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that we achieve the best impact in our effort to prepare ... encourage all parents to download SNAAPP so as to be able to ... do email me at:...

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Our five years of journey started with the theme, Sowing Seeds of Hearts & Minds (2011), and as we progressed, we focused on anchoring Roots & Shoots (2012), growing Buds & Blooms (2013), emphasizing Breadth, Length & Depth (2014) of learning and widening Perspectives & Pursuits (2015) for our students. We have come a long way, blossoming from small seeds to ripened fruits evident by the many accolades that we have achieved thus far. 2016 is the time for us to consolidate all our past work, streamline and make good changes to ensure that we achieve the best impact in our effort to prepare our students for the future. Hence, our theme for this year is ‘Of Change and Consolidation’. We invite you, our STAR Partners, to journey with us into the next phase as we fine-tune and strengthen our student development processes and academic focus to better serve the needs of our students. We strive to groom our students to be STARZ who are Self-Managers, Team Players, Aspiring Thinkers, Reflective Learners and Caring CitiZens. A review of the P.R.I.D.E passport is underway and a revised passport called STARZ will be rolled out soon to recognise our students’ development in acquiring the 21st century skills.


programmes for the level. They act as advocates of your child’s needs by ensuring that school programmes cater to their different needs. Hence, they welcome your valuable feedback to meet your child’s holistic needs.

Mdm Rahilawati P1&2

Ms Lim Siew Lian P3&4

Ms Diana Koh P5&6

Space for Artistic Expression To make arts more accessible to our students, our LLP (Learning for Life Programme) team has created a space in school for our students to express their reflections on the Arts. It is a space where Art and Music lessons will be conducted to nurture students’ confidence in free expression and raise their arts literacy. It also nurtures them to be effective communicators, enabling them to express their opinions and be receptive of the views of others. This space which doubles up as an art gallery will also serve as a platform for students’ art work to be exhibited and appreciated by others.


Year Head Structure This year, the school is officially implementing the Year Head system and we have 3 officers heading 2 levels each. They are Ms Diana Koh (P5&6), Ms Lim Siew Lian (P3&4) and Mdm Rahilawati (P1&2). They will work closely with the form teachers to build good relationships with students, understand students’ needs and, where appropriate, customise the school’s student development

Principal-to-Parent Link is a termly newsletter of East View Primary School for parents.

Cosy corner for Artistic Expression


Healthy eating habits You would have received the school letter that we have embarked on the Healthy Meals in School Programme (HMSP) in collaboration with the Health Promotion Board (HPB). The objective is to enhance the availability of healthier food and beverage choices in schools. To ensure that our students receive the right nutrients necessary for their growing needs, the canteen will be selling healthy set meals that incorporate food from the four main food groups – brown rice and wholemeal bread, meat and others, vegetables and fruit. There is also a new stall selling Chinese food. We seek your cooperation and support to reinforce the importance of healthy eating at home too. Together we will build a healthier nation for the future.

in students’ academic results could be seen across levels last year. In 2016, we will continue to focus on enhancing teaching and learning as well as assessment in our school. Refinements have been made to our teaching and learning strategies and we are putting more emphasis on a more balanced assessment process in the school. Formative Assessment in the Classroom We are enhancing formative assessment to enable teachers to diagnose students’ learning and track their progress. They will also take the necessary steps to close gaps during lessons. Formative assessment tasks for Primary 3 to Primary 6 will not be weighted i.e. not included in the final examination marks as they are more diagnostic in nature. Students will also be taught to track their own learning and progress in all subjects. This is to build a sense of ownership and discipline in the students. To provide greater support to our students, we have deployed our manpower to enable lessons to be carried out in smaller groups for P3-P6 classes. This will help facilitate greater interaction and learning in the classroom.

Samples of healthy set meals Change in Curriculum Time Dismissal time is changed to 1.35pm from Monday to Thursday to accommodate 5 mins of snack time (from 12 to 12:05 pm). Please pack healthy snacks like biscuits or fruits for your child. School ends at 1pm as usual on Friday without any snack time.

Students enjoying their snack time in class As part of talent development, some of our students will be participating in the SYF central judging competitions. There will be extra practices for them besides the CCA timeslots on Fridays. We seek your kind understanding to allow your child to attend these practices.

ACADEMIC UPDATES Differentiated Learning The school has been actively employing differentiated teaching and learning strategies in the classroom for all subjects. As a result, quite a number of improvements

Formative Assessment using ICT In line with our focus on formative assessment, our English Language, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue Languages departments will be piloting the use of ICT for formative assessment for the Primary 5 level. Primary 5 teachers from these departments have explored the possibility of using technology to capture the thinking process of students. The use of apps such as Explain Everything will facilitate making students’ thinking visible as it allows students to capture their thinking process in both visual and auditory forms. We have purchased more iPads for students to enable one-to-one access during lessons that require the use of the app. In alignment to national examination practices, students who are absent for any of the CA & SA assessment papers will not be able to sit for that particular paper. A medical certificate must be submitted to qualify for ‘Absent with Valid Reason’ (VR). Failing which, no marks will be awarded for the paper.

Effective Communication To further enhance our pedagogy and effective communication in the school, we have adopted the Whole School Approach to Effective Communication programme (WSA-EC) advocated by ELIS (English Language Institute of Singapore). This programme will see our teachers applying strategies to help improve students’ understanding of their various content subjects. In addition, to highlight the importance of effective communication, we will have termly programmes for students

during mass assembly.

Reading is Fundamental The school recognises the importance of reading and has in previous years subscribed to Reading Assistant, an online reading platform which focused more on the technical aspect of reading such as pronunciation of words. This year, we will not be subscribing to the platform as we would like to cultivate a love for reading amongst our students which is in line with MOE’s STELLAR vision: Children Who Love Reading and Have a Strong Foundation in the English Language. Research has shown that reading for pleasure is positively linked to improve reading and writing ability, better comprehension, expanded vocabulary, extensive general knowledge and better understanding of other cultures. As such, the reading programme we will be implementing is literature based to help students better appreciate the stories they read. They will get a chance to learn about how plot is developed in the stories they have read. They will also have the opportunity to discuss characters and themes in the stories. These lessons will be conducted during reading lessons by English Language teachers. We are also working with National Library Board to provide resources and conduct programmes for our students.

NEW STAFF We would like to warmly welcome 4 officers who have joined us this year, they are: 1. Mr Kandesan Ramasamy - HOD (Student Management & PE), 2. Ms Lim Siew Lian - Year Head (P3/4), 3. Mr Tay Koon Hua - PE Teacher & 4. Ms Thanmaya - ICT Executive.

Mr Kandesan HOD (Stdn Mgt & PE)

Ms Lim Siew Lian Year Head (P3/4)

Mr Tay Koon Hua PE Teacher

Ms Thanmaya ICT Executive

New Staff joining EVPS


EVPS Semester 1(Overview)

SNAAPP is a mobile app which the school is using to help teachers in attendance taking. It has notification functions and provides parents with updates of their child’s attendance. We strongly encourage all parents to download SNAAPP so as to be able to receive timely notifications about your child’s attendance status. We are also working towards using SNAAPP to send notifications via SMS. For standard administrative and assessment matters, the school will still continue to send out printed circulars. Kindly refer to the school letter and instruction manual for more details. We will continue to make the necessary refinements to impact our students positively. We seek not only your understanding but your support as well. Our partnership with you in your child’s education journey remains strong. Please be assured that our communication line is always open for any feedback for improvement. Do call to make an appointment and we will be more than happy to connect with you. Yours sincerely, Mrs Kwok Siew Lian & Mdm Rahima Vice Principals

Term 1

4 Jan - 11 Mar

Term 2

21 Mar - 27 May

25 Jan

Start of Supplementary Classes

5 Feb

CNY Celebrations (Normal School Day)

8 & 9 Feb

Chinese New Year (Public Holiday)

12 – 20 March

Term 1 School Holidays

25 March

Good Friday

1 May (Sun) 21 May (Sat) 28 May – 26 June

Labour Day (2 May is a public holiday) Vesak Day (23 May is a school holiday) Mid-Year June Holidays

LEVEL NEWS Primary 1 & 2 P1 Form Teachers

P2 Form Teachers

Term 1 Highlights

L-R: Mdm Rahilawati Rahmat (AYH acting) , Mdm Siti Hawa Abdul Karim (1C2), Mdm Loo Chin Imm (1C1), Mr Murugesu s/o Samarasan (1C1), Mrs Pusplatha Yathavan (1C2), Mrs Joan Chua

L-R: Mrs Selvarajoo Selvi (2C2), Ms Khairunnisha Abdullah (2C2), Mdm Sabrina Mohamed (2R), Mr Quek Tian Bee (2R), Mrs Cynthia Chu (2C1), Mdm Rahilawati Rah (AYH Acting), Mrs Doris Chong (2C1)

As P1 teachers, we look forward to design engaging and enriching learning experiences for our students. We want to maximise the potential in every child and ensure that they have a strong footing in their first year in primary school. This will serve them in good stead as they formally start their journey in education. With values and inquiry embedded into our teaching approaches, we hope our pupils will be able to develop good characters and critical thinking skills which are the bedrock of a holistic education.

As P2 teachers, we hope to kindle in our students the passion for learning by engaging and enriching their learning experiences. Through the creation of real world connections; incorporation of studentcentred learning and the utilisation of technology, we will instill confidence to groom them to be effective communicators and innovative thinkers.

P1 Teachers

P2 Teachers

17 Feb

P2 Learning Journey to Oh’s Farm

2 March

First 43 Days (P1 only)

11 March

House of Colours (P2 only)

31 March

P1 Learning Journey to the Zoo

Let us work together to bring out the best in our students. If you have any concerns or need clarification on certain issues, please do email me at: Mdm Rahilawati Rahmat [email protected] Yours sincerely, Mdm Rahilawati Rahmat P1 & P2 Assistant Year Head (Acting)

Primary 3 & 4 P3 Form Teachers

P4 Form Teachers

L-R: Ms Lim Siew Lian (YH), Mdm Chan Pei Ling (3C1), Mrs Monica Berger (3R), Mrs Jasmine Lim (3C1), Mdm ‘Ilmal Yaqin Ali (3C2), Mdm Ng Wan Wen (3C2), Mr Kenneth Chong (3R)

Term 1 Highlights

L-R: Ms Leong Hiew Ping (4C2), Ms Sim Chye Koon (Subj Teacher), Mrs Tan Lay Syn (4C2), Ms Lim Siew Lian (YH), Mr Joseph Sim (4C1), Mdm Chua Ying Ru (4R), Mr Kwang Yong (4R), Mr Tay Koon Hua (4C1)

For the P3 students, it is a new transition from the lower primary to middle primary. The students have to adapt to the rigor of academic assessments. As their teachers, we will provide support towards holistic development in cognitive, aesthetics, moral & social, physical and leadership domains. We hope that the students will find schooling an enjoyable process and benefit much from their varied learning journey in 2016!

For the P4 students, we will continue to help them to be passionate not only in their academic pursuit but also in their personal development to be S.T.A.R.Z. Varied holistic programmes have been planned so as to enrich their learning journey. We hope that the students will exemplify the core values of C2RISP in and out of school and be good children at school and at home.

P3 Teachers

P4 Teachers

15 Feb

Total Defence Day

Week 9

Continual Assessment 1

Term 1

P3 SwimSafer Programme

Term 1 Week 10

P4 PTM: Subject-based Banding

Let us work together to bring out the best in our children. If you have any concerns or need clarification on certain issues, please do email me at: Ms Lim Siew Lian [email protected] Yours sincerely, Ms Lim Siew Lian P3 & P4 Year Head

Primary 5 & 6 P5 Form Teachers

P6 Form Teachers

Do set aside the evening of 11 March 2016 (Friday) for the first PTM and PSLE Matter Briefing for P6 parents. This is an important date as the school will share information concerning PSLE matters. It is also an opportunity to meet up with your child’s subject teachers and discuss how to better support your child.

25 Feb L-R [front]: Mr Wang SH (5R), Mdm Shahidah M (5C2), Miss Audrey Chan (5C2), Ms Mah FW (5Int Math Teacher), Mdm Maisarah S (5C1) L-R [back] : Mr M Azrai A (5R), Mr M Yazeed O (5Int), Mrs Doris Loo (5Int Sci Teacher), Mr Sean Lim (5C1), Ms Diana Koh (AYH)

The Primary 5 Team is looking forward to engage and motivate our students to discover new information and developing the right mindset for learning. The transition from Primary 4 to Primary 5 will be challenging for your child as the demands and expectations are higher. However, with the strong support from you, we are positive that your child will develop greater confidence to face the challenges ahead.

L-R: Mdm Rozana (6C2), Ms Loo Ying Hui (6C1), Mdm Hafidzoh (6C1), Mr N Azri (6C2), Mr P Mohan (6Int), Mrs Yong YM (6R), Mr M Hadi (6R), Ms Diana Koh (AYH)

The Primary 6 Team is gearing up and raring to ignite the passion and excitement of learning in your child. We understand the stress and fear that your children might be going through and will definitely be there to support him/her. We aim to develop more pupil-centered experiences to nurture your child’s literacy and critical thinking skills. We may not have all the answers, but we can show them how to find out. P6 Teachers

Term 1 Highlights P5 Math Enrichment @ Science Centre

29 Feb – 3 Mar

Continual Assessment 1

11 Mar

P6 PTM & PSLE Matters Briefing (p.m.)

Let us work together to bring out the best in our children. If you have any concerns or need clarification on certain issues, please do email me at: Ms Diana Koh [email protected] Yours sincerely, Ms Diana Koh P5 & P6 Assistant Year Head

P5 Teachers

East View Primary School, 4 Tampines St 91 Singapore 528907 , Tel : 67836531 Fax : 67887016, Email : [email protected] http://www.eastviewpri.moe.edu.sg