friends.” Unfortunately his voice was drowned out by the chorus of ‘opportunity’ supporters…. Dong Nanheng “Do you realise that technology means we have the chance to improve our lives?”

Sun (Tran Hai Duong) “People can say what they like about technology but we are all unanimous when we say that ‘it’s not that we use technology, it’s that we live it.’”

Yan Kainuo “Facts prove that robots are faster, safer, more accurate and more efficient than humans in the workplace.”

Louie (Kang Taewook) “Technology can protect us such as with security cameras and warning signals.”

Wong Yuenting (Wanting) “Some people might think that computers are bad for teenagers’ study because of the games, however adults can control that and tell them the correct way to use technology.”

Narin Watanapun “Technology not only saves people’s lives but also gives an opportunity to those who are disabled to have new artificial organs and limbs, helping them to go anywhere.”

Haven (Liu Yidi) “In the medical field, there have been many revolutionary breakthroughs over the years. Human beings have conquered many diseases which were considered incurable. That’s why we can see the average age of humans has increased a lot in this century.”

Robert “In terms of human error, there will be fewer car accidents if a robot is driving the car.”

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Hawthorn Clubs The idea behind the clubs is to allow students to practice their English while doing something easy and enjoyable. Students are able to practice speaking and listening skills, and expand their vocabulary a bit without the need to sit at their desk in the classroom. We have five clubs for students to choose from – Photography Club, Speaking Club, Art Club, Movie Club and Music Club.


Speaking Club

Music Club Photography Club

Movie Club

In this issue of Hawthorn NOW magazine, we are going to showcase the Art Club.

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Hawthorn Clubs Art Club

For Art Club at TMC Academy, students are given instructions in English on how to create some form of artwork. The club is currently run by Alexander who has a degree in illustration. For the term in October 2017, there were two art clubs. For the first club of the term, the students were instructed to create a line drawing using a variety of different line styles. On the second art club of the term, the students were instructed to draw a funny portrait using pencil and oil pastels.

A drawing of a horse by Manjula (from Sri Lanka). She used good transitions from thin to thick lines. She created a picture with a minimalist style so the viewer’s eyes need to fill in the rest of the image.

A line drawing of a lady with a good use of lines transitioning from thin to thick in order to give emphasis to certain areas. This drawing is done by Cathy (from China).

A drawing of a bird on a tree done by Allen (from China), using a wide variety of lines.

This portrait was done of a student’s friend. The positioning of the eyes and the hair is quite accurate. Smudging was done with the oil pastels to show light shadowing on the face. The darker lines were drawn in to show the direction and shades of the hair. Page 19

A drawing was done of Haitao by a student. Color was added to make the picture funnier. Great attention and effort was put into the hair with the oil pastels. Minor smudging was done under the nose to show the form of the cheek.

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