Seismic Attributes and AVO: Principles and Applications

Seismic Attributes and AVO: Principles and Applications ... Porosity, Lithology, and Saturation) d. Assessing Changes in Reservoir Parameters with Tim...

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Seismic Attributes and AVO: Principles and Applications Instructors: Duration: Level:

Dr. Fred Aminzadeh 5 days Intermediate -Advanced

Course Objectives and Description This course is designed for geoscientists, petroleum engineers and technical personnel of the oil and gas industry who are engaged in seismic data analysis or applications to gain an in-depth understanding of the key principles, analyses, and practical applications of “Seismic Attributes, AVO and Inversion” in seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization. Besides customary seismic analysis methods, the course also covers modern computing tools; such as geostatistics, neural networks and fuzzy logic analysis, in order to broaden the background and knowledge base of participants on the nature of seismic anomalies and patterns associated with hydrocarbon presence. It highlights new seismic technologies allowing more effective interpretation of seismic images, avoiding pitfalls in interpretation, and generating better representation of the rock properties. Both conventional and unconventional integration methods used to interpret AVO, Inversion and Attribute results are included; focusing on when and how these methods should be combined to take advantage of their strength and minimize their weakness. The course offers several hands on exercises and discussions in a workshop format to facilitate the use of concepts and methods taught throughout the course to address actual technical problems of participants related to their ongoing E&P projects. Various case studies are provided for reservoir characterization as well as determining the hydrocarbon probability of an exploration target. To further encourage class participation, three different but related books authored by the instructor will be given to course participants for more active engagement in technical discussions during the class.

Target Audience The course is designed for those who are involved in exploration activities and those who need a good understanding of the application of AVO, Inversions, and Attributes to seismic interpretation and reservoir modeling. The course is primarily targeted to geophysicists with prior experience in geophysical analysis and applications.

Course Content Day 1 1. INTRODUCTION a. General course description b. Emphasis on class participation and workshop format c. Instructions for course attendees project preparation and review on day 5 … d. Daily homework assignments and expectations _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Seismic Attributes and AVO (Page 1 of 3) Dr. Fred. Aminzadeh (IPS, Inc.)

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2. PRINCIPLES AND FEATURES OF SEISMIC ATTRIBUTES a. Fundamentals of Seismic Attributes b. Seismic Attributes Categories vs. Hydrocarbon Reservoir Categories c. Seismic Attributes (SA) Technologies and Tools d. Problem Sets • Application of seismic attributes for hydrocarbon indication ˗ Seismic attributes: key issues ˗ Significance of seismic attributes and seismic features ˗ Existing seismic attribute tools

• Reservoir analysis and monitoring using multiple seismic attributes Outcome of learning: UNDERSTAND the key principles and concepts of Seismic Attributes

Day 2 3. STATISTICAL METHODS AND ANALYSES a. The need for Statistical Approach in Attribute Analysis b. Conventional Geostatistical Methods for Attribute Analysis c. Practical Examples and Applications of Conventional Statistical Concept 4. INTEGRATION OF SEISMIC FEATURES AND ATTRIBUTES a. Problem Set 1 - Seismic Attribute Analysis Using Conventional Geostatistical Method  Fundamental of conventional and unconventional statistical methods  SOFT computing applications to Attribute Analysis b. Problem Set 2 - Seismic Attribute Analysis using Geostatistical Methods Outcome of learning: LEARN the fundamentals of conventional and unconventional statistical tools FIND OUT how to relate seismic and log data to reservoir properties for characterization application

Day 3 5. AMPLITUDE VS. OFFSET: THEORY AND PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS a. Inversion b. Rock Physics and Elastic Wave Propagation c. Practical Issues on AVO and Inversion d. Problem Set • Rock physics analysis • Fluid identification • Data calibration using LMR, EL, and simultaneous inversions • Pitfalls in AVO analysis e. Case Histories: Inversion / AVO Hands-on Assignment • Acoustic inversion • AVO _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Seismic Attributes and AVO (Page 2 of 3) Dr. Fred. Aminzadeh (IPS, Inc.)

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• Interpretation • Elastic inversion Outcome of learning: UNDERSTAND how pre-stack attributes are used for AVO and elastic inversion OVERCOME the limitations and problems faced in applying these technologies  

Day 4 6. RESERVOIR PROPERTY PREDICTION AND CHARACTERIZATION a. Amplitude and Inversion for Reservoir Quality b. Inversion / AVO Vendors (Software Review and Examples) c. Seismic Attribute Applications to Reservoir d. Time Lapse Attributes 7. CASE HISTORIES a. Lithofacies Prediction: Unsupervised/Supervised b. AVO and Absorption (Hydrocarbon Probability) c. Reservoir Characterization (Sand Thickness, Porosity, Lithology, and Saturation) d. Assessing Changes in Reservoir Parameters with Time e. Review of Examples of Attribute Project Work by Participants f. Open Room Problems Discussion and Solutions Brainstorming Outcome of learning: MANAGE risk factors and error margins in reservoir prediction OPTIMIZE the interpretation accuracy of seismic data for reservoir properties GAIN insight to tackling real-life E&P problems through real life case histories  

Day 5 8. CASE HISTORIES - PARTICIPANTS’ ONGOING PROJECT OVERVIEW a. Team 1 project review b. Team 2 project review c. Team 3 Project Review d. Team 4 Project Review For this section, class participants are encouraged to bring their own projects and problem sets to the class to discuss in a group of their choice. The goal is for the instructor to help identify technical issues, problems and offer expert opinion and guidance for resolving the project problems. In case there are not enough projects from the participants or if participants do not want to share their specifics problems with the class; the instructor will have his own specially-tailored examples and case study problems to offer for the classroom analysis, discussion and group solution.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Seismic Attributes and AVO (Page 3 of 3) Dr. Fred. Aminzadeh (IPS, Inc.)