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Patient Comfort, Value, Performance & Flexibility Comfort: Lightweight and compact amplifier comfortable for adults and children Multipurpose: Support for EEG and PSG video studies in both clinical and ambulatory settings Standard components: Standard off-the-shelf AA batteries and high speed USB 2.0 connectivity Performance: Up to 96 hours of ambulatory recording; less than 5 minutes to upload 24 hours of data Innovation: Unique ambulatory video technology enables up to 48 hours of fully synchronized High-Definition video with simplified setup in patient’s home Efficiency: Record up to 48 hours of High-Definition video fully synchronized over wireless connection Tools: Microsoft SQL® Server database and integrated Spike & Event detection algorithm for maximum efficiency

Now featuring High-Definition Video

Convenience, patient comfort & Reliability for a broad range of EEG & PSG recording needs Small Amplifier — Big Performance While the Xltek Trex HD device is small, it’s big on the performance, flexibility and reliability you demand. It features 24 referential, 4 differential, 4 DC and Oximetry channels, enabling use for a variety of EEG and PSG video studies in ambulatory or clinical mode. Connecting to an acquisition computer through a standard high–speed USB 2.0 cable eliminates the need for expensive proprietary cables and allows uploading of 24 hours of EEG data from the amplifier to your station in less than 5 minutes.

Reliable Video EEG at a Patient’s Home — now in High-Definition video Frequently, the best way to capture a sleep, neurological or cardiac event is to use an ambulatory device in a patient’s home environment. But will the device be durable enough? Can you depend on its signal quality? Will the battery last? Is it comfortable enough for a child to wear? Xltek Trex HD, the ambulatory video amplifer from Natus, answers “Yes” to all these questions. The Trex HD amplifier is among the lightest in the industry, weighing 2/3 of a pound and utilizing standard cost-effective AA batteries. It integrates seamlessly with Natus NeuroWorks® / SleepWorks software to provide fully synchronized EEG and video data. It is easy to set up in a patient’s home, requiring no cabling and no need for the patient to interact with the software, and is capable of recording up to 48 hours of video and audio data without the need to free storage space. The patient can start and stop video while continuously recording EEG and without affecting video synchronization. This provides you with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of at home ambulatory monitoring complemented with high quality video playback.

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System features

Amplifier features • Compact (4 x 6 x 1 in) and lightweight (0.66 lb) • Ultra low noise with superb signal quality • Ample referential, differential and DC channels for all your needs • Integrated Oximetry channels • Wireless synchronization with HD video • Fast upload of ambulatory data allowing quick turnaround • Battery indicator LEDs • Automatic study recording after battery replacement • Synchronized patient event marker

• Desktop or laptop-based acquisition stations • Microsoft SQL® Server database enabling quick and efficient data retrieval • Integrated Spike & Event detection and trending for efficient data review • Capability of running EEG and PSG tethered or untethered studies • Synchronized HD video recording and playback • Simple annotation entry • Easy archiving to a network device or any type of recordable media • Integrated photic stimulator

Data Security Set up individual user or group access and permissions for the system and within the application. Assign separate lockdown rules for different computers on the same network. Access Audit Logs to review user activity on the system.

A High-Performance System with High-Performance Support Standing behind every XLTEK product is Natus Medical Incorporated, an internationally respected innovator of medical products and services (Nasdaq: BABY). Our Ambulatory systems are backed by the largest clinical and technical field support network in the Neuro/Sleep industry. Our in-house support team is staffed with dedicated Technical and Field Service Representatives, as well as dedicated installation Project Managers and Clinical Educators. We provide 24/7 support for LTM, EEG and Sleep Diagnostics, offering the convenience of remote support via WebEx or VPN. Choose from a wide range of extended service contracts to meet your needs, covering software upgrades, preventative maintenance Field Service visits and planned periodic equipment replacement, protecting you against any technological obsolescence. No one supports you better than Natus.

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