Booklets. Items such as pen, ball point pen (Blue / Black), clip board, pencil etc. whatsoever is needed have to be brought by the examinees themselve...

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SCREENING TEST - 2017 FOR THE POSTS OF RANGE FOREST OFFICERS, CLASS-II (GAZETTED) NON-B.Sc. (FORESTRY). Instructions to the candidates for Screening Test- 2017 ( For Non- B. Sc. (Forestry) to be held on 29th October, 2017 from 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM for the posts of Range Forest Officers, Class-II (Gazetted) ( on contract basis) ( in the Department of Forest, H.P.) Advertised vide Advertisement No. 4/2017 dated 23rd March, 2017, subsequent corrigendum and addendum dated 21st June, 2017 & 28th July, 2017, respectively.

The candidate must read the following instructions. 1. (a) Immediately on receipt of e-Admission Card, the candidate should check very carefully discrepancies, if any, and bring to the notice of the H.P. Public Service Commission without loss of time. He / She must bring his / her e-Admission Card to the examination hall failing which he/she will not be allowed to sit in the examination. (b) The candidate is warned that he / she is responsible for the safe custody of admission letter and that in the event of his / her e-Admission Card being used by any other person for securing admission to the examination, the onus lies on the candidate himself / herself to prove that he / she has not procured the services of an impersonator. (c) A candidate is allowed to appear only in the centre allotted to him/her. (d) The candidate is required to paste a passport size latest attested photograph in the space provided on the e-Admission Card. No candidate will be allowed to appear in the examination without e-Admission Card and latest passport size attested photograph duly pasted on it. (e) There will be negative marking (Penalty) for wrong (incorrect) Answers (as detailed below) for all questions: (i) There are four alternatives for the answers to every question. For each question for which a wrong answer has been given by the candidate, one fourth (0.25) of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty. (ii) If a candidate gives more than one answer, it will be treated as a wrong answer even if one of the given answers happen to be correct and there will be same penalty as above for that question. (iii) If a question is left blank i.e. no answer is given by the candidate, there will be no penalty for that question. 2.

The candidate must note that his / her admission is strictly provisional and on the basis of claims made by him / her on the application form.


The Commission will take up the verification of eligibility conditions and reservation claims etc. with reference to original documents only at the time of applying for the Main Examination of candidates who qualify on the basis of the result of Screening Test. Onus of proving that a candidate is eligible on the closing date for submission of online recruitment application (ORA) will be on the candidate. In case date of notification / declaration of final result ( degree ) is not mentioned in the certificate / degree, the date of issue of such certificate/degree shall be deemed as date of acquisition of essential qualification.


If ineligibility is detected at any stage before or after the preliminary and main examination or if the conditions prescribed in the Rules and instructions given in the Commission's notice for the examination are not complied with or any additional information / documents called for at any stage are not furnished within the time specified therein, he / she will not be allowed to take the examination(s) / viva - voce test.


The candidate shall enter the examination hall/ room 20 minutes before the scheduled time for the commencement of the examination and the carbonless OMR Answer Sheet will be given 10 minutes before the commencement of examination. The OMR Answer Sheet should be handled carefully. It should not be mutilated or torn.


No candidate shall be admitted to the examination hall after 10 minutes of the commencement of examination. No candidate will be permitted to leave the examination hall until the expiry of full allotted time.


The Commission does not supply any article of stationery except authorized Carbonless OMR Answer Sheet. Working Sheet for rough work in the examination will be available at the end of Question

Booklets. Items such as pen, ball point pen (Blue / Black), clip board, pencil etc. whatsoever is needed have to be brought by the examinees themselves. 8.

The candidate shall not bring any article such as loose paper, books, notes, electronic calculators, log tables, slide rules etc. into the examination hall. He / She is also not permitted to carry in the examination hall / room pager, mobile phone or any other type of gadget / electronic device for communication, as arrangement for their safe custody can not be assured.


The candidate must write his / her name ( in capital letters ), Roll number, category, booklet series, name of examination, date of examination and the name of the examination centre in the prescribed squares /columns at the top of the Carbonless OMR Answer Sheet with ball point pen (Blue /Black) before affixing his /her signature in the space provided therein. It should also be noted that all the squares and circles provided in the Carbonless OMR Answer Sheet are to be filled-in / encoded with blue or black ball point pen only.


The candidate should ensure that in case the booklet series viz. A, B, C or D is not printed on the question booklet or question Booklet/answer sheet is found mutilated, he / she should immediately report the matter to the invigilator and get the test booklet of the same series/answer sheet replaced. Nothing should be written on the Question Booklet except his / her Roll Number. Instructions on the Question Booklet & Carbonless OMR Answer Sheet must be read very carefully.


The candidate should ensure that his / her category code in the e-Admission Card-cum-Identity Card and Attendance List is the same as has been claimed by him / her in the online recruitment application form. No change in this regard will be accepted by the Commission at later stage. He / she should also ensure that the booklet series should be written and encoded properly/ correctly.


The candidate should not tamper with or take away the upper part of carbonless OMR Answer Sheet with him / her. He / She will be penalized for any attempt to do so. However, he may detach & take away the lower part of the carbonless OMR answer sheet.


No candidate shall be allowed to use white fluid / rubber to change / erase their responses on the OMR Answer Sheet.


No candidate shall go outside the examination hall for any purpose, whatsoever, without prior permission of the Centre Supervisor.


No candidate shall be allowed to go to the toilet during the last 5 minutes of the examination.


The candidate should also note that he / she should not stand near or loiter in and around the examination hall / room after being permitted to leave on conclusion of the examination.


No T.A. / D.A. will be paid by the Commission for taking this examination.


The candidate must abide by the instructions as may be given by the Centre Supervisor / invigilator of the examination.


The candidate will furnish such necessary and correct information as may be asked for, from him / her in the examination hall by the Invigilator/ Deputy Supervisor/ Centre Supervisor.


The e- Admission Card ( along with his / her latest passport size photo) duly attested, affixed on the space provided for the purpose, should be handed over to invigilator on the commencement of examination. In the Test Booklets there will be 100 objective type (multiple choice) questions of one marks, as per the syllabus notified by the Govt. ( in the Department of Forests, H.P.) and the same is also available on the website of the Commission. For each question there will be four responses given in the question booklet itself.


In this objective type of examination, the candidate has to choose one of the most suitable responses from amongst four given choices in the question booklet. For example, in case of mentioning proper name of the capital of India against four suggestions viz. (a) Shimla, (b) Delhi, (c) Mumbai , (d) Chandigarh, the most appropriate response containing circle (b) is to be blackened / encircled with ball point pen (Blue/Black):-










In case candidate has any doubt about any question in the question paper, he / she is advised to give a representation addressed to the Secretary, H.P.P.S.C., in writing, in this regard through the Centre Supervisor immediately after the examination. No representation whatsoever will be entertained thereafter.


Attention of the candidates is invited to laws relating to prevention of use of unfair means. Use of unfair means is an offence. Any examinee found of using unfair means shall be dealt with under the provisions of relevant law in addition to debarring him / her from the present as well as future examinations.


The Answer key of this Screening Test shall be displayed/ uploaded on the official website of the Commission immediately after the conduct of this examination. The Objections, if any, received within seven days will only be entertained. NOTE:CANDIDATES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED TO PHONES/ELECTRONIC GADGETS IN THE EXAMINATION HALL.



The category to be written and encoded by the candidates are as under:Category General S.C. of H.P. S.T. of H.P. O.B.C. of H.P. Genl. Ex-Serviceman of H.P. (After completion of full tenure/Medical Ground) S.C. Ex-Serviceman of H.P. (After completion of full tenure/Medical Ground) S.T. Ex-Serviceman of H.P. (After completion of full tenure/Medical Ground) O.B.C. Ex-Serviceman of H.P. (After completion of full tenure/Medical Ground) S.C. Ex-Service of H.P. (Relieved before completion of normal tenure) S.T. Ex-Service of H.P. (Relieved before completion of normal tenure) O.B.C. Ex-Service of H.P. (Relieved before completion of normal tenure)


Code 01 02 03 04 06