Pushing Beyond The Comfort Zone

Pushing Beyond The Comfort Zone . Leaders of the student clubs participated in the EQuip Leaders’ Camp 2016 at Loola Adventure Resort . ... “Do not be...

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Pushing Beyond The Comfort Zone

Leaders of the student clubs participated in the EQuip Leaders’ Camp 2016 at Loola Adventure Resort

SIM Global Education (SIM GE) recognises that learning extends far beyond the classroom. The development of self and others stems from engagement in a diverse range of activities and social networks. While classroom-based learning is predominantly educational, the out-of-classroom experiences aim to develop leadership and social skills through a series of bonding activities. The 3-day-2-night Student Development EQuip Leaders’ Camp 2016 held at Loola Adventure Resort in Bintan saw a total of 139 student leaders and staff present. The leaders were divided into six large groups, each a mixture of clubs from the Arts, International Student Community, Special Interests, Sports, and Student Councils. The activities they were involved in included both team and personal challenges as well as a performance-based task.

Leisure activities

Dragon Kayak / Kayak

The unfamiliar environment, coupled with new faces, were vital in pushing leaders out of their comfort zones. The groups were also tasked with challenges, where they were required to work together and support each other till completion. Through these group activities, participants learned life lessons, overcame obstacles and met team goals.

Boat & Boom Netting

What was the best thing you experienced during this camp? “The teamwork and the bond of my team. We all look out and take care of one another when in need.” “Teamwork and encouragement really motivated everyone in my team to complete the high element activities and to overcome each of our personal fears.”



“Putting all our differences aside and working together to make things work, such as the skit, was really a moving experience for us.” “To able overcome my fear of heights and witness how some other group mates did too!”


Rock Climbing

One thing you learnt from this experience….. “You have to step out of your comfort zone to make things happen.” “Do not be afraid to try. Challenge yourself because you are capable of more than you think you are.” “I learnt that as a team, motivation is really important. Even if things do not go smoothly, motivation is something that will drive the whole team to the end of the activities.”

Rafting – Teams were required to build a raft with limited resources.

“Listening is important regardless of leader or follower.” “I learnt that self-initiative can really change the situation for the better; I observed my teammates taking the initiative to teach us orientation games during the heavy rain on the first day. We had a lot of fun despite the rain!” It was a beautiful weekend spent away from home, meeting new people and pushing personal boundaries. With the new experiences and memories, it is our deepest hopes that this bunch will continue to strive, lead, and excel.