Certification of Appreciation by SAE Aerotech ’94 & ‘95 “Recognizing Ray’s substantial contribution for offering keynote lectures” Hold 4 Patents, wit...

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computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imagining (MRI). They give the ... their interfaces ensure rapid data transfer to the control electronics so that the ... the world’s standards laboratories and the angle encoders for various telescopes

This includes, for example, ... targeted or shaped beam in radiation therapy, ... instruments, including continuous, real-

Antrak Philippines Transport Solutions Corporation -SEC Reg. No.: CS200806103 Registered Office: 4th Floor, Bldg. B Formation Bldg. Amvel Business Park , 1700 Paranaque - PHILIPPINES T +(63) 2 917-2000 - F +(63) 2 917-2039 A

Subsea high-voltage energy cables Nexans manufactures submarine paper-insulated/XLPE cables ... 420 kV XLPE cable installed Joints and terminations, pressure

Nothing less than the utmost performance The factory was equipped with six new CXT cranes to lift and transport steel plates and cut steel parts. The CXT industrial cranes have Konecranes’ most advanced safety, ergonomic, and reliability technologies

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Measurement Solutions Div. Marketing Dept. 2 About MP1632A/C July, 1998 Commercialization Eye Margin Measurement Eye Contour Mapping 50MHz to 3.2GHz Operating Range High Input Sensitivity Digital Data Analyzer Compact Portable Burst Signa

Annual Report 2008 Financial Highlights ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation and Subsidiaries Billions of Yen Millions of U.S. Dollars 2006 2007 2008 2008

RIMTEC Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zeon Corporation headquarted in Tokyo. It has a subsidiary, Zeon Rim Co., Ltd., and laboratory located on the premises of ... Since plastics created with RIMTEC products consume less energy than ther

Facilities Post-irradiation examination facility (Hot laboratory) This facility is used to examine characteristics of irradiated fues and structural materials to provide data