Part I Concepts & Principles

Discussion of objectives, ... relations, legal structure, and financial environment. ... - Expand research competencies...

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Prelude – Costa Rica (San Jose)

Part I – Concepts & Principles Day 1

Introduction Latin American context and history

Discussion of objectives, syllabus and assignments - Latin America people, places and possibilities. - Learn the historic and cultural reasons why and how Latin American customers do business differently

Latina American economic tendencies Day 2

Latin America Close Up


Latin American economic and political geographic map -

Day 3

Development – Opportunities and Challenges Business management philosophies in Latin America

Day 4

Marketing environment: Background and update




Day 5

Marketing Strategy



Quick notes on specific countries to understand area, population, average income, climate, holidays (and how they control the pace of business in LA) Identify and explain key factors that affect selected Latin American markets: historical, political, economic, demographic, and cultural. Recognize current business management issues in targeted countries: business-government relations, legal structure, and financial environment. Study booms/bust cycles: commodities, clusters, manufacturing and exports. Expand research competencies. International marketing analysis. Learn where to find opportunities for business and the importance of Latin American markets for exporters. Advertisement to sell a product in Latin America in Spanish. Develop sensitivity to cultural differences within Latin America and how they might affect market entry strategies and potential incountry operations. Latin America consumer behaviour patterns.

Part II - Specific case study analysis: Costa Rica Day 6

Introduction to the Republic of Costa Rica (Central America) Economic history and tendencies


Business in San Jose Costa Rican economy Costa Rican economical approaches Costa Rican geographical business map

Prelude – Costa Rica (San Jose)

Day 7

Costa Rica legal and cultural structure Multinational companies in Costa Rica


Legal business environment Tax management in Costa Rica Costa Rican business culture Case Study: Cafe Britt Intel

Day 8

Business opportunities


Profile of Costa Rican companies Service sector Advanced manufacturing Medical services market Costa Rican commercial law


Explore Costa Rica's trade relations with the student's country Costa Rica's Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) International partners International bussiness tax structure

Business politics

Day 9

Access to the Costa Rican market

Day 10

Final presentations and conclusions


Present a strategic plan for a client company seeking to expand sales in Latin America focusing on market opportunities/conditions.