Samsung ME95C Large Format Displays

Samsung ME95C LED LFDs are designed to help simplify management as well as offer customizing options with embedded solutions for today’s sophisticated...

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Samsung ME95C Large Format Displays Versatile LFDs with capabilities to support productive business scenarios

Traditional projectors typically provide poor image quality, annoying shadows and blinding dazzle. They also emit heat, dust and noise, which distract viewer attention. In addition, projectors are expensive to operate and maintain, consuming energy and causing downtime when costly bulbs need replacement.

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Increase productivity with visual solutions such as sharper, brighter images without shadows and no dazzling or focusing issues with 120 Hz refresh rate Enhance customer experience and save energy with innovative technology featuring the world’s largest 95inch edge LED LFD with super-narrow bezel, slim depth and energy-efficient design Enhance visual attractiveness with symmetric slim bezel design and detachable LED Logo unit Simplify management with Samsung MagicInfo™ S software embedded solutions and a Plug-in Module (PIM) Operate displays remotely using RJ45 and RS-232 wired connections, as well as using WiFi and WiDi standards wirelessly Link multiple displays with Display Port (DP) 1.2 loop out Diversify video sources displayed on the same display up to 3 independent sources from large variety of input types

Once strictly limited to signage, large format displays (LFDs) are now used in place of projectors in a variety of business applications. With innovative advances in picture quality and energy efficiency, LFDs are a better, clearer and more costeffective alternative to projectors. Samsung ME95C LED LFD offer a smarter solution to lamplit projectors with enhanced picture quality, lower power consumption and added versatility. Backlight dimming for broader contrast, a 120 Hz refresh rate for sharper and smoother pictures deliver an enhanced viewing experience. In addition, a built-in media player and energy-efficient LED technology help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Display sharper images without viewer distractions with Samsung backlit LED LFD technology.

Improve image quality and functionality with an energy-efficient LFD LFDs were originally used strictly for signage. Now their use has expanded into unified productivity devices in the business environment, substituting for traditional projectors in meeting rooms and classrooms. Corporate executives also find useful as business intelligence dashboards.


MagicInfo™ S software and optional PIM provide management flexibility.

View ultra-clear pictures without distractions

When multiple ME95C displays are combined to create one video wall, the large display area and the symmetric super narrow bezel design provide near-seamless video wall experience. Businesses can plan and deploy largescale video walls with less display units and less bezels, significantly reducing distraction.

Samsung ME95C LED LFD deliver high-quality images without the distortion, blur or glare inherent in traditional projectors, providing productive, distraction-free presentations. An ultra-clear panel, backlight dimming and a 120 Hz refresh rate help enhance image detail and readability, providing a better viewing experience.

Project large-scale images and consume less energy with edge-type LED technology Samsung ME95C LED LFD provides largest viewing area and is more energy efficient than cold cathode fluorescent light (CCFL) displays. The 95-inch models produce considerably less heat, provide near-silent operation and require less energy to operate compared with traditional projectors.

Streamline management with Samsung embedded solutions Samsung ME95C LED LFDs are designed to help simplify management as well as offer customizing options with embedded solutions for today’s sophisticated video demands.

Figure 1. ME95C can replace conventional projector in meeting room environment.

Eliminate the need for a PC media player with Samsung MagicInfo™ S software

Enhance visual attractiveness with slim profile and symmetric bezel design

Samsung MagicInfo™ S digital signage software is standard with ME95C LED displays. This all-in-one display solution includes an internal media player, eliminating the need for an external PC. Designed with an intuitive user interface (UI) for ease of use, administrators can manage, organize and schedule content on multiple displays through a webbased interface. The MagicInfo™ S software connects to the MagicInfo™ Premium Server to control display functions without a Multi-Display Control (MDC) program. Content can be automatically played through the LFD’s internal memory or with a USB thumb drive Plug-and-Play (PNP) feature.

ME95C has slim profile at mere 45.8 mm (1.80 in.) despite it being the largest sized display in the industry at 95 inches. The slim profile of ME95C allows for light weight as well as flexibility in fitting into the installation space while elevating sophistication of design, even when installed to be protruding from the wall. The design of ME95C LFD is as unique as its large size screen, in that the bezel is not only thinner at 12.3 mm (0.48 in.) but the bezel is also symmetric at all sides. This allows ME95C to maintain optimal visual attractiveness at whichever orientation, be it horizontal or vertical. The symmetric bezel design was made possible with the LED Logo unit that can be detached and attached at the bottom side of either horizontal or vertical orientation. The detachable LED Logo unit with Samsung logo on it acts as IR and external sensor providing control via remote controller when attached to the display. It adds yet another level of visual attractiveness by having the brand logo upright at any orientation.


Three PIM options are available to suit specific needs.

Control displays remotely with mixed connectivity Samsung ME95C LED displays offer powerful connectivity, even when working with RJ45 and RS-232 connections. Competitor displays can operate only an RJ45 or RS-232 connection. With the Samsung line of LED displays, both network connections can be used simultaneously. Using a DP 1.2 loop out, a single display image can be shared with nearby displays. This feature eliminates the need to purchase separate video signal distributors for each display, further reducing equipment costs. Figure 2. Samsung MagicInfo™ S all-in-one display solution includes an internal media player and signage software.

Customize content more easily with an optional Samsung PIM Display content can be customized with Samsung’s optional PIM. This cableless PC solution supports any Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) device that is compatible with Intel® OPS. Designed for ease of installation and use, the compact PIM plugs into the back of the display.



The Samsung PIM installed half embedded will only add 2.2 mm (0.09 in.) additional depth to the 95-inch ME model. Fully self-contained, the PIM transfers power and signals internally. This feature eliminates the need for unwieldy cables, offering a less cluttered environment. Users can choose from the following three PIM options: 1. Dual core (2 GB of RAM) with Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 7 (WES7), designed for signage with MagicInfo™ i Premium preinstalled 2. Quad core (4 GB of RAM) with WES7, designed for signage with MagicInfo™ i Premium preinstalled 3. Quad core (4 GB of RAM, 128 GB solid state drive (SSD) with Windows 7 Professional preinstalled, designed for e-board usage with MagicIWB (Interactive White Board) 2.0 Basic preinstalled

Figure 4. Samsung ME95C LED displays enable RJ45 and RS-232 connectivity simultaneously.

Control displays wirelessly Samsung ME95C LED display comes with built-in WiFi and WiDi support. Combination with devices that support WiFi and WiDi, ME95C display can have its content streamed and controlled from the source device without the clutter of LAN, RGB, and HDMI cables.

Display presentations with versatile options such as a touchscreen overlay and a PIM.


Samsung ME95C displays offer robust features for superior presentations.

Features and benefits Features


Ultra-clear panel

Reduce light scatter and reflection for enhanced readability.

Edge backlit LED

Increase energy efficiency and decrease heat emissions, compared with conventional CCFL displays.

Backlight dimming

Deliver broader color contrast and deeper blacks with LED backlight unit control.

120 Hz refresh rate

Project sharper, smoother pictures, even when images are moving at high speeds, reducing blur and visual distortion.

Super-thin symmetric bezel

Enhance visual attractiveness with symmetric bezel that is super-thin.

Ultra-slim profile

Fit displays in limited space.

Lightweight design

Install displays more easily without lifting cumbersome, heavy units.

MagicInfo™ S software

Manage, organize, schedule and control displays remotely.


Display up to 3 different video sources on the same screen.

PIM option

Customize content with an external PC solution and reduce clutter without the need for a PC or unwieldy cables.

Powerful connectivity

Use RJ45 and RS-232 connections simultaneously.

DP 1.2 loop out

Share content with nearby displays without the need for separate video signal distributors.

Wireless connection

Less cable clutter

Figure 3. Schematic of model ME95C


Samsung ME95C

Specifications(DRAFT) ME95C Diagonal size

95 in.




T F A R D 1920 x 1080

Pixel pitch (H x V)

0.364(H) x 1.092(V)

Active display area (H x V) Panel

Brightness (Typ.)

2096.64(H) x 1179.36(V) 600 cd/m2

Contrast ratio


Viewing angle (H/V)


Response time (G-to-G) Display colors

10 bit Dithering - 1.07 Billion

Color gamut


Dynamic C/R Display

8 ms

10,000:1 (AV mode)

H-scanning frequency V-scanning frequency

30 - 81 kHz 48 - 75 Hz

Maximum pixel frequency Input



148.5 MHz


Analog D-sub, DVI-D, DisplayPort 1.2


HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3 Component(CVBS Common)


Stereo mini jack






Stereo mini jack

Power out External control External sensor Type Power supply Power

Power consumption (w/o PIM)


RS-232C (in/out) thru stereo jack, RJ45 (Detachable LED Logo Type) IR, Ambient Light Internal

AC 100 - 240 V (+/- 10%), 50/60 Hz

Max (W/h)


Typical (W/h)


BTU (Max)


Sleep mode

Less than 0.5 W

Off mode

Less than 0.5 W


Samsung ME95C

Specifications (DRAFT), continued ME95C Dimension Weight Mechanical Specs

VESA mount Stand type


2127.2 × 1210.0 × 45.8 (w/o stand)


2265 x 1405 x 462


66.5 (w/o stand)

T F A R D Package



Foot Stand (Default)

Media player option type Bezel width Operation

PIM-B (Attachable) 12.3mm

Operating temperature Humidity Key


0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F) 10 - 80%

Large & Slim LFD with Built-in MagicInfotmTM S

Magic Clone(to USB), Auto Source Switching & Recovery, Lamp Error Detection, Super Clear Coating, Temperature Sensor, RS232C/RJ45 MDC,Plug and Play (DDC2B), PIP/PBP, Video Wall(10x10), Pivot Display, Image Rotation, Button Lock, DP 1.2 Digital Daisy Chain(Supporting 2x2 UHD Resolution, HDCP Support), Smart Scheduling, Smart F/W update, Clock Battery(80hrs Clock Keeping) Built In MagicInfo(Lite, Premium-S, Videowall-S), WiFi Embedded, WiDi 2.0, Conference Audio, 3-PIP


Cortex-A9 1GHz Dual Core CPU

On-chip cache memory

L1 (I/D) : 32KB / 32KB L2 (Unified) : 512KB

Clock speed

Feature Internal player (embedded H/W)

1GHz CPU Dual

Main memory interface

1GB Dual 32bit DDR3-667 (1333MHz)


2D and 3D graphics engine - Up to 1,920 x 1,080, 32 bpp - Supports OpenGL ES

Storage (FDM)

8GB (1.2GB Occupied by O/S, 6.8GB Available, ) Video decoder - MPEG-1/2, H.264/AVC (Dual) - VC-1, JPEG, PNG Audio DSP (decoder) - AC3 (DD), MPEG, DTS and so on


IO ports

USB 2.0

Operating system



Samsung ME95C


Specifications (DRAFT), continued





Environment Included Accessories Optional

cUL (USA+Canada) : UL60950 TUV (Germany) : EN60950 CB (Europe) : IEC60950/EN60950 EK (Korea) : K60950 CCC (China) : GB4943.1 PSB (Singapore ) : IEC60950 GOST (Russia ) : IEC60950, EN55022 SIQ (Slovenia ) : IEC60950, EN55022 PCBC (Poland ) : IEC60950, EN55022 NOM (Mexico ) : NOM-001-SCFI-1993 IRAM (Argentina ) : IRAM SASO (Saudi Arabia ) : IEC60950 BIS(India) : IS13252

FCC (USA) FCC Part 15, Subpart B class A CE (Europe) EN55022, EN55024 VCCI (Japan) V-3 (CISPR22) KCC (Korea) :KN22, KN24 BSMI (Taiwan) : CNS13438 (CISPR22) C-Tick (Australia) : AS/NZS3548 (CISPR22) CCC(China) :GB 9254-2008, GB 17625.1-2003 TBD

Quick Setup Guide, Warranty Card, Application CD, D-Sub cable, Power Cord, Remote Controller, Batteries


(In Box)



Specialty Media player


PIM (Optional)


Legal and additional information

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