Sanrei Corp. Business outline

Business outline Sanreiʼs history started with the refrigerating machine business. Then we expanded our business domain from refrigerators to office and...

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Sanrei Corp.

Business outline

Sanrei focuses on consultation in all the processes it engages in, from basic planning to delivery,and to after-sales management. This is because we believe that communication with customers is essential for accurately incorporating their needs and achieving outcomes greater than expected.

Refrigerator and Low Temperature Air Conditioning

Renovation and Renewal

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Customer s needs Our sales representative identifies the customer s needs through interviews and makes proposals incorporating the latest information from a professional viewpoint.


Consultative sales

Design and proposal to implementation Cost etc.

Planning & design We seek to develop the best plan through flexible discussion and analysis.

Original technology of Sanrei Comprehensive Maintenance

Energy saving technology Low cost technology Investment effect etc.

Execution Quick execution technology Close collaboration with customer, sales and design

General and Industrial Air Conditioning

Sales of Air-Conditioning Systems

Inspection & delivery Scientific inspection system Even after completion, we provide a full range of detailed services, including periodical visits, equipment adjustment, after-sales consultation, and proposals for renovation and renewal.

Renovation & renewal proposals

Management Consultation After-sales service

Business outline Refrigerator and Low Temperature Air Conditioning Sanrei s history started with the refrigerating machine business. Then we expanded our business domain from refrigerators to office and industrial air conditioning by applying its cooling and heating technologies. In particular, our strength lies in areas such as refrigerating systems and low temperature air-conditioning systems, which are based on our long-accumulated low temperature technologies. ●Design and construction of refrigerating systems and low temperature air-conditioning systems ●Refrigerators●Low temperature distribution warehouses●Food factories (HACCP compliant) ●Heat insulating panel installation●Condensation prevention plans

Renovation and Renewal Today s businesses face an urgent need to extend the life of buildings and reduce their life-cycle costs not only for economy but also global environmental measures. We develop improvement plans suited to your needs, such as energy saving and CO2 emission reduction, and contribute to increasing the value of your assets. ●Design and execution of renovation/renewal work●Energy conservation measures ●Improvement of the indoor environment ●Consultation concerning the Energy Conservation Act

Comprehensive Maintenance Periodical service and maintenance are indispensable for the efficient operation and the extended life of facilities.Our service engineers with advanced skills and knowledge regularly visit customers to perform inspections and create maintenance records. To contribute to environmental conservation, we help customers adopt energy management technologies that can reduce the life-cycle costs and CO2 emissions of their air-conditioning systems and low temperature facilities. We offer comprehensive maintenance services, including Maintenance Contracts and Renovation/Renewal Proposals, so that our customers can reliably operate their valuable facilities for years to come.Around-the-clock contact desk [available to customers under maintenance contracts and customers dealing with us] Your facilities could fail at any time, even late at night or on a holiday. If you call us at our contact desk, our employees accept your repair requests around the clock. For more information on this contact desk, please contact our service department or the nearest Sanrei branch or sales office. ●Around-the-clock contact desk●Periodical maintenance and inspection●Equipment repair ●Overhauling●Chemical cleaning●Assessment of air-conditioning and hygiene facilities

General and Industrial Air Conditioning We create comfortable environments, including office conference rooms, large office spaces, and work areas in factories. Our advanced technologies are also applied for constant temperature/ humidity chambers and clean rooms, which must meet stringent air conditioning requirements. We provide total space management technology by combining air conditioning technologies with plumbing, hygiene and other wide-ranging technologies in order to efficiently maintain and manage buildings and hardware systems as a kind of container. ●Special air conditioning work (for constant temperature/humidity chambers, clean rooms, etc.) ●General air conditioning work●Ventilation work●Hygiene piping work●Plant piping work

Sales of Air-Conditioning Systems Sanrei has been engaged in consultative sales of air-conditioning systems since we became the first distributor of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1955. As we deal with a broad range of products, from residential air conditioners to large freezing machines,and to specially packaged systems fulfilling government specifications, we can flexibly meet all kinds of your air conditioning needs. ●Sales of air conditioning systems for buildings and factories ●Sales of freezing machines and specially packaged systems ●Sales of residential air conditioners●Consultation on any issues relating to air conditioning