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SoftBank Global Call Center From outside Japan, ... (blanketed warming table) or electric ... versions of utility applications and download as require...

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Support ■ Call these numbers toll free from landlines.

Customer Service SoftBank Customer Centers From a SoftBank handset, dial toll free at 157 (General Information) 113 (Customer Assistance)

Subscription Area Hokkaido, Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata, Miyagi, Fukushima, Niigata, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Yamanashi, Nagano, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Shizuoka

SoftBank Global Call Center From outside Japan, dial +81-3-5351-3491* (International charges will apply.) *Call immediately if handset/USIM is lost or stolen while outside Japan.

Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, Wakayama Hiroshima, Okayama, Yamaguchi, Tottori, Shimane, Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime, Kochi, Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Oita, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Okinawa

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General Information Customer Assistance General Information Customer Assistance

0088-241-157 0088-241-113 0088-242-157 0088-242-113

General Information


Customer Assistance


Emergency Numbers

More Information

Police................................ 110  Fire & Ambulance............. 119  Coast Guard..................... 118 

Handset User Support  Via Yahoo! Keitai Main Menu: From above search field, Select メニューリスト  English  User Support. Online English Manual  May be unavailable at purchase. Call Customer Service or try later.

First Step Guide Customer Service Emergency Numbers More Information Use English Interface Call Abroad from Japan

This manual is printed using an ink based on soy bean oil.

Customize Handset Address

March 2012, Second Edition

and more...


Safety Precautions Use specified battery, charger and holder.  The use of devices other than those specified may result in malfunction of handset or battery. Leaking, overheating, explosion or fire may occur. Do not get handset interior/battery/charger wet.  823P is designed to be waterproof; however, if liquids such as water or pet urine leak into External Port or battery housing, do not use handset. May cause overheating, fire, electric shock or malfunction. See "Waterproofing Precautions" in User Guide (Japanese) before using handset.

Do not use handset while driving a vehicle.  Doing so may interfere with safe driving and cause an accident. Stop your vehicle to park in a safe place before using handset. Drivers using handsets while driving are subject to prosecution. Do not throw or otherwise subject to strong force or  impacts. Battery may leak, overheat, explode, catch fire, or cause damage to handset.

Turn off handset where use is prohibited, such as  aboard aircraft or in hospitals. Handset may interfere with the operation of sensitive devices and electronic medical equipment. Follow the instructions given by the respective medical facilities regarding the use of mobile phones on their premises. In addition, actions such as speaking on a mobile phone aboard aircraft are prohibited and may be punishable by law. Do not disassemble or modify handset.  May cause accidents such as fire, bodily injury, electric shock or equipment malfunction. Keep handset off and charger disconnected in filling  stations or places where flammable gas is generated. Handset use in such areas may lead to fire.

Do not use or leave handset or related hardware in  locations subject to high temperatures, such as near an open flame/heater, in sunlight or inside a car on an extremely hot day. Do not charge, leave, use, or be carrying handset or related hardware in a warm place or where heat collects, such as under a kotatsu (blanketed warming table) or electric blanket, next to a kairo (worn warming patch), etc. Battery may leak, overheat, explode, or ignite. Handset or related hardware may deform or malfunction. Part of the casing may also become hot and cause burns. For more information, see "Safety Precautions" in User Guide (Japanese).

Handling Precautions General Notes

Electromagnetic Waves

SoftBank is not liable for damages from accidental  loss/alteration of handset/microSD Card information (Phone Book entries, image/sound files, etc.). Back-up important information. Handset transmissions may be disrupted inside  buildings, tunnels or underground, or when moving into/out of such places.

Use handset without disturbing others.  If handset is left with no battery or an exhausted one,  data may be altered/lost. SoftBank is not liable for any resulting damages. Handset use near landlines, TVs or radios may cause  interference.

For body worn operation, this mobile phone has been  tested and meets RF exposure guidelines when used with an accessory containing no metal and positioning the handset a minimum 15 mm from the body. Use of other accessories may not ensure compliance with RF exposure guidelines.

Beware of eavesdropping.  Digital signals reduce interception, however transmissions may be overheard. Deliberate/accidental interception of communications constitutes eavesdropping. "eavesdropping" means radio communication is received by another receiver deliberately or accidentally.

For more information, see "Handling Precautions" in User Guide (Japanese).

Before Using Handset Package Contents Handset (823P) 

Manner Mode Battery (PMBAJ1) 

USIM Card Installation






User Guide (Japanese)  First Step Guide  Raku Raku Start Book (Japanese)  Utility Software* (CD-ROM) 

Minding Mobile Manners  Please use your handset responsibly. Inappropriate handset use can be both dangerous and bothersome. Please take care not to disturb others when using your handset. Adjust handset use according to your surroundings.

* Utility Software updates/upgrades may be released on SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. Website ( without prior notification. Please check for the newest versions of utility applications and download as required.

In Standby, press and hold 

1 Open Waterproof Cover 2 Press and slide Holder as shown 3 Lift Holder 4 Insert USIM Card into Holder 5 Replace and slide Holder as shown

Activating/Canceling Manner Mode .

Battery Installation

1 Use slot ① to lift cover off

2 Insert battery

3 Replace cover

Align Battery Cover with handset and press edges  firmly until they click. Then press each • mark on Cover. Raised Edges

Holder is secured. 

Rubber Packing

USIM Card must be inserted to use this handset. Turn handset off and remove battery before inserting/removing USIM Card.



PIN  4 to 8-digit code used to prevent unauthorized 823P use. PIN can be changed.  When PIN Entry is ON , PIN entry is required each time  handset is turned on (with USIM Card inserted). PIN2  Required to clear call times/costs or set maximum cost. PIN2 can be changed. 

PIN Lock & Cancellation (PUK)  PIN Lock or PIN2 Lock is activated if PIN or PIN2 is incorrectly entered three times. Cancel PIN Lock or PIN2 Lock by entering the PIN Unblocking Key (PUK/PUK2). If PUK is incorrectly entered ten times, USIM Card is locked  and handset is disabled. Write down PUK. For procedures required to unlock USIM Card, contact  SoftBank Customer Center, General Information.


Use specified AC Charger (sold separately).

1 Connect AC Charger to handset 2 Plug AC Charger into AC Outlet

Charging Indicator illuminates and charging starts; may  take up to approximately 130 minutes. When charging is complete, Charging Indicator goes out. 

3 Unplug AC Charger, then disconnect handset

AC Outlet

Charger Blades

Rubber Packing

Charging Indicator

2 3

Arrows Up Release Tabs AC Charger


External Port Port Cover

Charger Connector


Phone Password  Required to use/change some handset functions.  appears for each digit entered. Phone Password (9999 by default) can be changed on   handset. Center Access Code  4-digit number specified at initial subscription; required to access Voice Mail via landlines or subscribe to fee-based information.


Raised Edges


Security Code  4-digit number specified at initial subscription, required to restrict handset services. If entered incorrectly three times, Call Barring settings lock;   Security Code & Center Access Code must be changed. Reach SoftBank Customer Center, General Information for details.

Weight (including battery)

132 g*

Talk Time

Voice Call: 220 minutes* Video Call: 130 minutes*

Standby Time (closed)

600 hours*

Charging Time

AC Charger: 130 minutes* In-Car Charger: 130 minutes*

Normal Mode: 5.3 hours* ECO Mode: 6.75 hours* Dimensions(closed) 50 x 108 x 17.6 mm* Maximum Output 0.25 W TV Reception Time

Values were calculated with battery installed.  * Approximate value

First Step Guide



Getting Started Display Indicators & Key Assignments Signal Strength Packet Transmission Available* Unread Message microSD Card Inserted Manner Mode

Use Multi Selector to select items, navigate menus, etc. In this manual, Multi Selector operations are indicated as shown below. Basic Multi Selector Operations or y : Press or y : Press y : Press , , or

Battery Level Voice Mail Alarm Set * Indicator appears while abroad. Open Messaging menu or execute Upper Left Softkey functions Activate TV or execute Lower Left Softkey functions Initiate/answer call; press and hold to activate Voice Dial Enter numbers/characters Access pictograms in text entry windows; press and hold to toggle Driving mode

Open Yahoo! Keitai Main Menu or execute Upper Right Softkey functions Activate Camera in Standby or execute Lower Right Softkey functions Delete characters or highlighted items Turn handset power on/off; return to Standby Press and hold in Standby to toggle Manner Mode Activate TASK MENU; press and hold to toggle menus Activate PC Site Browser or press and hold to activate Music Player in Standby; toggle PC Site Browser and TV

Function List Communication S! Town S! Loop Camera Camera Video Camera Pictures Videos Entertainment S! Quick News BookSurfing e-Book Viewer Tools Alarms Calendar Calculator Notepad Tasks Osaifu-Keitai Sound Recorders Bar Code Reader Location Settings Receive via Infrared microSD Backup Templates/Users Dic.

Messaging Incoming Mail Create New Retrieve New Drafts Templates Sent/Unsent Messages Server Mail Create New SMS Settings Memory Status Yahoo! Keitai Yahoo! Keitai Bookmarks Saved Pages Enter URL History PC Site Browser Set Yahoo! Keitai Reset S! Appli S! Appli Library Osaifu-Keitai S! Appli Settings S! Appli History Information

Data Folder Pictures Ring Songs&Tones S! Appli Music Videos PC Movies TV Lifestyle-Appli Books Customized Screen Templates Other Documents Music Player Player Data Manager TV Watch TV Program List Timer Watching Timer Recording Recording Result TV Link Channel List Channel Setting User Settings

Phone Book Phone Book Create New Entry Call Log Group Account Details S! Addressbook BkUp Memory Manager Restrictions Settings Memory Status Settings Sound Settings Display Settings Customized Screen Incoming Settings Phone Settings Date & Time Security Call Settings Video Call International Call Connectivity Notification Light

Handset Functions Most operation descriptions below begin in Standby.

Basic Operations Handset Power On/Off „ Power On Open handset € Press and hold „ Power Off for 2+ seconds Open handset € Press

Retrieving Network Information When , , or is pressed for the first time, 823P initiates Network Information retrieval; to retrieve it. To update manually, € Settings € € Retrieve NW Info € Connectivity € € € YES €

English Interface € 設定 € € ディスプレイ設定 € Language € € English € €

My Number €

Date & Time € Settings € € Date & Time € € Enter year € € Date & Time € € time zone € Enter time € € Enter date € to select a time zone € € € €

Calls Making Voice Calls Enter number with area code € • to end call

Calling from Redial Log •

€ An entry € to end call

Making Video Calls Enter number with area code € • to end call

Calling Abroad from Japan Application to International Call Service may be required. Details and applications are available online: Enter number € € Int'l dial assist € € A country/region € € • to end call

Answering a Call •

to end call

Answer Phone Record messages on handset when unable to answer incoming calls. „ Activating Press and hold • To cancel: Press and hold again. „ Playing Messages to select indicator € In Standby, € A message € „ Deleting Messages € Tools € € Sound Recorders Voice Call Data or Video Call Data € € € A message € € Erase this € € € YES € Answer Phone is unavailable when handset is off, out-ofrange or Offline.

Text Entry Toggling Entry Modes In text entry window, to toggle input modes (or press € 1byte/2bytes (1 byte character or 2 byte character ) to toggle single/double-byte) € Enter text Character Input Mode 漢 Kanji/Hiragana input mode カナ Katakana input mode abc Alphanumerics input mode 123 Number input mode

Example: Entering ”no ” In text entry window, € abc¹/² € € €

Messaging S! Mail/SMS „ S! Mail Exchange text messages with e-mail compatible handsets, PCs, etc.; attach image/sound files etc. „ SMS Exchange short text messages with SoftBank handsets.

Customizing Handset Address Change your handset mail address (alphanumerics before @) to reduce the risk of receiving spam. € Settings € € Custom Mail Address € € Follow onscreen instructions

Receiving S! Mail & SMS In Standby, to select indicator € € An unread message € € A folder €

Phone Book Phone Book Entry Items „ Phone Number Save up to four entries in Phone Book; two in USIM Card Phone Book. „ E-mail Address Save up to three entries in Phone Book; one in USIM Card Phone Book.

Saving to Phone Book Press and hold € Enter name € € Enter information € € An item € € „ Save Settings Select Phone Book memory for new entries. € Phone Book € € Settings € € Save Settings € € Phone, USIM or Ask Every Time € • Select Ask Every Time to select target each time you save an entry.

Yahoo! Keitai Main Menu € メニューリスト € € A menu item €

€ English €

PC Site Browser € Yahoo! Keitai € € PC Site Browser € € Homepage € € € A menu item €

Music Player Playing Music € Music Player € € Player € € A file € € An item € • To end playback,

Digital TV Initial Setup € TV € € Channel Setting € € OK € € YES € € Select Area € € A region € € A prefecture € € YES €

Editing Phone Book Entries € An entry € Edit € € €

€ € An item € YES € €

Making Calls from Phone Book to select a page of the required reading € € € A phone number € An entry € €

Voice Mail Activating Voice Mail € Settings € € Call Settings € € Voice Mail/Call Fwding € € Voice Mail ON € € Ringer ON or Ringer OFF € € Ring time (for Ringer ON ) € YES € € €

Checking Voice Mail Messages In Standby, to select indicator € € YES Follow voice guidance € € • To switch to English voice guidance, press while Japanese voice guidance is playing.

Sending S! Mail & SMS € Create New (Create New SMS for SMS) € € Address field € € Phone Book € € An entry € € € A number/mail address € € Subject field € € Enter subject € € Attachment field € € A folder € € A file € € Text field € € Enter text € € • Subject and attachment fields are not available for SMS.

Yahoo! Keitai

Camera Capturing Still Images € Frame subject € € € Select a folder to save € €

Recording Videos

Watching TV € YES € € OK € , , or € channel to adjust volume • • To exit, € YES €

to select a

Managing Files Opening Files € Data Folder € A € file €

€ A folder €

Formatting microSD Card € Tools € € € microSD Backup € microSD format € € € Enter Phone Password (4 to 8 digits) € € YES €

Software Update Precaution Fully charge battery beforehand.

Updating Software € Settings € € Phone Settings € € Software Update € € Software Update € € € Follow onscreen instructions

Press and hold € Frame subject € € € € Select a folder to save € €

First Step Guide

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