Practical Guide In Preparing And Pengiraan Dan Penilaian

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Perak ~ Centre for Professional Development e t u t i t s n I M M F




de i u G l a c i t d c n A Pra g n ri a p e r ll u F In P g in n i a t n s t n u Mai o c uesday c A f Set O, 2013 • Monday & T

n a a r i g n Pen a i a l i n e P n Da a r a c e S k o t S ik t a m e Sis9t, 2013 • Wednesday

& 18 7 1 e n u J p.m. , Lorong Raja DiHilir, 0 0 . 5 – . 1 8.45 a.MmInstitute Perak, Noo.h, Perak.

June 1 p.m. , Lorong Raja DiHilir, 0 0 . 5 – . 1 8.45 aM.MmInstitute Perak, IpNoo.h, Perak.

e) Ip M ttendanc Venue: F ja DiHilir, 30350 cate of A ifi rt a e R C n d n ha Off Jala nt, Lunc ee freshme f e R , e ls s a ri Cour de Course Mate ate: 500.00 clu osing d (Fees in l ax): RM 600.00 p C r e (p RM mbers JUNE FMM Me r pax): lish g n e (p 13 Others f Instruction: E4 hours 10, 20 1 o Medium CPD:

Training Course

Organised by FMM Institute


e) ttendanc Venue: F ja DiHilir, 30350 cate of A ifi rt a e R C n d n ha Off Jala nt, Lunc ee freshme f e R , e ls s a ri Cour de Course Mate ate: 300.00 clu osing d (Fees in l ax): RM 400.00 p C r e (p RM mbers ysia JUNE FMM Me r pax): asa Mala h a B e (p 13 Others f Instruction: 12, 20 7 hours o Medium CPD:


Please tick relevant registration programme PENGIRAAN DAN PENILAIAN STOK SECARA SISTEMATIK JUNE 19, 2013

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Registration: • Upon Faxing / Mailing the completed Registration Form to FMM Institute, Perak, you are deemed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions. The course would also be deemed as confirmed unless informed otherwise. • Will be based on First-Come-First-Served basis. Payment: • Cheques made in favour of FMM Institute should be forwarded to FMM Institute Perak. • For SBL Scheme, an Attendance of 100% is a MUST, in any case, employers will be billed in full.



Winner of PSMB Award

No. 1, Lorong Raja DiHilir, Off Jalan Raja DiHilir, 30350 Ipoh, Perak. (Attn : Puan Eda / Ms Harvindar / Ms Nicole)

Cancellation: Must be in Writing with Reasons. • 7 days before the course ~ No Payment Charged • 3-6 days before the course ~ 50% Payment Charged • < 3 days before the course ~ Full Payment Charged • Participants who did not turn-up will be charged full payment. • Replacements can be accepted at no additional cost. Disclaimer: The FMM Institute reserves the right to change the facilitator, date and to vary / cancel the course should unavoidable circumstances arise. All efforts will be taken to inform participants of the changes.

This Course Can Be Conducted As An In-House/In-Plant Course

Fax. No. : (05) 548 8221 & (05) 548 8331 • Tel. No. : (05) 548 8660 • Email : [email protected]

SBL Scheme

— Please apply to PSMB BEFORE the commencement of course.

Practical Guide In Preparing And Maintaining Full Set Of Accounts June 17 & 18, 2013

Course contents Concept of ‘Double-entry’ In Accounts ♦♦ What Is ‘Double-entry’? ♦♦ The Meaning of Balancing the Accounts And General Ledger ♦♦ Concept of Trial Balance and Financial Statements Basic Accounting Principles, Assumptions and Concepts Journal Entries and Posting into Accounts ♦♦ Concept of ‘Double-entry’ and Journal Postings Non Current Assets Accounting ♦♦ Accounting for Property, Plant and Equipment ♦♦ Accounting for Acquisition, Depreciation and Disposal Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Bank Reconciliation Inventory Accounting and Methods of Valuation ♦♦ Financial reporting standard for Inventories (IAS 2)

Pengiraan Dan Penilaian Stok Secara Sistematik June 19, 2013

Course contents Ketepatan Stok ♦♦ Definisi “Ketepatan Stok” ♦♦ Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Ketetapan Stok ♦♦ Kesan “Stok Tidak Tepat” Pengiraan Stok ♦♦ 2 Cara Pengiraan Stok ♦♦ Langkah-langkah & Strategi Pengiraan Stok ♦♦ Cadangan Kekerapan Pengiraan ♦♦ Kelengkapan & Dokumen yang Terlibat ♦♦ Individu Terlibat Penilaian Stok ♦♦ Nilaian dan Analisis ♦♦ Penyelarasan Stok ♦♦ Tahap Pencapaian Ekonomi (Economic Performance) Pegangan Stok ♦♦ Audit & Laporan Penilaian Stok Kesilapan Dalam Membuat Pengiraan Stok ♦♦ Punca Kesilapan ♦♦ Cara Mengatasi

Hire-purchase and Leases ♦♦ Financial reporting standard for Leases (IAS 17) Share Capital and Retained Profits Computerized / Automated Accounting Interpretation of Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to : • record the business transactions in the Journals and Ledgers • know the concept of posting and trial balance • perform the accounting for revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities and equity • know the features and benefits of accounting applications • prepare financial statements • perform interpretation of financial statements Who Should ATTEND

Accounts/Finance - Executives, Officers, Clerks, Supervisors, Assistants and Secretaries

Trainer: Mr. Lok Char Lee holds a Bachelor of Accounting Degree (Hons) from Universiti Malaya and a Masters Degree in Information Technology from Universiti Sains Malaysia. He is a Chartered Accountant registered with Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and Fellow of the Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM). Mr. Lok has more than 17 years of working experience and obtained his accounting and finance experience while working as a statutory auditor and tax consultant in various local and international auditing firms. His work experience encompassed various accounting, auditing, costing and taxation aspects for clients ranging from small medium enterprises to multinational companies which consist of manufacturing, trading, property development, construction and financial institutions. Mr. Lok has trained directors, managers, executives, officers and clerks in the areas of management, accounting, finance, taxation, costing and budgeting. He is a regular trainer for small and medium sized enterprises, large companies and multinational corporations. Mr. Lok is senior lecturer in accounting at the School of Management, USM. He is also experienced in teaching professional courses such as CIMA, ACCA, ICAA, AIA and LCCI. Mr. Lok is co-author for the book “Principles and Contemporary Issues in Internal Auditing”.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to : • understand the stock value from financial perspective • apply the systematic approach in conducting stock counting and valuation • determine value of stock in hand through various valuation methods and introduce changes to increase stock efficiency • control and minimise the possible various errors in stock counting and valuation Who Should ATTEND

This session is designed for executives/officers, supervisors/controllers and analysts who want to take an aggressive, hands-on approach in dealing with their store, warehouse, retail store and inventory challenges.

Trainer: Pn Siti Zaleha Ismail posseses an MBA from UKM, a BBA (Hons) in Retail Management and a Diploma in Banking, both from UiTM. She has more than 15 years of working experience in the fields of training and development, retail, purchasing and procurement. She began her career with Guardian Pharmacy as a Retail Executive and moved on to PLUS Expressway BHD as the Management Executive (Contract & Procurement) and grew steadily to be the Assistant Manager of Purchasing and Inventory. She is currently the Head of Department/Deputy Senior Manager Group Human Resources of an Oil and Gas Services Company. Pn Siti has been actively involved in public training since 2003 and her area of expertise includes Organizational Development/Change Management, Training & Development, Purchasing, Supply Chain Management, Logistic Management and Retail Management. Pn Siti has conducted various training programs such as Retail Management, Logistic Management, Marketing Management, Purchasing & Inventory Management, Effective Purchasing Assistant/ Storekeeper, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Control and others Inventory, Purchasing and Retail related courses and motivational courses. She was the Internal Trainer for Plus Expressway and has conducted numerous purchasing and inventory related for its employees. On top of that, she was also invited to conduct training on Mind Aviation/ Motivational and Cross Cultural, Gender & Religion for National Service Program. She is also a part-time Lecturer for open University Malaysia and Institute Putra, Malacca. In the past, she has conducted Training Courses for OPEN University Malaysia, Institut Putra Tell Asia Consulting, KL, Starza Corporation Sdn Bhd, PLUS, and Projek Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan Berhad.