OSS in practice of FUJITSU

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OSS in practice of FUJITSU

2013 November 20th Masatoshi Yoshida Senior Vice President, Platform Solution Unit FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

Changing of OSS position  It is more important to understand the status of OSS.

2nd generation (2000~) IT cost reduce

・Low priced IA servers are used with a lot of systems by reviewing IT investment. ・OSS stack, like LAMP, is defined and spreads from 2000 in the situation that Web systems spread.

3rd generation (2006~) IT restructuring

・A lot of IT resources are integrated and reorganized to reduce management cost, such as virtualization, automation and standardization. ・OSS virtualization software spreads and OSS cloud software are also developed actively to automate management operation.

4th generation (future) Smart Society

・The attempt to exclude “Uselessness” and “Inefficiency” in the enterprise and the society extends rapidly ・OSS becomes important in the area , cloud , sensor network, build-in software which become the center of smart society. 1

Original and de-facto & latest technology

・ISV are used mainly investing each business system like SCM, CRM and so on. ・ OSS is used partially in such as Linux.

Business software imitation cheap substitute

1st generation (~2000) IT overinvestment

OSS position

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

Market scale of 3rd & 4th generation OSS Billion USD

ICT investment in America

[Trial calculation by Fujitsu]

Innovation area Existing area (Modernization) $32B

3rd & 4th generation OSS Market


Existing area (Existing process)


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

An example of 4th generation OSS Market  In the IT system that supports a smart society, OSS is the main composition parts. Devices, Sensors, Terminals Linux/Android

Business Applications (Example) Energy



Auto Mobile


Media Contents

Mobile Cloud Computing Multi OSS

User Portal Development Environment View

Smart phone

Big Data

Slate PC

Service & Process Integration

Platform for Human Centric Computing Java Operation Environment OpenJDK


Data Store Pentaho

Log Flume


Map/Reduce KVS

Data Integration Infobright


Esper Sensor Box

Application Assets Management View Management View

Hadoop HBase/ Cassandra



Life Log

Real Time Smart City



Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

Fujitsu’s basic stance Fujitsu provides the open choices that is suitable for customer requirements. Hybrid and adjusted solution using Fujitsu products, ISV products and OSS.

Fujitsu Product (Fujitsu middleware)

ISV product

OS S Product Solution Technology DIV.

Product Solution Technology DIV. ISV Center Microsoft

Trend Micro

OSS Technology Center



OSS vender


Mission Critical IA server PRIMEQUEST & PC server PRIMERGY


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

Market for application ■Enterprise system(=OSS community edition+α) ・The property protection is the most important. ・Promptness for trouble and steady system are required.

■Information system(=OSS vender software or community edition) ・ Big market with prospect ・4th generation OSS use is effective in the area where the technology like big data progress greatly.

Business/ Large scale/ Long-term maintenance

Enterprise system Information system


improvement improvement OSS vender software OSS community edition

Fujitsu’s product Availability/management improvement Performance Warranty Downward compatibility

Function/Operation improvement

OSS Technology small 5

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

Basic policy about OSS and Fujitsu product “Open technology” of OSS and “Practical technology” of Fujitsu are integrated to apply to enterprise market. OSS Fujitsu Open Technology

To make into products


■ Openness: Not locked in the specific vender ■ Innovation: Quickness to catch up the latest technology ■ Connectivity Wide variety of peripherals

Practical Technology ■ Application compatibility ■ Mission critical technology ■ Tuning technology for device’s max performance ■ Operability without special engineer

- Property maintenance:Middleware absorbs incompatibility - Quality:OSS having steady version is used - Corporate use aspect :Function improvement for Operability, availability and performance 6

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

Interstage Application Server

 The application execution environment having high reliability and performance  “Practical technology” made by enterprise system practice in long time and “The latest open technology” are integrated

Interstage Application Server Open Technology

Flamework (Struts/Spring/ iBatis/TERASOLUNA )

Directory Service

Open source software (Relaiability on some level)


Web Service (Metro)

Web Server



Environment (Eclipse)

Java EE Server (GlassFish)

Practical Technology Fault detection

Auto recovery

Omen monitor

Parallel control

Full GC determent

Connection management

Transaction management

Queue control


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing Server(1/2)  Fujitsu supports Apache Hadoop V1.0.3 which is industry standard  The reliability integrating original distributed file system  The choices HDFS(Original) or original distributed file system (Fujitsu provides)  distributed file system has 10 times I/O performance than HDFS

Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing Server SQL like query language (Hive)

High level data flow language (Pig)

Distributed Key Value Store (HBase)

Big data distributed framework(Hadoop) (Fujitsu original distributed file system)


Interstage BDPPS=Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing Server 8

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing Server(2/2)

Method of using OSS Type of business and business solution


Big Data Middleware






Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

Verification: Performance comparison Apache Hadoop(OSS) (Master + Slave x3servers *11task)


Fujitsu Hadoop





CPU Usage(%)

Apache Hadoop


40 20 0 20


15 10

I/O wait time(s)


Fujitsu Hadoop

(Master + Slave x3servers *11task)


0 150

I/O read(MB/s)

100 50 0 150


I/O write(MB/s)


50 0 10

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

FUJITSU Integrated System HA Database Ready Ready-to-use database system with built-in smart technologies  20 times OLTP performance (DB high-performance on PCIe SSD) high-reliability  Full redundancy of hardware and software on Symfoware technology


20 times Symfoware (Using storage)

Ready-to-use Easy-to-use

Open Standard

HA Database Ready

 Application become available in a day after installation  One-click recovery Design, and setup  Rolling update ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

 PostgreSQL full compatibility 11

Backup design High reliability design Wiring and hardware setup Installation Tuning Monitoring setting Verification : Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

OSS support level

Download/buy PKG and Paid support


large Self support rate

Download and Self support (*1)


Buy business product based on OSS and Vender Paid support

Support cost

Self support cost (Initial cost is human development const)

Paid support cost

System scale

(*1)Except the cost of support human development


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

Fujitsu’s Linux support service  Fujitsu provides the one-stop support including hardware, OS and middleware. Customer

Fujitsu SupportDesk

Trouble Solution/ emergency correction History/ Patch information/ Past FAQ

Fujitsu Support Center (OSC*)

Frontline 100 people

Customer information

Trouble information

Homepage for customer (SupportDesk-WEB)


OSS Professional Team

Cooper ation

Window only for Fujitsu The person from Fujitsu

99% or more troubles solves in Fujitsu.

*)OSC:One-stop Solution Center 3. The other OSS middleware PostgreSQL, MySQL, Tomcat, JBoss, PHP

The other OSS middleware(Option support) ・AP server(Tomcat、JBoss Enterprise Web Server/Application Platform) ・Database(PostgreSQL、MySQL、MySQL Enterprise ) ・Web application(Ruby、PHP、Perl) and so on

2. Upper software 29 function

SupportDesk’s Support area

1. OS basic component ・kernel ・basic library ・device driver ・utility command

Upper software(29 function) sendmail, squid, apache, NFS, ntp, bind, DHCP, samba, imap, pop, telnet, ssh, ftp, snmp, lkcd, netdump, diskdump, GRUB, LILO, xinet, inet, NIS, iptables, lvm, quota, logwatch, logrotate, XFree86gdm, openLDAP 13

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

OSS cloud service Fujitsu provides the service that covers from planning Planning Assessment Free of charge

Operation/Maintenance OSS cloud base operation support service

Design/Setup OSS Cloud base setup service

Virtualization OS that customer prepares (Linux , Windows, etc.)

The template for viatulization OS OSS cloud template Cloud Base

Cloud Service Portal Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager

Public cloud service

Cloud Base software Citrix CloudPlatform , Apache CloudStack , Eucalyptus


Hypervisor KVM , Xenserver , VMware vSphere FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY


Trusted Public S5

FUJITSU Network Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

OSS template

The 17 choices including platform software and Web application



OSS Cloud Template

Groupware (Workflow) ( Aipo )

Portal ( Liferay )

Document Management ( ECM ) ( Alfresco )

ID integrated management ( ActiveDirectory cooperation ) ( LISM , OpenLDAP )

Single sing-on ( OpenAM , OpenLDAP )

Backup ( Bacula )

ActiveDirectory server, File server ( Samba )

Mail server、WEB mail server ( Postfix , Dovecot , RoundCube )

ID integrated management ( OpenLDAP )

WEB platform TypeA ( PHP + PostgreSQL )

WEB platform TypeC ( Tomcat + PostgreSQL )

WEB platform TypeB ( PHP + MySQL )

WEB platform TypeD ( Tomcat + MySQL )

Flamework CakePHP , Zend Framework etc.

Flamework Struts , Struts2 , Spring Framework 15

WEB platform Development TypeE support ( Ruby + PostgreSQL ) ( Subversion , Redmine , Jenkins ) WEB platform TypeF ( Ruby + MySQL ) System Monitoring Flamework ( Zabbix ) Ruby on Rails , Sinatra

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

Example: Our OSS community contribution OSS positive spiral OSS is raised together with Give & Take spirit and used. 1. Development Community TOP20 of contribution group for Linux Linux 2.6.11~3.2, Linux 3.3~3.10

2. OSS user association

・Japan MySQL user association representative ・Japan CloudStack user association board member

3. OSS spreading organization ・Japan OSS promotion forum manager ・LPI-Japan Director ・Ruby association Councilor ・PostgreSQL enterprise consortium director

4. Development community support ・The Linux Foundation Vice Chairman ・OpenStack Foundation Corporate Sponsors


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED

Thank you very much 감사합니다 谢谢 ありがとうございました 17

Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED


Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED