SENIOR GRADE – III Paper ( Condensation & Transcription )

ENGLISH SHORTHAND SENIOR GRADE – III Paper ( Condensation & Transcription ) July, 2015 Time : 2 Hours Max. Marks : 100 ⎧ ⎨ ⎩ 1. Prepare a condensed ( ...

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COMMERCE EXAMINATIONS ENGLISH SHORTHAND SENIOR GRADE – III Paper ( Condensation & Transcription ) July, 2015 1.

⎧ Time : 2 Hours ⎨ ⎩ Max. Marks : 100

Prepare a condensed ( summarised ) report of the following passage in about 300 words in indirect form and in past tense : ( Marks : 50 ) Speaking on the resolution regarding the measures to protect the interests of farmers, Hon'ble Member said : "Mr. Speaker, Sir, first of all, I would like to congratulate the Hon'ble member who brought this Resolution, which is the demand of the present day, and with him, I want to congratulate those, the other members, who contributed their mite during the course of their speech in the interest of the farmer community. Besides them, I cannot forget to thank those who pose themselves to be the well-wishers of the farmers but who are conspicuously absent here now when this important Resolution is being discussed here, at the highest forum of our democracy. This resolution is about declaring the supporting price three months before sowing the crops. I would like to go a step further and say that the supporting price for three months be declared twice, that is, before sowing season and before harvesting season of the crops, so that the farmers may decide to sow crops according to the prices declared in advance. "As far as giving better remunerative price to farmers for their crops is concerned, it is being increased as we intend to. But the problems as faced by them vary from time to time. I am well aware of the difficulties faced by them in irrigating their fields in severe cold and reaping their crops. the way their produce is auctioned in the Mandis is not the same for the other manufacturers. The other manufacturers decide the price for themselves for their products. But, here the prices of the products of the farmers are decided by others, namely, the middlemen. Unless the costs of the produce of the farmers are fixed in an ideological way to help them, our future will be a big question mark as far as the fields of food production is concerned. I have constituted a Committee to work out the cost of production of the different crops produced by the farmers and the committee has already [ Turn over

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submitted its report. The Committee has adopted a methodology under which all the aspects of agricultural production such as the labour, cost the farmer's labour and the managerial cost of the senior member of the farmer's family who looks after the work inside the house have been included in deciding the cost of the produce. Every Government, whichever party it may belong to, will have to fix the best price of the crops on the basis of this methodology only. Sir, besides giving better remunerative price to the farmers, it is also our prime duty to arrange to provide adequate irrigation facilities to the farmers to enable them to get increased their production. In this context, a new technology called 'dripping system' is being experimented in some parts of our country. It will be only appropriate if you visit some of the fields to see as to how minimum water is being used to produce one and a half times more. In a country like ours which often depends on periodical monsoons, which unfortunately fails often, scarcity of water causes great anguish to our farmers. Besides creating scarcity of food produce, such a situation often develops undesirable strain in the relationship among neighbouring States when one State is depending upon the water sources of another State. The sharing of Cauvery Water between Tamil Nadu State and Karnataka State is the best example for such a situation. This has given rise to a decade-long dispute between the two States. Many Departments remain in water tight compartments for instance, there is no co-ordination or co-operation between the Public Works Departments, National Highway Department, Energy and Electricity Department, Telephone and Telegraph Department, Water Resource Department and also various Departments in the State. Therefore, what I am requesting in this matter is that the Government should see that there is co-ordination and co-operation between the various Departments in their activities. An Honourable Member made a general sweeping accusation against the Officers of the Public Works Department. He said that corruption was widely prevalent among the Officers. Sir, It was a very unfortunate accusation. Such generalization does no good. Corruption has been there everywhere. Corruption is prevalent not only among officials who are promoted by corruption and among non-officials. Therefore, I do solicit the co-operation of the Honourable Members of this House and also of the public in rooting out corruption. No doubt there are cases of corruption, but when proceedings are started, people do not come forward to offer evidence. We do not secure the necessary co-operation. I have also found in some cases that allegations of corruption are made against very strict officers who are known for their integrity. Allegations of corruption are


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made because these honest officers would not oblige some people who ask them to do certain things out of the way. Thus, we get all kinds of complaints and we do enquire into all of them. Sometimes even vague allegations are enquired into and when complaints against some of these honests are enquired into, the enquiry results in the same impression that we had originally formed. The enquiry only proves that the allegations were baseless and that the officers were honest. However, we are anxious to root out corruption absolutely and I seek the unstinted co-operation of all the Honourable Members of this House in this regard. "With these words, I conclude my speech. Thank you all." 2.

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( Marks : 25 )

Mr. Speaker, I have noted with great interest the points made in the debate on President's Address, which contains an analysis of the problems and tasks facing our country and the manner in which the Government proposes to tackle them. A great deal of concern was expressed by many Members regarding the economic situations. In presenting the Budget yesterday, the Finance Minister has already referred to the difficulties which we are facing at present in the economic field. I would like to emphasise that many of these difficulties are due to the fact that we in India are trying to develop at a more rapid rate to achieve within a decade or so what many countries have achieved over a long period. This is not merely an idealism as has been mentioned by many people, but a necessity for a country placed as India is. It may be easy to slow down our development and I am sure that neither the House not the country would wish this to happen. Hon. Members will have seen the evidence of our determination to defend the country and of our territory in the Budget provision on Defence Account. To my mind, it is a pity that country, as poor as India, should have to divert any of its resources for development. But, fortunately within the Defence Budget is included developmental expenditure on industrial units, on hospitals, and roads and houses and many other items not in the same class as military hardware. We are anxious to see that the prices of essential commodities remain stable and that the upward rise is halted. Since the main instrument for controlling prices is higher production, prices should also provide an adequate incentive to the producer to increase his production. Hence the necessity. [ Turn over

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Transcribe the following passage into longhand :

( Marks : 25 )