Setting the New Standard

Miele’s long history in cleaning expertise includes development of the world’s first tub washing machine in 1900, Europe’s first electrically powered ...

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The sweep gear is ingeniously designed with the suction nozzle and side brushes mounted on trailing linkages to ride over obstacles and minimise the ... A clear panel integrated in the floor of the cab offers a direct view of the suction nozzle and d

Walmart, USISPF said Amer- ican investments into e-commerce platforms have cre- aced enormous val- ue and jobs. Mariott Group, apart from PepsiCo, "In the end, amendment to the FDI ili e-commerce policy will impact the price to the con- sumer, along

an early morning blaze spread swiftly through AC ducts. Reportedly, the hotel owner had, apparently, carried out unauthorized construction/ modification in the building, after obtaining the clearance from the Fire Department. The Commission has issue

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