Professor Rupamanjari Ghosh assumes the office of Vice

1 | P a g e Professor Rupamanjari Ghosh assumes the office of Vice Chancellor at Shiv Nadar University February 3, 2016, New Delhi: Shiv Nadar Univers...

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Professor Rupamanjari Ghosh assumes the office of Vice Chancellor at Shiv Nadar University February 3, 2016, New Delhi: Shiv Nadar University today announced that Professor Rupamanjari Ghosh has been appointed as the new Vice Chancellor of the University. She has been the Director of the School of Natural Sciences at SNU since 2012 and now holds the additional responsibility of heading the School of Engineering. She will succeed Dr. Nikhil Sinha the Founding Vice-Chancellor, who played an important role in designing the blueprint of the Shiv Nadar University and laying down its vision and mission. Announcing the appointment, Dr. S.N. Balakrishnan, Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University said, “Dr. Rupamanjari Ghosh is an extremely capable leader and has been part of the University since its inception and clearly understands its mission. We needed somebody like her at the helm to lead the University. She brings with her significant academic knowledge, research excellence and institution building capabilities. We are confident that she will prove to be a distinguished Vice-Chancellor and help Shiv Nadar University achieve greater recognition as an institution of advanced learning and research.” Professor Rupamanjari Ghosh said, “I feel honored to be given this new role at the University. This is a great responsibility! I look forward to working with the Foundation, the Leadership and the faculty, staff & students of SNU towards our ambitious goal of building a student-centric, research-focused institution that will be counted among the best of the world in times to come.” Professor Ghosh holds a PhD from the University of Rochester, New York, where she worked as a Rush Rhees Fellow, chosen for "outstanding scholarly ability and the promise of exceptional contributions to scholarship and teaching." Her research interests are in Experimental and Theoretical Quantum Optics, Laser Physics, Nonlinear Optics, and Quantum Information. Her pioneering work with Prof. L. Mandel on two-photon interference (using the nonlinear optical process of spontaneous parametric downconversion) has yielded a new direction in quantum optics and quantum information, in the creation and use of a source of entangled photon pairs, and of single photons, at the forefront of research today. She has held several Visiting Faculty / Scientist positions on invitation abroad, and delivered numerous invited research seminars in India and abroad. Recipient of the Stree Shakti Science Samman for her “original contribution to Science”, she serves as an expert in crucial DST (Government of India) committees in Physical Sciences, and in many Central and State universities and institutes. She has also served as the Chief Advisor for the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) Science textbooks for Classes IX and X, developed afresh under the National Curriculum Framework2005. Besides her contribution to science research and training from the university to the school level, she is also well known for her stand and efforts to bring in gender justice and environment consciousness in the higher education system. About Shiv Nadar University Shiv Nadar University is a multi-disciplinary, student-centric research-focused university offering a full range of academic programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. SNU’s integrated multi-disciplinary undergraduate curriculum provides students a strong foundation in the humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, technology and engineering studies, arts and communication and management, while enabling them to gain mastery of a subject of their choosing. Taught by world-class faculty, undergraduate education at SNU is designed to develop students with the breadth of vision, knowledge, skills and attitudes required to succeed in the careers of the 21st century. SNU is an institution set up and funded by the Shiv Nadar Foundation.


About Shiv Nadar Foundation The Shiv Nadar Foundation ( has been established by Shiv Nadar, Founder, HCL - a $7 billion leading technology and healthcare enterprise. The Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the process of national development and social transformation by establishing institutions and undertaking new initiatives in the fields of education and culture. The Foundation is committed to the creation of a more equitable, merit based society by empowering individuals to bridge the socio-economic divide through philanthropy based transformational education. The Foundation set up the SSN Institutions ( in 1996, comprising the SSN College of Engineering (already a highly ranked private engineering college in India), in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The Foundation has also set up VidyaGyan, a residential leadership academy for meritorious rural children, at Bulandshar and Sitapur in Uttar Pradesh. In addition, the Foundation runs the Shiv Nadar University (, an international multidisciplinary university with strong research orientation located in Greater Noida in India’s National Capital Region and the Shiv Nadar School (, a network of progressive urban schools across India aimed to provide children with education that creates lifelong learners. The Foundation has also set up the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (, India’s largest private philanthropic museum in modern and contemporary art with the vision to take art to the common public. For further information, please get in touch with: Pooja Sikka- 9811708711/ [email protected] Shruti Roy- 9953976460 / [email protected]