PROVISIONAL ANSWER KEY Question Paper Code: 25/2018/OL Category Code: 199/2017 Exam: Sr Lecturer in Radiodiagnosis NCA Medium of Question: English...

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PROVISIONAL ANSWER KEY Question Paper Code: 25/2018/OL Category Code: 199/2017 Exam: Sr Lecturer in Radiodiagnosis NCA Medium of Question: English Date of Test 03-05-2018 Department Medical Education Alphacode A Question1:-According to which Article, the executive power of the Union is vested in the President of India. A:-Article 64 B:-Article 63 C:-Article 52 D:-Article 53 Correct Answer:- Option-D Question2:-'To defend the country and render national service when called up on to do so' is a fundamental duty. Which is the Article ? A:-Article 51 A(d) B:-Article 51 A(b) C:-Article 51 A(c) D:-Article 51 A(e) Correct Answer:- Option-A Question3:-In which schedule of the Constitution deals with Union List, State List and Concurrent List ? A:-Tenth Schedule B:-Seventh Schedule C:-Sixth Schedule D:-Ninth Schedule Correct Answer:- Option-B Question4:-Which Article is related to Grama Sabha ? A:-Article 243 C B:-Article 243 B C:-Article 243 A D:-Article 243 D Correct Answer:- Option-C Question5:-Article 29 and 30 deals with A:-Right to Life and Liberty B:-Religious Freedom C:-Cultural and Educational Rights D:-Right against Exploitation Correct Answer:- Option-C Question6:-'Duty of the Union to protect States against external aggression and internal disturbance'. Which Article is related with this provision ? A:-Article 354 B:-Article 355 C:-Article 356 D:-Article 357 Correct Answer:- Option-B Question7:-'Mission Indradhanush' launched by the Govt. of India pertains to A:-New Education Policy B:-Construction of Smart Cities across the country C:-India's own search for the Earth like Planets in outer Planets D:-Immunization of children and pregnant women Correct Answer:- Option-D Question8:-Help Line 'Udyami' is meant for A:-Micro, small and medium enterprises B:-Large capital Industries C:-Female entrepreneurs D:-Farmers using Technology in Farming

Correct Answer:- Option-A Question9:-Maximum age for joining Atal Pension Yojana is A:-60 years B:-50 years C:-40 years D:-70 years Correct Answer:- Option-C Question10:-Which State Govt. has launched Mahatma Gandhi Sarbat Vikas Yojana (MGSVY) for distressed Sections ? A:-Punjab B:-Karnataka C:-Meghalaya D:-Kerala Correct Answer:- Option-A Question11:-Sahodara Sangam was founded at A:-Kodugallur B:-Kottayam C:-Thrissur D:-Cherai Correct Answer:- Option-D Question12:-The Organisation called 'Samyuktha Rashtriya Samiti' was formed in connection with A:-Aikya Kerala Movement B:-Abstention Movement C:-Guruvayur Satyagraha D:-Vaikom Satyagraha Correct Answer:- Option-B Question13:-Who wrote the famous work 'Jathikummi' ? A:-Kelappan B:-EMS C:-Pandit Karuppan D:-O.N.V. Kurup Correct Answer:- Option-C Question14:-Arrange the following events in chronological order. 1. Temple Entry Proclamation 2. Vaikom Satyagraha 3. Shanar Agitation 4. Paliyam Satyagraha A:-(3, 2, 1, 4) B:-(4, 2, 3, 1) C:-(2, 4, 1, 3) D:-(1, 3, 4, 2) Correct Answer:- Option-A Question15:-Indicate the wrong pair among them. A:-E. M. Sankaran Namboothiripad - Onnekal kodi Malayalikal B:-V.T. Bhattathirippad - Kanneerum Kinavm C:-Vaghbhatananda - Abhinava Keralam D:-Vaikunda Swamikal - Darsanamala Correct Answer:- Option-D Question16:-Who among the following become the recipients of Padma Vibhushan in the year 2018 ? A:-Philipose Mar Chrysostom B:-Ghulam Mustafa Khan C:-Aravind Parikh D:-Mahendra Singh Dhoni Correct Answer:- Option-B Question17:-Shakespeare Beach is located in which country ? A:-France B:-Canada C:-Italy D:-England Correct Answer:- Option-D Question18:-The 2018 National Girl Child Day (NGCD) is celebrated on which date in India ?

A:-January 24 B:-January 25 C:-January 23 D:-January 26 Correct Answer:- Option-A Question19:-Gadgil Committee Report and Kasturirangan Committee Report are related to A:-Constitutional Reforms B:-Protection of Western Ghats C:-Ganga Action Plan D:-Linking of Rivers Correct Answer:- Option-B Question20:-In which year, United Nations General Assembly voted to establish `2^(nd)` October as the International Day of Non-Violence ? A:-2005 B:-2003 C:-2007 D:-2009 Correct Answer:- Option-C Question21:-Compared with SE, GRE sequences use A:-Longer TR and longer TE B:-Shorter TR and long TE C:-Longer TR and shorter TE D:-Shorter TR and shorter TE Correct Answer:- Option-D Question22:-Echo planar imaging forms echoes using A:-Successive 90-degree pulses B:-Successive alternating 90-degree pulses C:-Successive180 degree pulses D:-Successive alternating gradients Correct Answer:- Option-D Question23:-Lingula of lung is best seen in which X-ray view ? A:-Lordotic B:-Apical C:-Left lateral decubitus D:-Right lateral decubitus Correct Answer:- Option-A Question24:-Most signal in K space is present A:-In the center B:-In the periphery C:-Along the frequency encoding axis D:-Along gradient encoding axis Correct Answer:- Option-A Question25:-In order to decrease dose in large patients A:-Decrease kV and improve image noise B:-Increase kV and improve image noise C:-Increase in KV and improve in contrast D:-Decrease in KV and improve in contrast Correct Answer:- Option-B Question26:-Penumonia alba is seen in A:-Congenital TB B:-Congenital malaria C:-Neonatal HIV D:-Congenital syphilis Correct Answer:- Option-D Question27:-The diagnosis of necrotizing entero colitis is best made by A:-Plain radiograph of abdomen B:-Barium enema C:-USG D:-None of the above

Correct Answer:- Option-A Question28:-Which of the following is false ? A:-Calcification is present in 10% with Wilms tumor B:-Calcification is present in 50% of neuroblastoma C:-Stage IV-S neuroblastoma has a very bad prognosis D:-Bilateral Wilms tumor is stage V tumor Correct Answer:- Option-C Question29:-The earliest radiologic sign of mitral stenosis is A:-Straightening of left border of cardiac silhouette B:-Upper lobe pulmonary veins are congested and prominent C:-"Inverted moustache sign" D:-kerley B lines Correct Answer:- Option-B Question30:-Pneumothorax is common with pneumonia caused by A:-Streptococcus B:-Pneumocystis carinii C:-Staphylococcus aureus D:-H. influenzae Correct Answer:- Option-B Question31:-In x-ray imaging, noise is determined by A:-Energy of x-rays hitting the detector B:-Number of x-rays hitting the detector C:-Tissue contrast D:-Amount of scatter hitting the detector Correct Answer:- Option-B Question32:-Which of the following numbers reported by the scanner best reflects the total amount of radiation delivered to the patient A:-Dose B:-CT Dose Index (CTDI) C:-Pitch D:-Dose-length product (DLP) Correct Answer:- Option-D Question33:-The following term refers to a measure designed to reflect stochastic (cancer) risk from radiation A:-Dose B:-CT Dose Index (CTDI) C:-Average dose D:-Effective dose Correct Answer:- Option-D Question34:-Automated exposure compensation uses the topogram (or scout) image to determine A:-Tube current (mA) B:-Pitch C:-Reconstruction filter D:-Bowtie filter Correct Answer:- Option-A Question35:-Iodine is a good CT contrast agent because A:-We can achieve very high concentrations in target organs B:-The k-edge (33 keV) is much lower than x-ray energies produced by a 120 kV tube C:-The k-edge (33 keV) is near the average diagnostic x-ray energy produced by a 120 kV tube D:-It simulates the attenuation of bone Correct Answer:- Option-C Question36:-First X ray sign in pulmonary thromboembolism A:-Wester mark sign B:-Palla sign C:-Fleischner sign D:-Knuckle sign Correct Answer:- Option-A Question37:-Atoll sign is seen A:-Tuberculosis B:-Cryptogenic organising pneumonia

C:-Aspergillosis D:-Pneumocystis carini pneuomonia Correct Answer:- Option-B Question38:-All the statements regarding shoulder radiography is true except A:-In AP view with neutral rotation both greater and lesser tuberosities are super imposed B:-In Grasheys projection there is more overlap of gleniod than AP projection C:-AP oblique view rotate the body 35-45 degree D:-In Y view humeral head should super impose over the base of Y if not dislocated Correct Answer:- Option-B Question39:-All are features of cardiomegaly except A:-CTR > 50% in PA chest B:-CTR > 60% in AP chest C:-Cardiac diameter > 15.5 cm D:-1.5 times increase in diameter in serial X rays Correct Answer:- Option-A Question40:-Most anterior ethmiod air cell is A:-Haller cell B:-Onodi cell C:-Agger nasi cell D:-Concha bullosa Correct Answer:- Option-C Question41:-Dentigerous cyst false statement is A:-Seen in adolescent age B:-Unilocularcyst C:-Replaces tooth D:-Seen in old age Correct Answer:- Option-D Question42:-In Film processing – fixing, all are true except A:-Made of hypo/ammonium thiosulphate B:-Preservative for developer and fixer is same C:-Hardening agent harden and shrinks gelatin in the film emulsion to prevent its reduction D:-Acidifier neutralizes alkaline developer Correct Answer:- Option-C Question43:-TLD false statement is A:-Active radiation detection device B:-Disc are made of calcium SO4 C:-Lower filter is kept open D:-Measures doses between 0.01-10.4 mGy Correct Answer:- Option-A Question44:-Regarding dark room false statement A:-White/light colour paint on walls B:-Lead equivalent of 2 mm in walls C:-Ideal flooring with ceramic tile D:-For safe light, bulb of 50 W is used Correct Answer:- Option-D Question45:-Fluid colour sign in USG seen in A:-Pleural plaque B:-Pleural effusion C:-Hemangioma D:-Lymphovenous malformation Correct Answer:- Option-B Question46:-In lateral view chest X ray A:-Left hemidiaphragm lower than right B:-Right hemidiaphragm lower than left C:-Right dome is fully traceable D:-Dome closer to film is lower Correct Answer:- Option-A Question47:-Lung volume is maintained in A:-UIP

B:-NSIP C:-NF1 D:-DIP Correct Answer:- Option-C Question48:-Patchy ground glass opacities with peripheral perivascular cyst seen in A:-DIP B:-RB ILD C:-LIP D:-NSIP Correct Answer:- Option-C Question49:-All are features of air space opacity except A:-Air bronchogram B:-Silhouette sign C:-Preserved volume D:-Reticular shadow Correct Answer:- Option-D Question50:-Regarding cystic adenamatiod malformation false statement is A:-Spontaneous resolution can occur B:-Type 3 is solid mass C:-Type 2 shows uniform cyst of size < 2 cm D:-Type 1 shows micro cyst Correct Answer:- Option-D Question51:-True in pneumothorax A:-Sea shore sign B:-Bar code sign C:-Lung slide D:-Prominent B pattern Correct Answer:- Option-B Question52:-KVP for high KV chest X RAY A:-60 B:-90 C:-120 D:-150 Correct Answer:- Option-C Question53:-Maximum permissible radiation in a pregnancy A:-0.1 msv B:-1 msv C:-10 msv D:-100 msv Correct Answer:- Option-B Question54:-Para pharyngeal space false statement A:-Superior margin is skull base B:-Inferior margin is C7 vertebra C:-Contains fat and internal maxillary artery D:-Located anterior to pre vertebral space Correct Answer:- Option-B Question55:-Left hilum is A:-Higher level than right B:-Lower level than right C:-Denser than right D:-Lucent than right Correct Answer:- Option-A Question56:-Carciniod tumour of lung false statement A:-Well defined hilar mass B:-Eccenric calcification common C:-Atypical carciniods are hypovascular D:-Typical carciniods are hyper vascular Correct Answer:- Option-C Question57:-Small bowel true statement is

A:-Presence of haustra B:-Presence of Valvulae C:-Presence of fecus D:-Peripheral location Correct Answer:- Option-B Question58:-Carcinoma rectum true is statement A:-T 2 Tumour extend beyond rectal wall B:-Mesorectal fascia positive tumour are candidates for total mesoretal excision C:-TRUS is the choice between T3 and T4 tumours D:-Mesorectal fascia (MRF) involvement means tumour within 1 mm of MRF Correct Answer:- Option-D Question59:-Beaded appearance seen in MRCP in all except A:-HIV cholangiopathy B:-Metastasis C:-Hilarcholangiocarcinoma D:-Primary sclerosing cholangitis Correct Answer:- Option-C Question60:-Treatment option for HCC with right branch of portal vein involvement A:-Surgery B:-RFA C:-TARE D:-TACE Correct Answer:- Option-C Question61:-BMFT contraindicated in A:-Large bowel obstruction B:-Small bowel obstruction C:-Ulcerative colitis D:-Crohns disease Correct Answer:- Option-A Question62:-Features of malignant gastric ulcer A:-Hamptons line B:-Extending outside the lumen C:-Smooth margin D:-Thick mucosal fold Correct Answer:- Option-D Question63:-All are true regarding paediatric liver lesions except A:-Hepatoblastoma may be associated with familial adenomatoum polyposis B:-Hemangio endothelioma may show narrow infra renal aorta C:-Mesenchymal hemartoma may present antenatally as hydrops fetalis D:-Von meyenburg complex shows multiple moderate size liver cyst Correct Answer:- Option-D Question64:-Regarding chronic calcific pancreatitis true statement is A:-Pancreatic duct shows smooth dilatation B:-Chunky calcification in groove pancreatitis C:-Central luceny of calculus in hereditary pancreatitis D:-Duct penetrance sign is an indicator of inflammatory mass Correct Answer:- Option-C Question65:-Primary CNS vasculitis all are true statement except A:-Common in female B:-Calabresa's criteria for clinical diagnosis C:-DSA shows focal/diffuse narrowing of small vessels D:-Meningeal enhancement may be seen Correct Answer:- Option-A Question66:-True about dementia A:-Temporal lobe involvement seen in pre senile Alziemers disease B:-Temporal lobe involvement in CADASIL C:-Inferior frontal lobe involvement seen in strategic infarcts D:-Symmetric parietal atrophy in coticobasilar degeneration Correct Answer:- Option-B

Question67:-True statement in CNS abscess A:-Diffusion restriction of wall in bacterial abscess B:-Succinate peak in tuberculous abscess C:-Diffusion restriction of center in fungal D:-Diffusion restriction of wall in fungal Correct Answer:- Option-D Question68:-Cather used for cerebral angiogram in case of bovine arch A:-Head hunter B:-Manis C:-Vertebral D:-JUDKINS Correct Answer:- Option-B Question69:-Diffusion restriction is seen in A:-Arachniod cyst B:-Neuroglial cyst C:-Ependymal cyst D:-Epidermiod cyst Correct Answer:- Option-D Question70:-Spinal cord ependymoma false statement A:-More central B:-Hemorrhage is common C:-Eccentric location D:-More enhancing Correct Answer:- Option-C Question71:-Hyperostosis frontalis interna false statement is A:-Bilateral symmetric B:-Can involve parietal lobe C:-Inner table thickening D:-Inner and outer table thickening Correct Answer:- Option-D Question72:-Normal basal angle A:-125-145 B:-100-125 C:-90-115 D:-150-175 Correct Answer:- Option-A Question73:-Inner ear abnormality that can result in insult at `4^(th)` week of gestation A:-Michel deformity B:-Mondini deformity C:-Cochlear aplasia D:-Common cavity malformation Correct Answer:- Option-C Question74:-11-14 weeks scan A:-is done when CRL > 50 mm B:-is done when CRL > 45 mm C:-NT > 2 is abnormal D:-Done during fetal flexion Correct Answer:- Option-B Question75:-Indications for fetal echocardiography are except A:-Pre gestational diabetes B:-Diabetes diagnosed in first trimester C:-Paternal cardiac disease D:-Diabetes with HBA1C < 6% Correct Answer:- Option-D Question76:-In adenomyosis all are true except A:-Subendometrial cyst B:-Subendometrial echogenic nodule C:-Thickened transitional zone D:-Diverticula extending to endometrium is HSG

Correct Answer:- Option-D Question77:-Septate uterus false statement is A:-Fundal contour may be normal B:-MRI is the modality of choice C:-Angle between cavity is < 75% D:-Angle between cavity is 75-125% Correct Answer:- Option-D Question78:-Following refers to structural reporting system except A:-BIRAD-Breast B:-TIRADS-Thyroid C:-LIRADS-Lung D:-PIRADS-Prostate Correct Answer:- Option-C Question79:-All are true in prostate except A:-Citrate is increased in MRS in malignant tissue B:-Peripheral zone is hyper intense in T2 MRI C:-Peripheral zone is hyperechioc in TRUS D:-Obliteration of recto prostatic angle is a sign of extra capsular extension Correct Answer:- Option-A Question80:-Erectile dysfunction false statement is A:-Angiography is gold standards for arterial impotence B:-Penile Doppler is done with intra cavernosal papaverine injection C:-PSV < 30 cm/s indicates arterial insufficiency D:-EDV<5 cm/s indicates venous insufficiency Correct Answer:- Option-D Question81:-Pro peritoneal fat plane is A:-Displaced in retroperitoneal lesion B:-Obliterated in retroperitoneal lesion C:-Unaffected in retroperitoneal lesion D:-Better visualised in retroperitoneal lesion Correct Answer:- Option-A Question82:-All are features of acute urinary obstruction except A:-Delayed dense nephrogram B:-Pyelotubular back flow C:-Moderate hydronephrosis D:-Modest renal enlargement Correct Answer:- Option-C Question83:-DWI can be negative in all except A:-Brain stem infarct B:-Corona radiate infarct C:-Deep grey matter nuclei infarct D:-When cerebral flow is in range of only electrical activity Correct Answer:- Option-B Question84:-First ventricle is A:-Right lateral ventricle B:-Left lateral ventricle C:-Foramen munro D:-Foramen lushka Correct Answer:- Option-B Question85:-Cobble stone appearance in MRI brain seen in all except A:-Walker Warburg syndrome B:-Fukayama dystrophy C:-Muscle eye brain disease D:-Rett syndrome Correct Answer:- Option-D Question86:-Relative percentage signal recovery (r PSR) is minimum for A:-Gliosarcoma B:-Epitheliodglioblastoma C:-Lymphoma

D:-Oligodendroglioma IDH mutant Correct Answer:- Option-D Question87:-One excluded in WHO 2016 brain tumor classification A:-Glioblastoma B:-Gliosarcoma C:-Gemistocytic astrocytoma D:-Protoplamic astrocytoma Correct Answer:- Option-D Question88:-Inferior wall of third ventricle formed by all except A:-Mammillary body B:-Optic chiasm C:-Tuber cinerum D:-Habenular commissure Correct Answer:- Option-D Question89:-T1 hyper intensity seen in all except A:-Hyper acute blood B:-Sub acute blood C:-Melanin D:-Fat Correct Answer:- Option-A Question90:-Temporal lobe cyst seen all except A:-Aicardi syndrome B:-Vander Knapp disease C:-Congenital rubella D:-Batten's disease Correct Answer:- Option-D Question91:-Tumoral calcinosis all are true except A:-Associated with hypercalcemia B:-More in blacks C:-Central lucency may be seen D:-Extensor aspect of joint Correct Answer:- Option-A Question92:-False statement about myositis ossificans A:-Peripheral calcification B:-Decrease in size with disease progression C:-Edema in subacute phase D:-Peripheral fat in MRI Correct Answer:- Option-D Question93:-All are seen in pyknodysostosis except A:-Medullary sparing B:-Mandibular changes C:-Acro-osteolysis D:-Hepatsplenomegaly Correct Answer:- Option-D Question94:-Features of Morqio disease except A:-Platyspondyly B:-Inferior vertebral body beaking C:-Epiphyseal changes D:-Oar shaped ribs Correct Answer:- Option-B Question95:-Caffeys syndrome is associated with A:-Corner fracture B:-Green stick fracture C:-Loozers zone D:-Epiphyseal fracture Correct Answer:- Option-A Question96:-Hamman's sign is seen in A:-Hamman Rich syndrome B:-Alpha 1 anti-trypsin deficiency

C:-Miliary TB D:-Pneumomediastinum Correct Answer:- Option-D Question97:-Wormian bones are seen in all of the following except A:-Some normal children B:-Osteogenesis imperfecta C:-Cleido cranial dysostosis D:-Congenital rubella syndrome Correct Answer:- Option-D Question98:-Posterior iliac horns are seen in A:-Pena Shokeir syndrome B:-Crouzon syndrome C:-Nail patella syndrome D:-Pierre Robin syndrome Correct Answer:- Option-C Question99:-'Banana sign' in the fetal brain suggests A:-Spina bifida B:-Renal agenesis C:-Encephalocoele D:-Porencephaly Correct Answer:- Option-A Question100:-A metacarpal index of 8.4 is suggestive of A:-Turner syndrome B:-Noonan syndrome C:-Klinefelter syndrome D:-Marfan syndrome Correct Answer:- Option-D